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The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015

joemessinamugHere we go again. For those of you with a very low IQ and the inability to look up words in a dictionary, by definition, “disagreement” is not “hate.” Me believing that my viewpoint is correct and yours is not, is not hate. Believing I am better than you because my viewpoint is right could be hate and, in some cases, even racism.

Many were outraged last week when I posted my take on the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage. The haters popped a blood vessel, called me a hater, and then went on to say I have no business being on a local school board because I have a different opinion on the issue. They said things like, “He doesn’t believe gays and lesbians deserve equal treatment,” “He likened gays and lesbians to the issue of slavery,” and more garbage.

At first I wasn’t going to reply and just let them work themselves into a frenzy and do what they do best – spew hate and confusion. But then I would be guilty of the same thing I sometimes accuse my audience of – complaining and not taking action.

After seeing all of these posts about SCOTUS “getting it right,” “equality finally wins” and so on, I remembered some other “landmark rulings” from the past. For instance, Dred Scott v. Sanford (forced by the federal government) upheld by 7 to 2 that blacks could not be American citizens, whether they were free or slaves. The Nuremberg laws, which excluded German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from marrying or having sexual relations with persons of “German or related blood,” also decided by their federal government. Then there is Roe v. Wade. The landmark decision that guaranteed women the right to a safe abortion. Once again, the federal government forcing a law over the land that many at the time were opposed to.

Justice Ginsburg has had much to say about Roe v. Wade, both recently and in the past. In her speech at the 40th anniversary, Ginsburg said, “The landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that affirmed a woman’s right to an abortion was too far-reaching and too sweeping, and it gave anti-abortion rights activists a very tangible target to rally against in the four decades since.” According to the University of Chicago magazine The Record Online:

“My criticism of Roe is that it seemed to have stopped the momentum on the side of change,” Ginsburg said. She would’ve preferred that abortion rights be secured more gradually, in a process that included state legislatures and the courts, she added. Ginsburg also was troubled that the focus on Roe was on a right to privacy, rather than women’s rights. “Roe isn’t really about the woman’s choice, is it?” Ginsburg said. “It’s about the doctor’s freedom to practice. … It wasn’t woman-centered, it was physician-centered.”

OMG. Where is the outrage from the left? Her point was a great one, and one that my friend Xander Gibb made recently on my radio show about the recent gay marriage ruling. Let it grow organically, grassroots, from state to state. Legislators would have had to legislate. People would have had to get off of their butts and vote to support their candidates and positions.

The same-sex decision should have been left up to each individual state and to their citizenry.

There are plenty of others in the LGBT community who feel the same way but are ridiculed and verbally abused into silence for having this line of thought. How open-mined is that? Haters hating in their own community.

In hearing the subsequent speeches and comments made by those in the middle and on the right, I’m excited to see that a sleeping giant has been awakened.

Many conservatives (and even those in the middle) for years have figured government would get it right and people would do the right thing. But they are now finding out that many people just don’t pay attention. As I travel around speaking to various groups, Christians and conservatives always say, “They are doing what?” or “That can’t happen.” Guess what? They did. And it is.

Now they are seeing that while they were asleep, the house was being robbed. They left the doors unlocked and the windows open because they believed it would never happen to them. Reproductive education turned to sex education. Instead of teaching how the body works, it’s turned into, let’s teach them the many ways to have sex with whomever and whatever they want.

Where are the culture warriors? If you’re a Christian, the Bible says to put on the whole armor of God and to fight the good fight. Well, He wouldn’t tell you to put on armor and fight if there wasn’t going to be one. Now, for clarity: For you loons who will take this too far, I’m not talking about cutting off heads or stoning women or killing kids for not converting. Fights are not always physical.

For my Christian and non-Christian friends, I’m talking about using every resource available to you to make sure your voice is heard. Computers, email, social media, faxes, rallies, phone calls and letter-writing. Vote the bad ones out. Vote the goods ones in – and back out again if they don’t do their jobs.

I am not just talking about the recent rulings by SCOTUS. Look what is going on at your schools, in your cities, in your counties. Look at things being taught and how money is being spent.

There are many of the left who would love to see me removed from the school board because supposedly I’m “hateful” because I don’t believe in same-sex marriage. They say my views will hurt their kids. But I’m not the only one. How many other Christians (who think like me, but aren’t as vocal) are in elective office? Will you be calling to remove all Christians from elected office? Many elected officails resign because they don’t want the publicity or they don’t want to put their family through it. We have seen school districts cave to the ACLU because they don’t want to spend the money or put up with the aggravation.

Well, people, look at what it’s gotten you. The haters have come out and always will. We see hints that now if you disagree with same sex-marriage, you are against the Constitution and you hate homosexuals. If you’re against abortion, you hate women (to me it means you love life, but whatever). The left has been honing its messaging tools and banking on us not fighting back with the same fervor they fight with.

Where are the warriors? Where are the ones who will stand up against real hate, real bullying? Where are the ones who will fight for a decent world for their kids, grandkids and the kids of others? Where are the “lovers” who will stand against the “haters?”

Let no post go unanswered. Let no protest go unchallenged. Let no elected official go unchecked. As “Star Trek” Capt. Jean-Luc Picard always said – “Engage.”


Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also an elected member of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.


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  1. ladykrystyna says:

    Mr. Messina, well said. Glad to know you are on the Hart School Board.

    First they came for the Christians . . .

  2. You see when your “disagreement” infringes on people’s civil liberties it is oppressive and the opposite of freedom. If you aren’t smart enough to understand that your religion is an opinion you have and not the law of the land to everyone else, the people should probably have someone elected in your place.

  3. This isn’t “the letter” right?

  4. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Disagreement is not hate. But that works both ways. I learned the phrase “Haters gonna hate” from a conservative friend of mine, in reference to liberals.

    • That’s hate speech…..

    • Technically it’s “disagreement” speech
      So uhh …………………./´¯/)
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…………. _.·´

  5. Scott Ervin Scott Ervin says:

    I almost shook my head right off my shoulders.

  6. Dorene Tapp Dorene Tapp says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything you have to say but I do agree with your views on a lot of topics. I have opposing views from family and friends on some issues. I have a right to my opinions and others have a right to theirs. I don’t force my opinions on anyone and I don’t want others to try to force theirs on me. There should be no hate involved in a difference of opinion. As far as people saying you should not be on the board because you have an opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs makes me wonder if they really understand the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. Personally, I prefer living in a democracy.

  7. Our country was created by our founding fathers very deliberately to prevent the establishment of a national religion from our governance. The Church – Catholic or Anglican – was central to almost every other country in the world historically, especially England from which our founding fathers separated. It was critical to our founding fathers that one central religion NOT be declared and NOT be incorporated into our Constitution or governance. They understood that an establishment of a national religion would ultimately abridge the very rights they believed were fundamental and were meant to be recognized and protected by the Bill of Rights and ultimately the Constitution.

    Religion-based loss of basic rights had been their experience in England and they wanted to prevent that here.

    The fact is that this decision was a LEGAL decision about the scope of our Constitutional rights as humans and US citizens. It was not about religion, religious beliefs or religious freedom. It is about equal rights, just as the decision in this country to give women the vote and the decision to abolish slavery were about equal rights. Any decision regarding the scope of a constitutional right (whether passed by Congress or interpreted by the SCOTUS) is a legal decision, not one based in religion or morality.

    Rights are not and should not be up for a popular vote or up to the states to determine. Rights are absolute and cannot be dependent upon anything other than the fact that the person is a human being and is a citizen of the US. If those two conditions are met, YOUR belief system about what is MORALLY or spiritually right or wrong does not matter and should not. You should be glad that is the case, because it would be just as easy for another religion to take over and curtail your rights as a Christian (something that has happened throughout history).

    In fact, one religious party believing they know the truth for all humans is how terrible oppression starts – that is how Naziism started, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, the Klu Klux Klan, Al-Qaeda and now ISIS – the most destructive, hateful, murderous periods of human history have arisen directly out of one religious group (ironically, most of these examples were lead by Christians) believing their religion and religious beliefs were THE truth, and therefore they had the right to take away the rights (and lives) of those who lived or believed differently than them.

    Our founding fathers wanted to prevent that outcome. So does our current Supreme Court. THAT is the law of the land and I could not be more grateful to be an American than when human rights are protected. I don’t have to agree with you to believe with all my heart and soul that YOUR rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be protected against oppression or prejudice. LGBT US citizens deserve exactly the same treatment. God Bless America.

    p.s. Those railing against the decision of marriage equality as a basic constitutional right are confusing the idea of constitutional (i.e human) rights with certain types of behavior (the stuff they call “sin”). But human rights are inherent in all human beings and US citizens – not doled out based on who is behaving “well” and who isn’t. All US citizens should have the equal right to pursue life, liberty and happiness, regardless of the “sins” they commit. The only behavior that should curtail your constitutional rights is if you commit a crime (a felony) and are convicted. But even then, criminals can still marry, have kids, own property, work and live in our communities. The only things they can’t do is vote and carry firearms. If committing a sin was a barrier to receiving basic constitutional rights in this country, we would all be in big trouble, not just the LGBT community.

    • I love all of this. Well said.

    • I love it also. I would support you being on the school board. It would be nice to have someone that actually knows how the legal system works and not some insult spewing child.

    • Let’s be honest tho, this whole issue isn’t really about marriage but the benefits that gay and lesbian people want from the government,and business. Like,health ins.,soc.sec. Inheritance,etc. So let’s stop waving colorful flags and talk truths.

    • They deserve the same benefits as anyone. Why would you think they wouldn’t? That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.

    • Tony Snow Tony Snow says:

      Daniel, while your comment is well stated, let me clear up a few things. The constitution came first then the bill of rights or the first ten amendments to the constitution. The equal protection clause was the 14th amendment and thus not part of the original constitution or bill of rights. The separation of church and state was never written into the original documents and doesn’t appear anywhere in them except for the first amendment which allows people to pursue their own religious beliefs (free of government mandate).

      Second, of the examples you gave, the crusades were a response to Muslim extremism. There is only one religion as a whole that doesn’t want gay people to exist, that is radical Islam

      The point of the article is that people can disagree without being haters. We have that right. I am conservative but ambivalent on the gay marriage issue. I believe gays and lesbians should have the same rights as others but people who don’t agree shouldn’t be labeled as haters. Some do and for them, the label is fine. Lumping everyone in the same boat is as oppressive and discriminatory as those that seek equal rights. It’s ironic really that in the pursuit of equal rights, people are just as biased as those they deplore when they paint everyone with a a broad brush and label them as h8ters.

    • Yes, Shirley, that is exactly what they want. That’s the entire point. To be treated equally. Sorry if that offends you somehow.

    • Tony. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” – See more at: http://constitution.findlaw.com/amendment1.html#sthash.BqGZIdBb.dpuf

    • Tony Snow Tony Snow says:

      Daniel, “OR prohibiting the free exercise there of…” You are reading it wrong. The gay marriage decision was based on the 14th equal protection, not the first amendment. The first is what allows people to disagree based on religious beliefs as well as prohibits the government from establishing a religion.

    • You are correct, it is based on the 14th equal protection. The 1st amendment created the foundation that protects all religions as well as the people from a government national religion being created. There for eliminating any religious influence in the court of law. Which is the underlying topic. Religion vs Law

    • Tony Snow Tony Snow says:

      This was never a first amendment issue. Some of the arguments against gay marriage happened to so based on religious freedom but there was never any governmental influence. The argument in this context is misguided. You are simply making a statement that religion had no place in the decisions king of this case. It never did so the point is moot.

    • Why wasn’t LGBT marriage legal before then?

    • Tony Snow Tony Snow says:

      Prior to this decision it was considered a states right issue and was litigated regionally until DOMA passed the legislature in 1996 which made it nationwide. Part of that law was ruled unconstitutional and it was returned to the states. The SCOTUS decision made it applicable to all states. It remained a 14th amendment argument throughout. The argument against gay marriage is a 1st amendment argument.

  8. Amy says:

    Bravo Justin Peoples! Why is it when someone disagrees with this guy they are haters, but this ridiculous rant is not? This article is actually no way for a school board official to behave. Call people names because they dont agree with you, who’s the hater? Why is it when someone receives opposition the only come back they have is why you hatin’? Calling people names is not an example of of education or a quality argument.


  9. “THE LETTER” will explain and excuse everything.

  10. Mary Caldas Mary Caldas says:

    The difference is Joe Messina is paid for his opinion. Others just go on and on with their opinion and bore everyone to death. Love Joe or not, he makes you think. Very painful for some of you apparently.

  11. Joe is right. Christian history isn’t filled with violence. At all. Nope.

  12. Brace yourselves, the I hate Joe comments are coming. Because, you know, lovewins.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Diana, there is a huge difference between hating a person and hating their message. I don’t hate Joe-I don’t know him personally. But I do believe his message is a destructive one and does not represent the best interest of the people at large. The fact that he sits in any position of authority over our youth is frightening to me, and I would like to see that changed ASAP.
      So ultimately yes, love wins if Joe’s hateful drivel is seen for exactly what it is.

    • While his style if writing makes me wince at times (it’s too flamboyant for me), he has the traditional values that many agree with. Obviously, not everyone holds the same values, which is why he is vilified by the “lovewins” crowd with their hateful remarks. Ironic.

  13. Scvtv… Why do you continue to share the commentary of an idiot? It just makes you look bad… And we turn to you for real news.. And updates on events, and situations happening in our community.. He can share his close minded, personal opinions on his own, private Facebook account.

  14. Once again, for those that dont have time to read the article.

    “If you call me a bigot you are a idiot and a bully. I love women and gays and black people! I just dont want them having the same equal rights as me.” -Joe

  15. Ironically, Daniel just crucified Joe with that response. Bravo!

  16. Collin Tiegs says:

    I want you removed from the school board for your woefully inellequent argument style.

  17. People with low IQ……excuse me. You’re wrong for saying that. You should hook up with Trump.

  18. Catherine webb says:

    Well said Joe! I’m not here to judge anyone, everyone has the right to love and be loved. But what I cannot stand is when people go out and try to ruin a man’s reputation and tarnish his credibility for having his own opinion. Good for you for standing up for yourself to the SCV Bullies . I felt like we were back in Salem and it was a witch hunt. For them to say ” the kids are in danger” was ridiculous . They are bored and they were looking for their next target, and unfortunately they chose you as their next victim .I guess if you do not believe in their opinions and you go against them I guess that makes you a bad person . So I say stay strong and maybe the SCV Haters will see that not everyone will have the same beliefs and opinions , and they might except it.

  19. The very opening of your statement is a direct contradiction of your message. Well played.

  20. Mary Caldas Mary Caldas says:

    Why do you read his articles if you think he is an idiot?

  21. Kory Abel Kory Abel says:

    Omg you got a dictionary! Wow

  22. Tyger White Tyger White says:

    OOOOHHHH, NOW I finally get why people in this town don’t really like Joe……….

  23. What an over privileged, decadent, pompous, pretentious, pampered, obese talking head.

  24. Mike Devlin Mike Devlin says:

    Here’s what Joe posted

    • Comparing slavery and genocide to gay and abortion rights?

    • Mike Devlin Mike Devlin says:

      Yep. Because…I don’t even know.

    • Closet gay dude. Nothing wrong with being gay but hes def curious

    • Sean Hill Sean Hill says:

      Ya lol I stopped reading because this guy compared the ruling of blacks aren’t citizens to homosexuals being granted the right to marry. This guy just isn’t real journalism his whole first segment saying for those of you who have low IQ’s lol separating what he said from hate, yet if this guy knew anything he would know “hating” in today’s vocabulary doesn’t mean actual hate lol it means you’re just peanut butter and jealous and are making yourself feel better by “hating on” someone. It’s basically another word for aggressively disagreeing. Which is what that guy was doing.

    • Sean Hill Sean Hill says:

      Ya lol I stopped reading because this guy compared the ruling of blacks aren’t citizens to homosexuals being granted the right to marry. This guy just isn’t real journalism his whole first segment saying for those of you who have low IQ’s lol separating what he said from hate, yet if this guy knew anything he would know “hating” in today’s vocabulary doesn’t mean actual hate lol it means you’re just peanut butter and jealous and are making yourself feel better by “hating on” someone. It’s basically another word for aggressively disagreeing. Which is what that guy was doing.

  25. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    I just realized something tonight. While I do believe Joe Messina’s hateful views, and subsequent denials and downplaying of those views, are most certainly an issue-they may not be his biggest issue. I just read a section of his latest(generously described)article, where he compares himself article his rants to quotes from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
    Hating is one thing. I’m pretty sure Mr. Messina is bordering on delusional. Proof that mental health is not a prerequisite for being in office, at least not in this valley.

  26. Dean Smith Dean Smith says:

    Joe wants his religious views to be law, just like ISIS does.

  27. The “hating” excuse is just ignorant people who lack reasoning ability. I’m sick of hearing that lame excuse. My opinion changes no ones lives. Grow up!

  28. You tell them Joe Messina. I’m behind you 100%.

  29. Why do we give him this platform?

  30. ISIS has a little “disagreement” with the west.

  31. This guy (Messina) just keeps digging himself a deeper hole. And takes way too long and uses far too much space to reinforce the fact that he’s prejudiced and small-minded. I never heard of him before seeing these dreadful posts, and perplexed he has a sliver of the airwaves to espouse his views. We are not “hatin'” on you Joe. Just calling it like we see it.

  32. This guy (Messina) just keeps digging himself a deeper hole. And takes way too long and uses far too much space to reinforce the fact that he’s prejudiced and small-minded. I never heard of him before seeing these dreadful posts, and perplexed he has a sliver of the airwaves to espouse his views. We are not “hatin'” on you Joe. Just calling it like we see it.

  33. Rick says:

    Hate in the name of Jesus is still hate. And now that’s all you’re known for.

  34. I feel bad for anyone that is so narrow minded, your existence must be boring.

  35. Joseph Schwartz says:

    OK Joe, now you went too far, you decided at the end to go for the kill and quoted from STAR TREK??? I don’t agree with much of what you write in general and feel it fair to point out that Star Trek’s Capt. Picard presided over a micro-society that preached tolerance and a live and let live philosophy that isn’t generally reflected in your columns. You would’ve been better off quoting from Captain Kirk who was more apt to say, “Fire the photon torpedoes, Mr. Sulu!” and ask questions later.

  36. Your first words are insulting. As an adult, I learned that if I want people to listen, insults are not a great way to start. I am very happy you wrote this because, I am going to do everything thing I can to make sure you are not on the school board again. Heaven is going to be filled with a bunch of self righteous judgemental people. Hell is going to be fill with people who supported people’s right to love one another.

    • I feel his frustration showing in this piece, and perhaps he swerved into “venting” a bit harshly. But he’s not wrong on one thing… He’s entitled to his opinion. Actively attempting to remove him from a school board for his opinions is not what our country is about. Everyone has their own opinion on a myriad of topics, the trick is to be respectful of THEIRS, and for them to be respectful of OURS. Tolerance is a two way street.

    • Hell is the absence of love (for God is love) and is eternal torment. It is not a country club fir sinners! I certainly do not want to spend eternity there. And I don’t want anyone to end up there either.

    • I completely agree that he has a right to voice his opinion. Almost everything I have read from him is inflamatory and insulting. Jeannine You have always been respectful in your disagreements and I would much rather read something that you wrote then this guy. America is about my right as a citizen to vote for people who will uphold the laws of this country.

    • Diana hell is going to be “fabulous!”.


      an atheist for gay rights.

    • Camie, this whole gay controversy is really about money, aka,benefits that marriage provides to traditional married couples. Social sec.healthcare,Inheritances,and more. Watch benefits change in the work place. You being an atheist is not just for gays, anyone can be that stupid. For that I pray for your soul.

    • Jesus would be so proud of you for calling me stupid. Way to represent Christians.

    • Half of the country is in shock with the Supreme Court ruling, the other half is celebrating. I think it’s easy to understand that the fears of a changing country, churches may be in peril, and personal morals are being attacked… This half of the country needs time to absorb the new ruling and move into acceptance. It will be up to the “winning side” to not torment them and instead show the world that life is still good, the new ruling will not mean an end of friendships and common courtesy. This ruling has the potential of tearing apart our country. Please everyone, don’t let it. Be kind of others’ beliefs, don’t ridicule their opinions and be TOLERANT of all views, and not just those YOU believe. We are all someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, friend, co worker and neighbor. Here is another suggestion (because I am so very helpful today!)… If someone is struggling with the decision and spouting anger and fear over the court’s ruling… Don’t be mad and angry back, try to understand where they are coming from. It’s not helping them assimilate any quicker when we fight like this on social media… Everyone goes home angry. I think now would be the time for everyone to chill out and take the high road. And Camie… Thank you for your kind words.

  37. Why do people who get so upset by Joe’s articles even READ them?? Just scroll by….

    • I think it’s important to know what an elected official entrusted with the education of my children is selling.

    • I think it’s important to know what an elected official entrusted with the education of my children is selling.

    • Others agree, that’s why so many are homeschooling now. They don’t want many of the public school “progressive” ideas to be taught to their children without alternate views sincerely addressed. This is too bad, because we need all points of view in a pluralistic society.

    • Others agree, that’s why so many are homeschooling now. They don’t want many of the public school “progressive” ideas to be taught to their children without alternate views sincerely addressed. This is too bad, because we need all points of view in a pluralistic society.

  38. Shane Rosas Shane Rosas says:

    Daniel’s comment pretty much just crushed it.

  39. I really hope that any SCV kids (LGBT or not) who come across this page know that this is not the way of thinking of everyone in this town. It makes me sad to see such a hateful man given a large platform so often. The Santa Clarita I know is not the one that Joe Messina seems so happy to portray. I also rarely see commentary from both sides of the political spectrum from SCVTV. I’m fine with news having an opinion column, as long as more than one viewpoint is represented.

  40. IRene Betsch IRene Betsch says:

    Funny how those who view themselves as the most tolerant & intelligent people on Earth cannot tolerate any point of view other than their own. They are the true haters. Seems like they hate free speech more than anything.

  41. Mike Devlin Mike Devlin says:

    I hereby challenge Joe Messina to an IQ test. We can sell tickets, for charity.

  42. There are some bizarre comments in this thread, so we’ll address a few of them. (1) Just like newspapers, news websites have opinion sections. Commentaries submitted from members of the public (including Joe Messina) appear in our opinion section. (2) It’s not our job to care what any writer’s opinion is. It’s our job to run every opinion column/commentary submitted to us for publication by any SCV resident. And we do. (As long as they don’t contain any of George Carlin’s 7 dirty words and that sort of thing.) (3) We don’t pay anyone for his or her opinion. (4) We’ll have to remember to cut and paste this message for the next time Joe Messina chooses to send us a commentary for publication.

    • You should have some less conservative view points shown on here once in awhile

    • Agreed. Thanks for letting voice my opposition.

    • We need more stand up people like Joe Messina. He caters to God not social pressure!

    • Justin Peoples – perhaps someone should write one & submit it for publication.

    • Obviously if you continue to publish commentary by such narrow minded uneducated radical individuals, whose opening statement is intended to insult the general readers that subscribe to your “news” Facebook page, you will have an up roar. You are publishing hate mongering, but saying it is not your responsibility to read everything that is published under your name. Maybe you should have a separate page that people who want to read the shameless commentary of Mr. Messina can do so. That way people who just want to get the news of their local valley can actually enjoy the service you are providing. I also follow the LA Times, the New York Times, the Huffington Post and a lot of other news sources, but none of them post such opinionated propaganda. If they do, it is printed in the actual paper, not posted on their Facebook page. Shame on you SCVTV Santa Clarita, for not taking responsibility for articles written with your name attached. Not only is this article garbage, but now this comment coming from the publisher. Disgusting.

    • Kory Abel Kory Abel says:

      SCVTV Santa Clarita no reply to that can you

    • Mike Devlin Mike Devlin says:

      I can attest that SCVTV welcomes writing from different viewpoints. If there’s a bias in one direction, it’s just because more people of one side submitted pieces.

      I’m a little puzzled why they run so many national issues columns, but that’s their call. Joe gets ink because he (or someone he knows, lol) is willing to type. If you want to counteract, write your own thing. They’ll have you.


    • Very well said Daniel. Thank you for saving my time and my fingers.

    • SCVTV Santa Clarita Don’t publish commentary to Facebook posts, problem solved. If people want to enjoy the ramblings of a madman, they can go to your commentary page and read all they want. If you are going to post opinions to your Facebook status, then post all of them, don’t pick and choose.

    • Mary Caldas Mary Caldas says:

      You have a choice to read his articles or not. No one is making you read them. I personally like them so why would I have to do without them because you don’t like them. Quit getting your panties in a bunch and DON’T READ THEM! So simple! I’m surprised that someone as smart as you didn’t realize you have a choice.

    • The commentaries show up on my news feed because scvtv posts them to facebook. I don’t go to their website to read the commentary section. I follow scvtv for the news of our local valley.

  43. Suzi S Smith Suzi S Smith says:

    Reading Joe and Betty just keeps me reminded that the beautiful SCV is filled with narrow-minded and mean-spirited people.

  44. Kory Abel Kory Abel says:

    Won’t be long guys obesity causes heart, liver, colon problems hell die off soon enough hopefully

  45. mboron says:

    An adverse opinion does not imply HATE! But in your face antagonism does. If you do that, you get a reputation for being hateful and the LGBT did that for a very long public time. I do agree that they should long ago have been given legal rights of visitation with cohabitation, taxes, as any married couple receives. However, in spite of the “Supreme” Court it is not a marriage in any era of time. Why isn’t a Civil Union enough? IN YOUR FACE again.

  46. Rick says:

    Joe, if anybody ever accused you of being a Christian, there’d never be enough evidence for a conviction.

  47. Dave Warburton says:

    The real question is if or how Joe’s anti-gay views affect his decision-making regarding matters pertaining to LGBT rights and protections at Hart schools.
    Joe is entitled to his views, of, course, but are those views harming our school children in some manner (such as protection from bullying). IOW is he voting on board issues to assure that LGBT students receive a safe and effective education and school experience. To me, that is the question, and Joe has not addressed it here, as best I can tell.

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Friday, Sep 14, 2018
Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage have different benefits and costs that you should consider based on your personal needs. Medicare open enrollment season runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, and it’s a good idea to know how the two types of Medicare work before you select one.
Wednesday, Sep 5, 2018
In his September column, Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin outlines the city's 'Heads up' safety campaign against distracted driving and walking.
Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018
Nestled between the sports fields and hiking trails at Central Park is a grove of tree stumps.
Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018
If we can secure U.S. Rep. Steve Knight’s leadership, we have the chance to improve recreational opportunities and protect open space in the mountains that flank and define the Santa Clarita Valley.
Thursday, Aug 2, 2018
City Manager Ken Striplin notes that a lot has changed in Santa Clarita since the 1970s, except the SCV Sheriff's Station, which opened 46 years ago and will finally be replaced by a brand-new 46,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, centrally located Sheriff’s Station on Golden Valley Road.
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018
​There are many things that make our City the unique and special place it is.

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Los Angeles County firefighters, along with Angeles National Forest Service, are battling the "Charlie Fire" in Castaic.
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The contemporary art journal X-TRA and the Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles will present "The Un-Private Collection Workshop: Edgar Arceneaux" by the CalArts grad on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Sept. 22: Edgar Arceneaux Holds Financial Workshop at The Broad
The Master's University men's basketball team, which finished 29-3 last season, has released its 2018-19 schedule.
TMU Men’s Basketball Team Releases 2018-19 Schedule
The Los Angeles County Fire Department has launched an updated "Ready! Set! Go!" program to assist residents living in wildfire-prone areas.
Get Your Personal Ready! Set! Go! Wildfire Action Plan
The William S. Hart Union School District Board of Governors will recognize the district's 2018-2019 Teachers of the Year at the board's next regular meeting Wednesday night, Sept. 26.
Sept. 26: Hart Board to Honor District Teachers of the Year
The next regular meeting of the Governing Board of the William S. Hart Union High School District is set for Wednesday, Sept. 26.
Sept. 26: Hart District Governing Board Regular Meeting
The intersection of Newhall Ranch Road and McBean Parkway will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., for the Federal Overlay Project being completed by the city of Santa Clarita to resurface the road.
Newhall Ranch Road, McBean Parkway Intersection to Close Tuesday Night
The California High-Speed Rail Authority has set an open house meeting in Agua Dulce on Saturday, Sept. 29 to gather public comment on the Palmdale to Burbank project section, which would closely follow Highway 14 through the Santa Clarita Valley.
Sept. 29: Open House on Proposed High-Speed Rail Route Thru SCV
Among the bills recently passed by California lawmakers and signed into law Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown was Assembly Bill 3212, designed to strengthen the state's consumer protections for service members and military families, including California National Guard soldiers and airmen.
Brown Signs Bill Boosting Consumer Protection for Service Members
TMU All-American senior Benji Tembo scored in overtime, handing The Master's a 3-2 victory over the visiting Flames on Reese Field on Thursday.
Tembo, Mangan Lead Mustangs to OT Victory
College of the Canyons has opened registration for a series of free, short-term career skills classes this fall in the afternoons, evenings and online.
COC Offers No-Cost Skills Classes Afternoons, Evenings, Online
A roundtable discussion about a proposed Los Angeles County fee-based business registration program is set for the Stevenson Ranch Library on Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Sept. 25: Roundtable on County’s Proposed Business Registration Fee
The next meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, Sept. 25, starting at 9:30 a.m.
Sept. 25: LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting
The city of Santa Clarita has received the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence by the Special District Leadership Foundation in recognition of its outstanding efforts to promote transparency and good governance.
City Awarded Transparency Certificate of Excellence
College of the Canyons was ranked among the top 50 best U.S. colleges for adult learners in Washington Monthly magazine’s ranking of “Best Two-Year Colleges for Adult Learners.”
COC is No. 1 U.S. College for Adult Learners in SoCal
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A teenage female driver escaped serious injury when her van tipped over onto its left side on Dorothy Street in Santa Clarita Friday morning, according to authorities.
Teen Driver Escapes Serious Injury in Solo Tip-Over Crash
1974 - COC's new Cougar Stadium opens for first game of football season; Harbor beats COC, 26-21 [story]
The Old Town Newhall Association’s Chalk Art Festival is coming this weekend with dozens of local artists and organizations ready to share their works with the Santa Clarita Valley community.
Organizations, Local Artists Taking Part in This Weekend’s Chalk Art Festival
County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) encourages all pet owners to be prepared before disaster strikes.
Animal Care & Control Encourages Pet Owners to Prepare for Disasters
The contemporary art journal X-TRA and the Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles present, "The Un-Private Collection Workshop: Edgar Arceneaux" on Saturday, Sept. 22.
Sept. 22: CalArts Alum Presents Financial Workshop at Broad Museum
NORTHRIDGE - Senior defender Lindsay Kutscher has been selected as one of 30 women's soccer candidates for the Senior CLASS award.
CSUN’s Lindsay Kutscher Candidate for Senior CLASS Award
The Center for Digital Government (CDG) has presented the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation with one of its Best of California Awards, which recognize state and local government organizations for innovative technology initiatives.
County Parks & Recreation Recognized with Best of California Award
The city of Santa Clarita and Caltrans engineers have partnered with Caltrans to provide traffic enhancements.
City Implements Traffic Improvements at Sierra Highway, Golden Valley Road
Continuing the momentum developed from such programs as iTEENS during the school year and the Teen Summit hosted earlier in 2018, the city of Santa Clarita will host a teen leadership development training on Wednesday, Sept. 26, from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., at the Newhall Community Center (22421 Market Street).
Sept. 26: ‘I Can Achieve Now!’ Teen Leadership Workshop
NORTHRIDGE - CSUN's Michael Merchan has been named Co-Big West Athlete of the Week for men's cross country. Merchan is the first Matador men's cross country student-athlete to earn the award since it was established in 2001. Merchan shares the honor with Nick Randazzo of UCSB.
CSUN’s Merchan Nabs Big West Co-Athlete of the Week
California Secretary of State Alex Padilla stopped by Golden Valley High School Wednesday morning to encourage students to register to vote.
CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla Encourages Local Students to Vote
SACRAMENTO — California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the California Air Resources Board, and New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas filed suit Tuesday against the Trump Administration for its unlawful attempt to dismantle critical environmental waste protections.
Becerra Sues Trump Admin for Unlawful Attempt to Dismantle Waste Protections
Kaiser Permanente will open all seasonal flu clinics throughout Southern California on Saturday, Sept. 22, and urges all members to get their no-cost vaccinations early.
Sept. 22: Kaiser Permanente Opens Seasonal Flu Clinics Throughout So Cal
On Tuesday, The Home Depot Foundation increased its financial support to $3 million for disaster relief efforts and communities impacted by recent disasters, including Hurricane Florence, Olivia, the California wildfires and flooding in the Midwest.
Home Depot Foundation Increases Financial Support for Disaster Relief Efforts
Los Angeles County took a major step towards fostering a vibrant business ecosystem to help the local bioscience industry reach its full potential as a job-creating economic engine that advances breakthroughs in global health.
County Committed to Becoming Bioscience Global Leader
SACRAMENTO – Every day, thousands of parents and caregivers in California travel with children in their vehicle.
Sept. 23-29: Child Passenger Safety Week
The 3rd annual Gran Fondo Santa Clarita will be held Saturday, Sept. 29, beginning at 8:00 a.m.
Sept. 29: Gran Fondo Santa Clarita