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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
March 21
1837 - Ysabel Varela born in Placerville; became second wife (and widow) of SCV landowner Ygnacio del Valle. [story]

libraryPop-up libraries have been sprouting up all over the country including in Santa Clarita, but a local set of libraries installed by a Saugus High School student is set to be taken down.

Drake Hougo, 17, set up the libraries on public property without the necessary permits – prompting complaints from residents and a notification from the city to remove the structures by Friday.

“We love it and would love to encourage (the libraries), just not on the public right-of-way or public property without going through the process,” said city spokeswoman Gail Morgan.

Huogo met with city officials last week to discuss the four libraries in question and said he understands the city’s point of view.

“The problem comes in with public property. In order to have that, we have to go through a process,” said Morgan. “Is it ADA compliant? Who is going to clean it up? Who is accepting liability? There is a whole lot of safety, liability and ADA questions that planning (department) staff would go through.”

The first step in getting the pop-up libraries to be considered legal would be setting up a meeting with the city’s planning staff so they could assess where the libraries would be located and who would accept liability, Morgan said.

“This young man, who knows the process – because he worked with us on his Eagle (Scout) project at Central Park – has made a conscious choice to not go through the process with this project like he did with his Eagle project,” Morgan said.

Four years ago as an eighth grader, Huogo pitched the idea of a 12-piece “fitness zone” at Central Park. He secured the approval of the city’s Parks Department and raised funds to install it.

Morgan said Hougo met with city representatives last week and told them he wanted the libraries to sprout up “organically.” City officials encouraged him to  find businesses or private properties to house them.

“The city was very respectful and explained it all very well,” Hougo said, “but there was no dialogue about finding a better solution to make it work.”

“I am totally willing to go through the proper process and get permits,” he said. “If they want to do this, then I would love to do it and make it an official part of the city.”

The official Little Free Library organization cautions people to “have the appropriate permissions before installing your Library.”

It cites the example of a city in Kentucky that passed an ordinance to allow the libraries to be set up, with certain parameters. Among them, a library “shall not be located within or overhang the public street right-of-way or any public easement” and “shall not obstruct vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic … (or) aisles or paths utilized by persons in wheelchairs.” In sum, the libraries are intended for private property – with the owner’s permission, and following all local laws.

The Santa Clarita Rotary Club has offered to assist Huogo in finding new places for his libraries and hopes to put one of its own libraries close to one of Hougo’s locations.

“We are hoping to get together with him and some private homeowners who would be willing to house the libraries, if he is interested,” said Rotary Club official Matt Denny.

He said the club also hopes to place one at the bus terminal at Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway.

“You have to go through multiple jurisdictions of government to get the proper permissions and have a steady steward to take care of them,” Denny said. “I don’t think it’s insurmountable you have to just follow the rules.”

There are currently 10 official Little Free Libraries in Santa Clarita, with the Rotary Club slated to install two more over the next month.

“The city has made it very easy and gives approval to anyone who has a private-property library that isn’t on the city’s easement – usually three feet back from the sidewalk,” Denny said. “If you just put a library in the middle of public park, that’s hard for the city because they are responsible for anything that happens in that park.”


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  1. Ridiculous. The kid is trying to do something good and encourage reading. And now gets to deal with the city and some of the winners that live here!

  2. Don’t people have better things to complain about.

  3. No good deed goes unpunished……

  4. Ckay Walker Ckay Walker says:

    You have to have a permit.
    As nice of an idea as this is a permit is mandatory. Do you want just anyone putting any structure anywhere they want? Nope.

  5. What a shame. Instead of taking them down, help him obtain the permits. He’s too young to be jaded by bureaucracy.

  6. I bet this was an Eagle Scout project

  7. Jesse Zavala Jesse Zavala says:

    Monique Spainhower Lopez

  8. Gary Fas Gary Fas says:

    This is a great idea that has been around for years, but you can’t just go putting up structures all willy nilly on property without the permission of the property owner, and of course, the proper permits. To the folks that think the city is being so horrible, give this kid permission to put one of these book kiosks in your front yard.

    • He can put one in my front yard!

    • The problem is that front lawns are generally not close to public areas like bus stops, which is where he had some of them. They are not dangerous creations and not offensive. Has the city approached him to help resolve the issue and find ways to help him keep them there or have they just said “take ’em out!” This makes them available to homeless, the elderly, the disabled who generally are not able to or are discouraged from going into neighborhoods.

    • Cathy Trope Cathy Trope says:

      He’s welcome to my property too but I also am not near a bus stop.

    • Shay Stokes Shay Stokes says:

      I would more than gladly let him set one up in my yard.
      But I’m in the middle of neighborhood where it wouldn’t be easily accessible.

    • I’m sure the HOAs would love it! 😜

    • Gary Fas Gary Fas says:

      I understand that most front lawns are not generally close to public areas. One of the things Drake did wrong was put a structure on someone’s property (in this case, the city) without their permission. And hiis wooden structure is very well a dangerous creation. I can easily see a small child using it as a jungle gym and swinging off one end of it. My guess is it’s not properly secured in the ground and will come crashing down on some small child’s head, severely injuring or killing him/her. So while the idea of supplying books for the public to borrow/read/keep is an awesome thing, the structure Drake’s books are housed in is absolutely a huge liability, not to mention an encroachment on private property. Defend Drake’s vision, but don’t defend Drake placing illegal structures on properties without the owner’s permission.

    • Lisa Correa Lisa Correa says:

      Gary Fas, do you work for the city or you some type of bureaucrat?
      I’m quite sure some with carpentry skills or something can help make it sound, solid, and safe.

    • Angie Reyes Angie Reyes says:

      @gary if children are climbing this, the problem is lack of supervision.

    • Mark Rowe Mark Rowe says:

      @Angie, while true, remember in this lawsuit crazy society we live in, the parents, who should have been supervising the child will likely sue for damages and a big part of their case will be that the city was aware of an unpermitted and illegal structure on their property and allowed it to remain there.

      Scoff if you want, but this type of thing happens more often than you realize.

    • Amber Heiman Amber Heiman says:

      Also, the libraries aren’t on private property Gary. They’re on public property, which is the whole point

    • Gary Fas Gary Fas says:

      Yes, I know it’s on public property.

    • Gary Fas Gary Fas says:

      Lisa Correa – no, I don’t work for the city. I do work in real estate and my biggest issue is that this kid built a structure on property that is not his and he did not have permission to do so. That’s the point the majority of people are missing. The idea is a good one, but you can not just build a structure wherever you want to.

  9. Seriously? WHO is complaining about this?? This is awesome!

  10. People suck!!!! He was trying to do a good thing and you have residents complaining about it….Have a heart people. What does your pettiness show these kids that try to do good??

  11. He should put them up on private property with permission. Problem solved.

  12. Julia Ochoa Julia Ochoa says:

    I don’t get it… Don’t people have better things to complain about, maybe they need to read more!!!

  13. Perhaps he can check into the Little Free Library to see if he can become a charter. I love his idea. My kids and I have scoped the official LFL site to try and find spots.


  14. I am incredulous that the City and some residents are so against such a thoughtful gesture of kindness by this young man. I am a part of a couple of online book clubs and you would not believe the number of members that cannot afford books or are housebound, that having these little tiny free libraries in their neighborhoods can make all the difference in the world to them. These “residents” should try to out themselves in other people’s shoes and think beyond themselves and the City should waive any permit fees (we are not that desperate for funds) and do the right thing and issue the permits to create good community spirit.

  15. He can put one in yard to. Shoot I think I should put one in my yard

  16. Chris Buck Chris Buck says:

    Permits are for the government to make money nothing more.
    Discouraging a teen! Teenager’s good ideas should be rewarded not punished.

  17. Cathy Martin Cathy Martin says:

    Wow…It’s crime to read in SCV. Yes, let’s dumb down the intelligence of our population. Books are awesome. They should be available, always!

  18. I’m right up the street from Saugus High. I’d let him put one in my front yard. I encourage reading! I am sorry no one told this young man about the need for permits. I wonder if one of our representatives could help him out a bit to speed the wheels of bureaucracy and teach a lesson in Civics while he/she is at it.

  19. Navarro Wil Navarro Wil says:

    You cant just put random stuff on public or private property even if theres a good reason. Anyone can make up a reasonable reason for something. Drop of a couch on the sidewalk and call it a relaxing place to sit down for those needing to rest. How about free buckets of water for your pets at the park. All good intentions but it’ll get out of hand if you let one slide. There’s other ways to share your books with others. But not placing some random bookshelf anywhere.

  20. Tawny Biggs Tawny Biggs says:

    This makes me hate Santa Clarita. So sad!

  21. Not to fear, the Little Free Library people are taking him under their wings and will walk him through the process of setting up a library. I personally think he did an excellent job of getting the books out there.

  22. I hope he is able to get the needed permits. This is a great program.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. I understand the people who are upset he is being asked to take them down but think about it. Do you want a bunch of teens putting up whatever structure they deem fit where ever they want? By allowing this boy to not go through proper channels and obtain permits etc it is giving the ok for everyone and anyone to do so without consent. This isn’t about people or the city thinking this is a bad idea because honestly it is wonderful, but we can’t pick and choose who is above the rules otherwise we mind as well not have any.

    • Has the city said they are going to help him go through proper channels?? Maybe instead of saying “nope” and walking away, they should take him in as a future tax paying citizen or business man and help him navigate the hurtles that he will face trying to get them okay’d.

    • Did he ask for the city to help? It is a 2 way street and I am sure there are people out there willing to help this young man go through the proper channels.

    • I think the Little Free Library folks are going to help him do it the right and legal way.

    • Kevin Arnold Kevin Arnold says:

      Well then what we need to do is repeal any laws that say you need a permit

    • But this is not any teenager putting up any structure…Im on with requiring him to follow the proper steps, but I lack confidence that the city was very encouraging to him to pursue the proper channels

    • I agree it is not any teenager and any structure but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to happen in other various ways if this is allowed to happen without going through the proper channels. While the city may not be holding his hand through the process, should the teen still not want to take the initiative to follow through with his original goal in the proper way?

    • Read the Change.Org petition, you’ll see there the attempts he made to work with the city and the lack of reciprocity. He asked respectfully for a four day hold until he could address with city council, he asked for support in navigating.

    • In the petition I found, at no point does it say he asked for help of the city or that anyone refused him. And just my .02 I would assume getting approval on permits takes some time so even if he did go through the proper channels to begin with he wouldn’t be able to immediately put them up anyway.

  25. What residents? Wow! Can you find something worthwhile to complain about like dumping old couches on the side of the road, or wasting water, or not picking up your dogs waste?! Dear lord!! Karma.

  26. Linda Tapal Linda Tapal says:

    Encourage the young not discouraged them

  27. Well rules are rules, If you don’t like it then move.
    Its that simple.

  28. Love comments that state the law is the law. Lack of critical thought y’all

  29. Typical SCV bully tactics…they didn’t get their nickles…that is the bottom line…instead of helping this young man work through the morass of red tape, they choose instead to just crush his dream… and people wonder why young people don’t want to get involved anymore…

  30. Maybe the city and it residents should remove the sticks out of their asses

  31. Paul Mahone Paul Mahone says:

    This kind of BS is exactly what is wrong with our society today. Thank god we have the government to protect us from those dangerous books.

  32. How sad the city can’t focus on other issues, this is not harming anyone

  33. How about he gets permission from residents to place on their property who would love this? My answer is yes!!!

  34. Feel free to move it to my front yard!

  35. Aja Davee Aja Davee says:

    He’s not doing any harm.

  36. Cathy Trope Cathy Trope says:

    And this is why people move to Idaho! Because CA is ridiculous!

  37. Bored suburbia looking for anything to complain about
    I guess the books are annoying are they?

  38. Mar Abraham Mar Abraham says:

    Why can’t they just issue the permits instead ??

  39. Phyllis Muro Phyllis Muro says:

    With the price of education going up, and the importance of this country & it’s citizens of no concern to govt , I say KUDOS young man!!!!

  40. How is this bothering the community? So sad.

  41. Tim Bonino Tim Bonino says:

    Typical BS! Awesome town isn’t so Awesome now is it?

  42. Jesse Miller Jesse Miller says:

    This town and its politics are becoming ridiculous. I am so glad I grew up when we were just another low/middle class community. Not this “awesome town” wanna be Santa Monica.

  43. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    What happens when it rains?

  44. Mike Bagack Mike Bagack says:

    How dare you make us read! Don’t worry kid you will go far in life. You’re awesome.

  45. There are folks in this valley who have gone through the permitting process and have been putting up little free libraries here in SCV. They have reached out to this young man to help him through the process and to help protect the books from the weather. One drenching rain and those good books would be ruined….

  46. Myk Halibut Myk Halibut says:

    Permits= government permission.

  47. Carolyn Glee Carolyn Glee says:

    Just help him go through the proper channels and get it done. Books are amazing and improve everyone’s life.

  48. Way too go City of Santa Clarita! A kid does something good and nice for others and he gets in trouble. It appears our city is run by a bunch of dopes! Give the kid his permits and praise him for doing something good in our city!!!!!

  49. Ridiculous! Residents don’t complain when there is a Tilted Kilt, but oh books….how scandalous…get a life people! Support our youth and encourage reading!

  50. Sad – it should be anything to get people to read!!!

  51. Heaven forbid people should be encouraged to READ!

  52. Nikki Burns Nikki Burns says:

    People are so lame and having nothing better to complain about? Lord knows we need to encourage our society to actually read a book in any way we can!

  53. E Liz Abeth E Liz Abeth says:

    Only an illiterate person would have the audacity to complain about this brilliant idea!

  54. Susan Murphy Susan Murphy says:

    Let’s help this young man get the permits needed and encourage the residents of our city to take a positive approach to being able to take a free book and read. He definitely had his heart in this and we should applaud him.

  55. You go Drake, mom and dad have done a great job with you!!!

  56. Big government kills common sense.

  57. so what does he need to do to get a permit???

  58. Here we go again with another reason to not pay attention to the real crime in this valley… Hey!!! Let’s set up a anti education task force! That’s really good SCV.

  59. Shame on those people. Seriously complaining about a “library”!

  60. This is one of the best small town big ideas ever. Go with it, stop stopping good thoughts and feelings. These have been successful in many other communities. Let’s not be the wet blanket of literacy. Help him get the permits – don’t just abandon a great idea.

  61. Bob Hydar Bob Hydar says:

    This is why Santa Clarita is not “awesometown”… why should creativity need to be run through the city? That’s right… to pay fees… Every strip mall looks like every other strip mall… No tall signage is allowed any more… No pop ups are allowed… because the city didn’t say you could…

  62. How about instead of forcing high school students to take a bunch of classes with information they will never use again and provide a class that gives them knowledge like this! And how to manage a checkbook, how to finance a car or a house, what an APR is. Skills in life that we all need! But there’s nothing to actually teach this in high school. Then maybe this young man could do his amazing gesture “legally” because some people can’t get over a nice thing being done without the proper paper trail.

  63. absolutely unreasonable, have they all lost their common sense? Leave the books alone and praise the young man.

  64. Why?!
    Didn’t they just build a new library?
    Which every book ever made is now on the Internet…
    Every book in that pop-up is probably on my phone in my pocket already…
    Libraries are like Blockbuster video ,soon they will all be gone.

  65. Sara Weber did you see this?

  66. Joyce Carson Joyce Carson says:

    This is a great idea to encourage reading. We need to help this project through the proper channels. It is a ‘bonus’ to our already great community. How can we help??

  67. What moronic twit complained?
    They should be outed.

  68. Terrez Scott Terrez Scott says:

    Totally makes sense to punish someone who is trying to promote education and knowledge. He’s not setting up pop up drug shops but he’s putting pop up library books. Are you kidding me Santa Clarita. You waste your time, and our money on nonsense.

    Help him get the right permits instead of making a threat . Do something positive to help him move in the right direction rather then hurting him for his good deed.

  69. Not the family oriented, supportive community, Santa Clarita tries to present to the public eye. Sadly, there are always people who delight in destroying someone’s good influence with petty glee. Hopefully the City will see the good deed for its pure kindness and expedite This kids permits so he can get back to improving our community.
    And to the Book Grinches… Shame on you.

  70. Heaven forbid someone should promote literacy outside of school. So sad that common sense has lost it’s commonality.

  71. With the teenage drug use (prescription and heroin) being at an all time high, you’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry. Unreal and maddening.

  72. Luis Correa Luis Correa says:

    I always walk by them and my friend knowked them out 😂😂

  73. we have these at bus stops in certain cities…

  74. Great way on how to encourage kids to read and be proactive in their community….. next they will be sending the health department on any kid with a lemonade stand…..

  75. Id like to door knock the residence and personally ask what their issue is? So sad😰

  76. Jennifer Puleo says:

    Can’t the people enforcing this rule spend their time enforcing rules like stopping wasteful people and businesses from allowing water to overflow from their irrigation all over streets and sidewalks during a drought! Come on people!

  77. Tracy Cooper Tracy Cooper says:

    Gee, free reads. He should be arrested at once!

  78. Permits just to make the city more money! This place is out of hand. These libraries are a wonderful idea They’re worried about books!! BS!

  79. This is the same kid that did his Boy Scout eagle project at Central Park putting in the excercise area FOR the city! Help him get the permits – wow books are so dangerous! Reading might lead to conversations and literacy – egads

  80. Generally the gov wants full control and they have no problem lying to get their way. It is unlikely they received any complaint at all but they fabricate anonymous complaints to justify their tyranny.

  81. Oh, find a place for it!

  82. That’s our city for you!! Let’s take a good intentioned kid and break his spirit and see that he never reaches out to his community again…That’s what you have accomplished santa clarita, you have turned off even the youngest of your citizens from making our city better…the same reason must of us don’t care any more, because we have tried to care and the council shuts citizens down at every turn…it’s their way or the highway and they just told even a kid to hit the highway. :( if it had fit their plan of fancy entertainment centers and dining I bet the council would have jumped to help the kid get the paperwork for his idea. The worst part of our fair city is not the citizen population but the city council population.

  83. I’m embarrassed to live here today.

  84. Wow! What a bunch of jack wagons in Santa Clarita!

  85. This is so sad. There does need to be a message sent about going through proper channels but I think there is a better way to teach that lesson. This is such a great idea to foster reading

  86. Here’s the solution. Let him put these wonder resources up on your front lawn. I would be the first one to offer if I owned my home.

  87. Joan Gilbert Joan Gilbert says:

    When I see these I think it’s so cool. What’s wrong with altruism?Nothing the matter with this at all, it’s even attractive and makes a wonderful statement about our community. Bravo. 👏👏👏👏👏

  88. Joan Gilbert Joan Gilbert says:

    Not having permits prompted complaints? Huh?

  89. Why does the city really care? $$$ THAT IMPORTANT ????

  90. Why we can’t have nice things!

  91. We have these all over Bakersfield..great idea. Hope it works out for this kid.

  92. Jessica Cram Jessica Cram says:

    Really SCV? Get your panties out of a wad. Lame

  93. People complain about everything.

  94. Adam Kirk Adam Kirk says:

    I feel like those residents can’t read and are just being spiteful to those of us that can.

  95. Ryan Peskin Ryan Peskin says:

    Yeah another was put up by a couple of guys one early morning at the mcbean Regional transit center

  96. These “little free libraries” started in Madison, Wisconsin and are very much welcomed here. It is a wonderful concept and people love them! They can be purchased or hand built in many designs and add a service and a uniqueness to many neighborhoods all over the city!

  97. Paula Miller Paula Miller says:

    Oh, for goodness sakes! Stupid bureaucracy!

  98. ‘Complaints!?!?!’ Who are the boneheads who are complaining about something like this?

  99. Books are outlawed and “firemen” burn any that are found. Fahrenheit 451. Alternatively, if you can’t afford a Kindle, you shouldn’t be allowed to read. I’ll become less cynical after I have my coffee.

  100. Someone who knows how to obtain the permits should help him instead of taking them down. It’s a shame that something so thoughtful is turning into this. What is this world turning into. Sad.

  101. Annette Uthe says:

    Thank you, Drake. The idea and construction is awesome. It must be difficult to see your hard work dismantled. I believe you have planted a seed, though. This is a discussion worth having.

  102. Here we have an example of government gone horribly wrong.

  103. Why would anybody complain about this marvelous idea? I had heard about people doing this. It must just be a bunch of people promoting illiteracy.

  104. Mark Rowe Mark Rowe says:

    Some of you people hyperventilating about the city telling him to remove these pop-up libraries might try reading the article first. At least attempt to know what you are talking about.

    According to the article, (which got his input as well) he knew fully good and well how the permit process worked, yet chose to put them up on public property, without permits anyway. The city even explained to him what alternate options he has and how to go about obtaining the necessary permits, yet the city is the bad guy here…

    I swear, the sense of entitlement some people have today is amazing!

  105. Tessa Lucero says:

    People aren’t complaining about the idea, they’re complaining about the fact that structures were erected on private property without the propertyowner’s permission and on public property without permission from the public entity responsible for the property.

    Also, the structures this young man put up are not really to LFL standards. One good rain or even being in the path of a sprinkler and every book in the library will be a sodden mass of pulp. I’ve been looking at putting one up in my yard and building the structure properly is going to take a little more effort and time than the open-fronted boxes he mounted on stakes and put up.

  106. Shirley says:

    Here is a kid trying to do something good, give him the damn permits. And to the people complaining…suck it.

  107. The Rotary Club is helping him to get through the paperwork/permitting process. There are 10 little Library sites that are on the Rotary Club’s list.

    Yes, the bureaucracy does seem overbearing. We are dealing with government. The bigger it gets, the more complicated the rules get.

  108. these pop up all over the country and are appreciated and accepted, why not here? it’s too easy to pick on a good kid trying to do a good thing…

  109. Shannon Wood Shannon Wood says:

    Good old SCV complaining about something they should be commending.

  110. Louis Esbin Louis Esbin says:

    The Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club sponsors Little Free Libraries. We identify a steward for the LFL, obtain City or HOA approval, purchase and install the LFL. We have the process nailed down and have reached out to the young man to join us in spreading his good work. Community support is apparent, so let’s get behind the Rotary Club’s, this young man’s and the City’s efforts to install as many LFL as we can. Contact me, Louis Esbin, Club President, through Facebook to learn more.

  111. Keep up the good work Rotary Club! It sounds like this young man would be a great member of your organization some day!

  112. Please read the article… others are doing the same type of project by with an appropriate design (with fronts to protect the books from the elements as well). The other Little Free Libraries are being installed on private property where they will be taken care of – we need more of them. “The first step in getting the pop-up libraries to be considered legal would be setting up a meeting with the city’s planning staff so they could assess where the libraries would be located and who would accept liability, Morgan said.
    “This young man, who knows the process – because he worked with us on his Eagle (Scout) project at Central Park – has made a conscious choice to not go through the process with this project like he did with his Eagle project,” Morgan said.
    Four years ago as an eighth grader, Huogo pitched the idea of a 12-piece “fitness zone” at Central Park. He secured the approval of the city’s Parks Department and raised funds to install it.
    Morgan said Hougo met with city representatives last week and told them he wanted the libraries to sprout up “organically.” City officials encouraged him to find businesses or private properties to house them.
    “The city was very respectful and explained it all very well,” Hougo said
    “I am totally willing to go through the proper process and get permits,” he said. “If they want to do this, then I would love to do it and make it an official part of the city.”
    The official Little Free Library organization cautions people to “have the appropriate permissions before installing your Library.”

  113. This caption above is misleading, after reading the full linked article, it is quite a different situation than presented above.

  114. I’d through the book at ’em. Books want to be free.

  115. Julie Mata Julie Mata says:

    I live close to this, why would someone want to take it down?

  116. While it does suck, you can’t ignore the law. Well intended or not we all need to follow the rules or we’d have stuff popping up everywhere. It sounds like the Rotary will help him out.

  117. warren jones says:


  118. EvangelineShaw says:

    The City staff members act like a bunch of prissy old ladies with sticks up their arshes. Yet when the home builders litter Santa Clarita public land along roads with their stupid signs for new home tracks, you don’t see city trucks driving around picking up their signs. Though the summer is almost over, I guarantee you’ll see the City employees go after any kid with a lemon aide stand.

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To celebrate California’s Water Awareness month, SCV Water will hold its annual Open House on Saturday, May 12 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Central Park and at its conservation garden and patio located above the park.
May 12: SCV Water Open House; Vendors Sought
The city of Santa Clarita is urging residents and businesses, specifically those living near the recent burn areas of Sand Fire in the Sand Canyon area, to take extra precautions and stay alert as heavy rains fall this week.
City Urges Residents to Take Precautions During Storm
1837 - Ysabel Varela born in Placerville; became second wife (and widow) of SCV landowner Ygnacio del Valle. [story]
The William S. Hart High School Wind Ensemble & Concert Band, as well as the Placerita Junior High School Advanced Band will be holding a Rich Musical Heritage Concert, Thursday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m.
March 22: Rich Musical Heritage Concert
If you think you have the right stuff, Blue Star Ranch is looking for volunteers.
Blue Star Ranch Seeking Volunteers
Comic books, comic strips, graphic novels and web comics often provide an escape from reality.
CSUN Professor Establishes Comic Studies Society
From Oklahoma! to The Sound of Music, American composer Richard Rodgers forever changed the face of Broadway musicals, giving them stories and making them oh, so hum-able.
The Soraya to Celebrate Composer Richard Rodgers
The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion aimed at preventing foster youth from becoming entangled in the juvenile justice system, and ensuring supportive care for those do.
Supes Approve Motion Preventing ‘Dual Status,’ ‘Crossover’ Foster Youth
On Friday, March 23, CalArts alum Travis Wilkerson’s (Film/Video MFA 01) latest documentary, Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? screens at CalArts' Bijou theater.
March 23: CalArts Screening ‘Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?’
LOS ANGELES – As part of the team’s continuing celebration of 60 seasons in Los Angeles, the Dodgers will pay tribute to one of the most dramatic moments in baseball history by permanently marking a commemorative seat located in the area of the Right Field Pavilion where Kirk Gibson’s historic walk-off home run landed during Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. The “Kirk Gibson seat” is the first seat at Dodger Stadium to be marked in tribute to a historic event.
Dodgers Honor Kirk Gibson Homerun with Seat in Right Field Pavilion
Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley, a non-profit that mobilizes community faith groups in the SCV to assist homeless families, recently announced that after six years at its current Resource Center, they are in need of finding a new site for its offices in order to provide services to homeless families.
Local Non-Profit Seeking New Office Site
Adonna Khare will demonstrate carbon art at the April 16 meeting of the Santa Clarita Artists Association (SCAA). This event is free, open to the public and meets at 6:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 23630 Valencia Blvd.
April 16: Carbon Art by Adonna Khare
Santa Claritans will have an early spring celebration at the “Touches of Spring”, an art show featuring Zony Gordon, an award-winning local artist who will be showing from March 12- April 30, 2018 at the Art & Photo Gallery of Fast Frame in Valencia.
March 24: Zony Gordon Artist Reception
The ARTree Studio 2 will be holding an art exhibit by artist Six, called Food Memories beginning Friday, March 23 with an opening night reception from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
March 23-25: Food Memories Art Exhibit by Six
Here is a list of Santa Clarita arts-related events for March 22-24:
March 22-24: Santa Clarita Arts Calendar
Shoppers can find all what they need to make that special Easter Brunch this year by visiting the Santa Clarita Farmers Market located at the College of the Canyons, parking lot 5 on Valencia Boulevard. The market will be open on Easter Day and runs from 8:30 a.m. to noon.
Santa Clarita Farmers Market Open Easter Sunday
The Triumph Foundation's Wheelchair Sports Festival will take place on Saturday, April 28 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Sunday April 29 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
April 28-29: Triumph Foundation’s Wheelchair Sports Festival
With significant rain moving across the area Tuesday through Thursday this week, there is a moderate to high risk of debris flows near recent burn areas.
National Weather Service Warns Residents of Debris Flows as Storm Approaches
The Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center will hold a Cyber Security: If It's Connected, It Must be Protected Presentation on Wednesday, March 21 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in Rooms A1 and A2.
March 21: Cyber Security Presentation at Senior Center
The 2018 Spring Season Opener did not disappoint as it had drama tense moments 4 yellow cards a red card, player down with injury and the Storm settled with an even 2-2 draw.
Tense SC Storm Season Opener Ends in 2-2 Tie
Want to build your own social media empire, or just improve your social media presence? Learn from the best at SCV Startup Grind featuring Rachel Hollis, tonight.
March 20: SCV Startup Grind
This past weekend, all six William S. Hart district color guards participated in the mid-season contest, hosted at Valencia High School and sponsored by the Winter Guard Association of Southern California.
Hart District Color Guards Compete at Valencia High School
(Washington, DC) - On Tuesday, Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) and Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) introduced H.R. 5337, the Accelerated Payments for Small Businesses Act of 2018.
Knight Measure Would Speed Up Payment for Small Business Contractors
2012 - County supervisors approve 50-year operating agreement for Placerita Canyon State Park [read]
The city of Santa Clarita Tourism Marketing District Advisory Board's next Regular Meeting is set for Tuesday, March 20 at City Hall starting at 2 p.m.
March 20: Tourism Marketing District Advisory Board Meeting
The Small Business Investment Opportunity Act, sponsored by Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2017, has been introduced in the U.S. Senate by a bi-partisan group of Senators.
Knight Small Business Opportunity Act Introduced in Senate
The city of Santa Clarita's Planning Commission will hold its next Regular Meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, March 20 starting at 6 p.m.
March 20: Planning Commission Regular Meeting
The Master's University freshman track and field athletes showed great promise at the Ross and Sharon Irwin Collegiate Scoring Meet at Point Loma Nazarene University on Sunday.
TMU Track and Field Freshmen Shine at Point Loma
During Sunday's ninth inning, Master's came out on the wrong side — of a 5-4 final score at McBean Park in Lincoln and a three-game sweep.
TMU Baseball Squanders Grand Slam in Series Finale
The TMU Mustangs baseball team (17-12, 10-9 in Golden State Athletic Conference) was swept 9-1 and 5-3 by NAIA No. 7 William Jessup on the road Saturday.
Mustangs Baseball Drops Two to Jessup
"They'll be back," TMU men's basketball team's lone senior Lawrence Russell said after a 106-104 loss to Peru State College in the first round of the NAIA Division 1 National Championship tournament Wednesday.
TMU Men’s Basketball Team Eyes Another Run
Chandra Subramaniam spent his first week as the new dean of California State University, Northridge’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics learning about the job and the people he’ll be working with.
Chandra Subramaniam is New Dean of CSUN’s Nazarian Business College