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May 27
1971 - Community preview night (pre-grand opening), Magic Mountain [story]

The City of Santa Clarita will host a symposium on “The Immature Teen Brain on Pot” on Wednesday, Aug. 26, at 6 p.m. at the Santa Clarita Activities Center, located at 20880 Centre Pointe Parkway. The City’s annual hard-hitting drug awareness event will include a panel of local experts and a resource fair for parents, teens and members of the community.

Simply because marijuana can be deemed ‘legal’ with a prescription, this does not make it safe or smart. This common misconception can lead to other drug experimentation and unsafe behaviors. It is not uncommon to see teens stop the maturing process when they start smoking marijuana. Many of the City’s community partners who work in the field of drug rehabilitation and counseling have expressed that it is not uncommon to have a client that began their drug use with marijuana.

“The City is committed to educating teens and parents of teens on the perils of drug use, including marijuana,” said Mayor Marsha McLean. “Through our various teen-focused programs, like the Heroin Kills series, we hope to bring more attention to the dangerous realities of drug use.”

pot2The symposium will cover valuable information to help parents protect and educate their children about the short term and long term mental and physical effects of smoking marijuana. The program’s panel of local experts at this year’s event will include a law enforcement representative from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department, a drug recovery expert from Action Family Counseling, a family support resource from A Light of Hope, a physician from Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and an education administrator from Hart School District. Mayor Marsha McLean and the City’s City Manager, Ken Striplin will also be in attendance.

Prior to the panel of speakers, attendees are invited to gather more information at the Resource Fair, including addiction and recovery experts. The Resource Fair will also include a thought-provoking art exhibit with pieces from local artists.

The Immature Teen Brain on Pot symposium is the fifth in the City’s Heroin Kills series and is free and open to the public. For more information on The Immature Teen Brain on Pot symposium or the entire Heroin Kills series, contact the City’s Community Services Office at (661) 250-3708. Additional information can be found by visiting heroinkills.org or the Heroin Kills Facebook page at fb.com/heroinkillsSCV.

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  1. How about we focus on the teenage brain on heroin or any of the other more dangerous drugs that kids are doing nowadays? Is it because pot is a gateway drug? Yeah… when I was younger it was a gateway… to the Cheetos aisle.

    • Kristina Joy Kristina Joy says:

      😂😂😂 spot on

    • Tim Bonino Tim Bonino says:

      Dead on brother!! Gate way drug my arse! It never caused me to do other drugs.

    • You on pot? You’re not making sense so I assume your on pot or uninformed. Pot is a drug. Drug users are addicts. Addicts get bored with pot and experiment with stronger substances. Pot is 10x stronger than when the hippies in the 70s were using. It’s a demotivating drug. There are more homeless on pot and unable to get off the street. The teenage brain is negatively affected by pot. Take a chance and go to the meeting and learn something you don’t already know! Risk it!

    • Actually, pot is a plant. The facts you are using to support your archaic and, quite frankly, uninformed viewpoint are nothing but mere talking points for the moral majority. Pot doesn’t demotivate people, laziness does. It is also not physically addictive, which substances like alcohol and nicotine are. Do you drink? If you do, you’re using a substance that has killed more people than pot ever has. So, before you go on a tirade about something you know absolutely jack nothing about, why don’t you do your research? And don’t tell me that you did because if you did, you wouldn’t be so adamantly off the mark. Get your brain out of… well, you know where… and see the truth.

    • Shirley Vercelli you should smoke a joint and learn something on your own for once. Marijuana is harmless.

    • Blake Frye Blake Frye says:

      Again, Shirley with her degree from mainstream-media university..

    • Not even. A lot of mainstream media supports legalization. She’s more of the Fox News, head-up-ass type…

    • Emily Curren Emily Curren says:

      Bahahahaha it’s a gate way to the fridge… It’s parents not doing their jobs properly that cause kids to want to experiment! I work with a good handful of teenagers, who smoke only pot. When I ask them if they want to try other stuff they say no… They like to just “chill and have a good time”

    • People who do heroin end up in coffins. People who smoke pot end up at Taco Bell supporting the local economy. Legalize it already!

    • Shirley Vercelli you must have been very sheltered. … and let me guess, you grew up in Valencia or Stevenson Ranch?

    • David Devlin David Devlin says:

      Ron C Ron C. Roques are you a doctor?

    • No. But there are many, many doctors that share the same viewpoint that I do…

    • DK Hartman DK Hartman says:

      That’s smart Ron. An entire generation of Taco Bell workers. That’s what we need. The Arguments of Pot smokers are laughable. It may not be physically addictive, but psychologically is a different story. It might help a very small fraction of its users with medical needs, but contributes to lung cancer to the majority. Think about it dude. Don’t be a weeder.

    • I blaze daily and I’m a year off from my college degree and I also work just short of full time lol but you know, you’re right. Weed totally makes you unmotivated.

    • Don’t be a sheep. You completely mistook the context and meaning of my post. Yet somehow I’m the foolish one? You know the number one cause of fast-food workers? Crappy education. Go back to the 1950’s… your paranoia does no good in the 2010’s. Or, in simpler terms you can understand better, shut your trap if you aren’t willing to pay attention to scientific fact.

    • Wrong on both! I’m from Indiana. And you all protest too much. Pot is a drug. Heroine comes from plants too. Tobacco is a plant. It’s addictive. I know, I quit in the 80s. I don’t have the addictive gene, so it was easier. I can enjoy one glass of wine. No addictive gene there either. Not obese, that’s another addiction to excessive eating. Gambling is another. Sorry if I offended you all. Truth hurts sometimes and you have a need to lash out. Take care.😊

    • Abraham Lincoln smoked pot. True story. So did most of your founding fathers. If you’re religious at all, they baptized the Jews with hemp oil. But somehow, it’s bad or something… yeah, no sense to that argument.

    • And they’re all dead too. Lol

    • First, learn to spell heroin. Second, don’t pretend like you’re all great and mighty; your ego lies. Third, the more dangerous thing in the country and world at large is ignorance, which you are the absolute definition of… hope you enjoy your delusion.

    • I mean considering how long ago they lived idk what else you expected by now, Shirley lol…

    • *face palm* You can’t teach intelligence, can you? Don’t they have special schools for these sorts of people?

    • Andy Ryan Andy Ryan says:

      Pot made me advance my career, motivate me to be creative and even more productive than I am sober.

    • You made me laugh so hard Ron😂 You speak the truth sir

  2. I agree pot doesn’t
    Cause suicide ! And I see a lot of crack heads and heroin junkies all I’ve Santa Clarita let’s focus on the drugs that actually hurt people and the community

  3. Ian Riner Ian Riner says:

    Let the dispensaries in and make your money already, then talk to kids about what will REALLY ruin their lives.

  4. Most of you that are so shocked are either naive or users and the truth is hard to hear. I notice your ages which is probably a sign of your denial.hummm.

    • Are you a troll or just stupid? Just wondering…

    • Emily Curren Emily Curren says:

      Wow talk about stereotyping the younger age groups. Um not a pot head here! Thanks though!

    • Happy to hear that Emily.

    • Ron, you protest like a pot user. Hummm, just guessing.

    • David Devlin David Devlin says:

      Ron…why the name calling…grow up!

    • I got to school full time and work just barely short of full time. I’m a year off from my college degree. I also smoke daily lol. Juuust saying

    • Congratulations! Imagine what you could do if you don’t get lung cancer. To say nothing of the money you’d save. Hope all goes well for you. At your age I was married had 3 kids. Different strokes for different folks. 5th anniv.happy too.

    • I mean I could always be doing meth like half the other people I went to high school with out here in SCV

    • I know just as many people over 40 as I do under, who both smoke pot. And they are all successful businessmen, so quit trying to blame the younger generation and blah blah blah because your points are invaild, and by the way pot does not cause lung cancer. Please please find me a non-biased medical research study that proves without a doubt, that pot causes cancer. I can send you at least ten that prove without a doubt that the CBD’S in pot cause cancerous tumors to shrink, relieve anxiety, help with sleep, help nuasea, the list goes on for awhile. I have personally helped 4 adults over 60 stop taking ADDICTIVE ambien that is prescribed by the doctor, and had them try pot edibles which is 10 times as safe and does the same thing. So again I say, stop shaming pot, if you don’t want your kids smoking it then raise them right and tell them its their decision once they turn 18! 😋💨

  5. Katie Fowler Katie Fowler says:

    I hear there’s a heroin problem – probably should address that first

    • Jason Moller Jason Moller says:

      Time to pass the time at a meeting and control and remembering are inherent skills in people. If something is against the law just show more caution or ditch the bag. Heron from knowing facts close to my life at certain times is don’t get addicted and be with others you know. Differently problem she has more than a real piont.

  6. You gonna be screening “Reefer Madness” there?

  7. Myk Halibut Myk Halibut says:

    What’s pot? I’m unfamiliar with your outdated slang terms.

  8. I think the city is doing a great thing here! If you don’t like it then don’t go!!!!!!

  9. Phil Bruno Phil Bruno says:

    Marijuana still leads them to heroin. Believe it. And marijuana is so much more potent then when I was a kid. Yes, people get hooked on it too.

    • Josh Powell Josh Powell says:

      So tell me, me and other people I know have been smoking weed for about 10 years, and I’ve never touched heroin. Now why is that? I thought it was a gateway? Or you just talking out of your ass?

  10. Anna Marie Anna Marie says:

    They need to not worry about pot .. Herion & meth are a severe problem in Santa Clarita …

  11. Yes pot leads to harder drugs at a slow pace.

  12. Gail Morgan Gail Morgan says:

    What we are saying here is that marijuana IS a gateway drug. This does NOT take away from heroin and meth; these are ALSO issues for our community. Come to the program and hear from the experts about what is happening right now in our community.

  13. Bored and neglected…..smh

  14. Marie Mance Marie Mance says:

    I’m not sure it leads to other drugs, but you tend to hang with a crowd that will expose you to other drugs. pot smoker only for 35 years, destroyed my lungs and un motivated me. Your hiding from something if your smoking Weed every day.. Wake up parents….

  15. Learn the truth? Who’s truth?

  16. Just sit in the parking lot of WALMART at like 9:30 or later in the evenings…..all the druggies / crackheads are in and out of there most of them with small children even babies. I have a family member who works nights there and the goings on she sees in the store are sooo outragious. There are sooo many druggies and loosers around lately.

  17. John Ellis John Ellis says:

    Great, so all the pill heads and booze hounds are going to be the pot calling the kettle black.

  18. yea santa clarita have more severe problem then a lil bit of weed

  19. yea santa clarita have more severe problem then a lil bit of weed

  20. This is literally one of the worst ways to educate people and prevent drug abuse. It’s the equivalent of abstinence-only education.

  21. This is literally one of the worst ways to educate people and prevent drug abuse. It’s the equivalent of abstinence-only education.

  22. For a “journalistic” website to title an article “Pot vs. the Teen Brain: Learn the Truth” is both shameful and misleading. SCVNews.com has an agenda and is pushing it against the findings of actual medical professionals and people with experience in this field.

  23. For a “journalistic” website to title an article “Pot vs. the Teen Brain: Learn the Truth” is both shameful and misleading. SCVNews.com has an agenda and is pushing it against the findings of actual medical professionals and people with experience in this field.

  24. What’s wrong with weed it helps people out when they have Cancers, Cedars, Diabetes, stressed and when people can’t eat right it help them and for pain too…. anything else’s Eva Arriaga

  25. Lord righteous remarks,some not based on fact.it’s legal on cal and education for teens start at home. There are people that have a 14yr.old teenagers brain and they never smoked pot.saying pot leads to heroin is stupid.that’s all folks.

  26. Bs pot IS NOT the gateway drug … ITS ALCOHOL that’s the gateway drug .. Why pot?? Seriously heroin is real popular with the kids these days how about that topic .. So potheads eat a lot big deal .. What happened to the kids using weed first?? Nope they go for heroin.. Pot doesn’t kill you either!!

  27. Bs pot IS NOT the gateway drug … ITS ALCOHOL that’s the gateway drug .. Why pot?? Seriously heroin is real popular with the kids these days how about that topic .. So potheads eat a lot big deal .. What happened to the kids using weed first?? Nope they go for heroin.. Pot doesn’t kill you either!!

  28. Sheila McGee Sheila McGee says:

    Instead of complaining about it do something about it. Learn how the community at large can come together and stop the problem. My adopted sister is homeless and addicted to drugs all because she started with pot. Not to mention she was born a heroin addict so she had the addictive gene. If she would have never started she would probably be ok now. She’s been living on the streets of Los Angeles for almost 20 years now. I think this program is geared for teaching the teenagers before they even start. The problem is they start even younger and younger now a days. My sister has been to rehab many time but her choice to continue to live that way. I raised her special needs son from the time he was 4 until he was 18. He’s 20 now. He’s a good responsible young man. Working and going to college. He still lives in Santa Clarita. I moved to Texas in a small town. Drugs are everywhere. Just need to teach the kids to not even try it.

  29. Saying that pot is a gateway drug to heroin is like saying sports illustrated swimsuit is a gateway to porn.

  30. Tim Bozarth Tim Bozarth says:

    its funny how no facts will be discussed at this event, only emotional ignorance. And it’s called Cannabis, not Pot. Maybe have doctors discuss the real effects carcinogens have on the body, but don’t just bring a bunch or religious idiots together to brainwash children. You people are sick, its a war on personal freedom, not a war on drugs. Please wake up america.

  31. Tim Bozarth Tim Bozarth says:

    its funny how no facts will be discussed at this event, only emotional ignorance. And it’s called Cannabis, not Pot. Maybe have doctors discuss the real effects carcinogens have on the body, but don’t just bring a bunch or religious idiots together to brainwash children. You people are sick, its a war on personal freedom, not a war on drugs. Please wake up america.

  32. Irun Tobe Irun Tobe says:

    Why aren’t teens in recovery speaking? No teen is going to listen to a bunch of adults no matter what degrees they have tell them not to do drugs.

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