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SCVNews.com | April 18: Newhall School District Board Meeting | 04-18-2017
Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
April 29
2002 - LASD Deputy David March, Canyon grad & Saugus resident, murdered during traffic stop [story]

Regular Board Meeting Agenda
Newhall SD
April 18, 2017 6:00PM
Newhall School District 25375 Orchard Village Rd., #200 Valencia, CA 91355

2.1. Philip C. Ellis, Jr., Christy Smith, Suzan Solomon, Isaiah Talley, Brian Walters
5.1. Consideration of Approving the Minutes of the Regular meeting of March 21, 2017.

Bd Minutes March 21 2017

Any citizen may address the Board on items of interest to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the Board.  No action will be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda.
8.1. Letter from Los Angeles County School Trustees Association Calling for Nominees to Serve on the Executive Board for 2017/2018.

LACSTA Call for Nominees
8.2. Letter from Community Member Nanette Meister regarding Proposed Landfill Expansion

Letter from N Meister re C Landfill
9.1. Center for Educational Leadership Board Work Session

Patty Maxfield
Among school-related factors, school leadership is second only to teaching in its influence on student learning. Instructional leadership is a critical aspect of school leadership. The work of instructional leaders is to ensure that every student receives the highest quality instruction each day. Doing so requires that instructional leaders lead for the improvement of the quality of teaching and for the improvement of student learning.

The 4 Dimensions of Instructional Leadership framework are not the sum total of the work of instructional leaders; rather, they are a description of the most salient aspects of instructional leadership.

The concepts of the framework are based on five core beliefs. They drive the work at the Center for Educational Leadership. The core beliefs are:

  1. Instructional leadership is learning-focused, learning for both students and adults, and learning which is measured by improvement in instruction and in the quality of student learning.
  2. Instructional leadership must reside with a team of leaders of which the principal serves as the “leader of leaders.”
  3. A culture of public practice and reflective practice is essential for effective instructional leadership and the improvement of instructional practice.
  4. Instructional leadership addresses the cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and learning diversity in the school community.
  5. Instructional leadership focuses upon the effective management of resources and of people — recruiting, hiring, developing, evaluating — particularly in changing environments.

Patty Maxfield, the Center for Educational Leadership District Coach will provide the Governing Board with a deeper understanding of the work that has been going on this year and how it can be used to guide future plans for the District.  The intent is to provide an opportunity for Board members to ask questions about the work and clarify how they can further support these efforts as well.


Unless a Board Member has a question concerning a particular item and asks that it be withdrawn from the Consent Calendar, the items are approved at one time by the Governing Board.  The action taken by the Board in approving Consent items is set forth in the explanation of individual items.
10.1. Removal of Items from the Consent Calendar.
10.2. Consideration of Approving items on the Consent Calendar
10.3. Consent Calendar – Business Services
10.3.1. Consideration of Approving Purchase Orders, B Warrants and Payroll Warrants

Consideration of approving purchase orders through #17-01294; B warrants 23599308-23708454; all payroll warrants issued through April 17, 2017; 175.75 overtime hours for March 2017; 587 substitute days for March 2017.
Warrant List
10.3.2. Consideration of Approving Gift Report #16/17-12

Gift Report
10.3.3. Consideration of Approving Notice of Completion for Mear Construction, Inc. for NSD 16/17-4 Exterior Painting, Newhall Annex, Winter 2017.

Ronna Wolcott
The District awarded a bid to Mear Construction, Inc. for 16/17-04, Exterior Painting, Newhall Annex, Winter 2017 on February 21, 2017. The contract amount was for $13,500.00.  The work has been completed and accepted by the District.

The Governing Board must approve a Notice of Completion in order for the final retention payment to be released to the contractor.

Financial Impact:
Cost to Fund 40 Capital Reserve Fund of $13,500.00.
NOC Mear Construction Inc
10.3.4. Consideration of Approving Salvage Report

Salvage Report 4 18 17
10.3.5. Consideration of Approving Memorandum of Understanding with AYSO Region #678.

Ronna Wolcott
The Newhall School District and AYSO agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding field use for AYSO Region #678 starting in the 2009-10 fiscal year.  Fees paid are based on the age and number of registered players.  Fees paid to NSD in the 2016-17 fiscal year were $8,796.00 based on the number of registered participants.

AYSO is requesting a renewal of the  MOU for the 2017-18 fiscal year.  AYSO is still required to complete facility use forms for the fields they wish to use and provide the required insurance.

These funds are used for field renovation, sprinkler repair and fertilizer for all schools.

Financial Impact:
There is no change in the “per registered” player fee ($8.00 per registered 5U thru 8U and $4.00 per registered 10U thru 12U player).  Fees paid to the Newhall School District will be deposited into the General Fund.
AYSO MOU 2017-18
10.4. Consent Calendar – Human Resources
10.4.1. Consideration of Approving Personnel Report #16/17-16

10.4.2. Consideration of Approving the Partnership Agreement with the University of La Verne and Newhall School District

Alexis M. Yannich
The University of La Verne (ULV) would like to enter into an agreement with the Newhall School District to offer our employees a discounted rate of tuition.  As a courtesy, we always share current information about ULV’s academic programs with our employees.  Entering into this agreement will ensure that our employees get the reduced tuition rate. ULV needs the agreement for their own auditing purposes.
University of LaVerne
10.5. Consent Calendar – Curriculum/Instructional Services
10.5.1. Consideration of Approving Annual Pool Party Field Trips for 6th Graders at Old Orchard, Wiley Canyon, Valencia Valley and Peachland.

The following sites are requesting approval for annual pool party field trips for 6th grade students:

Old Orchard (walk to Old Orchard HOA Clubhouse) – June 14th

67 students / 27 adults

3 lifeguards

PTA funded

Wiley Canyon (walk to Valencia Hills HOA Clubhouse) – June 13th

79 students/ 10 adults

3 lifeguards

PTA funded

Valencia Valley (walk to City of SC Valencia Glen Park/Pool) – June 8th

96 students / 12 adults

2 lifeguards

PTA funded

Peachland (walk to Old Orchard HOA Clubhouse) – June 13th

84 students / 15 adults

2 lifeguards

PTA funded

10.5.2. Consideration of Approving After-school Program with California Institute of the Arts for Newhall Elementary School Students.

The California Institute of the Arts and Newhall Elementary School offer a special after school program for 2nd and 3rd grade students.  Students meet weekly to create a variety of different projects including drawing, painting, collage, music, book-making and three-dimensional work.  Students from CalArts work side-by-side with students from Newhall Elementary in the creative process.  Community Arts Partnership (CAP) and Newhall Elementary School will have a culminating Art Exhibit that will take place at CalArts on Monday, May 8, 2017.  Students and parents are invited to see and participate in the Art Exhibit at CalArts.
Financial Impact:
CalArts pays transportation expenses.
10.6. Consent Calendar – Administrative Services
11.1. Staff Reports – Curriculum/Instructional Services
11.1.1. Arts for All Strategic Plan Presentation and Proposal

Jeff Pelzel, Sue Solomon, and Arts for All Members
As a District with a long standing history of supporting the Arts, it seemed like a very natural fit to begin the conversation of how the District might partner with Arts for All , an initiative of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.  Over the past 8 months, a committee of 10 members (teachers, community partners, site administration, District administration, and a Board member) has been working with an LA County Arts for All coach to develop a 5 year plan to further our work in the Arts.  The committee engaged in a strategic planning process to create a clear vision for the Newhall School District.  During this process the Arts for All Committee was able to:

  • Explore excellence in arts education
  • Collect school and district data
  • Identify strengths and gaps in current practice
  • Articulate a vision
  • Determine strategic directions to achieve our vision
  • Develop a budgets and calendared implementation plan

The draft plan will be presented and feedback will be solicited to guide our work.  As part of this process, the District will be submitting an application for an Advancement Grant.  The Advancement Grant Program offers financial support to Los Angeles County school districts aiming to provide quality arts education for public school students. Grant funds assist school districts in achieving key action items in their district arts plans, and cultivating skills and practices that can be sustained beyond the term of the grant. Districts may apply for matching funds of up to $25,000.

Financial Impact:
Initial impact will be up to $25,000 if all matching funds are awarded from the Advancement Grant.  The initial plan recommends using Supplemental Funds to help cover the cost to provide Hip Hop Dance to all 6th grade students across the District.
11.2. Staff Reports – Business Services
11.2.1. Consideration of Awarding Contract for RFP No.17-0001 E-rate High Speed Wide Area Network Services.

Ronna Wolcott
The District published a Request for Proposals (RFP) on February 24, 2017 for E-rate high speed wide area network services.

An optional job walk was held on March 3, 2017;  however, no firms were represented at the job walk. The District received 3 proposals, 1 of which was non responsive.

Staff has reviewed the details of the two responsive proposals and is recommending award to Spectrum Enterprises.

Financial Impact:
Estimated monthly cost of $25,420 for a five year contract, budgeted in General Fund. This is a savings of $7,745 per month over the current cost.
E-Rate Bid Evaluation Summary 17-0001
11.2.2. Consideration of Approving Proposal for a 3-year Asbestos Reinspection with Forensic Analytical Consulting Services (FACS).

Ronna Wolcott
The District is looking to contract with FACS for a 3-year asbestos reinspection of five sites.  FACS will facilitate Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) compliance by assessing condition of asbestos-containing materials in the District buildings.  The last time the District had an AHERA assessment completed was in 2013.

The inspection will require approximately 2 days for the 5 sites and a report will be provided within 2 weeks of completion.

The project will be charged on a fixed fee basis of $3,500.00.

Financial Impact:
Cost of $3,500.00 charged to General Fund.
11.2.3. Consideration of Approving Change Orders for the Newhall Elementary Auditorium Renovation and Ratification of Contract Changes Exceeding 10%

Ronna Wolcott
The following Change Orders are presented for the Newhall Elementary School Auditorium Renovation:

CO#007-39         Bravo Concrete                       $2,292.81

This change order covers the costs for labor & materials related to adding concrete paving  at the West side of the AC Unit enclosure per ASK-24. The plans the contractor bid on did not include this area.

CO# 008-39        Bravo Concrete                       $915.15

This is the cost for labor & materials to add the (4) new bollards that were not shown on the plans around the existing fire hydrant installed.

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of $3,207.96 and .5% and a cumulative increase of $60,287,92 or 9.51%.


CO# 023-40         Harik Construction                  $4,470.00

This change is an Owner Request to remove a panel of ornamental fence and install a utility gate with hardware in its place.

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of  .38% and a cumulative increase of $49,379.59 or 4.23%


CO# 05-37          Triangle Enterprises                 $3,680.43

This change order is comprised of (5) separate COR’s. It includes the costs for labor & materials for the demolition of unforeseen conditions (such as planters, door frames and footings) and a credit for some asphalt demolition not performed,

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of 1.72% and a cumulative increase of $56,351.12 or 26.39%

Financial Impact:
Increased cost to Measure E of $11,358.39
CO 05-37 Triangle
CO 07-39 Bravo Concrete
CO 08-39 Bravo Concrete
CO# 23-40 Harik Construction
11.2.4. Monthly Budget Status Report

Ronna Wolcott
This finance report is intended to provide up-to-date information to the Board about the District’s current and projected fiscal status.  Information includes a report of budget and actual revenues and expenditures to date. Seventy-five percent of the budget year has elapsed.

The District will continue to carefully monitor projected revenues and expenses for the fiscal year.

Financial Impact:
The District is currently projecting a net decrease of $66,586 for 2016-2017 including any “spend down” of prior year carryover.

The ending fund balance is currently projected at $9,589,546.  The estimated Unassigned Reserve of $4,617,907 and the Assigned Reserve for Economic Uncertainties represents 13.15% of the projected 2016-2017 expenditures.

Budget Revisions & Transfers
11.2.5. Head Start Portable Placement Discussion

Ronna Wolcott
Volunteers of America of Los Angeles run a Head Start program in Santa Clarita. They have provided services in our district for many years and are housed in our facility under a classroom lease at Wiley Canyon. Recently, they have notified us that they desire to put a portable classroom facility on the Wiley campus, near the YMCA portable. The portable would be moved from its current site in Castaic and is DSA approved. The plans would need to be drawn by an architect and submitted to DSA for approval of the relocation to our site.  There is also a current small portable owned by the District  (the clubhouse) that could possibly be leased to Head Start under this agreement.

Because they do not currently have an architect under contract, they would like to know if we are amenable to their proposal before they retain architect services. This discussion will include the current proposed location, the contract terms that would be included in any agreement and a proposed timeline.

Proposed Site Lay-out with use of clubhouse
Proposed site layout-no use of clubhouse
11.3. Staff Reports – Administrative Services
11.3.1. Consideration of Approving Resolution #16/17-11 Declaring the First Full Week of May as “Teacher Appreciation Week”.

Paul Cordeiro
Teacher Appreciation Res 2017
11.3.2. Board Attendance at 6th Grade Promotions.

Paul Cordeiro
6th Grade Promotions 2017
13.1. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.9: Consideration of Approving Special Education Settlement Agreement on OAH Case #2017020589

Todd Fine
13.2. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.9: Potential Litigation – Student Data Issue

Ronna Wolcott
13.3. Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation: Government Code sections 54954.5(c) & 54956.9(d)(1): one possible case.
13.4. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957: Public Employee – possible employment/discipline/dismissal/release of an employee
16.1. The Board President adjourned the meeting at ______.
17. Agenda Items for Upcoming Meetings of the Governing Board
17.1. Resolution in Support of “Week of the Classified School Employee”
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