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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
November 20
1831 - Local entrepreneurs Sanford and Cyrus Lyon (as in Lyons Avenue) born in Machias, Maine [story]

The Santa Clarita City Council voted 3-1 Tuesday night to move forward with the development of a three-part project in Old Town Newhall including a Laemmle art-house movie theater, a mixed-use apartment and retail building by Serrano Development Group, and a city-owned public parking structure.

Councilwoman Laurene Weste had to sit out the discussion and vote because of the proximity of her home to the project site, and Councilman TimBen Boydston voted “no.”

Nearly 40 city of Santa Clarita residents voiced opinions, mainly of support but some with opposition. More than 100 other comment cards were submitted in support of the project.

The Serrano Development Group part of the redevelopment block is expected to cost more than $21 million and include 26 residential units with 85 parking spaces.

Laemmle Theatres is expected to cost more than $8 million, of which $3.4 million in construction costs will be covered by the city. The theater will include seven screens with about 500 seats. The terms of the Laemmle agreement last 15 years with the ability to reduce the number of screens.

The parking structure is expected to include 400 spaces with one sublevel and five above-ground levels. The project is expected to cost $15.2 million. Parking will be free.

Santa Clarita resident Dick Jeffrey said: “We have long been in desperate need of a more centralized and convenient parking area for the downtown area.”

An economic impact study conducted by Applied Economics, expects a $6.4 million increase in economic impact, with $5.8 million spent on local business and $64,000 in revenue to the city. The study also showed an expected increase of $10 million in property values with $6.6 million of that in the Old Town Newhall area and a $14,900 of annual revenue to the city.

laemmleseatingThe study showed an impact of $14.57 million in new, annual taxable sales.

“(This) is going to be great for Santa Clarita, is going to be great for Old Town Newhall,” said Parks Commissioner Kevin Korenthal, a member of the former Newhall Redevelopment Committee.

The next steps for the project include an oversight board meeting, future City Council actions which include awarding the contracts for an architect and design-build team as well as the easement of the mixed-use project parking access, and project entitlements.

Boydston said, “There is nothing I would like better than to have a Laemmle Theatre in Old Town Newhall,” but offered his own alternative project before ultimately casting the lone no” vote.

“The council has to have a vision to provide new economic development to continue to provide funds for project we call care about,” Councilwoman Marsha McLean said. “To allow us to continue to be the fabulous city that we are … I recommend the (staff recommendation to) move ahead.”

Mayor Bob Kellar and Mayor Pro-Tem Dante Acosta both supported the project.

“We have an opportunity tonight to change the face of Old Town Newhall,” Acosta said.

Representatives of local businesses and organizations including the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley Industry Association, Santa Clarita Valley Bicycle Coalition, Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corp., ARTree Community Arts Center, as well as individual business and property owners in the Old Town Newhall area voiced their support for the project.

Opposition topics for the project included concerns over the amount of public money to be spent whether there will be enough handicapped parking spaces, and whether Laemmle could guarantee showing “artistic” films if the number of screens is reduced.

“People know what a Laemmle Theatre is,” said Greg Laemmle, “and this will be a Laemmle Theatre.”

To read the full agenda item, click here.



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  1. 28.000.000. Tax to Santa Clarita res. And the theatre sales beer And wine to patrons you know artsy and all that

  2. Brian Durand Brian Durand says:

    What a waste of space

  3. Beau Stephenson check this out. Brand new art house movie theaters arriving in downtown Newhall, across the street from the new library.

  4. Chaz Bish Chaz Bish says:

    What will happen to our farmers market?

  5. Tom Lund Tom Lund says:

    Can’t wait to have it open. Finally I won’t have to leave Santa Clarita to see some real decent movies. Plus I hope it helps revitalize that are like they have been promising for years

  6. So happy to hear this passed!!! 👍👍👍

  7. Dennis Knopf Dennis Knopf says:

    I hope they do something about the crime in that area or it will be a flop!

  8. Wonderful news for our city!

  9. Thank you, it’s about time.😍

  10. Pedro Ruiz we don’t have to drive to watch movies anymore

  11. In other news, can’t wait for the The Resistors to play the opening ceremony :)

  12. I love how we “do not have the funds” for a BMX race track, yet we’re getting another movie theatre and looking to spend around 28 mil…

    • This has been in the works for about 7 years. Longer if you consider what the community and council has been visioning for Newhall for 20+ years. You’ll need to wait a bit longer.

      And you’re literally making up numbers.

    • I read the numbers from other comments i saw. And we have been trying ti get a track since the old one on centre pointe shut down in 2006 thereabouts so roughly the same time.

    • Tony Barrett Tony Barrett says:

      A BMX track smh what kind of income will that bring

    • Actually quite a bit if you know about the sport. The different types of races that could potentially be held (local to even nationals) would bring crowds from all over. Entry fees, hotels, food. Families will also want to make weekends or weeks out of it due to the location (six flags, the mall, etc.). Do some research

    • John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

      I don’t think that the City Council would want to get behind a BMX track in City Limits for 3 reasons, A. Liability, B. Noise a-la Saugus Speedway, and C. every square peg of the City is probably earmarked for future developement (read; Tax Revenue), so why purpose land that would devalue nearby developements?

    • We were approved for a track a few weeks back. The city is trying to figure out how to get the funds. BMX is bicycles. MX is motocross so that is where the noise is. With a track, it would produce revenue through what i stated earlier. A track would be placed somewhere that would fit with parks and rec. The city is so set to money this, celebrities that; therefore, the city would benefit from it. With BMX racing in the Olympics, it would give the city another thing to produce professional athletes. Mike Day earned a silver medal in Beijing and the city was posting all around about it because he was born and raised in Santa Clarita.

    • Travis says:

      Derek , I’m all for a track as well.I was bummed when the one closed by Santa Clarita lanes. This theater is a big waste of money. I laugh at all the comments where people are saying “finally a theater we don’t have to drive to”. Sorry to burst their bubble but they show only off the wall/different private films like sundance and indie films in these Lammele theaters.lol sorry folks , your still gunna have to drive to the movies.maybe we’ll get a track next year.

  13. Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

    Outrageous. The city should focus on providing services to the homeless and poor than subsidizing the rich.

    • I think this is great news for the City of Santa Clarita. They need to focus on making revenue in order to help provide services to the homeless and poor and this is one way of doing that.

    • I sympathize, but the homeless and poor people don’t create revenue. This was purely a business decision to generate city revenue through construction permits, taxes on goods and property taxes. Hopefully the poor and homeless will benefit indirectly through tax-paid community centers and community awareness programs. Hopefully.

    • Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

      Well, the city or state creating revenue was tried for several decades by the Russians . Did not work well. City should govern , not dole out tax money to business ventures that cannot stand on their own or serve any social need.

  14. That’s awesome news! Its time Newhall got the respect is deserves. It was after all, the first town in the SCV! Actually the most robbing has been in Valencia lately! Lol! Rarely are there shootings and unfortunately, if there are, they are domestic issues. Cop friends say the most troubled spots are Sierra Hwy in CC and Mobile home parks in general.

  15. This is great news. My wife and I have been visiting Main Street for years. It is slowly growing and improving. Last weekend both the Newhall Refinery and Southern Smokehouse restaurants were packed with people spilling out onto the sidewalk. We were there to see a hilarious performance of Bullshot Crummond at the Canyon Theater. This Laemmle Theatre is going to transform the entire area. This means new stores and restaurants and lots of new local jobs for people. This is a win – win deal. I’m very happy it passed.

  16. Lol let’s build something that is obsolete like a library no I have a better idea a theater. Lol!!!!!

  17. Taryn Hill Taryn Hill says:

    People are forgetting that this has been in the works for nearly ten years. When the economy tanked, it was shelved and the lack of parking in downtown Newhall really hurt the businesses that were left. Google the theater; it’s not just another Edwards. It fits in nicely with what was planned to be a theatre district.

  18. Why doesn’t SC have an AMC 20 Theater and shopping in the town center area. Also a Dave and Busters would be nice. These teens have no place to go.

  19. Wonderful news! Now we’ll be able to see foreign and independent films in our town, not drive over the hills to see.

  20. Lety Martinez it’s official, Not a Portos :(

  21. Finally!!!! Culture in Scv!!!

  22. Matt Paullin Matt Paullin says:

    Sandy Fletcher Paullin

  23. I think this is great!!! Newhall is slowly becoming a fun hot spot for things to do locally. We love to go on Thursday for events, the playhouses always have fun shows, the Farmer’s Market is always a fun way to start a Sat morning. I think this theater and shopping area will be perfect. 😊

    I also agree with what someone else mentioned. A BMX track would be awesome to build. The kids (and adult kids 😃) need it.

    With that being said, I, along with many others, just wish they would eradicate all the problem/criminal people that are in The Village apartment complex and the area behind the Newhall train station. If they cleaned out the riff raff and actually monitored who they rent places to or who is in the homes then it would be nice in Newhall. Every other day there are sirens and police in the complexes or housing area by the Metro. It sucks. It’s so ghetto and becoming unsafe. Even with police rolling through the neighborhoods all the time bad stuff still happens. There is trash everywhere, most of the cars on the streets haven’t been moved in months, people do drug deals all the time, shootings, rapes, burglary, etc. This area of town is a cesspool. They also need to clean out some of the businesses on Main Street. There are quite a few junk ones or ones that have a good concept, but need to help. Clean it out and then Newhall will be really nice.

  24. So excited! Can’t wait! 2 Edwards cinemas who both show the same movies is annoying.

    • Travis says:

      Everyone is aware of what kind of films play in Laemmle theaters right? I see Facebook and I think a lot of people have the wrong idea.They don’t play movies that are playing in regular movie theaters.They mostly play private funded films , things you might see at Sundance or an Indie films. Alot of people think its just a nice theater with leather seats where you can drink beer and wine and watch movies that are tearing up the movie charts.Not the case.Currently playing in the Santa Monica Laemmle Theater is 45years,Rams and Eisenstein In Quanajuato.I’m sure like most ,we all had to look these films up due to their all foreign films. Its just my opinion but this theater is a waste of money for a bunch of foreign films , that and the location just seems wrong and out of place.They’ve done a great job cleaning up the main strip in Old Town but the problem is all the stuff around it.There is crime in Newhall , even if you don’t want to believe it. Last year there was two shootings and a baby found in a dumpster. This year we already had a shooting/death the street over from where this upscale fancy theater is going .

  25. Add a Turners Outdoorsman in one of the retail spots

  26. Lesley peck says:

    Such a wonderful project!! I live in this city, and work in West Hollywood. I am always wishing that there would be more cultural things to do in this city, this is a great improvement!! Hopefully, more things are to come on this agenda.

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