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August 17
1920 - Actress Maureen O'Hara born in Ireland; 1961 "Parent Trap" uses Disney Golden Oak Ranch [story]

Homeless Outreach Santa Clarita Valley-4

Officials post a notice to vacate during a homeless outreach visit.

Approximately 2,000 pounds of trash and debris have been removed from four homeless campsites around Santa Clarita early Monday morning.

“No sites were occupied,” said Daniel Rivas, a Community Preservation Administrator for the city of Santa Clarita. “One site was in Newhall, another in Canyon Country and two were in Saugus.”

Last Friday, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station teamed up with the city of Santa Clarita to reach out to inhabitants of the camps and provide options for outreach.

They were also given a notice to vacate the site stating “notice is hereby given that by 7/27/15 at 7 a.m., the area described above shall be vacated and any persons who remain camping at the above-location will be in violation of Santa Clarita Municipal Code Section 14.06.080 which does not allow camping in the area described above.”

The cleanups happen periodically throughout the year and the cleanup of 82 sites have already removed 78,550 pounds of trash within 4.07 square miles, according to a news release. The cost for the clean-up of all the sites to the city was $57,467 not counting the most recent cleanup.

“Throughout the month, we monitor areas city-wide to assess and track illegal encampments,” Rivas said in a previous story. “We target the areas with the most trash for clean up each month, rotating different areas of the city. To date, we’ve cleaned up 38 sites in Valencia, 22 sites in Canyon Country, 15 sites in Newhall and seven sites in Saugus.”

There a multiple local organizations which aim to help those who suffer from homelessness such as Bridge to Home, L.A. County Housing and Assistance League.

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  1. Dwayne Pine Dwayne Pine says:

    That’s funny a book titled “the book of inside information “

  2. It would be great to feel safe to go walk and hike the mountains. Find them a safe new place. We need more shelters for the homeless

  3. Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

    How so sad!!! Don’t be mean!! Put yourselves in their shoes!! Be the Miracle!!!

  4. Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

    Kathy I bet They would Love to feel safe!! You have a roof over your head what are You fearful of?? Wolves are in sheep skin!! Don’t judge the homeless as dangerous!!

    • Terie you no nothing about me or what I been trough. I am asking for more shelter so they can have a roof over there head. Your not worth my breathe. Let God be the judge. All I would like is for them to have a safe shelter!!!!

    • Do I have a roof over my head????

    • Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

      No back stepping girlfriend!!!

    • Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

      Your snob ass remark was…..It would be great to feel safe hiking the mountains etc

    • Oh jeeze. . watch out mum . . the snooty ones know it all.

    • Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

      Laura ……They are No Match to me!!! Hahahaaaa!!!! Love you!!!!

    • I would gladly have shelters available in our community rather than having people living on our streets. Even if resources were readily available, sadly not all would take advantage of the services. I’m sure those with drug addictions and/or mental illness may not have the capability of making the decision to look for help. But even if a portion of the homeless were able to benefit from readily available resources, it would be a blessing.

      • glady says:

        the worst part is that the city spent 58,000 for clean up, why not add more to it to help the really homeless…no one is saying not to help them but some are not good people meaning by the drugs they use…we can try and help them but more go back to using drugs than the small amount that stay clean…not fair to say the city doesn’t try , i wish all of us could go and see if we could have a solution instead of talking and talking and doing nothing …i bet if they asked people to help out with this many would help

    • Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

      Kelly your a sweetheart!!! What a great heart!! I use to live in the area but am in Oregon now and we have the same situation here.

    • Many homeless are dangerous due to mental illness and/or other illness & desperation/drugs. Very naive not to realize it. Give to the charites like the shelters is best instead of giving directly to the individuals.

  5. Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

    Ya Jesse book title starts with title….Sexual!! And??? What are you implying? Apparently YOU have a Dirty mind!! Maybe it’s a psychological book!! Never know…..maybe that homeless person is an advocate for the sexually abused!! Hurray for you to quickly judge. Just because a person is homless makes them No Less then YOU!!!!

  6. Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

    What a bucnh of Sobby Peeps!!!

  7. make them work lazy ass people …

  8. Terie Wright Terie Wright says:

    Good for YOU Chris!!!! And YOU are Perfect!!!

  9. People don’t choose to be homeless

  10. Mike Bagack Mike Bagack says:

    The book of information

  11. Shane Weeks Shane Weeks says:

    One man’s trash is another man’s valuables…

  12. Kim Roberts Kim Roberts says:

    The state of Utah has eradicated their homeless problem by actually giving them apartments and social services. Under the premise that the cost of paying their rent for a year is cheaper than prison cost for a year. It’s working :-)

  13. Lexy Gould Lexy Gould says:

    Why can’t they pick up after themselves like the rest of us

  14. Have them come back and clean it up.

  15. They need a place . Re open or re build a new shelter

  16. Hey what’s that book in the corner there???

  17. I was wondering why we saw a homeless guy sleeping on the bench in one of the trails in Valencia going towards the mall.

  18. Sadly, those who are bothered by the homeless are clearly heartless.

    • And also ppl say we need more shelters, but are they doing anything to help open them, clearly not.

    • glady says:

      of course im bothered by the homeless i hate seeing a person or animal with no home or food…but we don’t know if its a true homeless person …it could be any of us one day with this economy…not judging i have no clue what happened to them and some family has nothing to do with them cause of whatever reason…all of it has to be figured out and we dont’ know how many have tried to get help and what the situation is…most that are saying their lazy, they are druggies…thats who we are heartless over …we know some are down on their luck..

  19. Terie wright all your doing right now is judging everyone’s opinion. You are a hateful person

  20. Patt Kerr Patt Kerr says:

    Yes, the Shelter should be open year round and would if the City would approve.
    I work with the homeless thru my church and in conjunction with the Shelter.
    Don’t be so quick to judge. We have many Vets that are homeless. Think about that!
    I have never felt threatened by any of the homeless. They all are very appreciative for any help.
    Many of these people have mental illnesses. When I was growing up in Indiana, we had state hospitals for these people.
    Our government is not helping so it is up to all of us.
    Love thy neighbor…..

  21. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    At least they’re well read 8-)

  22. So what happen to the people living there? To much money spent to pay our no good politicians instead of what really matters and that’s our mental health issues. Need much needed funding for shelters and help for our American troops. This is what matters. Stop donating to these crooks that are running for office.

  23. Not all of the homeless choose to live in shelters. The Sheriff’s Dept hands out flyers that let the homeless know what services are available to them. They also are accompanied by representatives of the various community based groups who offer services to the homeless. There is also an element in our community that are drug users that live in these camps. When the camps are removed many reported stolen items are recovered from these areas. The river bed is littered with trash,human waste and hypodermic needles.

    • America needs to open up Government housing for addicts. One room with a sink, bathroom down the hall, “rig box” on the wall.
      Vancouver Canada has one at 52 Hastings street. It works, keep the streets clean and drug paraphernalia free. Plus family members can call and check up on their drug addicted family member. It’s humane.

    • Dave Keck Dave Keck says:

      The government needs to stay out of this and be abolished. People need to help people, period.

    • You guys play your violins for the homeless. The homeless that are not on drugs, can be placed in gov. Provided housing,be it motel rooms,apartments or shelters. So Dave, you need to open your home and take in a drug using homeless person.Better lock up your stuff.Maybe you can volunteer on your day off, assuming you have a job. Then take them to rehab and help them get clean. Then the city can put a roof over their head. Til then, they live in squalor of their own choosing and need to be moved out of here!

    • Ann, well said. It’s not hard to figure out. 😊

    • Rebecca, you are out of your mind. I saw the HBO documentary on the Canadian’s solution to government housing for drug addicts. The woman featured was a crack head that shot up crack, turned tricks in her government housing and called a government employee when she needed more drugs and a clean needle. It was insanity. You have a very open big heart and that should be commended but the example you sited is one that is easily manipulated.

    • Dave Keck Dave Keck says:

      Look everyone, it’s the most haggard and vile ugly old broad who’s evil knows no boundaries.

    • Dave Keck Dave Keck says:

      Notice the giant hydrocephalic head, the sagging flubber FAT neck and deformed ears. This thing hates because it has been kicked around by life.

    • Dave Keck Dave Keck says:

      It’s all wrinkled and it’s hair is falling out like an old mangy dog.

      • Bill says:

        For lack of intelligent argument, resort to juvenile name calling.

        You have just showed that you have no credibility, go back under neath your rock

    • Coming from the dude who won’t even post his own pic? This guy is insane. Get a life.

    • @ Laura Yeates Young please don’t speak from a tv show speak from experience. My 50 year old drug addicted sister lives in the “Sheldon Hotel ” on 52 E. Hastings. My teenage son visited her there earlier this month. The staff were nice, the place was clean, there was a large man keeping the place safe. There is a main number to contact staff members to ask how your “loved one” is doing? They are realistic that some people don’t want to get clean. That they should still be treated like humans. Yes methadone is dispensed by Doctors. No the staff do not allow prostitution to take part there. Yes they’re dispensing clean needles and asking that all rigs be placed in a rig box.

    • Who is that picture of?

    • Actually Dave, I’ve taken worse pictures, but this is pretty good for my age in life.😂😂😂😂

    • Actually Dave, I’ve taken worse pictures, but this is pretty good for my age in life.😂😂😂😂

  24. Crazy people don’t think rationally. Rational people don’t want to be homeless. Hard to put yourself in a crazy person’s shoes! Too foreign!

    • John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

      Alot of people are just one paycheck away from being homeless, and alot of people just can’t handle, or don’t want the responsibility to take care of themselves. And then, there are the people who are really nuts, and/or drug abusers. I’m still trying to figure which catagory I would fit in 8-)

  25. Our trash, their treasure.

  26. Silvie Faust Silvie Faust says:

    The shelter is closed during the summer.

    • Silvie thank you and I know which one ur referring to and that is the one I was at. It is open Dec 1-Mar 31 and that is it. I am so saddened by this whole subject I could cry. My husband of 32yrs dies and 4 months later I’m in a shelter, what is this country coming too. I’m not a drug addict and my husband and I worked most of our lives, and then I end up in a homeless shelter.

    • Silvie Faust Silvie Faust says:

      So sorry I think you should call bridge to home
      I would like to refer somewhere where its safe. Please pm message.

  27. Joseph Dee Joseph Dee says:

    In New York they called ’em bums.

  28. Patricia Bonier “The book of inside information” lol

  29. They don’t go the ones are young druggies the shelter tried to get them in they refused

  30. Where are the homeless now? If they can’t maintain a roof over their head how can they maintain waste management?

  31. how did that happen I thought there were no homeless people in Santa Clarita????? thats why they dont have a year round homeless shelter.,,,,, Right??????

  32. Sonya Rowin Sonya Rowin says:

    Must be why there was a homeless man at the exit for OfficeMax and one at the exit for Lowes, both with signs saying they’re homeless and needed money.

  33. Most of them are on drugs. Let’s not kid ourselves.

  34. Yes Ajila Thatgirl Harris, they do have a some, but very few. Santa Clarita and the AV are commuter towns so their are an increasing number of homeless up north, etc that wind up in SCV.

  35. Kurt Wilson Kurt Wilson says:

    How did it get to the point of 2000lbs of trash? Someone at the City is asleep at the wheel

  36. I deal with these type of people. 99 out of 100 are mentally ill and need treatment. They have responsibility problems. Hoarding problems and are thieves and pan handlers. They urinate and defecate in public areas. The need to be forcibly incarcerated for help to stop this trash pile problem.

  37. Wait, they’re homeless, how do they have 2,000 pounds of trash?!?!

  38. Kurt Koesler Kurt Koesler says:

    Felipe Fuentes ? Can we do this also in CD7 ? Please

  39. Where are these homeless people in SCV what location is this. So sad

  40. What happened to the people who were living there???

  41. Shirley Vercelli, they cant always be placed in government housing. There are many unique situations where one becomes homeless and generalizing and saying they are all addicts is an ignorant statement. Yes, there are those on drugs, homeless and living on the streets of scv but not all and unless u have data that backs up the reasons they are homeless, you have nothing but a guess/stereotype-assumtion/or generalization.

    • Dave Keck Dave Keck says:

      It is a complete waste of time and effort. It’s a haggard old beat down clown.

    • Most maybe not all living in the river beds are in need of drug rehab. They have other choices. They are offered options. Thanks Dave for noticing my picture. It has nothing to do with the homeless problem in our valley but I appreciate your opinion as I hope you respect mine. It’s the way to learn more about social problems. Take care.😊

    • Most maybe not all living in the river beds are in need of drug rehab. They have other choices. They are offered options. Thanks Dave for noticing my picture. It has nothing to do with the homeless problem in our valley but I appreciate your opinion as I hope you respect mine. It’s the way to learn more about social problems. Take care.😊

  42. I see them all the time hanging in the Pavillions/Hagans area near Home Goods in the wash next to that parking lot also on the bike trail under the bridges next to that lot on both sides of the wash.
    Mostly young white males but also several females, laying around panhandling, some have small bicycles.
    There are also many along in Canyon Country on the bike trail behind the liquor store just beyond Seirra Highway.
    They drink and smoke, smash bottles on the trail leave trash in the wash and the bushes.

  43. I was at a homeless shelter one time in my life and it was only open from Dec-March so what is with that? This whole issue saddens me. And I was homeless after becoming a widow, there is something wrong with this picture. Oh and btw this was in SCV.

  44. Don McIntire Don McIntire says:

    For sure but the ones who steel and drugs do…remember someone pays for all this..I feel for the ones that are truly homeless,those I will help because that’s my choice.my other choice is not to do drugs and steel..FYI There is several that make the wrong choice..Thank you to the sheriffs for keeping the scv a great place to live and for keeping family’s safe..keep up the good work.


  45. Mary Mucha Mary Mucha says:

    I don’t know anything about the panels except this. In LA there are big issues with solar when selling a house. Many people finance the panels so they have debt to the company. When selling the house buyers won’t buy unless the debt is paid. The sellers don’t want to pay. So it is something to think about.

  46. Ulisses Leon Ulisses Leon says:

    Where are all the homeless going FEMA camps there training with then…. proven fact people

  47. Sandy says:

    It makes me sad to see some of the heartless comments. You know who you are and I can only say I sincerely pray none of you will ever be face with homelessness and IF you do I pray people with be more kind to you than you have been.*one man’s trash is another’s treasure

  48. So you Tore down there Hubble , Then what did you do with the people that were living there? Did you find them a home? Did you feed them? Or did you incarcerate them For being unemployed homeless and forgotten . My president is over giving money away to other countries for scholarships and support feeding the homeless there and their country . But yet here we don’t even notice them. Nothing but a nuisance to us and Eyesore Most people walk by them . A few weeks ago I was jumped in a Carl’s Jr. by four bummed. The aftermath was That I too lost my humanity And I’ve always thought of myself as a good Christian. It took me some soul-searching And this week I found it again My humanity I Started buying meals for people again. I can’t afford to do much but I do not Judge them for their misfortune Think about it! Anyone of us is 90 days away from being homeless ! Do not judge of misfortunate Every single person here in America deserves at least one good meal a day.
    Every fast food restaurant out there as a meal deal For under five bucks Try buying a Homeless or misfortunate person a meal
    If it makes you feel bad talking to them don’t tell him just buy it walk out and give it to him and walk off After a A few times You will start to feel something. It is Humanity And an appreciation For what God has Graciously provided you !

  49. Cathy Cotton Cathy Cotton says:

    Yep. Used to take my walks by the wash up to Sand Cyn. I didn’t care for the drunk homeless harassing me. They would just stand in parking lots next to the trail with bottles of booze drinking in public!

  50. Cathy Cotton Cathy Cotton says:

    Oh I forgot too. They were syphoning gas out of my truck. I had to buy a locking gas cap.

  51. Jean Banks Jean Banks says:

    We really need to look at these situations and help our fellow Americans!! I have my own sad family story that I am not ready to share!! All I can say is let’s start helping our own instead of worrying about others outside our own country!!

  52. Jean Banks Jean Banks says:

    I sooooo agree with u Kathy Henderson

  53. James Farley says:

    I observed very early this morning on a walk before work that it appears a homeless camp was being set up along the paseo in Northbridge. These folks have been forced from the river bed but they have not gone away and will look to live in the suburban “open space” that is out there along the trails and Paseos. They will not go to shelters because that requires being drug and alcohol free. This is terribly sad. I feel bad for them but you have to understand their families were at wits end and cannot allow them at home any more. They have made a series of bad choices that have led them to their plight. They do not have the right to live in the bushes along the rivers and Paseos because of that.

  54. Some of you are thinking correctly and clearly. Some of you are so far out of touch with reality, that you don’t for a second think about what is actually to blame. And as much as i would love to share this verified factual evidence, i’m confident it would serve no purpose. Falling on closed minds, and such.

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