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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
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January 17
1994, 4:31 a.m. - Magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake rocks Santa Clarita Valley [video]


Jessica Greenback

[KHTS] – A 25-year-old Canyon Country woman arrested on a murder charge allegedly has a history of mental illness, according to a homicide investigator Monday.

Jessica Paige Greenback, 25, of Santa Clarita, is due in court Tuesday to face charges in connection with a shooting where she lived in the 18000 block of Danielson Street around 5:30 a.m., officials said.

The weekend shooting that reportedly sprung from a domestic dispute left one person dead, another wounded and a third shot at, in addition to plenty of questions homicide detectives are still trying to answer.

“She killed her brother and shot her dad and she tried to kill another individual in the house, but he was not hurt,” said  Lt. John Corina of the Homicide Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department, adding detectives were investigating her history.

Greenback did not have any outstanding charges, according to LASD records, however, records indicate she’d been committed for mental health concerns several times in her past.

“Right now, it look likes she has a long battle with mental illness,” Corina said. “She’s had several commitments for 72 hours (over concerns about mental health).”

Greenback allegedly shot her 28-year-old brother and her father in the home they shared.

Officials with the District Attorney’s Office said a case has not yet been filed as of Monday afternoon.

Her brother, who was not identified by Sheriff’s Station officials, died of a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect’s father was grazed by a bullet, according to officials.

A semi-automatic handgun was recovered at the scene, and is believed to be the murder weapon.

The reported father of the victim, a 56-year-old man, sustained injuries consistent with a graze wound to the head, but is expected to survive, according to Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station deputies.

Both victims were taken to the hospital.

Homicide detectives are in the process of determining the motive in the shooting, according to a press release from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Greenback made several strange claims and appeared “delusional,” Corina said.

Greenback could face murder and attempted murder charges, Corina said.

Homicide detectives were not immediately available for comment on the investigation.

A Coroner’s official had not yet completed an examination as of Monday afternoon, and therefore could not release victim identification.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

Halie Cook contributed to this story.

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  1. Dobie Gillis Dobie Gillis says:

    Sad story. I got no judgements on this.

  2. This is a very sad story before the update my first reaction was maybe the males tried to rape her now I’m speechless

  3. Sad. But I’m struggling to grasp what the 2 photos of her are showing us? Can you shed some light SCVTV?

  4. Jasmine Esquivel I went to bowman with her

  5. Jamie Lettau Jamie Lettau says:

    I know her brother that died and he wasn’t a rapist. He was a nice guy. Very sad that we had to lose him because of her instability.

  6. Elizabeth Jaimes Claudia Arechiga-Leon so sad

  7. Remember when Brittany spears tried to get a hairdresser to shave her hair off…when refused she grabbed the clipper and did it herself? Most ladies are trying to look their best…so maybe the shaved head is a form of self mutilation. ..ie…cry for help…or warning sign of trouble…?

  8. I went to school with her

  9. seriously, as someone who was close to both the sister and best friends with the brother, she was delusional, and very weird, but she knew right from wrong and i believe thats all they need to try her as a competent adult. she gunned down my defenseless best friend, who was himself terrified of guns. then she tried to kill the guy who was renting a room there when the gun jammed and he ran off to get the father. by the time they got to her she had unjammed the gun and was able to get another shot off which grazed his head. THERE WAS NO RAPE! EVER!!

    • Sorry for your loss and pain. May the Lord bring you peace and understanding. So sad :(

    • @spencer Canaday I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts & prayers.

    • So sorry for everyone involved.

    • Mental illness is serious. It can cause delusions & make people paranoid. It’s terrible indeed. Sad story. It will have to make it’s way through the courts. Was there a mom in the house?

    • Im so sorry for your loss :(
      Why was she “weird” ?
      Did she have friends?

    • Mia Gina Mia Gina says:

      Yes she is one of my dearest friends.

    • @paquita izabel engle – mom and dad divorced, died of cancer in 2005 in wisconsin.
      @jailene jackson – she was weird because she was delusional and needed help and she would say odd things all the time, but i never once heard or observed her doing anything to harm even a fly or even hurt anybodys feelings.
      she had just recently moved to florida for 3 or 4 months without telling anybody that she was leaving or where she was. she called her father about a month and a half ago and begged him to buy her a plane ticket home, and he took money out of what was supposed to be the rent to do that for her. he also told her that she could stay at home, but that he was renting her room out already to help pay rent. when she got home she took it personally, so eventually the dad gave up his room and slept on the couch. somehow that and whatever other delusions were in her head (twice the cops were dispatched to their residence because she claimed they were injecting her under her toenails at night and raping her, which is ludicrous because she adamantly refused a rape kit both times and she took her little sister into another room and told her to tell the police they were raping the little girl also) culminated into her going out, getting a gun, and walking in that household and committing murder. she knows the difference between right and wrong, since she tried to get her very much younger (by almost 20 years) sister to LIE that indicates she knew it wasnt really happening. she was also well aware that she needed help, its not like she was completely clueless. this had better not turn into one of those not competent to stand trial cases.

    • unfortunatley there is not enough help for mentally ill people. when the police came out and saw the mental illness problem going on she should have been admitted to a hospital for help. medication and mental health care might have prevented this. Patient rights for people who are mentaly ill and cant even see they need help, stop anyone from being able to help! something needs to be done soon to revise mental health laws! I’m sorry for your loss, prayers for everyone affected by this.

    • I’m sorry for your loss! Keeping you in my prayers!

    • Megan Nicole Megan Nicole says:

      Is the father Sonny Greenback???

  10. I’m so sorry to the family and friends for the loss and grief

  11. Wowwww just a sad story all the way around…are they t er ting to say look at her then and look at her now as if she is mentally ill? Well that dont make sence cuz she was pretty n looked stable thennnnn…..when it happend correct? Maybe not…hmmmm…weird story


  13. Elva Durazo Elva Durazo says:

    Mental illness can be real and pretty devastating!! You never know ! Prayers to everyone involved!

  14. Nicole says:

    u guys are sick… These are my relatives no one was freaking raped etc I can’t believe the things u ppl come up with

  15. Are u serious jessica we kicked it

  16. I know their father. He is a good man and father who loves all of his kids very much. This is a very sad situation all around. His oldest child is gone and the shooter is his daughter. Just Pray for this family. No one could have foreseen this.

  17. she told me she shaved her head because she had a dream that inspired her to get a dream catcher tattoo on the side of her head, then she just shaved the rest, and that happened in 2012 NOT 2013

  18. Tony New Tony New says:

    Anthony Simms Jr. noo way bro

  19. This is the 4th tragic incident SCV has reported in the last 30 days! Suicides and Murders seem to be the weekly topic….
    I keep hearing about Depression and Drug Abuse:( Sad!!!!
    SCV needs more jobs and a YMCA with educational programs for our YOUTH!

  20. Bianca Lrnz Bianca Lrnz says:

    Cutting your hair doesn’t mean mental illness or violence. These photos associated with this article only perpetuates a misunderstanding of mental illness and violence. This is such a disappointing failure in social responsibility.

  21. Gladys Mercado don’t u no her?

  22. Garcia Tracy Garcia Tracy says:

    Omg!!! My prayers for her family

  23. Garcia Tracy Garcia Tracy says:

    I still can’t believe it God please be with her family

  24. Nicole castillo says:

    Johnnie was my first love… I am so deeply hurt with this news… Rip johnnie, be with your mother, till then just rest;(

  25. msc545 says:

    Let’s continue to not provide any meaningful mental health care because it’s just too expensive…

  26. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    Spencer Canaday it hurts you’ll never get over the hurt, but in my case I found out that if I did something that my friend did that was totally just something that he would do, I do now it helps. once a month for the first year doesn’t make things better it just makes the time go by more smoothly. I think what I’m trying to say is intergrate his spirit into your spirit so you can say with each one of your heart beats that he lives on.

  27. Dam crazy I knew her she was a good homie

  28. Cindy Castro Cindy Castro says:

    No way?! I know her. I Never would have thought she’d do something like this

  29. Ilyene says:

    this is my step daughter. She was a beautiful smart young girl. Please be kind. Mental illness is no joke.

  30. Julio Diego Julio Diego says:

    Damn I’m still I shock with all this… I went to school with her.. Every time I use to see her or kiked it just for a bit she would always look happy and always smiling :/ damn….. I just can’t believe it that it was Jessica

  31. Jillian says:

    Johnnie was an amazing guy — I can’t believe his sister would do this…. Please pray for this family, there are two younger siblings who are very heartbroken right now, and I ton of friends and family. This guy she killed was a good friend to many and the sweetest guy I have ever met. So devastating.

  32. april says:

    I live in the apartments. The rape comment came out because after jessica shot her father, her little sister ran out yelling “you raped my sister.” Mental illness or not, if she was being abused that could cause mental instability.

  33. I cannot believe this

  34. Reaps Jaramillo Danny Zamora

  35. Todd Allen Todd Allen says:

    I like the before picture

  36. Karla Love Karla Love says:

    Angel Reyes Dammm that’s sad

  37. No way I went to school with that girl

  38. Daniel Munoz Daniel Munoz says:

    Damn…dat is krayzie…she used to b active…remember thw village days?…do u remember also jeremy/swarttz….up in the terrace?…used to see her all the time…even dopes knows her

  39. Daniel Munoz Daniel Munoz says:

    Try to tell her stay out of trouble but she was tweekin it way to hard bak in the day…

  40. Mimi Martinez I’m in shock

  41. Woooow , can’t believe that .. We went to high school together ..

  42. Samantha Bonsall says:

    The man killed today, was very dear to me. He has never had a drinking or drug problem in his life. This man not only wouldnt hurt a fly, but is a natural protector. I lived with him for years. I would trust him with my child. Do not imply he did anything wrong. I’ve also known her since she was 16, I will never ever forgive her for taking him from all of those who love him.

  43. Disbelief. She had aspirations to go to USC, she was a singer and loved nature and science. Hard to register what happened.

  44. Disbelief. She had aspirations to go to USC, she was a singer and loved nature and science. Hard to register what happened.

  45. Carolina Morales Thibodeaux

  46. anonymous says:

    I’ve known the family for over 25 years watched them grow up!! I’m in shock and my prayers go out to the family and all close to them!! Mental illness is not a joke and many suffer from it and I know Jessica and her brother along with others were very sad over the lose of there mother who died of cancer and none of us know the circumstances or exactly what was in her mind demons pray on use all daily having faith even then we all battle things in life never would I ever think she would do what she did all I ask is please respect the family and all close to them for there loss he was a good guy gentle kind caring and full of life know he loved his family and his friends enjoyed skateboarding and the simple things in life he’s shinning down on us all now keep your thought and prayers for the family cause I can’t imagine the pain there going thru and please don’t comment if u don’t have anything to say in good judgment!!! You will be missed and I’m not using his name out of respect which other people should think about love your family and friends everyday is a blessing!!! :(

  47. But of course everyone blamed the guy at first, had to be his fault right? Idiots.

  48. Sara Johnson Sara Johnson says:

    So sad, mental health can be a hidden sickness. Hoping family and friends find answers and peace.

  49. We were close at one point and I could never imagine her doing this! She wouldn’t even hurt a damn fly, literally! So sad ..
    Sending prayers!

  50. Jarrid De’shon Barr

  51. Lora Hill Lora Hill says:

    Did she have drug issues? These pictures look like those before and after meth addict pictures

  52. The man killed is a dear friend. I lived with him for years.I’ve known their family a long time. He absolutely, did not deserve this.
    Especially, from her.

    I literally have pictures of them in my phone right now, of just the three of us. His younger brother more than anyone and other baby sister, I’m sure would appreciate people knowing at least that, of this situation, that he did not deserve this.

  53. Jesse Leon Jesse Leon says:

    Lisa Gabriela Payne do you remember her???

  54. This is so sad! I knew both her and her brother… Never did i think she could do such a thing, let alone to her own family. Wtf jess?!?!? Absolutely tragic

  55. Deisy Cervantes says:

    I spoke to her a few times. She always seemed like a nice, sweet girl. . Very close to her family, especially the little sister & dad. Nobody knows what happened. . So stop judging!

  56. summer says:

    These are my cousins!! Please be gentle So their father that has just been through hell doesn’t have to see nonsense

  57. Joe Martinez Joe Martinez says:

    This is sad, feel bad for everyone involved..

  58. Max Ventura wtf happened… TXt Me

  59. Erika Bird Martinez Lupe Albarran

  60. Rocio Garcia Rocio Garcia says:

    No manchen yi cinosi a esta muchacha se veia normal ni se miraba que estubiera enferma tuvo que ver algo entre su familia para que pasara esto no toda la culpa es de la muchacha

  61. sonny greenback says:

    i am the father that was shot,there was no domestic dispute of any kind that set this off,and it really bothers me that this has been made up as a motive,it anger’s me deeply as i weep the loss of my son as i am recovering a deadly wound,she has a history of mental illness but this was never thought ever of possibly happening…lt. john corina,if you are the one’s mouth that has said this false allegation,i expect an apology,but then it won’t surprise me if i don’t get one,cause that was a very unproffessional accusation you put out,sincerely,sonny greenback

    • SCVNews.com says:

      We are deeply saddened and horrified by your loss, and for what your family has gone through and will continue to go through in the months and years ahead.

    • Amanda says:

      I live in riverpark. I will be moving out this is upsetting. I walk by there and the bloody hand prints on the wall. So gruesome. Crazy or not. Shooting ur family I’m sorry. A no no

  62. Cindy Olsen Cindy Olsen says:

    Can’t believe it. ..

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