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The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015

joemessinamugLooking at how the left consistently calls out the right about how it hates blacks and women and the LGBTQ community and how unacceptable it is that a baker won’t bake a cake for a same-sex couple – how is it they never have a strong word about their own?

Take, for instance, something as heinous as Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. The left’s comments should at a minimum start with, “If that’s what is actually happening, it’s disgusting and someone should be punished for it.” No, what they say instead is something akin to, “I can’t believe an organization would trip the Planned Parenthood employee in to telling them what’s really happening,” or, “We didn’t technically do anything illegal.” Oh, where to begin?

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the “baby butcher” of Planned Parenthood – you know, the guy who “legally” kept baby parts in his office as “specimens,” life-sized trophies of the babies he killed – elicits no outrage from the Left. Mainstream media wouldn’t even cover it until it looked like he was going to be found guilty.

How about those undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees suggesting underage girls come in for abortions? They were brought in by their “pimp” and advised by Planned Parenthood how to answer the questions to avoid suspicion or investigation. Oh, but the videographer trapped them, right? Because the employee would never have said that to anyone else. Sure.

And now the most recent videos expose Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, even discussing how they try not to crush the head because baby brains bring big bucks on the research market. Wait, I lied. Planned Parenthood cleared things up this week, right? They don’t sell body parts. That’s illegal. They charge for delivery, shipping and handling. (This is where you get to puke.)

Even the far-left-protect-Dems-at-any-cost Kirsten Powers said this is wrong on so many levels. So there has been a couple, and I do mean just a couple, who preface every comment with, “If the video is not edited, then this looks bad.” No. This IS bad.

We have gone from providing abortions in a clean hospital environment for women whose lives might be in danger to allowing post-birth abortions because of hair color or sex of child. Yes, Gosnell killed those kids while they were out of the womb with the cord still attached because it was a botched abortion and he couldn’t let a little thing like “the baby survived” get in the way.

I’ll ask again: Where is the outrage from the left? I don’t want to believe they’re ignorant or ill-informed or simply don’t care.

Hillary finally spoke up this week and in an old, worn-out, well-rehearsed statement she said it was once again that right-wing machine looking to squelch the woman’s right to healthcare.

There isn’t enough booze in the world to have that make sense.

Just so we get this straight, anything the right questions is an attack on the left to take rights away from women, LGBTQ, African Americans, illegals (and anyone else I might have forgotten) to do whatever they want.

We can’t have a real conversation because when the right talks about an issue, even with facts, we are “white, privileged, homophobic, women’s rights oppressing, LGBTQ hating, creepy, God- and gun-loving idiots.”

Based on the latest outrage, one can only conclude that for the left, equality applies only to those who believe in everything they do, the way they do it, and with the fervor they do it with … or you’re wrong.

The left is always extremely quiet whenever there’s a legitimate problem with one of their own issues or people.

Benghazi: We now have proof the administration knew days ahead of time there would be trouble; they were asked for help, and they did nothing. And then afterward, they tried to cover up their major mess. Outrage on the left – zero.

IRS: We now have tonnage of testimony and newly found emails and memos that there were targeted investigations against conservative, tea party-type groups. The IRS director said even after all of the noise and news coverage, when they actually found the backups, they were intentionally erased, knowing full well what was on them. Outrage on the left – zero.

Hillary eMail scandal: I have 25 years in the technology business. Send me the server. Chances are better than good that I could have retrieved the info. The FBI, CIA and others weren’t given the go-ahead. Mrs. Clinton has changed her story more times than a hooker takes her clothes off on sailor homecoming week in San Diego. Polls show she is one of the most distrusted people in politics. Outrage on the left – zero.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The reality is, the left thinks the’re the only ones who have all the answers. No matter what disaster is in front of them, they continually overlook anything or anyone on their team for the betterment of their party, regardless of the impact to the country. What else will they overlook?

I can only conclude from the left’s silence on all these issues – Iran, Israel, selling baby parts, purposely erasing incriminating emails, lying about Benghazi, not revealing where contributions come from, taking contributions as Secretary of State – that the left is perfectly comfortable with, and even supportive of, this level of corruption.

Maybe we should just adopt the Mexican government model and get it over with.

If the best leader and candidate they have is a morally corrupt, lying cheater, what does that say for the rest of them? Where is the outrage?



Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also an elected member of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.


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  1. It’s a shame my daughter attends a school where you are on the board.

  2. Unkind and completely unnecessary commentary. Why do people try to quash opinions? If you disagree, scroll.

  3. Pretty sure the SCVTV Santa Clarita page admin is Joe Messina. Who the hell else would promote this guy’s out of touch opinions but himself?

  4. If you are going to write garbage, expect people to throw up all over it.

  5. David Devlin David Devlin says:

    Ok here is an opinion. ..abortion is murder

  6. Steve Salotto says:

    It blows me away that a moronic bigot of your magnitude is even walking around, much less serving on a school board.

  7. Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

    It’s funny how the people insulting him are a complete representation of what he’s talking about. Hey, let’s call names instead of making a valid, educated, and well researched rebuttal.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Joey, the rebuttal doesn’t matter. This man’s goal is not to stir intelligent debate, or even provide information in a meaningful way. Rather it is solely about clicks and getting attention for himself. I hope this particular flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      How does it not reflect what is happening in society today? The left attacks those who do not accept their “Kool Aid” and covers their own faults with personal attacks and ignorance… such as your comment

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      You projected all over my post. I never said anything about “left vs. right”. This issue dies not have to be about left/right, and yet true to form Messina chooses to try and divide and conquer instead of inform. His writing comes across solely as a man looking for attention, not man truly invested in what he’s writing about. This is his pattern.
      And again, the fact that you believe this is about left vs. right means you drank every last drop of Messina’s blend.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      Wether or not it is about “Right vs. Left” they are points that need to be spoken about. Also while his points are very right winged, it does not make them wrong. Why shouldn’t a 1/3 government funded program be held accountable?

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      Another form of leftist hipocracy: Why does the Duggar family lose their show because of something that happened 14 years ago, but nothing happens to Lena Dunham(in fact she is praised) when she writes a book and talks about molesting and stalking her sister like a predator?

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      So your version of leftist hypocrisy is to point out one crappy TV show got cancelled and another one didn’t? Oh, and I thought your last comment was about points needing to be made, REGARDLESS of left vs. right? And yet, every point you make includes divisive rhetoric about that very thing. That seems to be your ONLY argument, left vs. right.
      Thanks for illustrating my point. Goodnight.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      I said wether or not… I didn’t say it wasn’t. I could point out tons of hipocracies… not just one crappy show. Both of us(Joe and I) are simply pointing out some of many hipocracies in media and politics that continue to only attack only the people they feel they should. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand and scream it’s not about sides. And the fact is you still have no point. Your only argument is “la la la, I’m not listening, Kool aid, Joe spews non sense, not about sides, he’s only looking for attention”. If you don’t feel there is a huge bias in media, then your head is deeply under the sand.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      I said wether or not… I didn’t say it wasn’t. I could point out tons of hipocracies… not just one crappy show. Both of us(Joe and I) are simply pointing out some of many hipocracies in media and politics that continue to only attack only the people they feel they should. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand and scream it’s not about sides. And the fact is you still have no point. Your only argument is “la la la, I’m not listening, Kool aid, Joe spews non sense, not about sides, he’s only looking for attention”. If you don’t feel there is a huge bias in media, then your head is deeply under the sand.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      And you probably knew before you read the comentary that it was going to be something you wouldn’t like. It’s a facebook posting! Much like everything else on your newsfeed, you could have chosen to scroll on. Instead you feel that people attacking others is good because? You can say “it’s all about division and hate” all you want, but I still haven’t heard your plan of action for joining the world together. Exactly like my original comment says, further proving my point.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      And you probably knew before you read the comentary that it was going to be something you wouldn’t like. It’s a facebook posting! Much like everything else on your newsfeed, you could have chosen to scroll on. Instead you feel that people attacking others is good because? You can say “it’s all about division and hate” all you want, but I still haven’t heard your plan of action for joining the world together. Exactly like my original comment says, further proving my point.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      I will agree with you that there shouldn’t be a division, but until everyone is held accountable EQUALLY, we will get nowhere as a society.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      I will agree with you that there shouldn’t be a division, but until everyone is held accountable EQUALLY, we will get nowhere as a society.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      You can’t have it both ways Joey. You can’t say “it’s just Facebook, scroll on if you don’t like it.” Followed immediately by “what’s your plan for joining the world together?”
      I did have a point – I guess you missed it. My point orginally was that Messina comes across like a second rate tabloid journalist – he appears to write for the express purpose of getting attention, not contributing positively to society, or even to the profession of journalism itself. His words divide and inspire hatred. I have yet to read anything he has written and feel anything but indifference toward Messina. And frankly, sometimes I think what he chooses subject matter that has a sense of urgency, but old Joe comes across as so self-absorbed that what he writes about doesn’t matter in the end.
      And unlike you, I don’t pre-judge. Messina has a reputation, but I still read and think maybe there is a chance he’ll redeem himself and change. I have been wrong every time, and I doubt I will try again. He is unworthy of my time. Let someone else fill the huge hole in his soul.
      Is that clear enough for you?

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      So your point is you dislike the man and anything he writes or says. Bravo! And you think the story came across poorly. Cool. Get passed all that, there is still a huge problem with biased media. Enough said.

  8. Mike War Mike War says:

    Have an agenda to push desperately there SCVTV? Geeeeez, it gets worse weekly! Find a new hobby Joe!

  9. Well, he is our President! Joe is just……I won’t go there!

  10. Do you have the numbers on how many people voted for him vs the voting population of Santa Clarita that can be coupled with your Facebook audience geographic demographic information? Maybe consider that for what you market on your page.

  11. That’s not really what I wrote/asked about, but ok. If that’s how you think that works, why bother with “So we figured you liked him.” and not just start out with “We push out what is sent to us” or just nothing at all?

    “We figured you liked him” does have implications of thought toward content for your audience over “what is just sent to us.”

  12. I thought this was a commentary SCVTV Santa Clarita? Why do you speak up when the audience has a reaction towards one opinion.This is becoming a routine thing with this site. You are creating a civil war between the people of this valley. Why doesn’t Joe speak for himself? The real question I have is why do you publish commentaries on your Facebook posts? It is one thing if Joe’s followers would like to read his joke of an article by going to your actual website to read it, but nope, you decide to create controversy by posting it over here. Shame on you SCVTV Santa Clarita.

  13. There is a reason you’re getting called white privileged,homophobic, women’s rights oppressing, etc..

  14. Is his picture always necessary? JS.

  15. “It’s only our job to publish everything anyone in the SCV sends to us (as long as there are no F-words and the like.).”

    So motivated to create commentary about either alien abductions, chemtrails or Joe Messina, hummmmm…….. If I wasn’t so busy not being outraged by the same things Joe’s outraged by, WHEN WILL I FIND THE TIME?!


  16. Yea, you’re still not getting it. Either you want to promote the guy for traffic (ya know, marketing) or you just put things out that are sent to you. Which is it? If it is for marketing, you have lost credibility from your second answer, and if it’s just to put out what is sent, then you lost credibility from your first answer.

    So if you want marketing, considering your demographic is a smart choice.

  17. John Steiner John Steiner says:

    Love it, nailed it.
    And exactly what Joey Olson said, they prove his point .

  18. Suzi S Smith Suzi S Smith says:

    Joe and Betty. A sad reminder of the mean-spirited and narrow-minded residents of SCV.

  19. Every group has its bad apples. The right side just has more and can’t hide their stupidity (bad apples ) as good as the left can. Both sides have its extremes. Aside from that.. this is trashy journalism. You suck at your job sir. I don’t care if youre left or right. Your opinions don’t matter concerning good journalism. Why are you dumb?

  20. Oh man, I just laugh when I see something written by this guy. What a joke. Typical hissy-fit right winged freak who gets pissed because no one is paying attention to his privileged a**.

  21. Wow…really pushed some buttons but I appreciate the point of view which is seldom heard.

  22. Sounds like a lot of liberals crying over being offended as usual. Then the liberal knee jerk reaction of name calling. Here are a few of my favorites, privledged, bigot, old fashion. All you liberals are such good tools/sheep for your agenda. You always cry your party line. Think for yourselves for once. Then again all of you seem to be fine with planned parenthood………

    • Crying about liberals crying…got irony?

    • Nope! Pointing out the obvious.

    • Of course we’re fine with Planned Parenthood. They provide prenatal care, cancer screenings, STI testing, HIV testing, and all kinds of reproductive health care services – all while people who don’t seem to care about women (especially women in lower income brackets) or whether they can access these services elsewhere try to shut these clinics down.

      I am not sure why they would do that. Obviously, the politicians who are trying to shut down Planned Parenthood aren’t “pro-life.” If they were, they would be fighting to make sure minimum wage is a living wage, fighting for single-payer healthcare to ensure that everyone can get medical care without worrying about cost, fighting for scientifically accurate sex education in schools so people (whether single or married) can learn how to avoid unwanted pregnancies, fighting for easily accessible contraceptives (same concept), fight3to make sure each of us has the right to know what’s in our food, would be fighting against fracking, etc… Instead, they simply seem to be pro-forced-childbirth.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      With Obama-care, why would anyone need planned parenthood?

    • Sounds to me you want the government to take care of everything! Typical cry racist, whining liberal who wants other peoples money (tax dollars) to pay for everything they consider free! Well guess what,everything you just stated, someone who wants to take responsibility for themselves and their kids can do all of that without government! Yeah like you can’t learn or achieve anything without the government there to give you free stuff and to tell you right from wrong….. right!

    • oh and by the way, why would politicians try to shut down Planned parent hood? Because they shouldn’t use tax payer money to fund it! It There are people like me who’s taxes pay for that chop shop! There voters don’t want to pay for that disgrace of a place! it could go private sector and stay open like a private business. then your beloved disgusting pph can stay open without this much ridicule!

    • Actually every one read it. That’s why they are upset. In fact they read all of his garbage.

    • Look I rarely agree with Joe, but the selling of aborted body parts is just sick. The silence from dems is deafening.

    • BTW Joe deserves some lashes for any support of the confederate flag.

      Seriously effff those guys.

    • I started to comment before I read the article, just to say that anyone who agrees with him is not well educated, blindly follow, and do not seem to have the ability form reasonable opinions considering both sides. Then I decided to read the article. Now I can say that the people who agree with him are not well educated, blindly follow and do not seem to have the ability to form reasonable opinions considering both sides.

      He is exactly what he accuses the left of being. He wants the left to acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s improprieties, but just wondering if I missed his article on how his fellow conservatives voiced outrage about two of their own who have killed a total of 11 people in the last month- not fetuses- adults with families, children, parents, friends, jobs, a life of their own. Where is the outrage there? Because last I checked, they were avoiding acknowledging the fact that those individuals has the same ideals as the Tea Party, ultra conservative movement. I am repeatedly disgusted by this man and his opinions, but I think he gets off on that as well. It’s a double edged sword. Like him- he wins. Dislike him- he wins. UG!

    • What does that even mean? What conservative serial killer is on the loose?

      This is totally what he is talking about. Ricki just be honest and say you are cool with aborted babies body parts being sold for cash. Just say, Yes baby parts for cash is a swell upstanding business.

    • Joey Olson Joey Olson says:

      Well, Ricki, the people who have murdered 11 people recently, may or may not have followed a right wing political party. However, they were not government funded like Planned Parenthood. In America 1.2-1.5 million “legal” abortions are performed every year. Yeah, that’s a lot of dead babies that could have been someone important. And to top it off their body parts are being used as trophies on doctors’ desks.

    • Poor lil’ Ricki unable to state a position has to change the subject to keep reality locked in the basement.

  23. The real problem is all people like Joe and far leftist aswell have chosen a team and blindly follow their parties ideals without much thought for how grey the world really is and issues are.

  24. Andrew Taban lol, thought this was interesting

  25. David Devlin David Devlin says:

    Keep up the good work Joe!!!

  26. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    The only thing worse than the thought that Messina believes the drivel he spews out is that he doesn’t believe it at all. He’s just a sad little attention whore who’s disengenuous, divisive musings are not about real issues, but rather a
    desperate man howling at the moon, hoping someone will give him the attention he obviously lacked as a child.

  27. Peter Bishop Peter Bishop says:

    Well said. The left are noisy and stupid. They are showing the world their true colors.

  28. Peter Bishop Peter Bishop says:

    What’s funny is people keep saying privileged and they don’t realize their own self entitlement.

  29. Peter Bishop Peter Bishop says:

    It’s high time we right wingers rise up and stand together. We need to stop being quiet and push back hard. We have more strength. Let’s show it

  30. If you are outraged at the killing of animals by legal hunters, but are okay with Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling their body parts, you might be a liberal.

  31. Heather Lombard says:

    Omfg. You go – Joe !!!!

  32. Lisa says:

    A,en, brother! Tell it! When he stupid left wing progressives all the sudden find themselves under communist regime, they’ll cry & ask why WE didn’t warn them. We have, and keep warning them. They will pay in the end.

  33. Dave Lee Dave Lee says:

    The typical answers from the left. Name calling, off topic political babble.
    No real rebuttal. Probably because there isn’t one to make.

  34. Cardon Ellis Cardon Ellis says:

    It’s strange. I see no comments from any of the haters or liberals here on the actual substance of the article. Read it before posting hateful things. Joe is conservative but brings up valid points. No other civilized society butchers like we do in our current abortion culture. Not Norway, not France, not Britain, not Canada. Most other countries disallow it after 12-18 weeks. Conservatives like Joe are not outdated or privileged for wanting to defend human life. Liberals, for all our preaching of tolerance and respect of the dignity of man have engaged in the most vile hypocrisy in this issue and facilitated widespread infanticide in the name of “choice.” Quit name-calling because you can’t rationally defend yourself or have no real defense of your position other than basic tribalism for the outdated position of your party.

  35. Dave Warburton says:

    It isn’t so much that this is a “conservative town,” since surveys show there is a strong liberal presence as well. It is, in fact, fairly evenly divided. The thing is that ALL the entrenched power here — media, government — is firmly right wing GOP because it still owns the microphone.

    If present trends continue, this lock on power will loosen one day and more liberal voices will be heard to help sway public opinion in a different direction. Until then, it is what it is. Just remember, however, that liberalism is well represented on the street if not in the corridors of power. Yet.

  36. awfully unprofessional responses from SCVTV. Is this page run by a teenager or by Joe Messina?

  37. Wait, no one ran against him? What qualifications does it take, because I think it would be funny to run as an 18 year old.

  38. Gotta agree with Joe on this!

  39. Susan Wachter you need to see this!

  40. Leon, you are really in the wrong business.

  41. The shared email and preceding comment is not the way an adult professional behaves in a public setting, especially when representing a business that is ostensibly journalistic in nature. Shameful and embarrassing.

  42. I agree. What bothers me most is he lied about the photo, and would not return my emails.. Then I saw his post where he said he doesn’t censor, and I lost it…

  43. I agree. What bothers me most is he lied about the photo, and would not return my emails.. Then I saw his post where he said he doesn’t censor, and I lost it…

  44. Hey! Did you hear the one about the President wanting to ban the Tea Party flag? Oh Joe you are so funny! xoxo

  45. Hey! Did you hear the one about the President wanting to ban the Tea Party flag? Oh Joe you are so funny! xoxo

  46. I thought this guy was running this fb page because his face is always in the posts.

  47. I just want to to know why he stopped writing about Benghazi? Have we moved on from that narrative?

  48. james gurdine says:

    Maybe you should try (or wait a bit) before opening your pie hole parroting right-wing ditto-head lies. http://www.occupydemocrats.com/gop-gov-pences-investigation-planned-parenthood-not-guilty-of-any-wrong/

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CalArtians Earn Juried Prizes at 2018 SXSW Film Festival
Santa Clarita Valley Boys & Girls Club "Youth of the Year" Lluvia Partida was among the young people vying for regional "Youth of the Year" honors at the annual County Alliance award ceremony Tuesday night.
County Boys and Girls Club Alliance Names 2 ‘Youth of the Year’ Honorees
Newhall School District administrators will host an information/enrollment meeting for families that may be affected by the possible closure of the Einstein Academy at Stevenson Ranch Elementary School on Wednesday, March 21, starting at 6:30 p.m.
March 21: Newhall School District Info Session for Einstein Families
The SCV Chamber of Commerce-sponsored NextSCV group for young business professionals ages 21-40 will tour Scorpion's new Valencia headquarters on Wednesday, March 28 starting at 5:30 p.m.
March 28: Young SCV Professionals to Tour Scorpion HQ
The Bureau of Land Management has made available for public review a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and draft Land Use Plan Amendment that aim to manage dispersed recreation visitation over an extensive area in the Mojave Desert.
BLM Issues EIR for Mohave Desert Use, Seeks Public Comment
The TMU Mustangs men's basketball team lost to Peru State College 106-104 in overtime at the NAIA Division 1 National Championship tournament opener in Kansas City Wednesday night.
TMU Men’s Hoops Team Upset by Peru State in First Round
The Master's University doubled up the University of Antelope Valley 8-4 on a cloudy and cold Wednesday afternoon in Placerita Canyon.
Mustangs Stop UAV Pioneers in Their Tracks 8-4
After standing toe-to-toe with the perennial powerhouse Freed Hardeman Lions, the Mustangs didn't have enough left in the fourth quarter and fell 71-51 in the NAIA Women's National Tournament Wednesday.
Mustangs Fall to Freed Hardeman at Nationals
College of the Canyons starter Joy Veloz struck out nine batters and the Cougars pounded out 10 hits to defeat conference rival Antelope Valley College 7-2 at Whitten Field on Thursday.
COC Softball Team Claims 7-2 Victory Over Antelope Valley
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has implemented a one-year pilot program to assist Metro-certified Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise firms secure sufficient bonding to work on Metro construction projects.
LA Metro Launches Program for Small, Disadvantaged, Veteran-Owned Firms
The Golden Oak Adult School will host its second annual Open House at the school on Tuesday, March 27 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
March 27: Golden Oak Adult School 2nd Annual Open House
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $2.7 million payment to the family of a man fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy in Santa Clarita on January 14, 2016.
Supes Settle Suit for Wrongful Death in Santa Clarita for $2.7 Million
The next meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, March 20, starting at 9:30 a.m.
March 20: LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Local developer Pardee Homes will host a grand opening paw-ty for the new Dogwood Park dog park in the Aliento neighborhood of Canyon Country on Saturday, March 17 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
March 17: Dogwood Park Grand Opening Paw-ty in Canyon Country