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1993 - Hart High grad Dee Dee Myers (1979) becomes first female White House press secretary [story]

The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Monday, Sep 21, 2015

joemessinamugPut down your rocks. Look, what I’m saying is this: Let’s look at the word “fault.” As defined it means, “responsibility for wrongdoing or failure; e.g., the accident was the driver’s fault.” There’s plenty more to that definition, but we can stop here. Just key in on the “failure” part.

If by “fault” the liberals are saying it’s the Republicans’ “failure” that the government will shut down … I say we should own it.

We should own the fact that we are willing to look at more than 10 videos of babies who are still moving, yet being dissected by a group that says it doesn’t do such things. We should own the fact that we are willing to look at those videos showing babies born at nearly full term after a botched abortion and then being killed in such a fashion as to be able to sell the body parts to “research labs.” We should own the fact that we are willing to stick up for the unborn. We should own the fact that we are willing to risk losing our precious legislative seats to stick up for those who can’t defend themselves.

Because even after all of the videos and proof that Planned Parenthood is not playing by the rules, the Dems still refuse even to look into it. I don’t blame them, because if they discover something is wrong and take action, just think of all the votes they stand to lose.

President Obama has said he won’t accept a bill that includes defunding Planned Parenthood because it will hurt women. Curious. I don’t see how.

Defunding Planned Parenthood would cut 500 million tax dollars. No matter what PP tells you, some of that money is used for abortions. It doesn’t matter how much, because we’ve been promised that “zero” dollars will be used for abortion. It falls in line with that whole, “If you want to keep your doctor, you can…” Never mind.

The part I am really perplexed about is that Obamacare was supposed to provide these services and cover all of those Americans who couldn’t get coverage independently or afford coverage from work.

So, if it covers women for mammograms and reproductive health and women’s issues and so on, then why do we need Planned Parenthood?

There are hospitals and clinics all over the U.S. and specifically in the inner cities where many of PP’s services are offered. So, when the Dems say to look at all of the services women won’t receive if we defund PP, are they saying Obamacare has failed?

It has cost more than $2 billion to implement Obamacare websites that don’t work well, and some not at all. Close to $1 billion in advertising Obamacare. After we get past all of the game playing, the original number of $900 billion to implement over 10 years will now be closer to $2.4 billion and rising.

The 42 million uninsured people who would now be (or should have been) insured under Obamacare is more like 6 million. The real number, because you can’t say you have 19 million new signups when 7 million who were slated to move to Medicare were forced to sign up online and an additional 6 million lost healthcare benefits (because their plan that they liked but their doctor, whom they liked, was deemed “inadequate” by the government) and had to sign up online.

So is the real reason why “El Presidente” is fighting so hard to keep PP in business simply to cover for the millions of women who will no longer be covered under Obamacare?

If it’s Republicans’ “fault” that we are willing to give the president an excuse to shut down the government over 500 million wasted tax dollars because it’s already covered by Obamacare, then I’m guilty.



Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also an elected member of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.

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  1. SCVsMostHated says:

    U would have a point if ot wasn’t for the majority being “gop”. So yes the gop are at FAULT. Shutting them down could be a good thing, since we’re talking about money, we the people wouldn’t have to pay the majority gop which are showing they are getting paid for no reason. “Just about as low as a crippled cricket’s ass”.

  2. I was thinking the same thing when I read a meme about people voting to defund cancer screenings by defunding PP can’t be called pro life. Everyone is required to carry health insurance with a minimum standard of coverage. So why would we still need PP to do so? Also, we need to stop playing the game where people consider it taking away your rights if the government isn’t giving it away for free.

  3. Jason Allen Jason Allen says:

    Oh the ACA? That thing that Joe’s party has tried to repeal 50+ times? Why do they hate healthcare? :(

  4. Don Teller Don Teller says:

    Another stupid ass commentary

  5. Dean Wise Dean Wise says:

    That is a great question why spend double the money of course why spend any of the money

  6. Uggh, this guy Messina using SCTV to push his out of touch agenda again! I don’t have the time to explain to him why Planned Parenthood is essential to our communities or how his misunderstanding of Obamacare coverage vs. what PP does is faulty and illogical. But what I will say, which he completely glosses over, is that regardless of one’s stance on this topic, the Repubs supposed plan to not pass the budget if they don’t get their way on this social issue that has minimal impact on the budget is juvenile at best and criminal at worst. The last time Cruz and his band of clowns tried this ploy, it cost the economy billions of dollars and accomplished NOTHING. They are put in Congress to work for us, not against us. Put on your big boy pants and work together to pass a budget. It’s called negotiation and compromise. Somehow these numbskulls on the right think it’s ok to take their toys and go home if the don’t get their way, while holding all Americans hostage.

    • Jesse Roach Jesse Roach says:

      If the fetus does in fact have rights and if selling and profitting from fetuses is illegal then isn’t this of extreme utmost importance? Your post assumes PP isn’t guilty of anything.

    • Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

      Except they aren’t. The video that I bet you, Jesse, believe was 100% real, which was proved time and again to have been edited in numerous places.

      They weren’t selling or profiting off of anything. They received just enough money to cover the cost of transport. Nothing more. Which is PERFECTLY LEGAL.

      The fact that even the CEO of PP is being so compliant and they’re even putting up with this entire affair should be more than enough proof that they’re innocent.

      If anything, the people who secretly recorded the doctor by pretending to be employees should be the ones in serious trouble.


    • Jesse, first, I believe in the law of the land and Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. Second, PP isn’t guilty of anything. Third, only 3% of their funding goes towards providing abortions. And lastly, Sophie Sidky is correct and the videos that people are talking about are either non-existent (Fiorina’s) or completely out of context. Get real please!

    • I don’t hear any negotiations or comprise from the dems on any issue, ever! Our def. is 20 trillion. This is not showing good sense in past budgets. Their funding is going for abortions! So they are doing something illegal. They are selling body parts for a profit,and that’s illegal.the videos don’t lie. You are part of the problem, trying to brush off something thatsevil! Women can choose but they better do it in the first 2 months. Then they better use birth control. How many have you paid to abort!

    • Oh Shirley Vercelli — pull the wool away from your eyes. The Dems are not the ones threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get their way. Only the Repubs are saying “all or nothing.” Second, it is our debt that is nearing 20 trillion — not our deficit. So learn your civics and economics. I’d be glad to explain how the debt got where it is, but I can guarantee you it’s not because of Planned Parenthood funding. 3% of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes towards legal abortions…miniscule. They do not partake in body parts for profit. At utter lie that people like you buy into. And what exactly is “evil.” Cut the drama please! Pregnancy is between a woman and her doctor and the government has no place being involved. I love how the Repubs preach “get the government out of our lives,” but are perfectly fine letting some olden in government dictate what they can do with their bodies. Pretty hypocritical I’d say. And stop the crazy accusations you know nothing about.

    • Sophie Sidky, I bet you didn’t know that in 2013 PP performed 197,070 abortions, and 1 out of every 4 abortions in America is done by PP. I’m tired of my hard earned tax dollars going towards the butchering of these innocent lives!!!

    • Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

      Planned Parenthood is funded by two things: Medicaid and the Title X Family Planning Program.

      None of the money from Title X can be used for abortions. NONE of it.

      Medicaid doesn’t cover any abortions, in most States, unless they pregnancy is a result of rape, incest, or threatens the life of the mother. In fact, only 17 States go above and beyond that (with California being one of them, thank goodness).

      And to be clear? I don’t give a rats ass how many abortions are performed on who. Would I choose an abortion myself? Probably not, unless medically necessary. But that doesn’t mean I want to rip that decision away from other women who might need them.

      Title X –> http://www.hhs.gov/opa/title-x-family-planning/title-x-policies/statutes-and-regulations/

      And this’ll tell you which States won’t send your precious dollars to help women survive. –> http://kff.org/medicaid/state-indicator/abortion-under-medicaid/

    • Get over yourself Judy. Nobody is butchering innocent lives. Women are choosing, as they should, what is best for them in their lives with their bodies. This does not affect you. Planned Parenthood provides vital services in all our communities that have nothing to do with abortion and only 3% of their budget goes towards that. Women need abortions — would you rather we revert back to decades ago where women had to see 2-bit doctors on dirty back room tables or go to Mexico to get an abortion? Please feel free to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

    • Actually, no Federal dollars whatsoever go to fund abortions outside health issues that may endanger the life of the mother, or in the case of rape or incest. General abortion funding was made illegal in 1976 with the Hyde Amendment.

      “SEC. 506. (a) None of the funds appropriated in this Act, and none of the funds in any trust fund to which funds are appropriated in this Act, shall be expended for any abortion. (b) None of the funds appropriated in this Act, and none of the funds in any trust fund to which funds are appropriated in this Act, shall be expended for health benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion….

      SEC. 507 (a) The limitations established in the preceding section shall not apply to an abortion— (1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or (2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, including a life endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself, that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed.”

    • Blake Frye Blake Frye says:

      Jonathan Kent… A+ to you, taking on these bigotted fools. Trying to deny women of affordable sexual health care based off of doctored videos… I dont think the definition of sheep ever fit so snug.

    • Blake Frye Blake Frye says:

      In an eastern state, the only two planned parenthood centers were shut down because of this whole abortion controversy and guess what… those center didn’t even offer abortion services! Idiocy at its finest.

    • Right. And “lawmakers” in Texas are doing their best to get centers shut down based on ridiculous technicalities.

    • Jesse Roach Jesse Roach says:

      Sophie and Jonathan: Please stop saying the videos are edited! There are full versions of ALL of the videos! Also, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s unethical! Gay marriage was illegal in most states prior to June 26th, does that mean it was unethical? And one more thing, just because you claim abortions are only 3% of what they do (a highly uninformed and misleading number, by the way) does not in fact justify that they kill 3% of everything that comes into their establishment! I’m sure the Holocaust was only 3% of everything the Nazis did (a lot of their efforts were focused on the war and controlling cities, probably 97%) but they were STILL wrong. If it is in fact 3%, why not just abort the abortion practices? Seems easy enough right?

    • Jesse — your logic is faulty and so are your numbers. The 3% is in fact an accurate number. Clearly you’re just flat out against abortion. You are entitled to your feelings on the subject, but using inflammatory language doesn’t make your stance any more righteous. The majority of people in this country believe in a woman’s right to choose and have control over their own bodies vs. having government having control. The Nazi comparison us just plain stupid, irrelevant and shows your immaturity on the subject.

    • Jesse Roach Jesse Roach says:

      //The 3% is in fact an accurate number. //


      //Clearly you’re just flat out against abortion//

      Clearly you’re just for abortion. See I can do it too!

      //You are entitled to your feelings on the subject, but using inflammatory language doesn’t make your stance any more righteous.//

      Where did I use inflammatory language? Telling someone they’re wrong is inflammatory?

      //The majority of people in this country believe in a woman’s right to choose and have control over their own bodies vs. having government having control.//

      Women don’t choose to have sex? Ever?

      //The Nazi comparison us just plain stupid, irrelevant and shows your immaturity on the subject.//

      Really? Seriously? As someone who is philosophically minded that is quite a charge. I take truth seriously and I’ve actually made arguments as to why you’re dead wrong. You’ve just made assertions which are not arguments.

    • Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

      Here’s one source for the abortion number, complete with a detailed description of how the misleading “90%!” came into play, along with the Representative’s admittance it wasn’t even supposed to be a real number –> http://www.factcheck.org/2011/04/planned-parenthood/

      Another source, from Washington Post –> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/wp/2015/08/12/for-planned-parenthood-abortion-stats-3-percent-and-94-percent-are-both-misleading/

      And one more for good luck and actual numbers –> http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/aug/04/sandra-smith/fox-business-reporter-95-planned-parenthoods-pregn/

      All of these pages, by the way, take facts from PP’s own website.

  7. Joe’s attempts at lighting the fuse of controversy follows a predictable and ultra boring trajectory. You can almost smell him hovering over the computer, becoming aroused as the comments come in. And when said comments plateau, and everyone realizes he’s only baiting those he already knows he disagrees with – Joe slinks away. Metaphorical pants around his ankles, his ego limp. Back to the drawing board, Joey.

  8. Derek Guth Derek Guth says:

    It doesnt matter if you oppose abortion or not. Either way women are going to seek out this service to have so you might as well give them a place where they can safely have a medical procedure done instead of a not so sanitary place. Abortions are not even funded by taxes at all anyways and pp has helpful services for both genders.

    Stop trying to tell a woman what she can and cant do with HER body. Its not your choice.

  9. https://youtu.be/MjCs_gvImyw
    Selling fetus parts is ILLEGAL !!!
    Using taxpayer dollars to fund an organization which does this is legally and morally wrong! When Obama was a senator he voted for a bill which prohibited doctors from helping an aborted fetus if it was still alive. Barbaric!

  10. Maria Garcia Maria Garcia says:

    He should own up to the fact that these “videos” he’s preaching about have been looked into. Republicans wants to continue looking into this matter which has already been closed….. be my guest. But that’s just further wasting money.

  11. Frank Rock Frank Rock says:

    Don’t try to make sense with this idiot. It only feeds his wimpy fire.

  12. Good point. But Obama care doesn’t cover illegal women,does it? Hummm, may be a hidden fact for the dems and is why they are protesting. Welfare covered legal Americans free! Un fund PP and let’s see what happens.

    • Dems? Really? How about people with common sense and decency?

    • It’s not about either. It’s about taxpayers have a voice and don’t want to pay for late term abortions and medical expense for illegal immigrants. It’s the liberal democrats t hat support socialism or they wouldn’t have voted Obama in,not once but twice! We have a 20 trillion $ debt due to socialist thinking and incompetence!

  13. Is Joe Messina another air head with no interest in becoming educated.

  14. He’s a “man” he has no idea what it’s like to be a woman and planned parenthood helped me (not to get an abortion, helped me in another way) I’d be pissed if they took it away in scv when other women might need it.

  15. You’re still a moron. You’ve always been a moron. You will always be a moron. In all possible tenses… past, present and future… you are a moron.

  16. that guy is a human thumb. who is this shmoe?

  17. Just go away. Can’t believe this guy is on the school board.

  18. Sorry. I thought this page said SCTV. I was hoping to find John Candy, Andrea Martin and Eugene Levi. Sadly disappointed. Nevermind.

  19. Blake Frye Blake Frye says:

    So is SCVTV a republican news outlet now? How about you stick to news that is actually relavent to santa clarita. There are already enough incredibly biased political pages on Facebook. Just because you are able to post to SCVTV doesnt mean you get to share your political views as if they are better than any other persons beliefs. Move to a red state and start a Donald Trump fan group.

  20. We need Planned Parenthood because their clinics are in rural areas where money-hungry doctors don’t want to go.

  21. We are being double taxed by subsidizing both!!!!……but since Obama was given 12 million dollars by PP to fund his reelection campaign, I guess he feels obligated to stand up for them……Your tax dollars at work!!!

  22. this is why I am so tired of SCVTV Santa Clarita. Only pushing one side and one side only.. Yes I know, They going to reply, that if I like to write a column, they will put it up on their page. But in reality it is always the GOP agenda being push here…

  23. Obama care covers Planned Parenthood, my daughter has Medi-Cal through Obamacare. With Medi-Cal you are pretty limited on what doctor’s you can use, and we were able to get an appointment right away with Planned Parenthood. Why are you afraid of women having control of their own bodies? Does it insult your manhood in some way? Where should we go to get birth control? The emergency room? Obamacare is still expensive, we need better universal health care like Canada, the UK, and every other civilized nation.

  24. The number of people that I know that have benefited from OBAMA Care is impressive. The “REPS” cannot stand the fact that Obama, and Democrats, have once again made a positive impact in America. Additionally, OBAMA CARE is pretty much what former Senate Leader BOB DOLE offered the Clintons in the early ’90’s. The Clintons wanted a single payer system. BOB DOLE, folks. These are facts. Chew on them for awhile and learn. Oh, I’m a teacher with good benefits… and if it costs me a few extra bucks a month to help my fellow Americans have health insurance, not use “Emergency Rooms” as a last resort and NOT pay the bill, well I am okay with it costing me a few dollars.

    • It’s not called Obama Care or Obamacare. It’s called The Affordable Care Act. And thank you for supporting it. You are educated unlike many on here who don’t get how important this really is. The lack of education in this country is astounding. Our news sources have blurred and skewed facts into a blinding mess of misinformation and too many people have fallen ill to their remote control.

  25. Yes, Obamacare has failed. So has the rest of his programs.

  26. I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  27. Dean Botton Dean Botton says:

    Abortion is murder, period. There is no difference between murdering an infant, than there is a fetus. If you think otherwise, you belong in a straight jacket or behind bars. Only in modern times is this considered acceptable. I have an alternative ladies, don’t spread em’ if you can’t raise em’. That was an easy fix!

    It’s another form of genocide. You pro abortion peeps are no better than the Nazis, sorry.

  28. It’s simple Joe. The left gloss it over and call it a “women’s health issue” because they don’t want to own up to the fact that they simply want to maintain the right of a woman murder her baby. It all comes down to convenience.

  29. There is a movement where women are calling PP all over the country for mammograms. So far what is being reported is that they offer manual exams only and do not offer mammograms. The numbers of comprehensive women’s health centers greatly out number PP clinics. Lets fund those clinics instead. Pp is getting enough money from killing children and selling their intact body parts.

  30. Wow I said the same dam thing

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