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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
December 15
1987 - Incorporation: Santa Clarita officially becomes a city [story]

Santa Clarita Station deputies responded to a call of two men running around a Valencia condominium complex armed with firearms Saturday at 5:10 a.m.

Upon arriving at the location, deputy personnel located a male matching the description of one of the men described in the call.

As the deputies approached the male, he threw an object into a nearby bush. The item was retrieved by one of the deputies on scene and determined the item was an air-soft gun. The male was interviewed and admitted that he and his friend were outside playing with their guns which were not real firearms. The male stated his friend most likely returned back to his condominium at the location.

While following up on the investigation, deputies went to the home in the 26900 block of Hillsborough Parkway looking for the other person involved in the call. Deputies knocked on the front door. The door was opened by the suspect, who was armed with what appeared to be a shotgun, and pointed the barrel directly at the deputies.

One of the deputies immediately grabbed the suspect’s barrel and pushed it upward in the air, while taking the suspect to the ground. The deputy handcuffed the suspect without further incident. The weapon the suspect possessed was inspected and determined to be a simulated firearm. The incident undoubtedly could have resulted in a tragic situation.

The suspect was identified as Steven Reano, 20. He was issued a citation for displaying a simulated weapon, a violation of Section 20710 of the California Penal Code, and allowed to return to his residence.

Anyone with information in regards to this case is encouraged to contact Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station at 661-255-1121.

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  1. He’s lucky because if it APPEARED to be a shot gun and I was the cop he wouldnt be here to tell about it today. Good for the cop though being able to asses the situation fast enough to react in a different manner .

  2. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    That’s a BB gun. What kind of idiot would ever mistake that for a shotgun? You are supposed to be cops? Ha!

  3. Alan Duvo Alan Duvo says:

    Daisy BB gun/ air rifle

  4. Corey Bryant Corey Bryant says:

    People have been shooting out windows with BB guns and air soft guns and I wonder if it may be these kids

  5. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    That looks nothing like a shotgun.

  6. He’s a F’ing idiot to point anything that looks like a gun at a cop…I’d have shot that dumbass!!!

    • You’d have shot someone in their own home ? I guess you’d be the one that shot a kid holding a bb gun in his own home. That sounds pretty on par with police today. #hero 😃

    • You bet…If I were a cop that got called to a location and someone opened the door pointing a gun at me…HELL YES and that’s what the idiot gets for doing something so frickin stupid. People need to smarten up.

  7. Jess Arenas Jess Arenas says:

    So many incidents of people getting killed do to deputies feeling their lives are in danger, and people are still stupid enough to point this weapon at a deputy. That’s just nonsense even if its not an actual shotgun smh 😑

  8. Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

    Sign of the times……a cop not shooting an innocent is news! When did our tax funded police departments mission become to protect themselves first and worry about serving the public later??

    • When people started suing them and criticizing every move they made. If it HAD been a real gun and some random person got shot, everyone would be up in arms that the police DIDN’T react quick enough. Do you have to make life and death choices in a split second every day at work? Choices that people will analyze and critique from their safe couches? Just take time to think about that before you judge what the officer is or is not thinking.

    • Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

      This is the dumbest thing thing I’ve read all day…but it’s still early. Gotta anymore insight there genius????

    • David Buck David Buck says:

      Moron, are you saying a man can not protect himself Chet! You Can’t serve the public if your dead….

    • Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

      Right but you can save yourself by killing anyone remotely suspicious. Is that not why we got rid of Saddam Hussain ?? You guys all would be happy living in a police state than a free country. Your tone speaks to the degree of your intellect so enough said, cannot reason with stone heads.

    • James Parker James Parker says:

      Chet Mehra why come to America if you hate the police? Are the police in India better?

    • Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

      Typical of a person who has read too many books and has no real life experience. The famous courtroom scene from “A few good men” always pops into my head. So appropriate to this discussion.

    • Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

      Yup – true. I have spent my whole life living in Disneyland so what do I know. The world really does get better by more violence and guns… The news is a great reminder of that.

    • Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

      Disneyland? You thought you were being humorous, but I believe you. It must have been living in the Fantasyland area.

    • Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

      I am sure you believe me… It is true.

    • Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

      The only true thing you’ve said in this entire thread….

    • Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

      This is like arguing with a drunk. Have a good day. I think Tinkerbell is calling you to the castle for lunch anyway. Enjoy your Sunday off while the police are out there working, some of them never making it home. I for one appreciate our first responders and military….enough for you and I both, so don’t worry about it…I’ve got your share covered.

    • Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

      I would take drunk against blind taliban style support any day. Of course , I support the police and the troops. What I don’t support is the overwhelming force used disproportionately against the minorities. There are police forces all over the world including UK , Australia who don’t shoot first and talk later. Their injuries and fatalities are less than those in the US. To continue to pretend , that every time a cop shoots an innocent person it was reasonable is a travesty of justice and stops us from improving. I suspect with the increasing deployment of body camera and public outcry , this will decline. It is not, in many cases, the police officers fault. It is what they are being trained to do and that is where the change needs to begin.

    • Myk Halibut Myk Halibut says:

      Why does LEO have a monopoly on force?

  9. At 5am in the morning, running around playing cops and robbers at 20 yrs of age……hummmmmmm

  10. Chris says:

    To those of you whining about how someone could think that was a shotgun. It was 5:10 a.m. Still pretty dark outside. Nowhere does it state the gun in the picture was the one held by the guy answering the door. I don’t care who you are, you don’t point anything that resembles a weapon at an officer. Especially in the dark. That’s just asking for two to the chest. This guy is luck to be alive.

  11. Shot gun look-alike? BB Rider look-alike is more like it. Click bait drama. Good grief.

  12. mboron says:

    Chet, are you a cop? Have you ever even been in a situation where you were trying to “protect the Public” and fearing for your own life at the same time? Are those your kids in the picture? Maybe you’d better get your own head on straight!

  13. Brian Kelly Brian Kelly says:

    You’ll shoot your eye out

  14. David Barlavi, Esq. says:

    IQ = -86!

  15. Cathy Cotton Cathy Cotton says:

    Curious. Which complex?

  16. Arnold Kraft Arnold Kraft says:

    What else needs to be said????…oh ya can’t forget …” Assume Town””
    Millennium in Assume Town!!!

  17. It looks like a 30-30, even more powerful than a shot gun.

  18. Red Ryder from Daisy! Didn’t even need to expand the photo. Kid lucked out however. A gun is a gun and will cost you your life in that situation. If anything, the deputy should receive additional training as he endangered his fellow officers in his hesitation.

  19. Kevin Lee Kevin Lee says:

    Commendable restraint by the Deputy.

  20. Katie Fowler Katie Fowler says:

    Looks nothing like a shot gun

  21. It’s a Red Rider BB gun.

  22. The Powerline models are Daisy’s more powerful, more accurate line of airguns, marketed to youth ages 16 and over, and adults. The Powerline rifles include multi-pump pneumatics and spring-piston break barrels, have rifled barrels designed for shooting pellets, and are capable of greater velocities than the youth line. Powerline pistols are multishot double-action designs, powered by CO2 powerlets. BB models are smoothbore, while pellet models have rifled barrels. These are styled to resemble firearms, and are often used by adults in place of firearms for inexpensive training and practice, or in jurisdictions where firearms are heavily restricted or prohibited. – this is the companies description & can be found on other sites describing this air rifle/gun. The person who made the call in wouldn’t know the difference. They also manufacture a hand held air gun that is very hard to tell if it’s reall or not (that one is usually used in trainings, not the air rifle shown above though).

  23. Article clearly states that the deputies knew these guys were playing with air guns. Hence, the deputy who grabbed the barrel had a clue he wasn’t dealing with a real gun and responded with restraint. Kudos to him and hope the “kids” learned something. They may not be so lucky next time.

  24. Alan Bingham Alan Bingham says:

    This looks like a Daisy BB gun, the barrel looks like it’s made of stamped steel. In reading the article it appears that the officers went to the home after first talking to the other man. I really have to say the the professionalism of this officer being quick to recognize the situation and react perfectly go a long way, this goes beyond training, this goes to fast acting and processing information.

  25. David Hong David Hong says:

    Looks nothing like a shotgun

  26. We are reading a media news piece, not the police report. Whoever reported the incident was probably not close enough to make the distintinction. I really care more for the individuals that these idiots put the fear in, real shot gun or not…the point is moot.

  27. Lynn Vogel Lynn Vogel says:

    People have been shot for appearing to have a gun. This idiot points it (whether it looks like a shotgun or not) at the deputy’s chest? Wow, wonder why he felt so confident that he wouldn’t be shot? SMH

  28. Keith Dill Keith Dill says:

    Quik thinking on the Deputies part! Nice job!

  29. Red Ryder bbgun idiots

  30. Jeanne says:

    His friend already told the Sheriffs it was a BB gun and they knew it.

    I am sure he thought it was his friend and not the cops at his door.

    It is nice to see someone used their brain and did not shot to kill over a BB gun.

    I think charges over a BB gun are over kill. Maybe a better charge would be disturbing the peace at 5:30 in the morning. Really no charges would be fine. I am sure it scared the kid anyway. Save the court system for real crimes.

  31. Fred flintstone says:

    Officers should have given the guy a good taser shock just for being stupid and pointing a gun whether it was a bb GUN or shotGUN yes both have the word gun in them and if you point a gun at anything you better be ready to die or to kill what is going to kill you. Either way officer and idiot were both lucky that someone is not dead nobody every knows what or who is at the door

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