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SCVNews.com | State Reapproves Wildlife Plans for 21,000-Home SCV Development | 06-14-2017
Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
August 18
1946 - Pioneering Placerita Canyon movie producer Trem Carr dies in San Diego [story]
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[CDFW] – The California Department of Fish and Wildlife released the Final Additional Environmental Analysis and re-approved the Newhall Ranch Resource Management and Development Plan and Spineflower Conservation Plan.

CDFW approved the project originally in December 2010 after preparing and certifying an environmental impact report. In 2015, the California Supreme Court identified two issues in need of further attention by CDFW. The court first directed CDFW to revisit its 2010 determination that the project’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would not be significant under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). And second, that two mitigation measures approved by CDFW authorizing collection and relocation of unarmored three spine stickleback, a native fish protected under state and federal law, violated protections afforded the species because it is designated as “fully protected” under the Fish and Game Code.

After that Supreme Court decision, the project proponent, The Newhall Land and Farming Company, proposed modifications to respond to the two issues. Additional environmental analysis for the revised project was released for public review in November 2016.

CDFW’s decision to certify the Final AEA and re-approve the project today follows a public review effort analyzing and disclosing the potential environmental effects associated with the proposed modifications. With respect to the project’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Newhall Land has developed a suite of 13 measures in a detailed reduction plan to achieve “Net Zero Emissions” for the project, thereby offsetting 100 percent of the project’s GHG emissions. Additionally, the California Air Resources Board reviewed the revised project and concluded that there is an adequate basis to determine it does not result in any net additional GHG emissions.

As to two mitigation measures originally approved by CDFW in 2010 to protect the unarmored three spine stickleback, Newhall Land has proposed modifications to the timing and construction methods for project bridges and bank stabilization infrastructure that will avoid all water contact during the construction of those facilities. These changes eliminate the need for the two stickleback protection measures originally approved by CDFW in 2010.

CDFW today certified the Final AEA with those two issues resolved and re-approved the project plan. This development will be the largest net zero GHG emissions project in the nation.


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  1. This is not what we need here. Santa Clarita is really starting to suck.

    • Robin Rodriguez says:

      I totally agree with you @Debbie Indovino more houses seriously! I’ve been in Valencia 29 years my whole family lives here I remember when there wasn’t much here NOW there’s too much too much people and too much traffic. We don’t need more houses. Leave some hills leave some wildlife… I’m very close to moving out of scv. All the building stuff needs to take a hault. Reading all the comments I’m not alone!! I’m headed to Frazier Park :)

  2. Just what we need…more open land turned into housing tracts, etc., and more traffic

  3. Sue Jacobs Sue Jacobs says:

    This is not good we don’t need anymore it’s getting overwhelming!

  4. The people that run this state try endlessly to virtue signal about how they care about the environment… while gradually trying to cover the state in cement and garbage.

  5. Don’t need 21000 new homes

  6. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    Unless Ventura County got stuck with the “Stickle Back Fiish” issue, Ventura Co. won’t have any reason to not develope the Hwy 126 corridore between Piru-Cataic Junction up to the L.A. County Line. (They had opposed to the proposed Newhall Ranch Project initially.)

  7. Time to begin looking at alternatives options to reside. Of course this will take a long time to build out and the 5 cannot take anymore congestion

  8. Donna Boyer Donna Boyer says:

    It’s all about $$$. 😡

  9. NO MORE HOMES!!! What’s so hard for you people to understand. We don’t want any more cars on our roads!!!!!😡😡😡

  10. Suzetta Anne Suzetta Anne says:

    I don’t want this development. This isn’t what we need and what happens when water becomes scarce again? This isn’t good for air pollution or environment

  11. Nanci Mauro Nanci Mauro says:

    Kristin ~ Get the heck out of Valencia! You think your commute is bad now……. 21,000 homes equates to about 42,000+ more residents. Yikes!

  12. Drought. Not enough water. Destroys the natural wild life land scape. Not a fan.

  13. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    Yay!!! More traffic and water restrictions!!! Santa Clarita is Awesometown!!! I love all the sirens and hovering Sheriffs helicopters!

  14. Enough with destroying wildlife

    • Robin Rodriguez says:

      I know this is very irritating. … this is why bears are coming down to Valencia. And I see coyotes on tournament Rd every night building building is pushing our wildlife out!

  15. Dan says:

    21,000 homes with an average of three occupants represents about a 30% increase in the entire population of Santa Clarita. Look at this map and you’ll see that the only roads providing access are Hiway 126 and the 5 Freeway. This is going to be a traffic nightmare! I’m at a total loss as to how a project this size in this area could have been approved. I have to ask the question: Did some money change hands in the back room? Unfortunately, Santa Clarita doesn’t have a media outlet that will do the kind of investigations that the LA Times has recently done on some development projects. And the government isn’t going to look into this. Once again, the regular citizens get the shaft.

  16. Wow then they need to build a BIGGER hospital. Time to move

  17. Matt Pawlak Matt Pawlak says:

    I enjoy reading how everyone thinks no one else can live here. 50 years ago nothing existed up here. Now that you have your house no one else is welcome?

    • Gary Kuehn says:

      Damn right. Nothing…….except clean air, plenty of water, uncrowded living, peace/quiet, lots of birds and other wildlife, abundant oaks, scenic vistas..all the things that made SCV precious. Now everything that counts is being destroyed on the altars of greed, corruption, incompetence and overpopulation. Aren’t we just special.

  18. Robin Keller Robin Keller says:

    Totally agree with Matt Pawlak. Love the area! But it’s way too crowded and very expensive. To each his own. Come, buy your houses and live your dreams. Not for me anymore. Glad I moved OUT of SCV and out of Crowdifornia.

  19. Andy Aguilar says:

    I moved back to Castaic from Sylmar. It’s only a matter of time before it’s as crowded as the east valley. Silver lining, call me to get a free estimate on what your home will sell for. I guarantee multiple offers within 2 weeks of my professional marketing campaign. Call me 1.818.447.9251

  20. Where’s the water coming from? And, could they all be forced to take public transportation everywhere? We just don’t have the infrastructure to handle more traffic! 😤

  21. Dani Lara Dani Lara says:

    This is not good….the traffic is bad now…i cant begin to imagine afterwords this effects everyone in The AV too

  22. I have grown up out here . There are to many people . It use to be safe and you could drive anywhere in 10 mins now it takes 10 mins to get down the street. I don’t even go to dinner cause there are so many people . Just wait until this comes . Ugh .

  23. Grace Grace Grace Grace says:

    But hey guys, no watering your lawns. We’re still in a drought you know!

  24. If there are to be more homes built in the SCV, our roadway infrastructure needs to be updated! 🤔 Have the new developments fund it.

  25. Paula Marino Paula Marino says:

    Good grief, another giant housing development??! When will it ever end? Maybe when they’ve destroyed every mountain view and covered every blade of grass with concrete. SCV used to be so pretty and so open. All this “progress” makes me sad.

  26. Danny Dang Danny Dang says:

    Good bye Santa Clarita. You were a beautiful place. Soon to be San Fernando valley.

  27. Soooooo, when does construction start for new roads? Expanding the 5 freeway? Water, how will that be addressed?

  28. Cindy Pascoe Cindy Pascoe says:

    What about Nature ??? Who’s going to Call – A Bear / Bob Cat seen in my yard – Used to be Mountains!!!!! Wish I could Move Away!!!!

  29. What water are these people going to drink? What hospital will they use?

  30. How about some roads between the valley and SCV FIRST!

  31. Maria Cuadra Maria Cuadra says:

    Why more houses? This is ridiculous!

  32. TRAVIS says:

    Voice your opinions people but don’t stop here, write to the mayor and show up to city meetings. If any of you donate to city organizations stop your funding to show them we are serious.We need to stop this project . It is going to destroy our town.

    • SCVNews.com says:

      This is not in the city of Santa Clarita. The mayor and Santa Clarita City Council have no power over it. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors does.

  33. Karen says:

    Great, just what we need 42,000 more cars on the freeway s and less open space. Greedy Newhall Land Company!

  34. waterwatcher says:

    We won’t make it through another drought with all these houses. :et’s hope the environmental groups can stop it again.

  35. Sergio Nunez Sergio Nunez says:

    Better yet how about we just stop overpopulating the valley

  36. Karen says:

    Do the know they are in one of the proposed High Speed Rail pathways? That should be great for property values!

  37. Kimberly Jane Lastimosa Janiece Johnson Lastimosa

  38. This is awful! Too many people already and all the natural areas are being plowed down for more homes… disgusting. Not proud to be part of this city

  39. Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

    No more houses until they all are zero net.

  40. Enough Already with the Building in SCV!…..

  41. D. R. says:

    I think the problem is everyone is busy at work. Then city has their council meetings open to the pubic for comment on the plan and it’s studies. The reality is because we are at work we don’t have time to be at these meetings, do the research required so we can make an intelligent comment to actually have an argument against this and not allow this to even start. The developer knows the short cuts in order for them to check off everything of their agenda and it gets slipped in. The city sees the $$ in tax revenue and says to the developer, “yes you have complied with all the requirements, here’s your permit, start digging!” BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Kim Audet Kim Audet says:

    Did I read this right? 21,000 homes?? I’m sorry I can’t figure out where this location is, the picture is blurry.
    Sorry.. just curious

  43. Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

    I’m glad our house is sold and we’re moving. I used to love the SCV……not so much anymore :(

  44. Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

    I’m glad our house is sold and we’re moving. I used to love the SCV……not so much anymore :(

  45. Charlotte A Bell to many homes not enough schools. And nobody will be able to afford these homes. Ugh! 🤔🤔

  46. jim says:

    Now, now, don’t get excited over something that happened long before you saw this today on SCVNews. These plans have been on the books for 20+ years, and now you are just noticing?

    Quit complaining, unless you just moved in during the last couple of years. All of this has been planned, posted, advertised and argued about for a very long time.

    Too bad y’all didn’t pay attention back when there was a slim chance of making a difference. It’s too late now. The only thing that will stop this massive influx of new people and lots of cars is a major crash of the economy.

    And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

    By the way, there’s lots of open land and opportunity out in the Antelope Valley, if you want to get out of the SCV. Of course, since most of the paying jobs around here are in the SFV and LA, you may have a two hour commute to and from Palmdale.

  47. If only no one buys rents moves in that would be awesome

  48. Kelly Morford says:

    I always wonder about the “logic” of people who oppose building projects saying ‘we don’t need more of this’ At one point in time, the very home those people live in was also built on land that disturbed natural land in SCV.

    THAT was ok?… (because those people have their home) but other people… NO WAY… stay out..?!? No more homes?

    Curious, if 21,000 new homes are needed, where else should the people who will ultimately buy those homes go instead?

    If ‘opposed to new housing people’ are so unhappy that SCV is growing and yes, still developing that they post ‘it’s time to start looking elsewhere’ for a less “crowded” place…they better hope that the people who already live in that place don’t say “NO MORE HOUSES.. we already have too much”

    • Jeff Warrender says:

      Whereas it may not bother you adding more congestion to an already strapped town, and further congestion of freeway making the drive in and out of here worse and worse, while we lose more open space to miles of homes, and loss of nature, and more unsustainable strip malls. The fact that our water supply is already unsustainable, and 21,000 new homes will be tantamount to a 30% in homes, which will cause water restrictions to make this town look like palmdale . . Many people do not see this as a positive direction. It is reasonable for folks to not want more of this . . and it is reasonable for people to think of moving elsewhere if they desire. And yes, I’d imagine they’d hope to be welcome

  49. Nell Campbell says:

    This new development is right across the HWY 126 from the Chiquita Canyon Landfill, which has just been granted a 30-year extension, despite the very real environmental concerns: Air Quality, Clean Water questions, cancer risks and so on. They should not be building new homes where people may potentially get sick. There is an ongoing Appeal (next hearing June 27th). For the whole scoop, go to Citizens for Chiquita Canyon Landfill Compliance Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/C4CCLC/

  50. Jeff Warrender says:

    I see many lamenting this measure and move by our city to get this project going. . and this will cause more congestion, make the freeway drive much worse than it is,worsen the already poor air quality out here, and this 30% increase in homes will have a major negative impact on availability of our water tables that are already unsustainable . .All I can say is, get involved with groups working to stop this . . and take an hour of your day and write a letter to your elected officials here in SCV and let them know your concern.

    • Nell Campbell says:

      Join/ follow C4CCLC and VVCA on Facebook.
      If the water table is polluted this will impact the development.

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