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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
November 17
1969 - Construction begins on Magic Mountain amusement park [story]

fatal091215Emergency officials responded to a fatal traffic collision Saturday night on Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.

Reports came in about 8:50 p.m. of a single-vehicle rollover on Soledad near Rue Entree, said Supervising Fire Dispatcher Michael Pittman.

Two people were trapped in the vehicle, which crashed into a tree, said Sgt. Brian Allen of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. No other vehicles were involved.

One person died at the scene and the second person was transported to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital with possibly critical injuries, Allen said.

Westbound Soledad Canyon Road was closed.

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  1. Richard Provincia did you see this

  2. Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

    These parkways they keep putting out here are ridiculous. They put trees way too close to the traffic lanes and the curb is so low that any car going at almost any speed can hop over. These trees have caused way too many deaths on Soledad.

    • Well, that, and irresponsible driving speeds.

    • Maybe so. But if the trees weren’t there in many cases the cars would have gone and hit other cars. Cause more injuries or death.

    • Doug Judson Doug Judson says:

      Uh. That has been there for years.

    • Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

      I am referring to all the way up and down Soledad from bouquet to shadow pines especially the center median the curbs are only a few inches high in many places. The trees get hit left and right I have seen it so many times as I travel up and down

    • Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

      I’m just saying that they need to build proper curbs if they’re going to put trees

    • Louie-Did you see it?. So sad Many prayers for the families of this horrible accident.

    • Tracee Lee Tracee Lee says:

      cars need to stay on streets!!! drivers texting, speeding..etc

    • Doug Judson Doug Judson says:

      And oddly, you haven’t crashed there yet. What’s your secret?

    • Yeah, I’m just saying, if you want to show off in your vehicle, take it o LACR, or Willow Springs.
      Nobody here seems to remember how Paul Walker died.

      Here’s the point I’m making:
      Reckless driving that kills the driver is not the fault of the city.
      I’m glad nobody else was killed, but I see no reason to remove landscaping for the benefit of a reckless driver.
      My condolences are with the families that have been left to clean up this mess.

    • Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

      Doug we could go there about handguns or airplanes or any other tool you want to talk about. None of them will help this family.

    • It seems like it’s the drivers fault. They crash into the trees and it’s their fault for doing it

    • I’m just wondering, Louie DeRosa, how do you manage to travel that unsafe route without running up the curb, and into trees?
      That road has been there for decades. We all seem to manage just fine.

    • Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

      Kari all I am saying is that the trees are dangerous. Of course you have to be out of control to hit them in the first place I’m not ignorant but if you go up and down Soledad and look especially in the center divider you will notice that you can run right up and into the trees they should have regular curbs to prevent this. Someone commented that at least the trees will stop you from going into oncoming traffic in so many words. This is true but as long as they’re putting a median they may as well build the curbs regulation height. That is my only concern because I have seen way too many accidents car vs tree on this road

      • Allan Johnson says:

        Completely agree the curb is far below what safety standards would require. Quite simply, a flat front tire on Soledad could kill you, a 6 inch tree can be deadly.

    • Doug Judson Doug Judson says:

      I agree Louie. I’m sadden at the loss of life, but many of us have traveled these streets many times. Your initial comment was that “they keep putting in roadways that are unsafe”. This particular roadway has been there for many a years. Plenty of people travel there safely, with no incidents.

      I do not wish death upon anyone, Louie. That’s not what I am trying to say here. At some point, people need to be responsible for their actions. (And yes, your previous examples apply here as well; handguns and airplanes).

      Trees do not kill people. Speed kills. Experimentation kills. Wonder kills.

      There are safe ways to “experiment” with speed and there are unsafe ways. This is what my parents have taught me.

      Of course, there is always the occasional fluke.

      My condolences to any family affected by this loss. Death is never a good thing.

    • Tim Weaver Tim Weaver says:

      lol at blaming the trees,maybe learn how to drive?

    • Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

      Whaaat? Now it’s the curbs and the trees’ fault why people crash? How about staying in your lane? I drive Soledad from beginning to end everyday and haven’t had a tree stand on my way. Stupid people want to constantly show off their car or show off with their friends. I see it all the time and people, specially young kids just don’t learn

    • Mike Davis Mike Davis says:

      Yeah, it’s the tree’s fault. Always blame something else rather than take responsibility for ones own actions, that’s the new normal.

    • Louie DeRosa Louie DeRosa says:

      Neither the trees nor the curbs cause the accidents the drivers cause the accidents. the trees are the innocent bystanders they get stuck in the way and cause most of the damage after the car has lost control

    • Crash was up onto the sidewalk, not center divider. Speed kills.

    • Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

      If speed kills, why isn’t the countryside littered with the dead bodies of jet pilots?

    • Doug Judson Doug Judson says:

      I think people need to read the convo that has preceded this. Theres no reason we need to get angry with Louie. If you reply to this particular thread, make sure you have read through our convo…

    • Emily Dauer Emily Dauer says:

      If trees seem to cause so many car accidents I would hate to live in the south! There would be car accidents all the time.
      It is not the trees its distracted and reckless driving.
      Billboards are more dangerous than trees. It is better to have the trees there because at least there is a chance of the tree slowing down or stopping the car before going into oncoming traffic.

  3. David Hanie David Hanie says:

    Prayers go out to the victims. I was 2nd on scene before any emergency services showed up. Very bad crash.

  4. SCVsMosthated says:

    Anybody have any other info on this crash?

  5. Tracee Lee Tracee Lee says:

    i live right here…and its not the trees that are the probably…its the people who constantly speed down this roadway and run the red lights!!! it doesnt surprise me a bit…last week we had 2 accidents on this same area

    • Cathy Trope Cathy Trope says:

      These stories are sad but it almost always comes out that people were either drinking or were texting/speeding. I don’t know where everybody is in such a hurry to go. A guy nearly drove into me today on the 14 because OMG he just noticed a dump truck in front of him going 40 up the hill. Crazy thought but you might want to look before you change lanes to make sure no one else’s car is there.

  6. Oh my goodness we saw this:( so sad!

    • Maryam says:

      Did you see the crash

      Please let me know
      She was our employee who when to the wedding and was coming home with a friend:(((

  7. Just drove past this accident and it looked horrible the engine is in the front seat area … It’s horrible … God be with them …

  8. Gilbert Gilligan Tadeo

  9. I just drove by the crash and the car is basically vertical. The roof of the car is almost touching the tree/ street light that it crashed into. It was frightening to see.

  10. Sean Fox Sean Fox says:

    Sadly speed kills, please slow down folks…

  11. Erica Egar Erica Egar says:

    Terri Erickson Egar

  12. Adriana Barr Adriana Barr says:

    Elva Raquel Peña this is why we had to turn back! 😕

  13. Santa Clarita lives matter!

  14. Terrible thing to drive by..

  15. Julian Mirza Julian Mirza says:

    Sad that people lose their lives this way. You won’t hit a tree if you are driving the speed limit… I go down this street everyday, can’t tell you how many people, not just teenagers, go way beyond the speed limit. Sad thing is they all know how many accidents happen on this street, how many joggers there are, and the consequences. Yet the dangerous driving continues.

    • Marilyn says:

      He was drunk . He wasn’t just driving that speed limit for fun . He’s still alive btw . He had a belt on . She didn’t and that’s why she died .

  16. People drive way too fast on this stretch of road. I have almost been hit many times by cars speeding around my car.

  17. Matthew Rosales you were right.

  18. I made a left onto Soledad from Boquet, speed limit is 50mph, a Honda Civic passed me going at least 90 mph. What you expect?

  19. Too many people pay zero attention to the 50 mph limit and drive way too fast. This makes me rethink it as a safe route to go running.

  20. Benny Guzman Benny Guzman says:

    We all need to slow down in this neighborhood, especially when traveling down Ada street.

  21. This is all about speed on this stretch of road. It is fortunate that this doesnt happen at least 3 times everyday. I was driving on Soledad eastbound yesterday around 2:30pm and a gray “souped up” Honda Civic cut off a white pickup behind me then swerved into the next lane cutting off someone else and continued this passing me at probably 75mph so he could make it to the red light at Sand Canyon. I was at the same light 5 cars behind him. When the light turned green he took off and by the time I got theough the light and down the hill along the 14 he was so far ahead of everyone he had to be going 80. Maybe we need a sheriff sitting on that stretch for a while?

    • You are right, I live in the homes right there and everyone is always going 60-75 down Soledad to pass me after I drop my
      Kids off at school. I do occasionally see a sherif parked under the bridge at the light in the after noon and on flower park.. Need more police presence to reduce speed there are multiple accidents in this same spot every month

  22. Denice Lyke Denice Lyke says:

    This car was so wedged between a tree and a very strong wall, compacted with dirt that is the foundation for house just above. I was there and I did not see the tree being at fault at all. If he didn’t hit the tree, he would have hit the wall, either way, we don’t know what caused, could have been speed, distraction, medical condition of the adult driver in 60’s. We don’t know. So, rather than blame the tree… Let’s all relax and get back to what the reality is, a young woman lost her life. May she rest in peace.

  23. Lisa Bright Lisa Bright says:

    Praying for these families.

  24. Shirley says:

    I live right by here, I feel for the families. I wish people would slow down. Everyone is distracted. They drive too fast, they are on their phones.

  25. A simple flat front tire at the posted 45 mph can send you right over the slight curb and easily plant your car into a tree. Planting trees in a roadway is bad planning.

  26. W says:

    That’s right, it’s the trees fault. It the speeders, the boy racers, the drunk drivers, the stoned drivers, the buzzed drivets, the distracted or just plain bad drivers. Look around, the parkway are the best thing to happen to SC. Try paying attention and try to drive better. That will save more lives then removing the parkways.

  27. This is what we saw last night. Edwin Proano

  28. Tank Franz Tank Franz says:

    Need to crack down on these fast drivers, they are getting away with way too much & putting people in danger.

  29. DONT TRIP says:

    @W, BTW your forgetting your SCV moms, Valencia BMW drivers, every person with a lifted truck in SCV. Should i go on?

  30. christina phillips says:

    Sad what happen this girl was a coworker at magic touch salon on reseda, she was loved by all them in salon !!!and will be missed !!!

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