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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
December 15
1987 - Incorporation: Santa Clarita officially becomes a city [story]

012415_187[District Attorney] – A Newhall man entered a no-contest plea Wednesday to a charge of killing his 19-day-old daughter, the Los Angeles County Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.

Deputy District Attorney Julie Kramer said Matthew Brendan Warner, 30, pleaded to one count of first-degree murder in case PA082876.

Warner will receive a 50-years-to-life state prison sentence at a hearing scheduled for Oct. 6 in Department S of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, San Fernando Branch.

On Jan. 23, the defendant beat the baby, Ellorah Rose Warner, to death at their Newhall home while the victim’s mother was working, the prosecutor said. Matthew Warner then hid Ellorah’s body and claimed she had been kidnapped, the prosecutor added.

Matthew Brendan Warner

Matthew Brendan Warner

Warner eventually led authorities to the victim’s body which was wrapped in towels, inside bags in the cab of a truck parked in a nearby parking lot.

The case was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.





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  1. Militza de R Militza de R says:

    Only 50???????😡😡😡😡😡😡 wth😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Don’t forget this is an “über” liberal state…”baby lives don’t matter”…😡

  3. Ray Smith Ray Smith says:

    Drowned baby? What about all the horrible things he did to this baby? Why is that not mentioned?

  4. 50 years?! What a joke. Rot in hell, scumbag.

  5. California needs death penalty…why waste money on criminals like this? I bet people would think twice about hurting a child if the punishment was death.

  6. Kay Kristi Kay Kristi says:

    death penalty why should he live he hurt and killed his daughter

  7. Max Young Max Young says:

    Wow! Just wow! Unbelievable! Just a monster & to his own baby! We can only hope the inmates get him good.

  8. Teri Cuadros Teri Cuadros says:

    They updated the story from drowned to beat her to death

  9. Ray Smith Ray Smith says:

    Thanks for the update however it still does not mention the fact that he sexually assaulted this little baby!

  10. 50 years is to good for this sucker, drop him in the desert with the animals

  11. At least he is pleading guilty. Save the state money for a trial. He probably won’t live long in prison.

  12. As much as I think he deserves to rot in prison (because we all know 50 to life is not actually 50 to life), I am glad this baby’s mother did not have to through a trial. She’s been through enough and my thoughts are with her and her family.

  13. Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

    The only reason this scumbag isn’t getting the death penalty is because it was abolished in CA in July 2014. The system was deemed “unconstitutional because it’s arbitrary and plagued with delays.”

    Worst he can get is Life Without Parole because of this.

  14. Not bad, should be life without the possibility of parole but 50 is better than 20.

  15. Not harsh enough for what he did to that innocent life. Disgusting monster.

  16. Call it what it is !! Sicko baby Raper!!

  17. Mark Lessard Mark Lessard says:

    Bring back public hangings! We’ve lost control, our leadership is clueless. Things were different back in the day for good reason!

  18. Susan Staudt Susan Staudt says:

    justice for that poor child

  19. There is no worse crime than that against an innocent little baby or children. Just can’t even begin to imagine. Not a punishment severe enough for this animal. Just kills me to think what this precious little baby went through. It’s nothing less than demonic. How could it be any less?

  20. I think it’s China that has the “eye for an eye” laws or used too. I think he should have done to him what he did to his baby.

  21. This POS should get the Death Penalty and even that is too humane for this animal! Thanks to good ole California, we, the tax payers now have to feed and house this monster for the rest of his pathetic existence! Feeling disgusted!

  22. Not ENOUGH justice for such a heinous crime. Sickens and saddens me :(

  23. Kevin Meraz Kevin Meraz says:

    Wow just wow. Stephen Wright.

  24. Jen Hoffmann Jen Hoffmann says:

    And now lawmakers are trying to say that putting someone on death row is “cruel and unusual” punishment. Sometimes I hate living in such a liberal state. How was it not “cruel and unusual” for what they did to deserve to be on death row in the first place? I think I want to move to Texas where they actually enforce the death penalty.

    • Me too…💯 agree. I have seriously suggested to my hubby that we move our fam to Texas!! Lol! But we luv Cali despite the cra cra Libs that run it! 😂😏

    • Jen Hoffmann Jen Hoffmann says:

      Yes, we’re “stuck” here in San Diego (could be worse places to be stuck) b/c of family stuff and my husband’s job. Not complaining, but I would love to live in a conservative state. They say San Diego is mostly conservative, but I don’t see it.

  25. I hope they really do what they say to asswholes in jail that commit crimes to innocent children!

  26. Peggy Enbody Peggy Enbody says:

    How does he get to live??? And we get to feed and house him! Absolutely DISGUSTING.

  27. Kristina Joy Kristina Joy says:

    I cannot get this through my head. I cannot understand why this happened. I am not only crying for that poor child right now, but over the fact that he may one day be free again. We all must hope that gets his real punishment on the inside. RIP beautiful baby Ellorah, i will grieve for you always.

  28. April Fiege April Fiege says:

    Lock that pig up and throw away the key since California is soooooooo against the death penalty. What a joke. Hopefully the other inmates just do it for us for free.

  29. In other news, hundreds of Planned Parenthood doctors will not face charges for killing thousands of unborn children today.

  30. Nate says:

    50 to Life. He hasn’t been sentenced yet. He just saved the taxpayers a boatload of money only to avoid the death penalty. I would think 50 years minimum in jail with his crimes might be worse than getting off easy with death. It takes like 30 years to put someone to death in this state so what’s the difference?

  31. Not that I’m against but when it’s a young person, I really feel that life in prison is a worse punishment. Sitting in a cell thinking about why your there. In his case he will have to worry every that someone will kill him for having killed a baby.yes, he will suffer every day without hope of an appeal like he would if it were the death penalty.

  32. Animal should not be able to see the light of day.. Evil!!!!

  33. Kelly Josett Kelly Josett says:

    I just hope is put in general population and then maybe justice will really be served for that poor baby.

  34. Wtf!???!! That’s it?????!!!

  35. Omg. Brian D. Martinez omg omg omg

  36. Someone in the prison will take him out count on it

  37. And if he had only “just” beat her to death…… It was worse and more evil then that. Demon possessed man and he really needs to just be put to death so God can deal with him. Sure as hell doesn’t make any sense here….. Public service announcement – don’t procreate with meth/crack heads. :/

  38. Looking at this guy’s face on the web site listed above f –ken totally pissed me off. The size of that bastard and the thought of him beating and sexually hurting that poor defenseless 19 day old baby girl makes me sick to my stomach and God forgive me but I truly hate this guy and wish him a slow and painful death in jail by some very big guys . I’m sorry but it’s how I feel about this. Ass hole.

  39. All I can say is, what’s this world coming too?! A 19 day old baby!!!
    Her own father! I had to read it twice to be able to process it. I just couldn’t believe such a thing. God plz look down on us 🙏

  40. He is gonna wish he was dead when he gets to prison. They don’t take kindly to guys that hurt children

  41. Kim Stephens Kim Stephens says:

    He won’t last 50 minutes in prison. Inmates have a way of dealing with pedophiles.

  42. 50 years is not enough for what this demonic son of a B! Plea bargain is a complete injustice! How do just leave out torturing his child !!!!! This should be the death penalty or life in prison! With his luck he’ll be out in 25 and god knows who he’ll kill and torture then?!?!?

  43. Tessa Lucero says:

    One aspect that nobody seems to have commented on: why was the mother of a 19 day old infant already back at work?

  44. Shirley says:

    Bubba will get him.

  45. Lola says:

    Be angry at the district attorney Julie Kramer who accepted the plea deal for a case that would have resulted in a conviction with all the charges. Then this piece of crap would be in jail with the label he deserves. Child rapist and baby killer. He would then get the beat down in jail we all want him to have. Daily for 50+. REMEMBER THE NAME JULIE KRAMER PEOPLE! Because at some point she will run for an elected position and you never hear the backgrounds of the district attorney or the judges that run for office.

  46. There is no worse crime than this. He’s a monster a true evil monster.

  47. What happened to getting the Death Penalty?

  48. Christina Cunninham Rodriguez says:

    In my opinion this guy will do his self in first six months of prison, and that’s if the gangs don’t get him first. There maybe a lot of bad asses in the prison system, but I don’t think they will take kindly to a baby killer, and a supposed infant pedi file.

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