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Santa Clarita CA
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November 23
1931 - Fall Roundup held at Hoot Gibson's Saugus Rodeo [story]

By Nick Cahill, Courthouse News

SACRAMENTO (CN) – Moving to freeze a decision by the Trump administration that could subject 200,000 young Californians to deportation, the Golden State’s attorney general on Monday announced a lawsuit against the plan to end protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the son of immigrants, called the administration’s recent decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, reckless and unconstitutional.

“In California, we don’t turn our backs on those who help build the state and who work hard,” Becerra said during a press conference. “It’s unfortunate that President Donald Trump chose to turn his back.”

In the photo above, Dreamers march in San Francisco on September 5, 2017. Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen/WMC.

California’s lawsuit comes six days after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the country will wind down DACA over the next six months, potentially jeopardizing the future of 800,000 program recipients, nicknamed Dreamers.

There are more than 200,000 Dreamers in California who were brought to the United States as children but have registered with the federal government for certain immigration protections. Dreamers must meet certain conditions such as attending school or serving in the military and pass criminal background checks. California is home to more than a quarter of all Dreamers, more than any other state.

Flanked by two California Dreamers, Becerra told reporters that ending the immigration program would have a disastrous impact on the state’s economy. He said the program, enacted through executive order by President Barack Obama in 2012, has allowed DACA recipients to come out of the shadows without fear of deportation.

Becerra noted the pair on stage with him were brought to the United States at four years old. One of the Dreamers, a senior at California State University, Sacramento, says she has faith that Congress will act and protect DACA over the next six months.

“I’m about to graduate in December and I don’t know what’s going to become of my life. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go down that career path that I want to with the majors I have,” the Dreamer said.

The lawsuit will be filed in the Northern District of California, and the states of Maryland, Minnesota and Maine plan to join the challenge. This past week, the University of California sued to protect an estimated 4,000 Dreamers enrolled at its campuses, and 15 states and the District of Columbia have also sued.

Becerra said California’s lawsuit is similar to the other challenges, but it will argue Trump’s decision violates due process protections by “putting at risk DACA recipients’ personal information.” He said the federal government made “arbitrary and capricious decisions for no good reason” and failed to assess the harm that ending DACA could cause.

“It would not only be a travesty economically for our state, it would be a travesty for local law enforcement who have grown accustomed to having the support and cooperation of [Dreamer families] working to combat crime in the neighborhoods,” Becerra said.

Becerra’s announcement comes on the heels of a state senator’s introduction of a measure late Friday that would bar federal immigration agents from schools and state buildings without warrants. Senate Bill 183 must be approved by the Legislature ahead of Friday’s end-of-session deadline.

“We have the opportunity to show we care about our students and that we are going to use all legislative and legal options to protect our DACA recipients,” state Sen. Ricardo Lara, author of SB 183 said in a statement after Sessions’ DACA announcement.

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  1. Get legal and you have nothing to worry about. It is as simple as that.

    • Gee Miguel Gee Miguel says:

      They came undocumented like refugees.

    • not like refugees…… like criminals.

    • their parents being the criminals…. they being the booty

    • William Reel William Reel says:

      The American Citizens are slowly but surely waking up to how we are being used and abused like fools by politicians on both sides. 🇺🇸 MAGA

    • I agree William. But dreamers had the chance to start a path to citizenship. The real question is did they take it?
      DACA was a deferment, not citizenship.

      I question how many of the DACA recipients have tried to actually be in a legal citizen?

    • Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

      None of you idiots (I must use that word because there is no other more appropriate) have any idea how hard it is to become a resident to then become a citizen. It’s not like one can just walk up there and say “Here is my application!” And they say “welcome here is your residence” smh ignorance is a bliss

    • Actually, DACA didn’t even give those people a chance to become citizens. This might be the best chance at immagration reform that has been talked about for years…

    • Trilce Eli I don’t think anyone in this post said it would be easy. I for one, know it is not easy.
      But because it isn’t easy, just go break the law to make it easier?
      Nah. Find a way.

      People can join the military and apply for citizenship that way, it is a great start.

      Finding the money to buy a car can be hard, but it isn’t legal to steal one.
      Or the same for a home.

      The point is, DACA was a deferment, and those in the program that wanted to stay should have been working on a path to citizenship. Not just sitting and waiting for DACA to end.

    • Kara McArdle Kara McArdle says:

      “Get legal, its as simple as that.” The level of ignorance is honestly hyterical.

    • Sally Mehr Sally Mehr says:

      Trilce Eli They have been here way long enough to start the process…get a clue

    • Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

      John Angelotti did u not read Debbie’s comment? “Is that simple” reading is important

    • Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

      John Angelotti also, none of those kids wanted to break the law, their parents did what they felt needed to get them out of a bad situation in their country so they brought them here. Like my parents did, only my parents found a way to become residents.

      Also I have NO IDEA who lied to you about joining the military to get citizenship (first you must be a resident for 5 years before becoming a citizen by the way)

      Read the qualifications to join.

      This is why reading and getting inform is so critical. So you don’t go around talking nonsense

    • Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

      Sally Mehr have you ever bother to hear these kids stories? Some of them don’t even realize they are undocumented until they needed to drive and couldn’t get a DL or get a job. By that time most of them had already been here since they were little and don’t know of any country but this one.

      I think you have no clue of any of this

  2. Julie Burgeson says:

    How can you freeze something that is illegal? Attorney general Xavier Becerra like his predecessor Kamala Harris are against the rights of legal citizens of California and want to promote illegal aliens hoping for their vote.

  3. DACA was intended to be temporary, but our tax money is going toward prevention of its ending, thus making it indefinite.

    Is anybody in CA state government actually interested in solving real problems?

  4. Make a better way to citizenship and the problem goes away. No need to sue…its been sent to congress to deal with. Hold the accountable to do the job they were voted to do.

  5. Your tax dollars at work. Congress will pass a dreamer amnesty shortly. Stop grandstanding and go after criminals instead of running for governor.

  6. DACA is the result of an executive order. Our President has the authority to overturn previous administrations’ Executive Orders.

    The suit in CA has no legal standing.

  7. Should read, ” California wasting tax payer dollars on a frivolous law suit “. DACA was never law and is a Presidential directive by Obama good only until the next President comes along and changes it.

  8. Andrei Toma Andrei Toma says:

    Just freeze all of california’s lawmakers and morons in charge

  9. All this Ignorant white people smh 🤦‍♂️ I’m sure someone in your family was illegal as you say lol

  10. Kj Allen Kj Allen says:

    CA the state run by lunatics voted in by lunatics

  11. Rob Dunham Rob Dunham says:

    Huge waste of money. Suing when there is no law for your case. It was an executive order.

  12. Won’t happen! Never stand in front of the Trump Train when it’s on a mission!! WoooWhoo!

  13. The first letter in DACA is “deferred” which means to put off until later or postpone. It’s been put off long enough and now congress needs to deal with it. Trump wasn’t my guy, but he got this one right.

  14. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    What next? Seceed from The Union, adopt Napolionic Law, and make United States Nationals apply for Citizenship?

  15. Robert Gast Robert Gast says:

    👏🏽Way To Go California👏🏽 (insert sarcasm here).

  16. So on the one hand we say no more illegal immigrants, on the other hand, you complain about the rapid increase in housing prices. Well, news for you, your house are build by in many cases illegal immigrants because housing is too blue collar for the average us citizens that goes and get a 4 year degree. So let’s get all the illegals out so that you can never afford housing and that will make me way richer and you way poor except I doubt you understand the full ramifications of what you are doing…small brains looking at the world through a even small telescope. Hence idiots…

  17. Sally Taylor Sally Taylor says:

    It’s amazing to me how these people don’t work

  18. Lyn O Lyn O'Kane says:

    Wasting more money, pathetic

  19. Dennis Goff Dennis Goff says:

    I guess I never realized that our hometown newspaper is as liberal as all the other press . . . Bummed!

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