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April 22
1974 - Gov. Ronald Reagan speaks at dedication of COC's first permanent building, the William G. Bonelli Instructional Resource Center [story]
Ronald Reagan

| Thursday, Jun 14, 2012

Photos: LASD | Click images to enlarge

[LASD] – The Oxnard Harbor District, along with representatives from over 30 local, state, federal, and private sector emergency response and management organizations will participate in the Coastal Trident 2012 exercise Tuesday through Thursday, in an effort to address the increasing threats of narcotics trafficking and illegal alien smuggling to regional maritime security.

This year’s Coastal Trident exercise is the latest in an annual, multiple phased training and exercise program established by the Port of Hueneme in partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Asymmetric Warfare, headquartered at Point Mugu, improving the capabilities of regional emergency response organizations to respond to potential emergencies at the Port of Hueneme, protecting the economic viability of the Port and ensuring the safety and security of the surrounding communities.

While the exercise scenario is not based on any known threats to the Port or the region, it has been designed to address the increasing frequency of seaborne criminal activity including the smuggling of both narcotics and illegal aliens along the southern California coastline.

Coastal Trident 2012 will provide valuable opportunities for participants to validate tactics, techniques, and procedures to counter these threats in the port and maritime environments, as well as evaluate the role of developing military and law enforcement technologies to support intelligence-driven operations and apprehension of identified criminals and terrorists.

The exercise will be conducted from Tuesday, June 12, through Thursday, June 14, and consist of a scenario that includes vehicle checkpoint operations, littoral interception and interdiction, maritime search and rescue, hazardous materials response, humanitarian assistance, and the activation of the Oxnard Harbor District’s Emergency Operations Center.

Participants in the exercise will represent over thirty regional response agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme and Oxnard Police Departments, Ventura and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Departments, and a number of other public safety and private sector stakeholders committed to the safety and security of the Port of Hueneme and the local maritime domain.

FEMA director Alexander Mrazik Jr. said,” The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s grant program directorate are proud of the partnership with the Port of Hueneme Area and the important security projects undertaken with Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) funds, which includes over $3.2 million for construction of the security gate complex, a port-wide fiber optic network, and the Joint Operations and Security Center (JOSC).

The Coastal Trident training and exercise program is tangible evidence of the commitment by the Port of Hueneme and the emergency response community in Southern California to ensure public safety and security in the region through collaborative partnerships and cutting edge technology that enhances the region’s emergency response program. Port Director Kristin Decas said, “The Port of Hueneme is particularly proud of our collaboration with the Naval Post Graduate School’s Center for Asymmetric Warfare. In the last five years our partnership has grown from a local Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) drill to a full-fledged regional partnership encompassing up to 30 local, state and federal agencies connecting Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura County emergency and security responders.”

“The Navy recognizes the importance of building strong partnerships with the civilian community,” said Capt. Larry Vasquez, commanding officer of Naval Base Ventura County, which includes Port Hueneme. The Oxnard Harbor District and NBVC have a shared-use agreement in place for wharf space at the harbor. “We are neighbors, and working together we can improve our community, its economic viability and its security,” Vasquez added.

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1 Comment

  1. Dave Francis says:


    When the
    federal government waives the sovereignty rights unique to each state,
    something is really amiss in Washington. This especially highlighted that this
    administration has gone after any state that tries to enforce its immigration
    laws. Arizona, Georgia and Alabama have
    been sued by the Eric Holder in a Department of Justice completely out of
    control. Since the exemption of the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act
    that designated that employers who hire foreign workers over legitimate
    citizens and permanent residence should be given hefty fines and possible
    imprisonment, only the Obama government has actually carried out this policy;
    this has even waned to a crawl. Neither political party has placed illegal
    immigration as a series threat to the 8.3 percent of U.S. workers seeking work
    or just given up.

    The driving
    undercurrent is the Liberals who are still mobilizing for open borders, no
    matter the disastrous consequences of America. They are trying to force a
    Socialist agenda down the throats of the middle class. There has always been opposition to closing
    the border completely, which has included the failure of the 2006 Secure fence
    Act. ICE has completely ignored Sanctuary cities and even states, which seem to
    think they are above the law. I haven’t heard California being held accountable
    for not taking into custody the overwhelming number of illegal aliens settled

    Here are a
    few of the paramount concerns that can be altered by the TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP:

    1. The TEA
    PARTY can force a vote on the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (E-Verify) and enact it as
    mandatory in every business nationwide. Those who feel they are not accountable
    will be looking at hefty fines, loss of assets and even prison. All those who
    ignore the I-9 audits in not implementing the computer to detect illegal aliens
    in the workplace will be sanctioned?

    2. The TEA
    PARTY will force a vote on the ‘Birthright Citizenship Act’ concluding once and
    for all, that pregnant women can no longer gain citizenship through a misguided
    loophole for a child, just by slipping past Customs and Immigration Enforcement
    (ICE) at the border or over staying a visa, leading ultimately to yet another
    ‘Blanket Amnesty’. What about American teenagers, who have been pushed out of
    jobs that were the monopoly for our kids a couple of decades back? Absolutely—because of Birthright Citizenship
    for any illegal alien parent who slips past our borders, we now have the
    massive problem caused over decades of the Dream children. If there was no free
    citizenship (an amendment to this law) these children would never be here and
    no DREAM ACT. The parents should be held accountable and investigated by ICE
    and deported. The issue is deportation doesn’t work, because they return? Over
    2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal
    alien Mexicans on MediCal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

    Only true
    and fully operational way to halt this travesty of our laws is cut off work
    with THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT and place employers in prison and in addition to
    this law, demand that the amendment to
    the 14th amendment, so baby cannot become a U.S. citizen, without at
    least one parent being a U.S. citizen themselves. The alternative future is,
    where we have the same multibillion dollar issue endless, with further DREAM
    ACTs and a through the ceiling amnesty. Nobody can blame these children for the
    fact their parents brought them to this country illegally, and in fact the
    parents are not strictly to blame. It’s been a year of eroding the immigration
    laws since 1986, which shows the government is entirely to blame for this
    financial chaos. California with its own huge financial deficits is likely to
    give Dream Act scholars a drivers licenses; what’s next free tuition, when our
    own kids are still paying off their educational mortgages on their young lives?

    Both major
    political parties wants NO true end to illegal immigration, but the millions of
    citizens and residents in the TEA PARTY will insure that citizens and lawful
    immigrants always get first priority—not pandering to foreign nationals.
    Incidentally—readers should go to teaparty.org and then judge for you, if Obama
    is Liberal friends in the press are concealing the truth?

    ATTN: The
    TEA PARTY will be safeguarding the nationwide election procedure, watching for
    non-citizens voting in November. With the all out war on voter rights, it’s
    obvious to most Americans that certain groups of the entrenched Socialists in
    the Democratic party hate the idea of voters having to show proof that they are
    a citizen? The ACORN organization opened a Pandora’s Box when the election
    agencies in eleven states revealed significant numbers of non citizens, felons,
    dead people and even illegal aliens were voting in not only local elections,
    but the last presidential cycle. Incompetence or just plain election officials
    failing to purge election rolls of thousands of deceased, migrating Americans
    to another state and non citizens. Every radical group including the
    contentious Department of Justice has drawn their claws to just keep laws as
    they are? However–America for two three decades have been under the
    bombardment of poverty pouring in from across the world, with limited means to
    halt the human avalanche. America has
    always needed immigrants of the Stem variety (Science, technology, engineers
    and Mathematics) of the highest professional standards, but we cannot
    assimilate foreigners who break the law to begin with, then demand full rights
    as regular citizens.

    These people
    are draining hundreds of billions of dollars from state treasuries, because the
    federal courts say we must give them welfare. In the prior years amongst the
    illegal desperate migrants and immigrants have arrived the criminals. Hundreds
    of billions of taxpayer dollars have been appropriated to seal them in prisons.
    Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, has been badly damaged by the infestation
    with from south of the border, the majority looking for a free handout. It’s
    impossible to calculate the unimagined costs in just these states, backed by
    the Liberal-Marxist intensity in the state assemblies. Find time to achieve
    your own research on the Internet and learn the true costs, statistics and
    corruption that permeates from Washington and your home state. With both
    parties and no penetration by the TEA PARTY leadership, nothing will change.
    Under Obama as of now the Democrats are freely giving out food stamps to just
    about everybody. The poor that includes a large overload of illegal aliens get
    free health care, education for their children and a good source of other
    programs, which American workers have accepted for years.

    In Washington it’s Quid Pro Quo (a favor for a
    favor) that will never produce anything different for the common man or women.
    The readers shouldn’t listen to the Liberal advocates in the national press as
    the lies are still coming with full force for the gullible. The TEA PARTY is
    not just for white populace, but every one of different Conservatives in
    thousands of chapters is a mixture of legal blacks, Hispanics, Asians and
    Caucasians and other races Learn your
    real future under Obama where “Freeloaders “the parasites will live of the hard
    pressed taxpayer. Learn more about Illegal Immigration and its costs at
    NumbersUSA, Federation of American Immigration reform. Learn about the corruption in every state,
    municipality and in the federal government at Judicial Watch. Make your own
    assessment and hopefully do the right thing for your family and this nation,
    when you vote this November.


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Monday, Apr 22, 2019
This week, Los Angeles County Probation Child Welfare officials launched “Fostering Home,” a creative advertising campaign urging L.A. residents to open their homes and hearts to one of the area’s thousands of children and teens in need.
Monday, Apr 22, 2019
Given widespread outbreaks in the United States and internationally, and locally acquired cases, the chance of exposure to measles is increased at this time, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials said Monday.
Monday, Apr 22, 2019
The Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission for the LA County Sheriff's Department will take possible action regarding secret deputy sub-groups and immigration policies at its next monthly public meeting on Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Monday, Apr 22, 2019
The next meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, April 23, starting at 9:30 a.m.
Thursday, Apr 18, 2019
LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) confirmed one case of measles in a person who flew in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on April 3 while infectious.

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This week, Los Angeles County Probation Child Welfare officials launched “Fostering Home,” a creative advertising campaign urging L.A. residents to open their homes and hearts to one of the area’s thousands of children and teens in need.
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Given widespread outbreaks in the United States and internationally, and locally acquired cases, the chance of exposure to measles is increased at this time, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials said Monday.
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The College of the Canyons men's and women's soccer programs invite former players, coaches and supporters to attend the first COC Soccer Alumni Weekend, set for Friday and Saturday, April 26-27 at the Valencia campus.
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Looking to amp up the level of competition heading into the final stretch of the collegiate track & field season, College of the Canyons took a small contingent of athletes to compete at the recent UCLA Rafer Johnson /Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational at Drake Stadium.
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Following a coaching career of nearly 50 years within the Santa Clarita Valley, Hart High School head swimming coach Steve Neale recently announced his plans to retire after the 2019 season.
Hart High Head Swim Coach Steve Neale to Retire
Senate Bill 153, a measure designed to ensure California is well-positioned to begin the cultivation of industrial hemp, has unanimously cleared the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Senator Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, representing the 21st Senate District, said Monday.
Wilk Bill to Expand Opportunities for State Hemp Industry Clears Key Committee
The Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission for the LA County Sheriff's Department will take possible action regarding secret deputy sub-groups and immigration policies at its next monthly public meeting on Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
April 23: LA County Civilian Oversight Commission Meeting
The city of Santa Clarita and the American Red Cross invite residents to help someone in need by donating blood at one of two city locations — the Old Town Newhall Library and City Hall — on Friday, April 26.
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The next meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, April 23, starting at 9:30 a.m.
April 23: LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting
College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook has been named the 2018 Community College Public Relations Organization PROmoter of the Year in recognition of her longstanding support of community colleges and the coordinated efforts of the College of the Canyons District Communications Office.
COC Chancellor Van Hook Named CCPRO PROmoter of the Year
Night-time traffic on Golden Valley Road will see lane closures beginning Monday, as work crews begin laying pipe for the new Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.
Construction to Begin on Pipelines for New SCV Sheriff’s Station
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station deputies arrested seven people last week suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, station officials reported Sunday.
SCV Deputies Arrest 7 DUI Suspects
LA Crime Stoppers tips from citizens led to a probation sweep and patrol operations that resulted in several arrests in the Santa Clarita Valley Thursday night.
LA Crime Stoppers Tips from Citizens Lead to 5 Arrests in SCV
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service confirmed five additional cases of virulent Newcastle disease in Riverside and San Bernardino counties during the week of April 12-18.
Officials ID 5 More Cases of Newcastle Disease in SoCal
1974 - Gov. Ronald Reagan speaks at dedication of COC's first permanent building, the William G. Bonelli Instructional Resource Center [story]
Ronald Reagan
1994 - Valencia Mercedes co-owner Eddie Murray sets MLB record for switch-hit home runs in games (11 times) [story]
Eddie Murray
1874 - First train out of L.A. to reach new town of San Fernando; Newhall 2 years later [story]
train tunnel
The Santa Clarita City Council will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, April 23, starting at 6 p.m.
April 23: Santa Clarita City Council Regular Meeting
Carlos Herrera’s ninth-inning home run brought the JetHawks within a run, but they ultimately fell, 5-4, to the Visalia Rawhide on Thursday night at Recreation Ballpark.
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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department continues to remind everyone that driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime and will bring the same result as driving under the influence of alcohol.
LASD: ‘Drive Baked, Get Booked’ on 4-20 or Any Other Day
Three men were cited for public consumption of alcohol near the Jan Heidt Metrolink station in Newhall late Friday afternoon, according to Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station officials.
SCV Deputies Cite 3 for Public Drinking in Newhall
John Zeretzke, a music teacher from Ventura County who taught music lessons in schools and other organizations throughout Southern California, including Saugus Union School District schools, has been indicted on charges of committing lewd acts against five minors, none believed to be SUSD students.
Music Teacher John Zeretzke Charged with Lewd Acts Against Minors
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office decided to not file formal charges against the alleged parties in a criminal complaint filed by Saugus Union School District board member David Barlavi.
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Fire Department officials handled a car fire that turned into a quarter-acre blaze on the side of Highway 14 in the southbound lanes near Golden Valley Road in Canyon Country on Friday afternoon.
Firefighters Douse Small Brush Fire off Highway 14
The Saugus Union School District board of trustees approved the reduced hours for 37 positions and the layoffs of four others on Tuesday.
SUSD Board OK’s 4 Layoffs, Cuts Hours of 37 Employees
A husband and wife who chained, tortured and starved their children for several years in their suburban Southern California home were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison Friday, but not before hearing their children still pray for them.
‘House of Horrors’ Case Ends With Parents Getting 25 to Life