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SCVNews.com | Ambulance Involved in Traffic Collision on McBean Parkway | 01-18-2017
Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
July 25
1915 - Pioneer Juan Batista Suraco buried in a family graveyard, currently unmarked, in Bouquet Canyon near Benz Road [story]

| Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017
Image Courtesy SCV Sheriff's Station Twitter

A three-car collision involving an ambulance left the ambulance on its side on McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard shortly after 1 p.m.

According to Lieutenant James Duran of the SCV Sheriff’s Station, there were no injuries as a result of the crash.

There is no further information available at this time and the collision is still being investigated.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Looks more like Valencia and McBean.

  2. That’s because people don’t move over or stop for sirens

  3. Danielle I saw this while I was at urgent care

  4. Mitch Bower Mitch Bower says:

    Can you correct this story. It shows Mc Bean and Magic Mt. in the picture.

  5. D Leo Gléz D Leo Gléz says:

    Edda Woodstock Nebula was this what caused all the traffic; because, everyone in Santa clarita decided to rubber neck and take a photo or two? as well as all those unessary patrol cars, ambulance trucks, and fire trucks that blocked traffic?

    • All of those “unnecessary” emergency vehicles are parked there to protect the lives and safety of everyone involved. I’m sure the emergency workers on scene don’t want to try to do their job with cars driving by at 50mph trying to take pictures. That’s another accident waiting to happen

    • D Leo Gléz D Leo Gléz says:

      Jennifer Cannon Is that why there were about 8 of each one of those vessels?

    • Yup this is exactly why ppl were stopping to take pics. Our bus even stopped to rubberneck.

    • There was not 8 of each. But YES that is EXACTLY why there were many emergency vehicles there. One because there were multiple people involved in the accident. Emergency response doesn’t wait if and until someone is seriously hurt or dying to respond. They send necessary resources then cancel crews if they end up not being needed.
      Would you prefer they send an ambulance and medic crew to you only if/after someone stopped by to make sure you were dying??
      The amount of officers are there to interview witnesses, control the scene and complete their duties needed.
      Maybe if you were in emergency services you would understand that it takes teamwork when more than one person is in an accident and everyone on scene has a specific job they are doing!!!!
      (Not to mention it was one of their own possibly hurt or seriously injured, luckily not but no one knew that when the emergency call went out)

    • D Leo Gléz D Leo Gléz says:

      Hey Deborah Conant, maybe if you read the first sentence you would know that it wasn’t intended for you in the first place, and to awnser your question, I’d probably get neither if I needed one; because, I’m a minority. Can you elaborate more on the rubber necking as you did not explain that in your post? can you explain how to improve traffic instead of trying to bash? obviously, we all know why those vessels are there, but is it okay for them to block traffic and cause more chaos and possibly more accidents?

    • Hey D Leo blah blah blah you asked a question to which I had a factual answer to. Intended for me or not. Sorry the truth hurts.
      And your minority comment is truly asinine! Having worked in emergency services I can assure you when the call comes out it does not say what color or background anyone is from! Nor does it tell us if the person on the other end is as ignorant as you seem from your post!! Not to mention that everyone who works in emergency services here in scv is from a wide range of races and backgrounds, black, white and everything in between or around. And you know what, we all love and respect each other, which is why many rushed to the scene to make sure everyone involved was okay when not even knowing who it was, what minority they were or their background!
      And unfortunately I cannot elaborate on the rubber necking. All I can say is how would you know there were so many people on scene and or rubber necking if you were not one of them?? Glass house sir!
      Sorry the emergency vehicles caused such an inconvenience for you. I will be sure to let everyone involved know that next time they should get into an accident at a more convenient time for you. I will then tell the emergency personnel to forego their duties and move the vehicles that are providing protection and coverage so no else on scene gets hit by passerby, all so YOU sir will not be inconvenienced! Smh!!

      I would love to continue this discussion with you but I am not willing to argue with such ignorant comments as “I’d probably get neither because I’m a minority.”
      Please grow from this and make a choice not to be part of the problem!
      So, you sir have a nice safe convenient day!

    • D Leo Gléz D Leo Gléz says:

      Actually, Deborah Conant it dosent hurt…I actually don’t know why you’re wasting your time with me, if you’re trully in the force. Dont you have things to do besides run red lights when its unessary? I think the truth stings on your end my friend ….I’ve also been in the medical field….and as we both know we must first run the insurance when we’re in an ambulance correct? certain places won’t except you depending on your insurance do you want to elaborate on that, or is that something you say as your driving the individual to the ambulance? Feel free to go through with your threat…ohh…wait you don’t get name, race, or background, or did you just prove my point dear friend?

    • Obviously you have NO CLUE what you are talking about!
      In an EMERGENCY we do NOT ask for insurance or any personal information before taking someone in an ambulance to the nearest emergency hospital! When you have called 911 you will be taken to the nearest emergency center, insurance or not!
      You would know this if you had actually EVER worked in the 911 system or emergency room!
      Please quit pretending to know what you are talking about!

    • D Leo Gléz D Leo Gléz says:

      You are taken to the nearest hospital if you are unconscious and then after what ever procedure your insurance is ran correct and if you don’t have insurance you receive a pretty little bill later am I correct? So, I think I do know what I’m talking about.
      Based of your entire post and using MN Bunker and James Penn baker frame work and graho-analysis methodology, I have analyzed your writing and I found that you are an upset individual who is repressed at home. In addition, due to the inconsistencies in your spaces you seem to be the one who does not know what you’re talking about.

    • Of course and Using the same analysis methodology you are either the next MacArthur Fellowship award winner or a Darwin winner. Apparently my computer can’t decide! 🤣

    • She smacked you with facts, you didnt like it, so you deflect with an ignorant comment about the her personal life, and or feelings. Not hard to spot the moron on this post.

  6. Lyn O Lyn O'Kane says:

    Idiots not stopping to let an ambulance thru

  7. Reed Schwarz Reed Schwarz says:

    Somebody call the Ambalamb!!!!!!

  8. Benny Roman Benny Roman says:

    I hope everyone is ok

  9. Lola Sanchez Lola Sanchez says:

    it was only one car and the ambulance ….

  10. That was something,hopefully no one is hurt.

  11. Angelic Ager Angelic Ager says:

    Ashley are u at work?

  12. Suyapa Funez Suyapa Funez says:

    Oh no😔!! Hope no body hurt.

  13. This is evidence that we could all do better in responding appropriately to emergency personel. I pray the person needing assistance is OK as well as those involved in this crash.

  14. Lisa Springs Lisa Springs says:

    Lori Zukerman Schneider

  15. Samuel de Haro de esto era de lo que les decia hace rato

  16. Michael Caley says:

    Its like Mad Max out there, no courtesy, people drive how they feel, cross over double double lines, no turn signals, tail gating etc.

  17. Mike says:

    The sirens need to be louder & more DMV restrictions, or a harder driving & writing test & higher age limits to drive

  18. so cal guy says:

    D Leo, on behalf of all the first responders that interrupted your day and caused you delays and to fall behind with your schedule, we apologize. We will do our best to pay more attention to the self-entitled individuals who we might be causing an inconvenience too. And speaking of unnecessary, your ridiculous comment about being a minority doesn’t even deserve a reply. Like we know who you are when you dial 911.

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