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October 17
1837 - Trapper Peter LaBeck killed by grizzly bear at El Tejon [story]

Commentary by Holly Schroeder

Holly SchroederOn Tuesday, the LA County Board of Supervisors re-approved the first two communities of Newhall Ranch, Mission Village and Landmark Village. This marks a major accomplishment for the project, and creates tremendous economic development opportunities for the Santa Clarita Valley. This project will be an economic engine for the SCV and is good news for all concerned.

The Newhall Ranch project will create nearly 74,000 permanent jobs within the region. At the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation, we are focused on growing the job base here in the SCV. This provides employment opportunities for our residents and diversifies our tax base, which helps us maintain the high quality of life we enjoy here.

This community is being built in the age of information and technology. Because of the Net Zero Newhall initiative, this project creates no increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and will be infused with technology from the ground up.  Renewable energy, electric transportation, and other clean tech fields are some of the most exciting growth areas in our economy. Net Zero Newhall will be home not only to the consumers of these technologies, but to the companies that are developing them as well.

Beyond the permanent jobs created by the project, Newhall Ranch will take decades to build, creating over 130,000 jobs in the construction industry in the process. These are jobs for engineers, construction trades, designers, landscapers, and more. While economists call these jobs “temporary,” they will provide stable and consistent employment for many workers in these industries, and grow our economy even more.

Lastly, Newhall Ranch will provide necessary housing for L.A. County. L.A. County, like most of California, has not produced enough housing to keep up with population growth because we haven’t built enough homes in the past two decades. That’s population growth that comes from a generation that has grown up and wants to stay and work in California. There will be a variety of types of housing, from apartments and starter homes to places to raise a family, from affordable housing to executive housing. These homes will be equipped with modern amenities and technology, and designed to meet the way we live, however that evolves over the next several decades.

Newhall Ranch will be a vibrant and dynamic asset for our valley, and for all of L.A. County. The possibilities are endless, with fantastic economic opportunities ahead.


Holly Schroeder is executive director of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation, a private-public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry and government leaders. The SCVEDC utilizes an integrated approach to attracting, retaining, and expanding a diversity of businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley, especially those in key industry clusters, by offering competitive business services and other resources.

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  1. James Jacobi James Jacobi says:

    So more traffic and longer commutes are a good thing

  2. Bryan Pievac Bryan Pievac says:

    Where are the 74,000 jobs coming from? Aside from the 130,000 other jobs just for the construction?

  3. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    Thanks Holly, I’ll remember this when our 12 mile commute to Holy Cross is extended to a aditional 1 hr roundtrip with additional combined State gas taxes adding another $.95/gal. Oh….that’s right. You work locally as a Lobbiest; “Holly Schroeder is executive director of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation, a private-public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry and government leaders.” -SCTV

  4. CBrown says:

    The 74,000 jobs what type of jobs are they? This is very important, because if they are mostly jobs that pay minimum wage in the service and retail industries than they are useless, we need jobs that pay well such as engineering, software, accounting etc., otherwise the people who are willing to take those jobs will be commuting here, from other cities, because you can’t live in SCV on minimum wage. This will create horrendous traffic.

  5. Ckay Walker Ckay Walker says:

    What about water and fire??? Driving will be horrific! Huge problems already.

  6. CBrown says:

    Why do you continue to say “green” living, it doesn’t get any greener than leaving it alone as it is without building anything! I hope a miracle happens and this doesn’t come to fruition.

  7. All lefties think endless people coming to California forever is a good thing.

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous. You only see it from a business view, definitely not what a majority of residents want. The roads are already packed and accidents have multiplied incredibly. This valley can’t handle all these cars and people. 😡😡😡

  9. Dave Osburn Dave Osburn says:

    Apparently she doesn’t commute outside the SCV

  10. No sane person living in the SCV wants this mess of a development. Why don’t they let the citizens of the SCV decide and put it to a vote and not just let some greedy people aka county supervisors decide the quality of our lives???

  11. You are a moron. I know no one who thinks increase commute time as a good thing. Keep your opinion to yourself.

  12. The freeways are jammed and this is wonderful! Holly is an idiot or a paid hack!

  13. Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

    How much of her corporation is funded by 5point0..,I wonder. All of it or just the vast majority ?

  14. Where is it going to be located exactly?

  15. You are delusional! 😤😤😰

  16. So you can line your pockets ? Up yours Holly

  17. Holly is like the LA officials with their road diets. Idiotic

  18. Welcome to the San Fernando Valley! Deep pockets for so called executives!

  19. Sooooo, we have to continue to build so “we” (or you) can enjoy the “high quality of life here”??? Well, I’m happy with the way it was before you decided to mow down our mountains and build and build and build. Added thousands of more people, clogged our roads and freeways. You Holly are a special kind of asshole. :)

  20. She may be fooling herself but she’s not fooling us. Ignorance at its finest. I’ve never heard so much bs ever. Common sense alone shows we have enough problems already with traffic. Not enough water and now we’re all going to burn to death in this valley trap with all the fires we always have and only one way out of here. Thanks for the early demise crazy lady!

  21. NOT a good idea!!! This valley is over crowed and over priced!!!

  22. She’s definitely high.

  23. Todd Crites Todd Crites says:

    She makes absolutely NO mention, reference or opinion about traffic. Huh? Silliness right there.

  24. Tony Munshi Tony Munshi says:

    All I can say is thank God I left the SCV. It’s only been a week and I feel better already. Anyone who thinks this development is a good idea is out of their minds. Unless you’re profiting from it if course, right? Can’t wait to get to our new state.

  25. Eric Beattie Eric Beattie says:

    She looks scary crazy

  26. Looks like none of us want it, Holly. Better read the comments. All this building is ruining the SC.

  27. No it’s not. Stop it.

  28. Sally Mehr Sally Mehr says:

    Not good for traffic or overcrowding…follow the money cause this is what it is all about and nothing else….

  29. Kevin Lutz Kevin Lutz says:

    74,000 jobs? How exactly did she arrive at that figure? I want to see details.

  30. And I thought it was hell driving from Huntington Beach to see my kids,now I will have to leave at 3:00 am to avoid traffic.

  31. A lot of people from the SCV are moving to arroyo grande and Nipomo a nice town by the beach. Personally I moved to Santa Maria. Though Santa Clarita and Santa Maria were similar long ago. Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo refuse to grow. So Santa Maria exploded in population

  32. Candace Soto Candace Soto says:

    You’re a shill for corporate interests. Off with your head!

  33. Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

    She’s out of her mind

  34. Keith Dill Keith Dill says:

    So is the heavy machinery that will destroy the mountains run on solar?

  35. With the increase in traffic, crime, and wild animals coming into the city, more people is exactly what we need. 🙄

  36. Lola Dyroy says:

    Obviously you must not commute out of Santa Clarita Valley nor drive the streets I do. Traffic is herendous whether it’s morning or night. And, hm, what about water use?? We lost trees that we had in our yard for over 30 years because of water rationing out here. It’s time for meetings regarding our community take place here and NOT Los Angeles. Who did the EIR’s on these projects? How green are these projects when people who presently live in SCV, will be spending more time on the roads with all these “new neighbors”, whether driving or sitting in traffic? Isn’t that impacting our air quality?? And, the traffic is here 7 days a week now..I have been here since ’85 so I have seen the problem explode!! And 74,000 new jobs? Where and how was that number arrived at? So much for Awesome Town.

  37. KJ Slo KJ Slo says:

    Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine Holly Schroeder! Commuting to Van Nuys everyday will now be a F-cking nightmare, as it already is pretty bad since SCV decided to over populate for profit! Dum-🐴ss

    • I drive to Encino twice a week. The worst! Can be 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive 27 miles from Canyon Country!
      Summer light is on though! 👍

    • KJ Slo KJ Slo says:

      Dorothy Ditzel The 5 Freeway is a nightmare since CalTrans destroyed it and split the road in half at Calgrove. WTH were they thinking? It’s time to start screaming at the City shi77y council! They are feeding the developers pockets and ignoring the people’s sovereign tax paying rights to have decent roadways!

  38. NO, you are a money hungry corporately moron. Where do you live? The freeways are already overcrowded, and it’s beautiful country you are destroying, all for a buck. No.

    • And is dumb-nut Holly forgetting where the food she eats comes from??? It doesn’t grow in the grocery store, it grows in those beautiful green fields and rolling hills you want to destroy with a blacktop jungle. Again I say, “SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!”.

  39. They are making scv just like LA . It’s not the safe city it used to be. You can’t go to dinner with out waiting 2 hours and driving sucks around here . Thanks for making my small town crap .

  40. And crowded roads and freeways

  41. dude that smile is so fake. looking at her is about as awkward and cringey as getting touched by your uncle at a family reunion

  42. Willy Jay Willy Jay says:

    I can already see more cars and longer waits, and a bunch of other BS

  43. John Lazar John Lazar says:

    I’m pretty sure the man that wrote the article is wrong. We don’t need the traffic, crime and water shortage.

  44. John Whitlaw John Whitlaw says:

    Its all about the Tax money the city will receive

  45. Brian Wood Brian Wood says:

    I’m not sure the “Executive Director of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation” has our best interests in mind. With the traffic problems we face in SCV every day, I can’t believe they approved yet another development program that will only make it worse. This development is NOT to the benefit of the current residents of SCV by any stretch of the imagination.

  46. Lisa Need says:

    Gee Holly I hope you are getting paid a lot of money to spew such crap. One year ago we were told there isn’t enough water for the homes in the SCV and we should let everything die and live in a wasteland. Now there is enough water for 20,000 more homes. The freeways and local roads are packed at all times, and exactly how are 74,000 jobs being created? I have watched developers ruin most of this valley and take their profits and run, this is more of the same.

  47. Rick Polanco Rick Polanco says:

    Sonds like a crock of sh$@ to me.

  48. You think building a housing community next to the worlds’ second biggest trash dump is a great idea?

  49. Liberal and no I’m not on board. Native Californian

  50. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    Shouldn’t this say advertisement at the top?

  51. Stacey Clark Stacey Clark says:

    I think our definitions of “affordable housing” may differ. But, hooray! More traffic!

  52. CBrown says:

    Does anyone know what we need to do, to reverse this? If all of us complainers get together, we may be able to stop this, I am sure ALL the people who live here are against this.

  53. Susie Evans says:

    No one is even mentioning that this development is directly across from the Chiquita Canyon Landfill that was just given a new Conditional Use Permit for another 30 years! Is the developer going to tell these new residents about that, or the oil fields less than a miles away, or the natural gas storage facility off Newhall Ranch Road, or the methane gas facility on the dump property? Let me just say greed is running the whole show, our health and way of life is not being considered at all.

  54. Amy Knoles says:

    Don’t worry the Santa Clara River floods once every 10 years or so…ahh the cleansing powers of water!

  55. Amy Knoles says:

    And don’t forget that the county Board of Supervisors just voted unanimously to keep the dump open for another 30 years!!

  56. Christian says:

    Hahahaha 😂 I love how much people are hating on this Lady.

  57. Just how many people were killed by cars this last year…..somehow I think she is wrong.

  58. Holly Schroeder and County Supervisor Kathryn Barger also supported the Chiquita Canyon Landfill across the road from these two developments. That dump has unavoidable adverse impacts to air quality, greenhouse gases and climate change. It was approved be the County Planning Commission and the County Supervisors. The current projects were approved with the majority of the benefits for their so called Newhall Net O , benefit other area then ours. We just receive the bad, air, increased traffic etc.
    Today is a bad air day in Santa Clarita in more then one way.

  59. Richard Hines says:

    Let’s see. 74,000 new jobs and 0 greenhouse gasses from the vehicles needed to get those people to those jobs? Don’t allow cars? Skateboards o.k.? I don’t think so.

  60. Bob Oso says:

    Roasted 🔥🔥🔥

  61. CBrown Contact SCOPE we could use the help.

  62. Paul Mahone Paul Mahone says:

    I lived in SCV for forty four years. The irony of reading all these responses is hilarious.

  63. Leon Worden Leon Worden says:

    Some of these comments are really confusing. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors decided to build out the Santa Clarita Valley in its entirety after World War II, and everyone who has moved here since WWII is expected to know it. My parents certainly knew it when they moved me here almost 50 years ago. I appreciate the angst and I don’t really like it any more than the next guy, but as someone who has been here for 50 years, to me there is really no difference between someone who came here 20 years ago or 20 years from now.

  64. jim says:

    You beat me by 20 years Leon, and Paul by 14. Much has changed, some of it for the better, some not.

    But I really wonder what things will look like around here 20 years in the future. Assuming North Korea or a few of the other interesting things going on in this world don’t have a major “impact”.

    This sudden flood of interest (and angst) is fascinating in a way. Reminds me of the title of a book by John Brunner, “The Sheep Look Up”.

    Ever read it?

  65. Mike Devlin Mike Devlin says:

    Holly Schroeder, what is the source on 74,000 permanent new jobs?

  66. Here’s what y’all are missing… LA County Supervisors each run their own kingdom, and none of the other County Sups are going to tell another that they aren’t doing a good job in their area. As much we complain, it doesn’t matter. The last time this was up for a vote it was 3-2 and almost didn’t pass. This time it was 4-0 with only Supervisor Sheila Kuehl abstaining and commenting that it was the same as a No. It’s not… no one stood up for us, and Lennar/Five Point gets to take us for another billion dollars. THERE’S NO WATER FOLKS. Lennar lied about the water assessments. They aren’t allowed to say they don’t have enough water.

  67. 130,000 temporary construction jobs. Those aren’t permanent so you can’t count them as bringing jobs here. Keep packing them in.

  68. Dave Lee Dave Lee says:

    There are 3 things that sound shady when I here them say “74,000 permanent jobs”.
    1. 74,000
    2. Permanent
    3. Jobs
    I don’t see how building a bunch of homes provide 74,000 permanent jobs.

  69. If you look at satellite pics of SCV over the years, the development looks like mold spreading.

    These hills can never be un-cut down.

  70. Travis Levy says:

    74,000 new jobs huh? Now I could see if you said these jobs could only be obtained by SCV residents. That would at least impact SCV in a brighter way. It would cut down on peoples drive time and maybe free up the freeway a bit BUT no that’s not the case. Most of these jobs will go to everyone but SCV residents. I also like how they said every house will be equipped with a charging station for your electric cars. Are we to believe your only going to sell those homes to people with electric cars? Doubt it !!!!!!This project is nothing but a polished up turd and that’s what our town will turn into. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD THAT WILL COME OF THIS MASSIVE EXPANSION

  71. Jim says:

    “Well it’s too late now,” as Carole King sang. The deal is done, the people who had the chance to rail against their “County/Corporate Leaders” issues and decisions have waited too long. The deal has been in the works for nearly 30 years, and has been successfully shunted aside when things didn’t look good for it. The purchase by Lennar of NLF and then subsequent sale of the remaining “value” of this property after the fire-sale purchase by 5points (see this: http://sfpublicpress.org/news/2010-06/homebuilder-lennar-uses-federal-taxpayer-funds-to-balance-its-books.
    The single most important thing to know is that it doesn’t matter what you or I want.

    The Fix is in, the money has been paid to the appropriate people, agencies, and supporters.

    The lack of interest by the people subject to it regarding this entire process has ensured that someone will make a truckload of money from this deal.

    Do any of you think that your interests are served here? That question does not include Ms. Schroeder; she’s already been paid.

    How about all you people bitching about it now that it’s finally coming true? Where were y’all over the last 20 years when the battle still had a chance to be fought?

    • Travis Levy says:

      20 years ago I was 16 . Only thing on my radar was my hotrod, girlfriend and summer vacation. what’s everyone else’s accuse ?

  72. jim says:

    So, Travis just be happy you can tell yourself that it was your folks and their friends who didn’t pay attention, and now it is not your fault.

    See how much better you feel knowing that?

    Twenty years ago I was already owning a house here and bitching to the Signal and other avenues about why nobody was paying attention to the homeowners and locals about the future of this valley.

    And I got tired of nobody paying attention.

    Good luck to you.

    • Travis Levy says:

      I hear ya on that one . My family and my wifes family have lived out here since the early 70’s and late 50’s.I used to hear my grandparents complain about what direction this town was headed. Such a shame its so crowded now out here. We caught an episode of the A team over the weekend and got to see what our town used to look like back in 83. LOL

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