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October 15
1939 - Second, larger OLPH Catholic Church dedicated on site of first (10th & Walnut, Newhall) [story]

Paul Walker - Roger Rodas

Paul Walker – Roger Rodas

[KHTS] – The family of Paul Walker is suing the estate of Roger Rodas for almost $2 million, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Judge David Cunningham set a hearing date for Jan. 27, according to court records.

The father of “Fast and the Furious” movie star Paul Walker is seeking $1.8 million from Kristine Rodas for holding automobiles reportedly belonging to the father’s late son, according to an International Business Times story.

The court papers in the lawsuit seek the money as compensation for “numerous automobiles and other motor vehicles that are either wholly or partially owned” by Walker, and in Rodas’ possession, according to an Entertainment Weekly report.

The family has rejected the claim, according to court filings. The matter is currently under probate.

The lawsuit was apparently in response to claims that cars owned by Walker, which are thought to include a number of valuable BMWs, Audis, Porches and several Ford Mustangs, were being sold through private brokers.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were business partners in a high performance car company called Always Evolving.

The two were killed in a fiery crash in a Porsche driven by Rodas, according to Sheriff’s Department officials.

Fans recently held a small memorial at the Santa Clarita crash site on the one-year anniversary of their deaths.

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  1. Can this be more ridiculous or what?

    • No. They are assets of a partnership. She doesn’t get the goods 100%. I’m thinking Rodas didn’t leave her life insurance & if he did than she has money plus social security to go on with her life. It’s wrong to steal from a partnership!

  2. Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

    Ahh, the almighty dollar.

  3. Jeeze this makes me sick. Whats done is done.

  4. Did you read the story? It’s over the cars… If some of the cars belonged to Paul then his family has the right…

  5. Brad James Brad James says:

    Why is it ridiculous. If they are assets owned by Walker they have every right and a legal obligation to try and get them back on behalf of his minor daughter.

    • But even if his daughter wasn’t a minor. It is Paul walkers property that Mrs Rodas stole and sold. Just so she can continue to live her lavish life.. She technically Mr walker could sue and press charges for burglary stealing property..

  6. I use to baby sit rodgers kids….wow this is horrible

    • I have a hunch that mr. Rodas didn’t leave life insurance. She closed her business right away, sold the house & now she’s trying to cash in Walkers assets too. She’s not entitled to walkers estate. Only her husbands! Sad but reality when it comes to partnerships.

  7. That is so sad. Like Paul walker had no money. Greedy people. Shame on you.

  8. I’m sorry but they both died in this accident. It was Paul’s CHOICE to get into the car with HIS FRIEND! This is just a absurd! Sorry!!! can’t the family think if something better to do with their time???

    • Kasey.. Paul’s family is suing Rodas s wife because Paul owned a couple of the high performance cars and half the business .. His daughterhasnt seen a penny of it

    • I read the article im still not justifying it.

    • #Shakingmyhead there’s always one to every thread .. They have probable cause to sue her for the money that she went and sold property that was not hers.. Now they could press charges and have her thrown in jail for stealing and embazzeling but I think Paul’s family is doing a greater thing knowing Rogers kids already lost a parent and is just suing for there money back..

    • There is a nice trust fund and plenty of money that will go around..: sorry I just think it’s a waste of our tax payers dollars.

    • Nina Garwood Nina Garwood says:

      Tax payers will not be paying the lawyers on this case. What rightfully belongs to the Walker Family should be returned to them, nothing more, nothing less. They have every right to pursue what is theirs , whether its $1 dollar or $1 million dollars. Period.

    • Kasey you don’t know Paul walker or his family or where his money has gone the fact that something was stolen and sold , worth 2 million dollars than u expect Paul’s family to not do anything .. How would you feel if ur house and cars were stolen and sold.. Just cuz he has more money than u doesn’t mean it’s ok to be done

    • Exactly our taxpayers money doesn’t go towards civil cases just criminal

    • Lora Hill Lora Hill says:

      Taxpayers won’t pay for it. They had no right to sell property that didn’t belong to them. When Paul passed away, his cars should have been given back to his family

  9. Rodas wife has taken which is Paul walkers belongings that belong to his daughter and family . Paul owned most of the cars there at the wherehouse… Sad that Rodas wife is that money hungry

  10. Jen Barroga Jen Barroga says:

    So, they are both irreversibly dead but we will just pretend that they are blaming one another….

    • Paul owned half of the work wherehouse and stored about 6 vehicles there. It was known fact that Rodas and his wife was hurting bad for money and gonna loose there million dollar estate.. She took it pain her self to sell Paul walkers vehicles..

  11. I hope they fine Rodas’s wife for doing this. She’s very money Hungry

  12. Did anyone know roger rodas? He also has small children. Such a loss for both families. This was a tragic accident.

    • Rebecca what does Roger having two children have to do with Rogers wife holding in contempt Paul’s cars and selling them .. It was well known she (they ) had money problems around the time the crash happened .. Maybe she needs to put down her tiara and stop living like she’s royalty . move down to a more affordable house not a million dollar house and a land rover .. U know ??

    • Sorry you are taking this issue so personally. You must know the family very well. I was responding to someone else’s comment discussing Paul’s minor daughter. The accident was a tragedy.

  13. Rodas wife sold Paul walkers cars … Which belong to his daughter .. How is that horrible .. Rodas’s wife should be prosecuted

  14. That was fast. This makes me furious.

  15. I think I’m gunna sue both estates.

  16. Read the article people before you pass your dumb ass judgements!!! Paul walker owned those cars and Rogers wife has no right to sell what doesn’t belong to her!! She is selling them for the $$$! She should be sued and prosecuted for theft

  17. Rodas killed Walker driving too fast…

  18. Why not have a Paul Walker BBQ truck?

  19. Lora Hill Lora Hill says:

    They should have returned what belonged to the walker family from the beginning. Did they think no one would notice about 2 million dollars missing? Shame on the Rodas family.

  20. Hey, the driver was at fault and cost a life. That’s manslaughter. Sue his estate for stupidity on the part of the driver. Doesn’t matter if he’s a nice guy. He’s dead too. Double stupid driving.very sad. Double loss. Too bad.

  21. Paquita says:

    It’s not greedy for Paul Walkers family to sue. It’s matter of
    Seeking valuable personal property returned. Partnerships are a problem. I avoid them. The wife of Rodas had a dance studio that she immediately closed. I’m wondering if mr. Rodas left no life insurance? It’s life after a death. There is always problems if there was a partnership. It’s too bad that the walkers had to sue but if the lady is selling off cars that were walkers than she needs to be stopped.

  22. Oh goodness, all of you keep going back and forth claiming who is right and who is wrong….but in the end, you have no control over what happens from this point on, nor did we have any control of their decisions in the past so why sit here and dwell and scuffle on Facebook over something we have no control over? not worth the frustration.

  23. Lady should have respect for the estate. The walkers are doing the right thing. How on earth does she think she owns the assets of a partnership? Maybe her husband did leave her life insurance. You just can’t sell items in a partnership. That’s wrong. I bet the walkers will win.

  24. Mike Curtis Mike Curtis says:

    Paul Walker most likely had more money than He probably knew what to do with and now His Family is after more! Now if there are cars that were owned by both of them then they need to be sold or auction off and the money be split between the two families and if Paul Walker didn’t own any of the cars or was not partners and then the Walker Family does not deserve anything in that case!!!

  25. Daun Muir Daun Muir says:

    They were the best of friends. I don’t think Paul Walker would want that, but family must feel his untimely death needs compensation.

  26. Stephen Gold Stephen Gold says:

    What u don’t have enough Money or Coin. It was an accident. Remember that. That’s why u didn’t get too say Goodbye…

    • Did you read the article? They had a partnership in a company and there were several of Paul Walkers high end vehicles still there. She is not entitled to Paul Walkers share, nor entitled to his vehicles. His father is simply getting back what rightfully belongs to his heirs, mainly his daughter.

  27. I wish this story and all mentions of it would die quickly. Pun intended.

  28. Elizabeth P. Rodriguez, what R your thoughts???

    • I think it’s unfortunate that this is happening because they were very close friends. To hear that this is happening is very heartbreaking because they should be doing what’s right and the cars need to be with the rightful owners.

  29. David Kelley David Kelley says:

    No one should be singing “Paul Walkers on fire…..” to the similarly worded Alicia Keys tune. That would be wrong.

  30. I really suggest people read articles before posting!! It’s not over his death, it’s over property that she kept and sold illegally.

  31. Please read the article before posting a stupid comment!

  32. It has nothing to do with their deaths. It has to do with what was rightfully rodas and what was walkers simple as that. Give back what isn’t rightfully yours.

  33. Seems to me that people either aren’t reading the article or they just want a forum to complain. This is a PROPERTY lawsuit. Shared property and sole property. It makes no difference the amount of money Paul Walker had when he died…or how much money the Rodas family has or who was driving the car or the kids. There is property that was jointly owned and Rodas does not have the right by Law to receive 100% of the value on a jointly owned vehicle. She is entitled to 50% of jointly owned property and the Walkers are entitled to 50%. The walkers are entitled to 100% of property owned completely by the walkers. That is the issue and the only issue.

  34. Denny says:

    When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

  35. i don’t know what to say. i am in shock. these two were best friends and died together as friends. i will truly miss paul walker. i was so looking forward to seeing the last two fast and furious movies. but i don’t know when the seventh one is coming out and universal had no choice but to scrap the final one. please as a follow fan of paul walker’s leave these two lost friend’s families and friends alone, and don’t BELIEVE everything that is printed and posted in papers, websites, and magazines.

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