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1879 - Newhall civic leader Charles Henry Kingsburry born in Missouri [story]
Charles Kingsburry

| Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017

Hilda SolisThe Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 Tuesday to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Fifth District Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who represents the Santa Clarita Valley, cast the dissenting vote without comment.

The motion by Supervisors Hilda Solis and Sheila Kuehl designates the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day, beginning no later than 2019. It also designates Oct. 12 as Italian American Heritage Day.

“Let me be clear: It is not about erasing history,” Solis said. “In fact, I think the full history of Christopher Columbus should be taught and understood. This is about understanding that for centuries, America’s ancestors oppressed certain groups of people. And while we can’t change the past, we can acknowledge and make that history right today.”

Kuehl said the vote was vital in celebrating California’s history and diversity.

“So much to think about in terms of what we did to our Native American population and how we have never quite recovered from it,” Kuehl said during Tuesday’s board meeting. “But still we want to honor the various ways that history has touched us.”

A handful of speakers in favor of the motion openly discussed what the new holiday would mean to them and their families.

Theresa Marquez spoke on behalf of her late Native American husband, as well as her daughter and grandchildren. She said Indigenous Peoples Day would be a step forward.

“We’re 34-percent Native American, but people don’t believe me,” Marquez said. “They don’t believe us. They say we’re Mexicans. That’s really sad. So this is in support of this day – to be able to have those children be proud of who they are and not be just thrown into any category that somebody wants them to be.”

With the passage of the motion, it is expected the board will recommend a similar action to officials in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Columbus Day is already eliminated from City of Los Angeles calendars after a vote in August by the L.A. City Council.

The Long Beach City Council also approved Indigenous Peoples Day on Tuesday. Burbank did so last week.


[CLICK HERE] for information about the local Indigenous Peoples Day hosted by the Fernandeno-Tataviam Band of Mission Indians on Oct. 14


From Wikipedia:

The following locations celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day, with the exception of Lewiston, New York, which celebrates both.


Adopted 1992

Berkeley, California


Adopted 1994

Santa Cruz, California


Adopted 2014

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Seattle, Washington

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Minnesota State University, Mankato


Adopted 2015

St. Paul, Minnesota

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Portland, Oregon

Traverse City, Michigan

Akron/Newstead, New York

Olympia, Washington

Village of Lewiston, New York

Anadarko, Oklahoma

Carrboro, North Carolina

Belfast, Maine

San Fernando, California

Alpena, Michigan

Bexar County, Texas


Adopted 2016

Denver, Colorado

State of Minnesota

State of Vermont

University of Utah

Brown University

Cornell University

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Spokane, Washington

Bainbridge Island, Washington

East Lansing, Michigan

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Phoenix, Arizona

State of Alaska

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Durango, Colorado

Asheville, North Carolina

Eugene, Oregon

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boulder, Colorado

Lawrence, Kansas


Adopted 2017

Bangor, Maine

Brunswick, Maine

Davenport, Iowa

Durham, New Hampshire

Ithaca, New York

Los Angeles, California

Moscow, Idaho

Norman, Oklahoma

Oberlin, Ohio

Orono, Maine

Portland, Maine

Watsonville, California

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Burbank, California

Los Angeles County, California

Long Beach, California


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  1. And yet I still don’t get the day off work. :/

  2. “LA County Board of Supervisors Wastes Taxpayers’ Time and Money Solving A Non-problem” would have been a more accurate headline.

  3. A bunch of idiots making these decisions. If they don’t want to call it like it is, than remove this holiday from the calendar. People who oppose this holiday don’t deserve to have one.

  4. One is much easier to spell…

  5. What the what? All blood is red!

  6. Kj Allen Kj Allen says:

    LA like CA , run by lunatics

  7. It’s still Columbus Day no matter what they say!

  8. Hetty Aquino Hetty Aquino says:

    Stupidity runs rampant in this state!

      • Jack says:

        Agreed, if they don’t like it here then GTFO. Those of us with tolerance and respect for each other can live here in peace. :-)

    • Hetty Aquino Hetty Aquino says:

      They can’t fix the simple stuff like roads, and have to go messing with what has been in place for years. They are taxing the people to death, etc. Priorities first! Holidays and/or changes regarding holidays are not a priority when it comes to daily living. Homeless people dying in the streets! Do something about that…

  9. June will have “baby Daddy day,” December will have “Religious Figure of your choice birthday,” November will have an as yet to be renamed day of thanks.

  10. I cannot believe people oppose this change 🙃 Eek

    • KC Dawe KC Dawe says:

      You’ve lived in California too long if you don’t know.

    • Hi Brittany, while this is not a huge issue to me, I don’t understand why they didn’t leave it Columbus Day, then make Indigenous People day another day, just like the article said they did for Italian American day. And how about Irish American day or German American day, that might cover my heritage. Haha

    • It’s more about not honoring who Columbus was. Taking away the tradition honors those that he killed (the indigenous people). He gets credit for discovering our country, when in reality, there were already people here.

    • Continuing celebrating Columbus Day is a huge bash to the people that were here before him… it inadvertently sends the message that indigenous people are “less human” than Europeans, which is totally wrong! We are all made equally 💕

  11. Alot of white folks triggered on here i see…

  12. Shows nothing is important, nothing is special and can be changed tomorrow……so believe in nothing, celebrate nothing….so keep your special indigenous people day…it means nothing

  13. Trilce Eli Trilce Eli says:

    Don’t like CA and it’s people? Think is full of “lunatics” then MOVE OUT OF IT! We don’t want you either.

  14. KJ Slo KJ Slo says:

    Where was the public’s vote on this? I certainly don’t give a hoot, but it would be good to get the citizens to choose.

  15. Dermot Joyce Dermot Joyce says:

    Darragh Joyce it’s starting to happen

  16. The city and the state are in financial ruin but at least they can pat themselves on the back for this

  17. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    Who cares? This is how government wastes time and money. Now piss off.

  18. Garry Fisher Garry Fisher says:

    I think the Indigenous people would rather have their land back than a holiday?

  19. Willy Jay Willy Jay says:

    What about all the Spanish, Latins and Mexicans – Seems like San Fernando Road is Gone and has been changed – Lets not stop here – there are many more Latin named Foods, Streets, Buildings and Missions that need changing – Let the work begin! what will we call Tacos and Burritos?

  20. Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

    Why can’t it include both?

  21. Chris Lord Chris Lord says:

    Liberals doing what they do best ruining our state. #BLUESTATESSUCK #STOPERASINGHISTORY

  22. William Reel William Reel says:

    Hence the 3rd world condition of much of the County. Nice job Libtards

  23. Wonderful, give them firewater….

  24. Columbus didn’t discover America. It’s in the history books. Besides, there are more important things to deal with.

  25. Brian Hinkle Brian Hinkle says:

    And primitive clog dancing

  26. KC Dawe KC Dawe says:

    How many LA county residents know how to spell Indigenous?

  27. Seriously. Change the world to your liking

  28. Nir Hazon Nir Hazon says:

    “Lets make a nice gesture to our native Americans, by giving them a day of celebration on the exact day of the guy that started their genocide.”

    Who comes up with these decisions ???

  29. Mike JP Mike JP says:

    Those revisionist history, America hating Communists can call it what they want. To me and most Californians, it will always be Columbus Day.

  30. LOL, wake me up when they make laws that actually do good rather than making them feel good.

  31. It should be Columbus Day, not Indigenous People’s Day!😠😠😡😡

  32. Tawny Biggs Tawny Biggs says:

    I think it’s great!

  33. Columbus did not discover America. Native Americans were here already. Columbus really was not even the type of man you’d want to celebrate. White people version of history has a bias viewpoint. I think the holiday should be deleted entirely. Kind of a slap in the face to turn it into indigenous people day.

    • Nina D. says:

      Pure politics. If it were not for Europeans, indigenous people would still be indigenous people and this country would not be America.

  34. Wait, I thought it was taco day? 🌮

  35. Jeff Springs Jeff Springs says:

    Take emotions out, let facts soothe you. Columbus did NOT discover America – never set foot on our continent. Columbus was NOT loved by his crew, and certainly NOT loved by the indigenous people he abused when he “discovered” them (note: you can’t discover a place that is already inhabited!). He did NOT prove the world was round – the Greeks had done that 2,000 yrs. earlier. Whether or not the holiday is replaced, it should at least have been abolished long ago – legends and myths vs history.

  36. Michael Eng Michael Eng says:

    The Native tribes were at war with each other when Columbus arrived. They were actively trying to kill each other.

  37. “In fourteen-hundred ninety-two Columbus got us a day off skeww.” —Cartman

  38. “You’re right. It’s only now when everyone is being so Indigenous to me that I realize how Indigenous I’ve been acting all along.” – Randy Marsh

  39. How about Insidious Politician Day instead?

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