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Commentary by Steven Lee
| Thursday, Aug 20, 2015

steveleeThis is something I am now pondering. Do I have an asking price? Maybe I do. I don’t think I do, but I have not been offered anything as of yet. This I bring up because of a vote that happened at the Castaic Town Council meeting Wednesday.

A person researching substances taken in from the Chiquita Canyon Landfill came across receipts of some pretty deadly substances. These substances were taken in by the landfill that sits within 1,000 feet of the first residents of Val Verde. Members of the town were upset and asked the Town Council to write a letter to Supervisor Antonovich’s office requesting that these deadly substances not be allowed. These deadly substances are found on the EPA’s list of most deadly substances to man.

You would think it would be an easy vote. Well, it wasn’t. The vote was 8-1 not to write a letter. Many reasons were given, such as, “they did not know anything about the chemicals on the list;” “the council doesn’t have the authority to regulate businesses;” “acetone isn’t really a harmful chemical;” “regulations are already in place;” and “Chiquita Canyon Landfill is a good neighbor.”

After the meeting, one of the new members of the Town Council asked John Musella (PR person for the landfill) to help her locate a job. She ran for the council as an anti-landfill opponent. What was her price? I get it. She has a family and needs to support them.

I do not have kids, and I have not walked in those shoes, so I might have sold for a job. I hope not, but maybe.

You would think the votes should have carried at least two members voting to write the letter, since Val Verde has two residents on the board who are their representatives. You would be wrong. One member who assured the town he was anti-landfill has consistently spoken badly against those who have fought the landfill with every ounce of strength they have. What was his price? I do not know.

I do know that when he was president of the Val Verde Civic Association, he sat me down and had a talk with me. I, too, was on the Civic Association board. The town was going to have a vote to decide if we, as a town, would support the expansion of the landfill; or do we, the town, want the landfill to be closed according to the contract they made with us? The vote was 112-0 to close it.

He did not honor the wishes of the town as our representative. He did not even honor the safety concerns of the town. What was his price?

Some of the town members have been fighting hard. We are alone in this fight, but we fight. We have made some progress. We were able to get some new members appointed to serve on the Val Verde Community Advisory Committee. These new members were actually able to hire a leading specialist in the field of deadly landfill gases.

landfillgasmaskThe night he was to present his plans to the Community Advisory Committee, they were informed he could not work for them – because he had taken a job working for the landfill. What was his price?

What is the magic number? At what point does someone who believes with all his heart in something, abandon all he believes in, to work for the other side?

I am asking this of myself. Would I sell out? I would hope not. Maybe I would. I am not rich by any means. I like my house, except for the smells that come in on the wind and the asthma attacks that accompany those smells and possibly deadly substances.

I have all I need and am content. That alone makes it hard for some powerful company to buy.

Val Verde does receive money from the landfill, so maybe the representative of Val Verde feels that he alone knows what is best for them. The town must need the money more than its health.

Castaic will be receiving funds if the landfill is allowed to expand. I believe it will be above $200,000, and what the heck, they are not in danger of the deadly substances. I get it. The importance of human life is less if money is involved.

Small-town meetings and boards were set up for specific reasons. They are supposed to be reflections of the wants and needs of any town. They are the liaisons between representatives such as Antonovich and maybe even Sen. Barbara Boxer, if he chooses to go up the chain of command.

If these small-town boards can be bought, then they are not true representatives.

I am quickly realizing why people are disillusioned with politicians. It appears they can be bought. Be it a small politician aspiring for more, or a big one. The people have nowhere to turn to when money is involved.

I hope one day enough people speak up and that this, too, will change.


Steven Lee is a resident of Val Verde.


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  1. Susie Evans says:

    It is sad to think the health of the citizens is not as important as parties in the park, a pocket park that has no bathrooms, senior citizens having to pay the CBFC funded gardener to mow their entire flat lawn and trim trees for them. The kids have programs funded, but if they are not healthy they can’t enjoy those perks. So sad what this has all come to.

  2. Dana DeWit says:

    If the management of the landfill does not know what is being dumped on their premises that alone is a sad state of affairs. Maybe each resident in Val Verde should write a letter to Antonovich. Forget asking for this to go to vote. I am ashamed to say I live in Castaic and my community would accept funds if this expansion were to be approved. It always boils down to money..how sad.

  3. Sarah Jones says:

    Every time something doesn’t go your way you scream people have been bribed, when in fact people are just making good judgments.

  4. Susie Evans says:

    Sarah, I don’t think Steve is saying it isn’t going our way, he is saying those who are voted in to these offices and are supposed to represent the wishes of the community are not doing so. We all wonder why. Money seems to be the common denominator. Dana DeWit says she is ashamed her rep[representative wants the money from the dump. It would appear to me she doesn’t want the dump and the doesn’t want the money.

  5. Greg Kimura says:

    Before anyone makes a hasty judgement, it would be good to know the facts. The letter had some errors and the list of “unwanted” chemicals is unreasonable. Of course Steve Lee’s blog doesn’t disclose that it was a very important reason why the letter was rejected.

    I did some research, so I started with the first item on the list, acetone. Here’s what I found: “Virtually every organ and tissue within the human body contains some acetone which is one of
    three biochemicals collectively referred to as ketone bodies. Acetone is produced within the body”. This information comes from the EPA.

    Sure, I would like the landfill expansion to fail, but we’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked. I know of one resident, the writer of this blog, who on numerous occasions has publicly stated that he’s going to move if the landfill expansion is approved. For him, and the others in the same boat, I understand the desperation, but creating false rumors, lies and withholding facts just shows their “all in” mentality.

    If the landfill expansion is approved and he leaves Val Verde, he also leaves the mess behind that he has created. To me, that’s not very fair to the residents of the community he claims that he cares for so much.

    • Erica Larsen says:

      There is more to this situation than a google search. In my opinion this article is about representation. Proper representation. I have issue with the fact that you Greg were not even going to speak about this letter at our community meeting and it wasn’t until Steve asked about it that you even started talking about it. Nor did you mention it was on the agenda as an action item. That is a pretty big mistake and disfunction of your position.

      • Greg Kimura says:


        I did not have a copy of the CATC meeting agenda at the time of the Val Verde meeting, so how could I have known?

        If Bonnie knew it was going to be discussed, why didn’t she come to the Val Verde meeting – it would’ve made sense to discuss her letter and to invite residents to the meeting.

        I know if I had a letter that I needed community support, I would bring it before the community. It just makes sense.

        • Steven Lee says:

          You did not have a copy? You were there to present to the VVCA about the CATC. Is not that one of your duties, to bring up what is going to be voted on at the CATC? You said it had been tabled. Why say that, unless you did not want residents to come to the CATC meeting to express their wishes.

  6. Susie Evans says:

    The materials residents would like regulated are labeled by the Federal Government as harmful to humans. The residents would like the landfill to be restricted from taking any radioactive waste, sludge, lead, cadium, arsenic, asbestos, PCB’s and other substances that could leak out into the aquifer and surrounding soils in event of a natural disaster. Please see Index A (listed below) for a full list of materials residents would like restricted.

    Read the list and tell me if you would like this stuff dumped in your neighborhood.

    Index A

    Bis(2-chloroethyl) Ether
    Bis(chloromethyl) Ether
    Blister Agents HN-1HN-2HN-3 Nitrogen Mustards
    Blister Agents: Lewisite (L), Mustard-Lewisite Mixture (HL)
    Blister Agents: Sulfur Mustard Agent H/HD, Sulfur Mustard Agent HT
    Bromoform & Dibromochloromethane
    Calcium Hypochlorite/Sodium Hypochlorite
    Carbon Disulfide
    Carbon Monoxide
    Carbon Tetrachloride
    Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins (CDDs)
    Chlorine Dioxide & Chlorite
    Chlorodibenzofurans (CDFs)
    Hydrogen Sulfide / Carbonyl Sulfide
    1,3 Dinitrobenzene & 1,3,5 Trinitrobenzene
    DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide)
    Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)
    Di-n-butyl Phthalate
    Di-n-octylphthalate (DNOP)
    Diethyl phthalate
    Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate (DIMP)
    EndrinEndrin aldehyde
    Ethylene Dibromide
    Ethylene Glycol
    Ethylene Oxide
    Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine
    Fuel Oils / Kerosene
    Gasoline, Automotive
    Heptachlor/Heptachlor Epoxide
    Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH)
    Hexachlorocyclopentadiene (HCCPD)
    Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI)
    HMX (Octogen)
    Hydraulic Fluids
    Hydrogen Chloride
    Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
    Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen Sulfide / Carbonyl Sulfide
    Ionizing Radiation
    Jet Fuels JP-4 and JP-7
    Jet Fuels JP-5 and JP-8
    Methyl Isocyanate
    Methyl Mercaptan
    Methyl Parathion
    Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE)
    Methylene Chloride
    Naphthalene, 1-Methylnapthalene, 2-Methylnapthalene
    Nerve Agents (GA, GB, GD, VX)
    Nitrates and Nitrites
    Nitrogen Oxides
    Otto Fuel II and its Components
    Phosgene Oxime
    Phosphate Ester Flame Retardants
    Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) & Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)
    Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
    Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
    Propylene Glycol
    Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids
    RDX (Cyclonite)
    Selenium Hexafluoride
    Sodium Hydroxide
    Stoddard Solvent
    Sulfur Dioxide
    Sulfur Mustard
    Sulfur Trioxide & Sulfuric Acid
    Synthetic Vitreous Fibers
    1,2,3 Trichloropropane
    1,3,5 Trinitrobenzene & 1,3 Dinitrobenzene
    2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT)
    Tetrachloroethylene (PERC)
    Tin and Compounds
    Titanium Tetrachloride
    Toluene Diisocyanate
    Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)
    Trichloroethylene (TCE)
    Used Mineral-based Crankcase Oil
    Vinyl Acetate
    Vinyl Chloride
    White Phosphorus

    • Greg Kimura says:

      How do you dump Ionizing Radiation into a landfill? How about Nitrogen Oxides?

      And we were told that this list was checked, double checked and triple checked for applicability.

      As I stated before, this list is flawed and I will not place my support behind something that will only make our Town Council look bad.

      • Steven Lee says:

        Then you should go with the original list, the most dangerous substances to man. The landfill took #1 on the list, but I remember that you and your board thought that list was too much. That list is from most dangerous to least dangerous, and many things are on that list.

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine are used for cuts.

      Wrenches and screwdrivers are made of Chrome Vanadium (two metals on the list).

      Tin? Steel cans are coated with tin to keep them from rusting.

      Strontium is in our bones.

      There are many more of these in Bonnie’s list.

      At the meeting, the list was put into question for things like this.
      Can you see why her letter was rejected 8-1.

      • Steven Lee says:

        Greg, the list was meant for the landfill to quit taking these substances from big companies. No one expected the landfill to dig through personal trash. To suggest so, is being very dishonest, especially for a representative.

  7. Sara Sage says:

    There seems to be a lot of incorrect information on this thread. First of all, the regulatory agencies (EPA,CalRecycle and DTSC) who oversee landfills don’t have a very good grasp of what can be allowed in a landfill. CalRecycle,the main regulatory agency, maintains a list but it is not complete. Knowing, or not knowing, what types of hazardous waste people were living next to was an issue that came to a head in the 1980s. This was very near the time of the Bhopal Disaster in India. The US government had no accurate means to determine how much hazardous waste chemicals were lying around and most of all, could not determine where they were. As a result of public concern and governmental concern, the EPA and a senate subcommittee(s) wrote the Emergency Preparedness & Right-To-Know Act that passed in congress (1985?). Unfortunately, obtaining an accurate inventory continues to be an issue as there is no master list of chemicals (and their acceptable concentrations) for governmental agencies to refer to.

    NIH, EPA, DTSC, et cetera use different criteria and different chemical lists – as well as conduct separate research of these chemicals. Some well-known toxic chemicals/elements, such as lead, have not been studied by these agencies since the risk is already known.

    When an EPCRA chemical is transported or released into the environment, the company responsible is required to file a TRI report (Toxics Release Inventory). It is a fact that Chiquita Canyon Landfill is listed as a destination in over 50 TRI reports filed over the last 15 years or so. Some of these deliveries are thousands of pounds. The concentrations are not known in many cases. For comparison, Sunshine Canyon Landfill has 1 or 2 and
    other LA county landfills have zero. I have no idea why this is the case with Chiquita. I would imagine that usually when a vehicle with a diamond chemical hazard plate(s) pulls up at a landfill, the employee kindly tells them that this is a non-hazardous landfill and turns the truck away.

    To address the sour-grapes comments above, I, and many people in my community are tired of being dismissed by the landfill reps, as well as the county reps. This landfill was supposed to shut down and they are very, very close to the end of their 23-million-ton limit. The condition to close is written in a legal contract: the CUP. Most of our residents are working-class and/or Latino and lack the resources to fight this expansion proposal as other communities such as West Ranch/Stevenson Ranch had during the deep well injection fight.

    Chiquita already takes in a similar daily tonnage as Apex Landfill in Las Vegas, the largest landfill in the nation. They are requesting to double their daily tonnage. This is not good for the entire valley. SCV needs to wake up and realize this affects them as well.

    This is not a case of sour grapes or going ‘all-in’. We want the county and the landfill to honor their own in-force contract.

  8. Steven Lee says:

    Greg, please clarify. When did I say I would move if the landfill went through. I did say I would have to move if the Asthma got worse. Gregg please list everything that you personally have tried. I would like to know. I do know that you sat me down and told me that when the landfill voted in favor of the expansion, as a board member I would have to throw 100% of my support behind it. I would be their representative and I must represent thier wishes. You are still their representative and should be 100%.
    Attacking members of the town that hold an organization to its bi-laws is not what a president would do. They would make sure they were meeting the bi-laws.
    I am a little concerned that as president of the VVCA you never filed a tax form, which basically made the VVCA non-legit. Part of me wonder if that was the plan. So now maybe the CATC can take over the negotiations of what the landfill can and cannot do.
    Every receipt given to you and to the CATC was verified as a deadly chemical to man. As my representative you should have said that you want Representative Antonovich to know that we will not stand for deadly substances in our landfill.

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Your definition of 100% for a cause is disturbing to me. Ethics and morals seem to go out the window – some can rationalize it by saying it’s all for the cause.
      1. I made a choice to uphold the VVCA bylaws and you attack me.
      2. I hear from people in town that you’re passing rumors about me calling immigration on residents.
      3. Your blog states that I am on the take from the landfill?
      4. You’re now implying that I’m with the mob?
      5. Or that I have been a mole for the landfill?

      I have done my best to protect the integrity of prior VVCA Presidents, I have tried to protect you and Arturo, I filed IRS tax forms in 2013 and 2014, I filed the Secretary of State Corporate forms, I brought the VVCA to the table (thanks to radical 100% all or nothing types, we’re no longer invited) and I thought I brought our community closer together. The people who enjoy destroying things have made a big mess of everything. And your wild speculation is just that.

      • Kevan Smalley says:

        The way I and most of Val Verde see it Greg any division in our community was caused by you, I feel the pulse of our community much more than you ever could and that pulse is telling me you have become the town joke.

      • Steven Lee says:

        Greg 1. when a members of Val Verde tried to hold you accountable to the VVCA bylaws, you attacked them. Said they were trying to destroy the VVCA. You also stated that you have a job and do not have time to know the bylaws. They are 10 pages.
        2. I have heard of no such rumors, but the email to me, from you, was that if I signed the Civil Complaint I would be the reason that people would be deported. I will be glad to share it hear if you like.
        3. I question, “Whats your price.” Maybe your price is getting money for Val Verde. Maybe you think that the 112 people who voted against the landfill will bow down and thank you for the money. I do not know.
        4. This one is just funny, I mean really funny. No, the mob has a criteria list before they accept someone into it. You do not meet that criteria.
        5. I have not suggested you are a mole, but I more than suggest that you are not representing the residents of Val Verde.
        Please show evidence of the filing of 2013 and 2014, since IRS says it never happened. The good news is that the VVCA board is not legit, so the vote to give the CATC 30% of the hush money is also not legit. Someone should inform the CATC. Maybe now they will actually fight the landfill. Since they are not entitled to the 30% agreement. The last DEIR they were dead set against the landfill. Money does chancge things.

  9. Steven Lee says:

    I am sorry when the town of Val Verde voted in favor of the landfill expansion. They did not.

  10. Kevan Smalley says:

    Greg your response is lame. And you have no integrity. I was friends with the Greg Until Greg attacked me through email (I still have the thread) I was just trying to do my job on the board as secretary and he wouldn’t hand over the sign-in sheets in an attempt to sabotage the VVCA elections, when they were supposed to be in my possession all along. I never responded to his attack. He has attack several other people in the community and I have saved all the emails of his attacks and I would be happy to show them.
    I thought highly of Greg, until I saw him lie several times to everyone at his infamous meltdown meeting. This isn’t an attack,I’m just spilling simple truth and there is a lot more I could spill. No one is more disappointed then I am in Greg!

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Kevan, you sound like the victim, however it was pretty disgusting for me to read that you’re now spreading rumors that Cindy is calling animal control on you.

      This is an old, old trick that may work on Nextdoor, but it doesn’t work here.

      • Kevan Smalley says:

        Greg, I have friends at animal control. Your distraction tactics don’t work on me. Explain your flat out lying to everyone at the VVCA meeting when the Dockrays tried to do there presentation. I have you know the video still exists. The VVCA is supposed to serve the community not you and not anyone else on the board. You seem to have a problem defining fiduciary duty. I recall at the following meeting you cried the blues that everyone was attacking you, another distraction tactic, You did all the attacking. You attacked everyone that was opposing the landfill expansion. I saved all the emails and I have no problem sharing them. You even made me change the meeting minutes to cover up unappropriated comments made by you.

      • Kevan Smalley says:

        Umm, I don’t recall mentioning Cindy on this site.

  11. Susie Evans says:

    Greg this was your response to Steve Lee’s commentary on December 23, 2014…Titled “Whacko from Val Verde”

    Greg Kimura says:
    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 at
    One night, Steve Lee and I went to a friend’s house near the corner where Lincoln turns to go toward Chiquito Canyon. It was maybe 8:30 pm or so and I recall it being a warm summer evening. As we spoke with our friend in front of his house, I started to feel sick to my stomach. I walked to the street and I still felt sick. I thought it was something I had for dinner and I was ready to say goodnight to everyone, but when I came back to my friends, Steve made a comment that he was feeling nauseous and he wanted to go home. Note that we did not eat dinner together, so it wasn’t the food. We said our goodbyes and when we got out of the neighborhood, I started feeling better. Granted, I still felt sick, but the feeling was subsiding. It took a couple hours at home, before I no longer felt sick.
    When I spoke to Steve about this, he told me he felt better when he got away from our friend’s home on Lincoln.
    What I’ve found out is that Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a landfill gas (comes from landfills) and can make you nauseaous. In high enough concentrations, it can kill. H2S also comes from the decomposition of green waste.
    H2S is called an extremely toxic and irritating gas. Exposure can lead to nausea, headaches, dizziness, eye irritation and respiratory illness. Here’s a link to the document http://el.erdc.usace.army.mil/workshops/04jun-wots/kaluschue.pdf The interesting thing is that these are the same complaints we receive from residents. So is the landfill poisoning the residents of Val Verde?
    I think that we need to test the air for H2S. There have been numerous problems with methane gas at the landfill and in one instance, the reading was 45% (more methane than double the oxygen in the air we breathe) Based on the fact that there are emission gas problems at the landfill, there’s a good chance they are also releasing H2S. What happens if we find out that the landfill has been allowing this extremely toxic gas to leak from their site to the community?
    This is the link you gave to that commentary
    Greg Kimura says:
    Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 at

    • Greg Kimura says:

      This is 100% true and what happened that night does bother me. This is why I was working with Dr. Faye and Vince on getting the air tested. Due to some medical issues in my family, I took a step back and let them run with it. I put them in touch with an excellent contact.

      I’m not sure what this has to do with this article claiming that two CATC board members are taking bribes from the landfill, unless it supports the fact that I am not on the landfill payroll.

  12. Steven Lee says:

    Greg Your body also produces hydrochloric acid. Would you be willing to go drink a bottle of it?

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Steve, your lack of logic is the reason why you come up with these crazy allegations.

      I guess now you can post on Nextdoor that Greg isn’t willing to drink HCL …

  13. Steven Lee says:

    Extensive research? Here is a quote from the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ASTDR)

    This public health statement tells you about acetone and the effects of exposure. This information is important because this chemical may harm you. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified 1,350 hazardous waste sites as the most serious in the nation. These sites make up the National Priorities List (NPL) and are targeted for long-term federal clean-up. Acetone has been found in at least 560 NPL sites. However, it’s unknown how many NPL sites have been evaluated for this substance. As EPA tests more sites, the sites with acetone may increase. This is important because exposure to acetone may harm you and because these sites are or may be sources of exposure.

    There is a difference from a computer search on google, and actually using government websites. Everything on that list has had side effects to either humans or animals. Everything on the list that Susie provided has been researched to cause some side effects. That is a list of everything that could be found in any landfill. I researched each item on that list, listed the side effects and sent them off in the DRAFT DEIR: If they had no side effects I believe I stated, no side effects noted at this time. The list you refer too, deleted all the no side effects known at this time. So if I am right, everything on the list will have some side effects if researched on any government website. Maybe you researched a landfill website?

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Steve, the number one item on their home page is aluminum. Since I’m not willing to eat an aluminum can, it should be on the list?

      I hope you can see how poor your logic is.

  14. Greg Kimura says:

    The most toxic chemical known to man is Batrachotoxin. Not far behind is 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. Nicotine is also extremely toxic.

    Where are these on this comprehensive list? One of the board members mentioned the dangers of having a list – you could miss something, which is the case here.

    Enough said here; Time to move on.

    • Kevan Smalley says:

      So you Greg voted to allow any and all chemicals to be dumped in the landfill. Tell us Greg, did you vote that way because you felt a fiduciary duty to the other CATC board members that voted to allow all those chemicals?

    • Steven Lee says:

      You are right Greg, please have the board vote on writing a letter to Representative Antonovich requesting that the landfill take no toxic chemicals. Please remove the list and go for much more. That would be truly representing Val Verde and the greater Santa Clarita Valley.

  15. Susie Evans says:

    I briefly read these remarks/comments. Since when did the list become Bonnie’s? Thank you Sara for clarifying numerous things. I for one know our bodies create some of those chemicals, but not enough to injure, create sickness or kill us. Greg, you are remembering the meeting where you lost your temper totally differently from me and others. Acetone seems to be THE chemical mentioned. How many nail salons have you been in Greg? The nail technicians wear masks and their AC systems run constantly. Talk to one of them and ask them how they feel working with small amounts of Acetone. Then we can talk about Acetone further.

    • Greg Kimura says:


      At the CATC meeting, Bonnie claimed the list as hers. She stated that she created the list and she checked over it numerous times. I didn’t say it, it came from her mouth.

      I also told her to re-write the letter, because it wouldn’t be approved. She told me she knew better, so I dropped it.

      I think a letter needs to be generated, but one that will be passed by the CATC.

      And if acetone is that dangerous, why don’t the clients wear masks. I’m not sure, but I also think that the technicians wear masks because of the dust from the grinding/sanding of nails, because I don’t think those masks can block gasses like acetone, though I could be wrong.

  16. Kate A. says:

    I’m so shocked that this Kumura gentleman is still one of the Val Verde representatives. Didn’t I see a video of him on YouTube threatening to have his own neighbors deported if they signed that complaint against COLA? Sounds like the same scare tactics the landfill and the CATC use so frequently.

    • Kevan Smalley says:

      Hey Greg, Why don’t you return the $275.00 missing out the VVCA treasury. The board needs it to help get back into compliance with the IRS.

  17. Steven Lee says:

    Kate you did see such a video. He also said that the county would come and site the residents of each house that was not up to code. When that argument was not wining over the crowd he said, “Do you want to be the one who has to tell those people they will no longer have soccer.” That in reference to the money from the landfill.
    He emailed the board members telling us that it had to be a 100% unanimous vote from the board to sign the civil complaint. He would then sign, because the county would not go after him, that would be too obvious, but the county could go after the other board members, and we/they were easy pickings.

    The board did vote 100% that they would sign it (a few abstained, due to connections with other boards/jobs). After the vote he said, “I cannot sign, I own property and have a business).” Could have told the board that upfront, the five unanimous votes were all willing to put their name on the complaint as representing the board that represents Val Verde.

    Kate, the good news is that when it got real nasty, most of us saved the emails. Glad to share them any time. They are pretty nasty and many members of the town are attacked. Well, basically the members who openly fought the landfill.

  18. Greg Kimura says:

    Steve Lee is wrong about the VVCA Board Taxes, my so called “threats”, 100% unanimous vote by the Board to agree on the complaint, etc.

    Sara Sage was called out for erroneously blaming me for not filing the taxes at our Val Verde Town Hall meeting.

    I also know that many of the VVCA Board members did not approve of the Department of Justice complaint against the County of Los Angeles. For those at the meeting, not one person in the audience or the Board fit the group being discriminated, nor did the two people presenting. In fact, they didn’t have one person’s name who fit the complaint. How could they ask our Board to sign a complaint where there isn’t one person who claimed discrimination?

    The vote would be in the meeting minutes. It doesn’t exist and I have no idea where Steve Lee came up with this.

    Steve, I’m not worried about my emails, so long as you don’t take them out of context. Though that may work on the Nextdoor site, it doesn’t work with people here.

    And you never told me how Ionizing Radiation can be dumped in a landfill. It is on Bonnie’s vetted list.

  19. Susie Evans says:

    “Greg, the threats came from your mouth. I was there. It is on tape, not sure if it is video or just audio, but it is taped. I was the one who saw two people with a paper in their hand talking about the presentation about filing a civil complaint. I was the one who posted the presentation information on Nextdoor and put up flyers after no one knew about the presentation. This town should not be left in the dark. Everything should be out in the open for the entire town to be aware of what is going on. You questioned who notified the town that night. I told you I did, then you sent me several emails asking for the names of the two people. I had responded in writing to a different board member who passed it on to the rest of the board. You did not believe me then and I am sure you don’t now. I am not going to give you names so you can throw them into this mess. Your predecessor told me that he gave you everything to you needed to file the taxes and how much money was in the civic association account. I will see what I can do to get the video/audio released to the public.”

    • Greg Kimura says:

      Not unless someone dubbed in some new audio, I never told anyone that I would call animal control, immigration, the county or anyone else on a resident. That’s what a threat is.

      If I warned people that someone else might do something, that’s different.

      I find it interesting that the terms “threat” and “warn” are so easily interchanged, but I guess it follows with the logic that I should be drinking/eating anything that gets dumped in a landfill.

      And I still don’t know why you still refuse to tell me who the two people are who were passing out fliers saying that the VVCA is having a meeting with Erica and Jeremiah? I don’t understand why those people need to be protected, unless you and they both know that something was unethically done. Since you’re so intent on bringing me down, why not validate your claims by naming the two people?

      Since you’ve brought it up again, I’ll ask again: Who were the two people who you saw handing our fliers about the VVCA public meeting?

  20. Steve Lee says:

    Gregg, the vote was in a private meeting. I think that Kevin would have that meeting in his minutes. There were people at the main meeting that were of Spanish decent, the video will show that. The truth is we had a vote, you claimed in emails that you would sign as the president of the VVCA. Once the vote was done, you said you would not sign, because you had houses and a business.

    The vote was;


    The abstained is because of conflicts of boards.
    That is 100% of the voting members. There were two votes that night in the private meeting that you called. One for signing the petition as a board and the other one for allowing the community to hear the complaint. That was also a yes vote, but with all voting, except for you. That is the great things about private meetings. You can then deny they ever happened. Maybe why private meetings among public boards are being scrutinized so much.
    Another note is once the board voted for the public to hear the civil complaint, you said, “the meeting will not be under the umbrella of the VVCA.” Then why have the vote?

  21. Steve Lee says:

    Gregg it can be dumped by just the Rocketdyne dirt.

    Oh, yeah Chiquita Canyon Landfill took that dirt. I think even you mention that.

  22. Greg Kimura says:

    When facts are distorted or “conveniently” forgotten, there isn’t much that can be done to respond, except give facts and let the reader make up his/her own mind.

    For the record, there was no 5-0 vote to have the VVCA Board sign the complaint against the County of Los Angeles. It is against our bylaws, as was discussed at a VVCA meeting. The VVCA Board has enough integrity to uphold it’s bylaws, even though a couple board members think it’s okay to break the rules.

    Susie Evans’ claim is incorrect. Sara Sage and Erica Larsen both know that it was Erica who asked me to have a private meeting with the VVCA – the meeting where Erica and Jeremiah were to present the complaint against LA County to the VVCA Board. Erica also knows that she sent an email to the people on her distribution list telling them it’s a public meeting. Erica and Sara NEVER backed me up on this and I don’t think they every will.

  23. Greg Kimura says:

    For those who understand science, you cannot dump energy into a landfill.

    Any type of radiation is energy, whether it’s ionizing or non-ionizing.

    Physical items are dumped in the form of a solid, sludge or liquid. Energy is not a solid, sludge or liquid. So, for someone to have triple checked this list, they don’t know enough about science to determine what should or shouldn’t be allowed, or they were sloppy with their checking. Either way, I don’t think it makes any sense to send a list with energy on it to the County.

    So, for the record. FACT: Radiation is energy which cannot be dumped into a landfill. Same as you can’t dump electricity, gravity or kinetic energy.

  24. Steven Lee says:

    Gregg radioactive dirt does exist. Here is an article about it in another city.


    Maybe you should ask for a refund from the college you took science from.

  25. Steven Lee says:

    Another site with radioactive dirt. When they remove it, it will have to be dumped somewhere.

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