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Santa Clarita CA
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December 10
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KristinGhilardi5The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Missing Persons Detail Unit has concluded its search for missing person Kristin Whitney Ghilardi, who had been reported missing on Friday, August 28, 2015, from the Santa Clarita Valley Area.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2015, Detectives made affirmative identification of Kristin Ghilardi based on several public sightings of her at different local businesses in the Ventura and Northridge areas. Kristin did not appear to be in distress and appeared to be doing fine. Detectives have determined that Kristin left the Santa Clarita area voluntarily. It is unknown why Kristin has not notified her family and friends of her current location and well-being.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Missing Persons Detail Unit would like to thank the media for their cooperation and attention to this case, and would also like to thank the public for the numerous leads and information provided. This information led detectives to Kristin’s location and positive identification.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Missing Persons Detail Unit at (323) 890-5500.





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  1. Her poor kid that she neglected to pick up from daycare. :(

  2. Wow how selfish. 😒

    • Without knowing the details, the family, or the circumstances – how can you make that judgement call?

    • Easy. You tell people you need a break and then take off. Don’t disappear. It’s selfish and irresponsible.

      • JG says:

        It is selfish and irresponsible for the average person but lupus affects the brain and this is very plausible. Her family knows it is unorthodox for her to do this (normally she’s a good mother) but she stopped taking her lupus medication. Have a read a Mayo clinic’s site about the most common symptoms – confusion and memory loss is in the list.

    • Jered Gardner don’t try to explain or give any sense to this kind of people my heart goes out to u and your family God bless you’re sister and hope for a food outcome

    • Jared Gardner no one is judging the person, people are judging the situation based on the info provided. Everyone has been looking for her possibly imagining the worse. Ppl have been blamed in a way for her disappearance (the homeless man) resources have been used to try and find her, as they should be. Overall yes, from the public’s perspective is looks incredibly selfish, doesn’t mean we are all not glad she’s alive though.
      When the help of the public is needed to find someone unfortunately ppl are going to voice their opinion.
      I hope you guys find her and get her the help she clearly needs.

    • So the fact that idiots jumped to conclusions means they’re entitled to make judgement calls? By posting “Wow, how selfish” – you aren’t judging a person? Gimme a break.

  3. Cathy Lahey Cathy Lahey says:

    Ok. So where was she.

  4. What the heck ?
    She left her kid at the daycare …

  5. Kris Tynn Kris Tynn says:

    Odd.. w out her kid?

  6. Woooow. I hope they let her son live with grandma. Geeze.

  7. This still sounds strange. We aren’t getting the whole story here

  8. All that worry….A phone call would have been nice!!!

  9. So selfish, you need a break fine!!! Let people know that, one phone call is all it takes

  10. Carly Fish Carly Fish says:

    Good to hear but sad for the son!

  11. Patty Ann Patty Ann says:

    Didn’t I read her family and friends were calling her? So ignored them? glad she was found alive.

  12. Awesome well it is great she didn’t pick her child up and didn’t answer calls or talk to anybody that thought she was missing. Bill that dumbass for wasting our time. Isn’t her head shaved now anyways.

  13. Maybe she has some kind of mental disorder since she was very ill several months back 🙏🏼

  14. Sonya Rowin Sonya Rowin says:

    So she left her 10 year old? And didn’t notify family of where she was? I’m thrilled that she’s okay, doesn’t sound too responsible to me….

  15. Max Young Max Young says:

    Ugh, selfish! & doesn’t even pick up her kid from daycare?! Wtf!

  16. Glad she is safe but sounds like she owes her family an explanation and apology at the very least.

  17. If true, nice parenting! Can’t imagine how scared her child must have been.

  18. Unbelievable who does that. That poor family was scared for her life.

  19. Happy ending ….I guess…😳😳

  20. Steph Steph Steph Steph says:

    Safe and sound good sane? No who leaves their kids behind!?

  21. It seems like there are missing girls who end up turning up safe and sound but we never hear what happened them. Glad she is safe though.

  22. Obviously the whole story hasn’t been told……I can’t get it out of my head that when her father was interviewed he said she would never do anything like that…it’s not like her…..he was really afraid that the homeless man had done something to her. We shall find out soon enough….

  23. Sonya Rowin Sonya Rowin says:

    Just found this: It is with deep regret that we inform you we have received notification from the Sheriff’s Department that Kristin was sighted last night in Ventura and appearing to be away of her own free will. While we are comforted to know that she is physically okay, we do not believe that she would ever leave her beloved son, and fear that she may have either snapped under the stressors in her life or been the victim of drugs in some sort of way.
    Additionally, Kristin does have lupus, which has recently been untreated because, according to her, she was not liking side effects of the medication she was given. This can possibly be affecting her capabilities for making decisions and compromising her judgement.
    We are so very grateful for the outpouring of love, care and concern. It has been far-reaching and very much appreciated. We ask that if anyone sees her that they plead with her to contact someone she knows and confirm to us that she is of her own free will in choosing to leave her son and her life as it was. It is so unthinkable for us to believe this and we just need to know. If we can connect with her, at least there is the hope of getting her help, if this is the case.

  24. Gee Hawd Gee Hawd says:

    Glad shes ok off to the nuthouse.

  25. John Fortman John Fortman says:

    No one posting here knows the whole story or even half the story.

  26. Wow……….All that stress & worry her poor family went through. Thank God she’s fine!! Now mom get custody of her kid, then get her the help she needs!

  27. I feel sorry for her family and son. How selfish and such a waste of resources i.e., law enforcement etc.

  28. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    She intentionally disappeared… Left her child and everyone. Nice… People thought you were in danger… Hope you had an awesome vacation at many people’s expense; especially your child.

  29. Prayers answered! Yay!!!! :)

  30. April Fiege April Fiege says:

    Wow what a selfish immature little brat who got her family, police and community freaked out for no reason. Classy.

  31. Navarro Wil Navarro Wil says:

    At least it wasn’t a sad ending where she’s found somewhere in a shallow grave or something. Good to hear she’s alive and well, regardless of what the backstory is.

  32. Ry B-stad Ry B-stad says:

    Um twilight zone? If true this is horrible

  33. Amy Karle Amy Karle says:

    Guys, let’s be kind. She could be having some sort of nervous breakdown or something. Let’s rejoice that she left her son in capable hands, women in distress have done far worse….

  34. Melissa Day Melissa Day says:

    I’m sorry but the person who deserves an apology here is “Patrick” who this community all but accused of unthinkable things.

  35. Dorene Tapp Dorene Tapp says:

    You should not be judging this young woman’s actions. We never know what is going on in someone’s private life.

  36. Lorena Sands Lorena Sands says:

    I’m happy she’s okay. Her reasons are for HERS to explain to her family not us. GOD be with her.

  37. Ashley Babin Ashley Babin says:

    Britni Bruins Megan MacKelvie cool

  38. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    Those of you judging this girl do not know the whole story. Any number of reasons could be keeping her from contacting her family. If she is mentally ill, or the lupus is dramatically effecting her judgment, etc. Seems to me the only people qualified to be pisses at her are her family, and I get the sense they still aren’t sure what happened.

    • Everyone commenting here needs to read this several times, slowly.

    • I don’t see how everyone posting such judgmental and negative comments can be proud of themselves?!?!
      I’m truly disappointed and embarrassed for them!!!

    • I just posted on another string that when I was young and had a young child, life was tough. I know first hand that it’s not easy, but you don’t leave your kid. Ever.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Except you aren’t her, Juli. We still don’t know if she intentionally left her child. Comparing your situation to hers is irrelevant.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      She could have some serious mental health issue, or a reaction to her illness(lupus). We just don’t know yet.

    • Something is fishy here, don’t make any sense none of it, lupus come to think about it does effect the brain and other organs of your body, maybe we shouldn’t judge for right now, I think we need to waste are energy on praying instead.

    • I have SLE Lupus, and altho I’ve been thru some really ugly/nasty situations, hard life, and have had 8 spine surgeries, plenty other medical issues.. I can tell u. This invisible disease is by far the worst, nastiest, meanest, cruelest thing I have ever had to deal with!
      One of the worst parts is being judged, especially bc its an invisible disease, so we don’t always look sick. There are different types of lupus, and even if people have the same type, lupus effects every person differently. At ANY given point, it can attack ANY part of our body. No 2 patients have the exact same symptoms. We have to fight our own body, on a daily basis. Our own body, attacks itself. On top of that and all the issues we have to “fight” the judgmental people, which most often include our families, friends, etc….

      Yes I understand how people are upset at her actions. But we don’t know her, we aren’t in HER shoes.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Angela Vargas, thank you for posting. I hope your post enlightens some of the people here who decided to shame this girl instead of withholding judgment until all the facts are in.
      I wish you good health now and in the future.

  39. Looks like someone is having a drug binge!

  40. Wow just left your kid!

  41. Wow! All the same people who come out saying “what’s happening in SCV?” And “how sad” when another body is found from suicide, but look at how everyone 👇in scv is so judgmental without even knowing the facts of this girls poor story!!
    Next time another body shows up in scv from suicide take a hard look at yourselves and ask why?!?!
    Incredibly nosey and incredibly judgmental!
    How about pulling together and just being happy she was found alive and pray that when she’s ready she can find the help she needs to get her life back on track!!!
    Don’t throw stones from glass houses, no one in this city/county is perfect!!!

    • Treating this incident like the latest gossip is sickening.

    • Here’s the issue regardless of her reasoning for taking off…. She CHOSE to have a child and therefore, made her responsible for another life for the rest of her life. You don’t leave your kids. End of story.

    • True Victoria, nothing IN YOUR RIGHT MIND would make you up and leave your kid.
      You proved my point exactly!!

      For all we know she is having a mental breakdown. Issues from lupus. Another mental health issue.

      But regardless, who made any of you/us her judge and jury without knowing ANY of the facts surrounding this girls situation?!?!

      Its so easy to judge from behind a keyboard.

      Last I checked, being mass judged on social media by people who don’t know but 1/100th of the story has NEVER helped anyone!! Has never saved anyone from mental health issues!!! Has never stopped anyone from committing suicide!!! And definitely doesn’t help ANYONE in this situation, not even her son!!!
      So how about you all just stop!!! Just stop!!! No excuses, no justifications, JUST STOP!!!

      It is NOT your place to judge!!!

    • Whoever is free of sin trow the first stone at her, we don’t know her story, just be happy that she’s alive and her 10 year old son is safe and in good hands, pray for her and for yourself, thinking that you’re perfect are judging her, God have mercy of all of you.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with your post Deborah… I’m not trying to judge this girl, but my concern is the child. She was capable enough to pull money out of an ATM to support her doing whatever she was doing and capable enough to drop her child off at school that day. I am not assuming anything… But just like you are saying not to judge to everyone else, how are you able to safely assume that this was related to some sort of mental issue? What if in fact she chose to take a break from life?

    • True. Which again, is my point Victoria. I don’t know. Neither do you. Neither do the other hundreds commenting on here.
      I do know that no mother in their ‘right mind’ would ever leave their child.
      I have read reports that her son was left safely with the father and others saying he was at daycare.
      I have read she was suffering from a recent troubling bout of lupus.
      It’s all in what the police/family/media choose to release.

      I do know that things such as depression and other overwhelming feelings come with diseases such as lupus that can take everything out of you when it attacks.
      But my overall point is that WE DON’T KNOW. We may never know the whole story.
      If it is drugs or because of a random homeless guy, I agree with you, shame on her!

      But if it is something such as mental illness then these posts and rush to judgements will only make her feel worse and more isolated. People with mental illness fear coming forth when they have made mistakes and when they feel they cannot recover from these mistakes they unfortunately jump to things like suicide.

      My only point is that no mother in their right mind would leave their child. We cannot judge her without knowing the whole story. And at some point whether its mental health or drugs she will need to get help to ever be productive for her son again. We are all human, we all make mistakes. I will never make her mistakes but I have and will make some in my lifetime. We ALL will. So who am I to judge her mistakes without knowing or living her life??
      I don’t have to condone her behavior to be happy she is not dead or to hope that she gets the help she needs to be a fantastic person or mother!
      I just think all these random mean posts are cruel and unnecessary!

      Personally I think we should all spend more time letting her know there is help out there for whatever she is going through than condemning her.

    • Overall, I just want to see mental health get better and suicides stopped!!!

    • Gee Hawd Gee Hawd says:

      Scv is.fine get over it u paranoid ninny.

  42. Ary Gomez Ary Gomez says:

    So sad, that she felt she couldn’t ask anyone for help “if it’s true she left on her own will” her family seem to care about her and her baby.

  43. I feel bad for her son because he will always remember this. How sad she chose to leave him.

  44. Can’t they take her in for abandoning her child?

  45. I’m glad that she’s fine, but why she had to do that her family, what is wrong with that whole story. Shame on her.😁

  46. Rob Cannon Rob Cannon says:

    What the!!! you can’t call NOBODY!!! Thanks God you aren’t hurt 🙏🏿

  47. Keep in mind, no one here knows (or is entitled to) the full story. Bottom line is she is safe. Extenuating circumstances are obviously at play. Stop treating it like some reality show, and judging from your couch.

  48. I guess she had her reason to leave, but she could have thought of her child

  49. Now that we know she is alive, someone please take the child away care for him, and put her in a mental hospital if she can’t care for him, or herself for that matter. Totally selfish.

  50. How nice of her to let her family worry like that.

  51. Hughe Mendent says:

    She possible met someone online and decide to make this move which could be deadly,I’m glad she is ok!!

  52. Candiss Nute Candiss Nute says:

    No one knows what Kristin Ghilardi is going through.. And she didn’t leave her kid at daycare.. His dad has him and is being taken care of. Don’t judge until you put yourself in her shoes and know exactly how she feels! #findkristinghilardi

  53. Hate to say it… But she’s probably on drugs. The only one truly hurt her is her son. Poor child.

    • I don’t think so..
      I was keeping in touch with a friend of hers.
      She is under treatment for lupus

    • Well I hope I’m not right. Its just makes no sense in my head as to why a mother would leave their child. But I guess you would know more… You know her friend. I also don’t know what lupus does to one so most likely I’m wrong. 😐

  54. How do they know for sure it’s her??

  55. Prayers she comes home. Hugs

  56. She just wanted to party in the Valley.. leave her alone!

  57. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    At least her body wasn’t found in a ditch somewhere.

  58. David Devlin David Devlin says:

    Grandma. ..get custody of that child and get help for your daughter

  59. Glad she is safe. But it is very sad. I also have SLE Lupus, and recently chopped off my hair to a very short “boy” cut, mostly due to the extreme, chunks of fall out.
    Lupus is such an nasty invisible disease. I can understand the reasons y she would want to just run away, I’ve felt like that many times before. But, I could/would never do that to my kids and family. But that’s just me.
    Its so difficult when you have to live with such a nasty disease, that most people haven’t even heard of, and have no idea what it’s like. People judge you, even your own family and friends.
    So, altho you might not agree with her actions, pray for her. ♡

  60. Stress and fear of a pain full life is hard for any mother. . Hopefully grandma takes care of her son and continues to try to keep in good spirits. Love and prayers still sent your way

  61. John John John John says:

    She went too go do drugs! Especially if she left with a homeless convict!

  62. 158 likes. We are nice people. Let’s not forget that.

  63. Cathy Cotton Cathy Cotton says:

    The only thing that makes you leave your family is Meth.

  64. Ok 😕
    They say she was “sighted and is physically ok” but where is the rest of the story?
    Do they have footage of her been seen?
    Everything just sounds strange to me 😟

  65. I spent the day walking and driving around the knolls looking for her and her car. A waste of my day and gas! Glad she is ok tho. FROM NOW ON IF A FAMILY MEMBER IS MISSING AND PEOPLE WANT HELP LOOKING FOR THEM PLEASE LET THE PUBLIC KNOW IF THEY ARE A FREQUENT DRUG ABUSER, MAYBE WE WILL CHOOSE TO NOT HELP LOOK.

    • Believe me, I’m sure the family is filled with gratitude for your efforts. Whether your child is drug addicted or not or has mental health problems or not, it is still your child and your heart is overfilled with love for them. Especially if your adult child is having difficulties, you as a parent have very little control over their actions but what what you do have is love, anxiety, and a sincere hope that everything will be okay one day. I know this family would thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your efforts if they could; but right now they are probably trying to make sense of what has happened and working on what they can do to make things right.

  66. Look forward to hearing what SHE has to saw, because she is the only one who really knows why she left.

  67. So was she a drug user

  68. By the look of these comments i would keep running…you judgemental bunch of hypachristians. Mabe someone was abusing her at home. Anyone?

    • What is a hypachristian? Im a Christian ( major work on progress ) . I know what you mean.by keep running. The judgement is amazing .

    • I grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic school. Hypo Christian is a hypocrite combined with Christian… this is a term that I coined from my experiences throughout my Catholic upbringing.

      I see these comments, & I can’t help but to look at how judgmental they are. And how most of those people would consider themselves a Christian.

    • I would guess many of the judgements are NOT from Christians. Do better.

    • Oh, I see how you got the word. I imagine the comments are from believers and nonbelievers alike. You are right that it’s so easy to have, what seems like, fun judging people today without the whole story. Sad truth about a large part of society today and a good reminder to me .

    • You sure are doing a lot of assuming thinking Christians are making these comments. Wouldn’t that be considered judging as well? I guess it’s okay for you because you are not a Christian??

    • I could care less who is making these judgement calls. Christian or not – it reeks of entitled gossip mongering.

    • Yes Renee, you might be correct in assuming that I actually have common sense and I’m a non believer.

    • Lori Yoast Lori Yoast says:

      Guys, let’s be kind. She could be having some sort of nervous breakdown or something. Let’s rejoice that she left her son in capable hands, women in distress have done far worse….

  69. Why you people so quick to judge before hearing the whole story. At least she is alive, well and safe.

  70. Um ok so she abandoned her daughter interesting

  71. Scott Mosey Scott Mosey says:

    I’ve seen it happen. I’m betting it’s a mixture of her mental state and the meds they are giving her. With the right help, she will wake up!

  72. JG says:

    All you assumptive accusers – read Mayo clinic’s site about lupus. “Headaches, confusion and memory loss”. Any new conclusions now taking this into consideration?

  73. Jeff Jarred Jeff Jarred says:

    She did not leave her child abandoned and hungry. The child was in good hands. Happy she’s ok and pray for her recovery no matter what. One day at a time.

  74. I am happy she is safe. I can’t imagine the stress she must have been under to leave on her own.

  75. Wow! Sorry for her worried family.

  76. I think its safe to say that NO ONE on this thread knows the whole story….and yet so many terribly judgmental assumptions. Let’s be kind and human… be happy that this young woman did NOT meet a tragic end. There are always two sides to a story…its very unlikely that a FB post would represent the whole truth. Me, I hope she is reunited with her family who obviously love her dearly.

  77. I’m glad she’s safe.

  78. Heather Cogswell Alexandra Stafford

  79. Sooooo! She’s just f..ked up! Lots of people have lupus and don’t forget to check in with family or child ….absolutely no excuse! Send her the bill!!💩👺

  80. Just happy she was found maybe she can get help with whatever issues she has so she can reunite with her child who needs his mother

  81. Jennifer Fry Jennifer Fry says:

    Autumn Hathaway Rebecca Edwards Short

  82. Thank god she was found alive. Please let’s not judge, she might be going through something we can’t even imagine. So many families don’t get this kind of ending.

  83. Becky Burgin Becky Burgin says:

    So happy she is found alive … But it doesn’t sound like she is safe, she needs to be brought back to her family to get the help she needs

  84. Happy she is alive, hopefully the issues will be felt with and she will be home soon.

  85. We may not know her story but we and I have known stress! Raised two kids alone, take care of my parents, all while trying to keep a business and good life for all! I don’t care what ailment I have, I would never put ANYTHING over the well being of my kids or family!

  86. Laura Keith Laura Keith says:

    So the sheriff confirmed a “sighting” and she is alive. But they didn’t make any actual contact with her?
    She may be a victim and unable to get out of her current situation. Unbelievable.
    Just walking away from your family with that kind of medical condition is not normal behavior. Turning off phone and a full voicemail box. If they ” sighted ” her, they should have made contact or hauled her in at the request of family or physician for a 72 hour psyche evaluation.
    Supposedly she was a “manager at a local Costco ” so did she stop showing up to work? Request vacation time? What’s the deal?
    still no answers regarding whether she dropped off this “Patrick” and what his role in this is. Did they make it to the probation office ? Or was that just an excuse to get out of the area. ? There are a lot of elements here that point to needing an evaluation .
    The family is no doubt frustrated worried and confused.
    Guess they will be heading to Ventura to find her themselves.

  87. She was obviously out boning the homeless guy for drugs, went on a bender, and decided to take a permanent vacation from reality. She’ll be making porn and working in a strip club next week.

  88. Erin Henry Erin Henry says:

    I’m glad she’s safe.

  89. STUPID STUPID GIRL THANKS FOR CONTACTING YOUR FAMILY,next time you might not make it home,you got lucky,maybe you should try to think about everyone that was worried and pull your head out,purely ignorant

  90. SH says:

    Wow! There are some pretty harsh comments. The worst coming from Jared Gardner. Why are you even wasting your time attacking people for their comments? All you had to do is thank the people who helped and prayed for her. You sound very hateful in your responses. Of course people are going to assume. They wouldn’t be assuming if you would just put an explanation of what happened and thank those who were concerned. I believe the people do deserve some type of explanation. You asked people for help and that’s what they did. They invested time and concern for someone they didn’t know. Now all they want is some closure. I believe they should have that. By not knowing the whole story you may have the “Boy that Cried Wolf”. She may go missing again and you may need the help of these people and because no one cared enough to explain what happened everyones just going to assume that she’s off on some bender again. You may not be that lucky next time. I don’t think that most of the people here are judging. They’re assuming because they don’t know. Your saying it’s none of their business. You made it their business when you asked for help. Help is what you got so be grateful and not hateful in your comments. Just let the people know why she left her child and didn’t tell her family. It’s hard for people to fathom why anyone would do that. That’s all the people are asking for. This way you will stop the ugly comments and if they know the explanation and happen to run into her they will be able to know whether they should offer her help or just let her be. I’m glad that she was found and fine. I hope the future will be good for her.

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Morgan Koch Keeps TMU Volleyball All-American Streak Alive
Jasmine Parada has added another top honor to her collection -- the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics picked her among its best of the year.
TMU’s Parada Picked as 2nd-Team All-American
Inmate visiting at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic has been canceled for this weekend due to a long-term power outage at the Visitor Center.
Pitchess Center Cancels Inmate Visits This Weekend
Starting Monday night, Caltrans will create new temporary lanes on southbound Interstate 5, part of a $171 million freeway repaving project in and near the city of Santa Clarita.
New Lane Pattern on I-5 Starts Monday Night in SCV
United Way of Greater Los Angeles has set up the Southern California Wildfire Fund to help victims of these fires rebuild their lives.
United Way Sets Up Funds for Fire Victims
The tragedy of the deaths of 29 horses burned by the Creek Fire at a ranch in Sylmar has caused extensive public concern, and the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control urges horse owners to have an evaculation plan.
County Animal Care Responds to Horse Deaths in Sylmar
Half a dozen wildfires across Southern California continued to burn Friday morning, but firefighters made progress overnight in a week fraught with massive evacuations, highway and school closures and the loss of more than 50 horses.
Wildfires Scorch Homes, Horses Across Southern California
U.S. Air Force Airman Anthony Kuhn, son of Dianne and Joe Kuhn of Santa Clarita, has graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas.
Learning Post Alum Anthony Kuhn Graduates Air Force Basic Training
1941 - Julius Dietzmann family of Castaic arrested as German enemy aliens [story]
LOS ANGELES, CA – Assessor Jeffrey Prang urges homeowners and owners of other property damaged or destroyed by the recent wildfires to seek tax relief.
County Assessor Urges Homeowners Affected by Fires to Seek Tax Relief
The Castaic Lake Water Agency's Financial and Operations Committee will hold a meeting Thursday, Dec. 14, at 5:30 p.m.
Dec. 14: CLWA’s Financial, Operations Committee Meeting
LOS ANGELES—The County of Los Angeles Probation Department activated its Departmental Operations Center in response to the fires across the Southland.
Probation Department Monitoring Fires Around Juvenile Camps, Including Those in SCV
LONG BEACH, Calif. — The tragedy of the deaths of 29 horses burned by the Creek Fire at a ranch in Sylmar has caused extensive public concern.
Animal Control Issues Statement on Horse Deaths During Creek Fire
With improved air quality, travel conditions and weather forecasts for the area surrounding CSUN, the campus will be open and operational Friday.
CSUN Back in Session Friday
On Wednesday, at approximately 7:45 a.m., Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station deputies responded to the 25200 block of De Wolfe Road, Newhall, regarding a man with a gun and domestic disturbance call.
More than 140 Firearms Found in Newhall Home of Barricaded Suspect
On Thursday, December 14, from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., the city of Santa Clarita and the American Red Cross are partnering to provide a Community Blood Drive.
Dec. 14: Community Blood Drive at City Hall
The city of Santa Clarita has been recognized by the American Public Works Association (APWA) with two prestigious Public Works awards.
City’s Environmental, Transportation Projects Lauded at Public Works Awards
LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) continues to rescue animals and provide safe sheltering for animals as a result of the active fires that have affected thousands of Los Angeles County residents.
County Animal Care, Control Shelters More Than 180 Animals Amid LA Fires
On November 29, 2017, at approximately 8:37 AM, the individual pictured, stole a package from the front of a residence on the 25900 block of Palomita Drive in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Detectives Seeking Help Identifying Package Theft Suspect
Eliminating net neutrality would allow Internet service providers such as Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum and AT&T to create a “slow lane” and a “fast lane” on the Internet, prioritizing certain companies over others and dictating what websites you’re able to visit and at what speed, or even blocking you entirely from visiting certain websites of your choice.
Save the Open Internet | Commentary by Bryan Caforio
Going "Green" this season is the greatest gift you can give to the earth and ultimately to our families and future.
City Offers Tips on Green, Eco-Friendly Holiday