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Santa Clarita CA
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July 20
2001 - Then-Assemblyman George Runner introduces legislation to memorialize the historic Ridge Route. Enacted Oct. 4. [story]

[DMV] – After engaging in more than 80 public outreach events across the state, the California Department of Motor Vehicles provided a public update Friday on the status of AB 60 implementation, including plans for new field offices, additional staff and training, license design and regulations detailing documents required to prove identity and residence.

“We are making significant progress toward implementing Assembly Bill 60 by January 1, 2015, for the benefit of all motorists in California,” said DMV Director Jean Shiomoto.”We are hiring new staff, organizing department-wide training, and opening new temporary offices with extra appointment opportunities.”

Since Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Jr. signed the bill in October 2013, DMV has been working on multiple fronts towards the implementation of AB 60 by January 1, 2015.

dmv_newsDMV anticipates processing roughly 1.4 million new driver licenses during the first three years of implementation. To continue providing excellent customer service to all Californians, DMV has hired 405 new employees to date and is on target to hire approximately 500 more by December 31, 2014. Four temporary field offices in Lompoc, Stanton, Granada Hills and San Jose are on scheduled to open by January 1, 2015.

DMV is also working with the California Highway Patrol to provide information to law enforcement about the new law, including the prohibition on discrimination based on having an AB 60 license. And just this week, the Department of Homeland Security notified DMV that California’s draft AB 60 license design “would satisfy the requirement that a noncompliant license clearly state on its face and in the machine readable zone that is not acceptable for official purposes.” The licenses will state that “federal limits apply.” This information allows DMV to move forward with the vendor to produce new licenses.

Meanwhile, DMV is making progress on finalizing regulations that detail the documents an applicant must provide to prove identity and residency. DMV has held four public hearings across California and reviewed thousands of public comments and valuable input from the community. DMV has incorporated this feedback and is preparing final revisions and offer 15-days of additional public comment before final approval by the Office of Administrative Law.

In addition to the public comment on the regulations, DMV has held over 80 outreach events throughout the state to notify communities about AB 60 and emphasize the importance of studying for the driver license knowledge exam early. On average, each of these events have had 200 participants and involved cooperation with foreign consulate offices, community and church organizations, law enforcement and other local officials. At these outreach events, DMV explains licensing requirements under the new law and provides tips on how to study for the driver license knowledge exam.

Various Spanish-language networks have also invited DMV to participate in live programs during November to answer questions about AB 60. DMV also continues to present weekly segments on morning newscasts on KMEX 34 (Univision) Los Angeles and KUVS 19 (Univision) in Sacramento. Regular DMV public education messages also air on Spanish language radio stations across California. DMV is also doing outreach with fact sheets in Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Tagalog, Russian, and Vietnamese; along with providing news releases to media that provide information in these languages.

The fee for an AB 60 license will be $33, the same fee for a driver license today. For more information on AB 60 and continued updates on the regulations and other issues, visit: AB60.dmv.ca.gov.

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  1. wait…people that aren’t here legally can drive legally?

  2. Mike Lange Mike Lange says:

    That’s right, and we will hire extra help and open additional offices to accommodate them as well.

  3. oh good…I was concerned how those ILLEGALS would be accommodated!!

  4. Kelly Robins Kelly Robins says:

    ILLEGAL MEANS NOT LEGAL! Which means AGAINST the law!

  5. Ahh so cool.

    What’s the point of having laws and processes in this country? We reward criminals and make hardworking citizens bend over to take it up the ass and pay for schooling, medical, police and fire protection for them and their children. Then we get some speech about how we should feel guilty for not accepting another country’s burden. students are told they can’t wear patriotic shirts to school because other kids will find it offensive and we’re supposed to be happy about them having a driver’s license, wtf? How long is it before they’re allowed to vote?that’s basically a liberals wet dream. EBT and driver licenses in exchange for votes…ftw

  6. Add the cost of all the temp offices and staff to work them to how much criminal aliens benefit our economy

  7. Juan Chavez Juan Chavez says:

    Its more money for the government, now that they can legally drive.

  8. Has Sacramento not seen the hours long line that wraps around the Newhall DMV every business day? We need a bigger office and more personnel.

    • I can drive to Simi and be back before I would be out of that line.

    • I know, right?!? I was just there and it was crazy!! I would’ve went to Simi where it’s much nicer but my tags were late and this was my last weekday I’ll have off for a while.

    • Michael Teh Michael Teh says:

      Half the people outside newhall DMV doesn’t even look like they should be driving. Only one DMV in the whole Santa Clarita? Wtf?

    • I was just there and I waited like 2 hours

    • Exactly! Sacramento knows hundreds if not thousands of people come to California to live here permanently EVERY DAY. The population is constantly going up and you know most will want to drive. Temporary offices and personnel will not cut it, there has to be a way to let the DMV know we either need a bigger office and more personnel or a second permanent office to accommodate Santa Clarita residents and the spill over we get from the San Fernando Valley.

  9. Juan Chavez Juan Chavez says:

    And how are they criminals in the first place .?

    • Did you know there is a boarder?

    • Linda Lee Linda Lee says:

      They are criminals because they are here illegally which means they are not in compliance with the law. And when you are not in compliance with the law you are committing a criminal offense.

    • So sad that people to come from another country trying to give a better future to their families, receive the name of criminals :(… They are hard workers, and that is a terrible lie around that they get everything for free, that’s is not true..We wish you never have to run away from your country escaping from violence, poverty, no opportunities at all to have a better future…

    • If I ever do have to run to another country, I’ll be sure to become a legal citizen instead of leeching off of the taxpayers.

    • @Joseph Rankin I wish u n your family good but believe you have no idea what migrants like me had to go true all of u are little brats u hate everything about your own country complain about everything you have n don’t have

    • Linda Lee Linda Lee says:

      Margarita Bonilla. Thanks for calling me a brat when not knowing me. If you hate the REAL American people so much maybe you should not be here. Why not try and do things legally. I know plenty of people who have. There is a reason we have a system. I don’t care about you coming here as long as it’s legal. I don’t care what your escaping or how bad it is. If you are here illegally you do not deserve privileges such as a drivers license or food stamps. You are breaking the law by being here.

    • Margarita, if you don’t like the people here, you are welcome to go to another country. We are simply a little annoyed when people show up at our border, refuse to obey our laws, and still expect us to support them.

  10. jim soliz says:

    I wonder how DMV Staff will deal with Anti Immigration protesters?

  11. Do they even need to know how to read English? Or just free licenses for everyone!

    • The DMV has all their materials written in Spanish to acomodate illegals, how much money they spent on printing? .I went there and all the booklets were in Spanish, I had to go to the window to request in English

  12. Karina Diaz Karina Diaz says:

    Sure sure let’s not pay attention to the fact that’s it’s creating jobs, let’s just be judgemental right?

  13. jim soliz says:

    I have to wonder as to how the Department of Motor Vehicles will respond to Anti Immigration protesters, such as those who last made their appearance Murrieta, California?

  14. Juan Chavez Juan Chavez says:

    It creates more jobs. And this is why I ment ignorant^^^

  15. Juan Chavez Juan Chavez says:

    Everyone needs to stop beign so butthurt. Js

  16. Kinda crazy how we sit here and call people “illegal aliens.” Just cuz most people in Valencia are privileged white people, they think that giving others the right to drive will have a direct impact on their life. Hmmmm….

    • Driving is a privilege, not a right. And even then, for the politicians up in Sacramento, it’s not about making sure more people are able to drive. It’s about raking in $$$ for the state and votes for the Democrats.

    • It does have a direct impact when they drive without insurance and get into accidents and can’t be tracked down because they are illegal. Yes it happens. To ppl like me who follow all the rules and abide by the laws legally and get f%#ked by the ppl who aren’t legal.

    • Michelle, you are simply making an assumption based on a stereotype that YOU have, not everyone. You basically just said “they” get into accidents and don’t have insurance. And you can’t possibly be telling me that you’ve never driven over the speed limit. That would fall under the category of “breaking a law” as far as I’m concerned. We all do it, so it is difficult for me to encompass a whole entire group of people into one based on one experience you had.

    • And Joseph, my problem is just with the fact that we are currently living in the world in 2014, and we still call people “illegal aliens.” When will we try to understand one another and try to put ourselves in others’ shoes? Why limit the prosperity of a race or immigrant group when most of them (that I have encountered) work so much harder than the majority of “legal” citizens I know here. We’re all immigrants as far as I’m concerned unless you’re a Native American.

      No, I am not an illegal immigrant. I was born in the United States, I’m white, and all I want is for people to stop putting blame on others when they truly can’t resonate with them. This is absolutely not true for every immigrant, but I hope you understand what I mean from a different perspective, that’s all.

    • See, my problem is the fact that we are comparing people, who entered the country illegally, with people like my ancestors, who went through the citizenship process, and worked hard for a living, instead of simply supporting politicians who promise to give them free stuff. One of my ancestors worked as indentured servant to earn his citizenship.
      I, too, work with illegal aliens, and they do not work any harder than the legal citizens at my job.

  17. Just as all the illegals got bussed here and given passports and social security numbers… which in case people were actually thinking more temp dmvs well those temp offices will be hiring only spanish speaking…im sure… think about everything we go thru and how much our taxes pay for already now we have somemore to pay out..I agree with shirley are we just going to hand them cars and insurance??? And have all of us that are legal pay for it with our hard earned money?? Im sorry they all should take classes to learn the english language before evem being able to get a license.. or a job. Soo we arent even going to be able to go to mcdonalds without having to speak a different language. .. and trust me im not the most privileged person but god damn… we have enough going on

  18. Face the facts we are bicultural whether you like it or not …..El Pueblo de Nuestra señora reyna de Los Angeles. …..the town of our Lady queen of the angels. ……embrace beautiful culture. ..

  19. I remember when illegal immigrants were deported. What the hell has happened to this country ive defended

  20. Has Sacramento lost their mind? As a hardworking, tax paying citizen I spend countless hours on hold or in lines for government agencies such as the DMV. Now let me get this straight, we’re going to PAY for additional assistance to help illegal aliens get something their not entitled to in the first place! And the rest of us get the shaft? Our government needs to be overthrown!

  21. Send them back to their home country with their Cracker Jack license!

    • Whoooo… Somebody needs a “New Life” for sure!! Zechariah 7:9 Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, Execute [2] true judgment, and shew mercy and compassions every man to his brother: 10 And oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart.

    • No judgement here. That’s the Lords job. As a concerned US citizen I fear for my country’s well being. My grandparents were immigrants and they came to this country legally, studying to be a US citizen, something to be proud of.

    • Nowadays, the story will be different, if that people will have the opportunity to enter legal to this country, same as your grandparents did…huge difference

  22. YOUR tax dollar$ at work!!!

  23. They can’t have drivers training on Wednesdays where they come from. That day the donkey is used for the sex education class.

  24. Todd Damann Todd Damann says:

    We can all thank the uneducated voters aka “Donkey’s” who vote all the suck holes into office. The libs have ruined Cailf.

  25. John Lazar John Lazar says:

    Better stock up on some uninsured motorist insurance! This state gets more restarted by the minute.

  26. These leftists and their constant whining about phrasing. Illegal alien is a technical term, not some kind of redneck slur. Every other country including Mexico doesn’t put up with this garbage, nor do they bend over backwards to accommodate people who break their laws. But as long as the Democrats see political opportunity in catering to these people and California keeps voting them in, nothing is going to change.

  27. THERE GOES OUR FREEWAYS AND ROADS , WANT A LITTLE MORE CONGESTION? everybody will need over an hour extra to be on time .

  28. Ready to pay more taxes ,so the city can keep up with road erosion, ? Also MANY illegals, ( few may not) when they run over people or cause any accident they do not stay they run away, they possible think the police will deport me, I hope you do not get in an accident with an illegal

  29. Ready to pay more taxes ,so the city can keep up with road erosion, ? Also MANY illegals, ( few may not) when they run over people or cause any accident they do not stay they run away, they possible think the police will deport me, I hope you do not get in an accident with an illegal

  30. Ed Halterman Ed Halterman says:

    Heh, the dmv has the test in over 30 different languages.

  31. Chad Goertz Chad Goertz says:

    Mandarina, they receive the title of “criminal” when they break the “law.”

    If I rob a bank, in order to give my family a better life, I don’t think anyone will be saying “it’s a shame they labeled him a criminal”.

  32. Surprised they have to take a test everything else is pretty much given to them so why stop at this SMH!!!

  33. Sandra Avila Sandra Avila says:

    It’s crazy how most of you would like the illegal to go back to their country, but have you ever thought who will pick your lettece, and all your fruits and veggies?? Because I have never seen any other race in those fields, or have you?? Let it go people be realistic. It’s better for you, if God forbid you had a car accident with someone who does not have insurance or/and a license that’s a big loss for you but this way it will be fair for both parties!!

  34. Joel Samudio Joel Samudio says:

    These illegal immigrants probably built their house too, I honestly believe that 80% of America was built by illegal immigrants, now why do you think that all the booklets at the D.M.V. are in Spanish, because they know that these people are important and needed. Last, about 5 years ago, a Mexican with no papers, no insurance crashed into us, my stepmom driving and me on the passenger side. He hit us and ran. They just need to be educated on insurance, laws here in the U.S., and yes maybe learn English(so they could defend themselves somewhat)

  35. Omar Neri Omar Neri says:

    Cheers to you Sandra Avila way to go!!! #ahuevo

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2001 - Then-Assemblyman George Runner introduces legislation to memorialize the historic Ridge Route. Enacted Oct. 4. [story]
During a press conference on Thursday at the Gerdau steel mill in Rancho Cucamonga, Chief Eric Parra announced the destruction of 3,566 weapons confiscated within in Los Angeles County. This event comes typically in July, in compliance with California Penal Code 18005(c), which calls for weapons unable to be sold to the public or returned to their owners, to be destroyed.
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