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1891 - Actor Buck Jones, a Placerita and Vasquez "regular," born in Indiana [story]

The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Monday, Oct 12, 2015

joemessinamugMr. President, please return from Oz, or Mars, or wherever your mind is currently. Really successful people surround themselves with people of knowledge. They don’t do it to spend hordes of money. They do it to have the best information from those who have expertise so they have a greater chance of being successful.

President Obama loves to convene “commissions” and “committees” of these “knowledgeable” people – and then totally ignore them.

He ignores his NSA briefings. By his own admission, he almost never reads them. When he read something about ISIS gaining ground, orders were given to dumb down the reports so Americans would not know how these guys operated. I believe he didn’t think they would really amount to anything at the time.

During the debate with Romney, you’ll recall Obama saying Russia was not a problem. He even quipped with something like, “The 1980s called. They want their Russian fear-mongering back.” He was sure they were not a threat and that only al-Qaida was, but even al-Qaida was really no longer a big threat.

The president brought together a “jobs” dream team to help strengthen the jobs situation in America. He appointed Jeffrey R. Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric.

He might as well have appointed Attila the Hun to the U.N. Human Rights Commission (they have also done that several times). Immelt has moved most of the manufacturing and jobs for GE overseas, yes, to a foreign country. He is supposed to help rebuild America’s job market – not another country’s.

He and the president set up for a great recovery. We still have 92 million Americans out of work (a record high number), and more than 72 percent of all new jobs are part-time. Just what we need, right?

Recently in the wake of gun violence, he brought together a group of law enforcement officials to the White House. Not one was a pro-gun official. No conservative sheriffs or chiefs of police. Whom did he choose? Mostly policy makers and legislators.

Who better to help figure out how to deter gun violence than people who aren’t involved with it day to day, right? It doesn’t make any sense.

But again, the Prez, after saying he doesn’t have the ability to do it alone through executive order, is working on an executive order for gun control. That must have been Oz-speak. Like the whole, “if you like your doctor,” and the classic, “I can’t act on immigration alone” – and then did it anyway. Lie after lie after lie.

Anyone see a pattern here?

John Kerry, during his presidential run, said: “We have to beat these guys because they are such liars.” Hello? “Those guys” need to look in the mirror, take off the political blinders, and see what they are doing to this country.

How about we just enforce the law and live by the Constitution, for starters? Stop making it easier for so many to break the law and skirt jail. Just enforce the laws on the books.

Only a little over 22 percent of Americans support the Iran nuclear deal. The president is pushing for it like his life depends on it. So is this deal for the American people or for Obama? Because he thinks it’s right. And if he thinks it’s the best, it must be, no matter what other security and Middle East experts say. So much for representative government.

He promised to strengthen relationships with our allies. Fail. We have one ally left, and that’s only until Iran has the capability of launching nukes at Israel. Even the English prime minister recently asked Obama to stop ignoring the reality that it is extremist Muslims currently causing all of the chaos.

The Saudis, Iranians, Syrians and more are running to Russia for protection and alliances. Why? Because Obama has strengthened the U.S. position with our allies so much that they are now certain we can’t be relied on. What Obama has shown them is they can count on us to set a goal and then abandon them.

He is now looking for a way to get out of Afghanistan. Why? To leave another vacuum for ISIS and the Russians?

Mr. President, it’s not war-mongering to say we will defend our allies and then actually do it.

Instead of defending our enemies, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (whom you never bombed) and others looking to kill us, you should start defending those who would have stood with us but now can’t trust us because we haven’t been there for them at all.

Why don’t you come out of the Land of OZ and back to reality? Protect American men and women like you said you would; help our veterans like you promised; and promote real, full-time jobs instead of trying to figure out how to get a part-timer $15 an hour.

Shouldn’t we take care of our own first? Get them on solid ground. Then we can help others get solid.

We’re waiting for you over here in the real world. So come on back from Oz.


Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also an elected member of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.


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  1. Gary says:


    The most famous NSA non-listener was George Bush, who now notoriously didn’t read the emails from Clinton’s previous NSA advisors, warning of an impending attack by airliners on the Trade Towers by Osama Bin Laden. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

    But it did: After those attacks, Bush did what you’re suggesting, and over-reacted, launching America into a 12 year middle east war that is still raging… Bush took Bin Laden’s bait, hook, line, and sinker… just as you would, now.

    President Obama is intelligently not overreacting to anything. You would have had us invade Ukraine! But 8 years ago Ukraine was a lackey government of Putin. Today, it is a stabilized though volatile independent Democracy. Putin has caused trouble, but he is now stymied, without the use of US military troops!

    Obama knows how to play chess, and is a master who nearly always wins in the end. You would have us lurch around the world with a club, beating humans into submission, until we are totally bankrupt both morally and economically.

    Joe, learn to think three dimensionally. You always have the same answers to diverse questions without consideration of the nuances of each event’s unique demands.

  2. mellie says:

    I wish everyone would quit calling that usurper “President;” he is not.

  3. Joe you sound like like fox spews…..always complaining about Obama, It’s Obama’s Fault, blame your bad bad luck on Obama, Obama won’t listen to reason, yada, yada and yada.

  4. Lee Uber Lee Uber says:

    Hey Joe…there’s this thing called “compromise”. Maybe things would get better for everyone if Republicans learned the meaning of the word.

  5. I think it is Obama who is not listening to most of us!

  6. Oboma is not in the land of Oz. He knows very well what he’s doing. He’s purposely bringing our country down in every way possible. He is a MUSLIM
    ( although during the elections he claimed to be Christian….. Muslims are allowed to lie and decieve if it’s for the cause of Allah)

    • Pearl Obispo Pearl Obispo says:

      Drinks beer, eats pork, had a hand in killing Bin Laden, for women’s rights, for gay marriage…he seriously is the worst “Muslim” ever. BTW Judy – you think Christians have never lied or killed in the name of God? Get over yourself.

    • Wow. Dorks still believe this? Unreal!

    • Sean Cohen Sean Cohen says:

      I think yall need to read his books^

    • Dobie Gillis Dobie Gillis says:

      The irony is that this article and RESPONSE was on Columbus Day. You know the day when Christianity found a new continent to conquer by lies, disease and killing.

      Judy, be honest with yourself. Even if he was a Muslim (for you obviously in caps) you saying Muslims are allowed to lie as if Christians don’t shows the simplicity and myopia of this country and it’s people.

      I know, it was much better with Bush. Economic collapse, 9/11, Iraq WMD as a lie, Cheney becoming beyond rich with said lie, thousands of young soldiers dying, property value at impossible low with people upside down, banks ripping off the people and closing all over the place, an auto industry dead… I can go on.

      Obama is FAR from a great President. He was decent. That’s it but the amazing racism and anti-muslim sentiment (which he is not nor is he from Africa… yeah, black people always become POTUS and this plan was in place from birth) and you use it as a way to hide from your prejudices is obvious.

      Joe is simple minded. I’m used to that. Not because he’s on the right. Because he’s unreasonable. Because he whines every time he writes. I take it you get comfort from that.

    • Lol. Speechless at this ignorance. Judy, please just try giving something besides a Republican conspiracy theory a thought.

  7. I’m glad Joe took a break from his “carnal relations” with Betty Arenson to give us yet another insightful article.

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