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June 24
1980 - Saugus Train Station relocated to Heritage Junction [story]

Newhall School District logoThe Newhall School District’s next Regular Board Meeting is Tuesday, October 17 at 6:15 p.m. at the Newhall School District headquarters, 25375 Orchard Village Rd., #200 Valencia, CA 91355.

Consent calendar item No. 15.2.2 is consideration of approving by-laws, articles of incorporation, a user guide, rental fees, application for facility use, and rental agreement for the Newhall Family Theater for the Performing Arts.

Here are the supporting documents:

Raising the Curtain Foundation Articles of Incorp.
Raising the Curtain Foundation Bylaws
Theater Application for Facility-Use
Theater Rental Process
Theater User Agreement

The rest of the October 17 agenda follows.

2.1. Philip C. Ellis, Jr., Christy Smith, Suzan Solomon, Isaiah Talley, Brian Walters
4.1. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.9: Potential Litigation Case #17/18-03 – Phone Conference with Legal Counsel Karen Gilyard of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & RomoWas edited within 72 hours of the Meeting

Todd Fine
4.2. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957: Public Employee – possible employment/discipline/dismissal/release of an employee – Phone Conference with Legal Counsel Margaret Chidester, Chidester & Associates
4.3. Pursuant to Government Code section 54957.6: Labor Negotiations – Negotiator for the District Dr. Michelle Morse, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
9.1. Consideration of Approving the Minutes of the Regular meeting of October 3, 2017

Bd Minutes Oct 3 2017

Any citizen may address the Board on items of interest to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the Board.  No action will be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda.

Unless a Board Member has a question concerning a particular item and asks that it be withdrawn from the Consent Calendar, the items are approved at one time by the Governing Board.  The action taken by the Board in approving Consent items is set forth in the explanation of individual items.
14.1. Removal of Items from the Consent Calendar.
14.2. Consideration of Approving items on the Consent Calendar
14.3. Consent Calendar – Business Services 
14.3.1. Consideration of Approving Purchase Orders, B Warrants and Payroll Warrants

Consideration of approving Purchase Orders through #18-00552, B warrants 24073492-24096383; all payroll warrants issued through October 16, 2017; 208.50 overtime hours for September 2017.
Warrant List
14.3.2. Consideration of Approving Gift Report #17/18-7

Gift Report 7
14.4. Consent Calendar – Human Resources 
14.4.1. Consideration of Approving Personnel Report #17/18-07

14.5. Consent Calendar – Curriculum/Instructional Services
14.5.1. Collaboration Solutions Inc Professional Development Contract for SMART Board Training

Jeff Pelzel
The District is transitioning to SMART Notebook 17.1 (updated software).  This contract will allow Instructional Services to provide 6 after school training sessions for 40 teachers.  The sessions will be differentiated from beginner to expert level. Teachers will be paid extra hourly to attend the sessions.
Financial Impact:
The total cost of the contract is $1750 paid for out of District Title II funds.  The teacher extra hourly will be paid for out of Instructional Staff Development funds and will not exceed $7680.
CSI Contract
15.1. Staff Reports – Curriculum/Instructional Services
15.1.1. Consideration of Approving the 2017/2018 Single Plan for Student Achievement for Pico Canyon Elementary School

Tammi Rainville
Pico Canyon 2017 2018 SPSA
15.1.2. California School Dashboard Local Performance Indicators

Jeff Pelzel
What are the local indicators?

State data is not available for some priority areas identified in the California School Dashboard. For these priority areas, the State Board of Education approved the local indicators, which are based on information that educational agencies collect.  The local indicators are:

  • Basic Services
  • Implementation of State Academic Standards
  • Parent Engagement
  • School Climate
How is performance measured on the local indicators?

Local educational agencies receive one of three ratings based on whether they have measured and reported their progress through the Dashboard using locally collected data. The ratings are: Met, Not Met, or Not Met for Two or More Years.

For example, on the local indicator for Implementing State Academic Standards the local educational agency would receive a “Met” rating if it:

  1. Annually measures its progress
  2. Reports the results at a regularly scheduled meeting of the local governing board
  3. Reports the results to stakeholders through the Dashboard

For local educational agencies that receive a “Met” rating, the local data that they collected will be included in a Detailed Report within the Dashboard.

How do local educational agencies collect and report the local data?

The Dashboard includes self-reflection tools that the State Board of Education approved as part of the new accountability system. Local educational agencies complete those self-reflection tools and can upload the information to be displayed through the Dashboard.

Newhall School District is recommending using the following metrics for our local indicator data:

State Indicators Local Performance Indicator
Basic Services Williams documentation and SARCs
Implementation of State Standards State reflection tool administered with Curriculum Council, EL Committee, Writing Committee, Science Committee, and ADCO
Parent Engagement School Effectiveness Survey Indicators in LCAP

LCAP Stakeholder Meetings

DELAC Meetings

GDAC Meetings

Volunteer hours

Parent Participation at Conferences

Site Council Meetings

School Climate California Healthy Kids Survey LCAP Indicators
15.1.3. Revised BP/AR 6158 Independent Study – Second Reading

Jeff Pelzel
Board Policy 6158 on Independent Study and Independent Home Study provides students who are absent for a short or an extended period of time (5-15 days) an opportunity to complete equivalent work while absent from school.  Once students complete the assigned work, the District is able to receive  ADA credit for days missed.  The current policy was last reviewed and updated in 2005 and the forms for the program were revised in 2000 and 2001.  To better align with the shifts in the instructional programs, staff have updated these forms and aligned the permissible days absent at all grade levels, TK-6.
AR 6158
Board Policy 6158
New Independent Study Forms
15.2. Staff Reports – Business Services 
15.2.1. Helena Jubany with NAC Architecture to Present a Summary of Measure E Projects 

Helena Jubany
15.2.2. Consideration of Approving By-laws, Articles of Incorporation, User Guide, Rental Fees (included in User Guide), Application for Facility Use, and Rental Agreement for the Newhall Family Theater for the Performing Arts.

Deo Persaud / Tom Lund
When running a theatre company or performing arts center, the biggest source of funding comes from grants and donations. In order to ensure donations are tax deductible as well as apply for certain grants, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization must be established. The non-profit must have by-laws that govern its work.To rent the facility a user guide which outlines rules and regulations as well as rental cost needs to be in place. The rental guide and fee schedule were created using comparative rates from the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons and the William S. Hart Union High School District. Companion to the user guide are an application for rental and a user agreement.
Financial Impact:
Cost of $1,729.00 for filing Articles of Incorporation and Nonprofit designation through Legal Zoom to be paid out of the Unrestricted General Fund/Theater Management Budget.
Raising the Curtain Foundation Articles of Incorp.
Raising the Curtain Foundation Bylaws
Theater Application for Facility-Use
Theater Rental Process
Theater User Agreement
15.2.3. Consideration of Awarding Bid Number NSD 17/18-1R, Fencing Ornamental Iron and Chain Link, Multiple Sites (Meadows, Newhall, Pico Canyon), Fall 2017

Deo Persaud
On September 15, 2017, the District issued bid notice NSD 17/18-1R for Fencing Ornamental Iron and Chain Link, Multiple Sites (Meadows, Newhall, Pico Canyon), Fall 2017.  Bids were due October 11, 2017 by 2:00 pm and a public bid opening was conducted in the Board Room at that time.The bids received were reviewed for responsiveness and tabulated with a recommendation to award the bid to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder.  The bids were awarded to:

  • Meadows and Newhall Elementary Schools – Western Fencing & Supply, Inc. dba Pilgrim Fence
  • Pico Canyon Elementary School – Fence Corp 
Financial Impact:
Potential cost of up to $637,000,  charged to Fund 40.
Bid Summary NSD 17/18-1R Fencing Rebid
15.2.4. Second Reading of Revision of BP9000 Role of the Board; BP9100 Organization; BP9124/9125 Attorney; E9250 Board Bylaws

Deo Persaud
This is the second reading of the proposed policy changes.   A third and final reading may be scheduled for the next Governing Board meeting.
BP9000 Role of the Board
BP9100 Organization 
BP9124 Attorney
E9250 Board Bylaws
15.2.5. Consideration of Approving Amendment 01 to the Contract with California Department of Education for Child Development Services for 2017/2018

Deo Persaud / Jeff Pelzel
The 2017-18 resolution and contract with CDE for the State preschool program was Board approved on June 13, 2017.  The CDE has since made the following amendments to the original contract:

  • The maximum rate per child day of enrollment has increased from $40.45 to $45.73.
  • The new maximum reimbursable amount has increased from $590,852.00 to $667,978.00.
  • Changes to rates will be effective July 1, 2017

All other terms shall remain the same.

Financial Impact:
As noted in the amendment
CDE Preschool Contract Amendment 01
15.2.6. Consideration of Approving Change Orders for the Newhall Elementary Auditorium Renovation and Ratification of Contract Changes Exceeding 10%

Deo Persaud
The following Change Orders are presented for the Newhall Elementary School Auditorium Renovation:

CO# 006-45          J Noble Binns Plumbing                 $2,735.72

This change order covers the cost for supply, labor, material and equipment to dig and install catch basin, run 6′ Storm Drain line and reroute condensate pipe not shown on plans. $551.38 of this change order will be paid through the contract’s remaining allowance amount.

This change order represent an increase over the original contract of $2,735.72 or 1.35%, and cumulative  30.67%.

CO# 009-49          IES Commercial                             $1,315.00

An additional site visit was necessary for this contractor due to the delay in the wood panel installation. This is the cost for the site visit to be paid for by the General Construction Contractor. No Cost to the District.

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of $1315.00 or 0.70%, and cumulative  5.64%.

CO# 015-47          RDM Electric                                   $1,297.00

This Change Order is comprised of two separate changes that were completed on a Time & Material Basis. The first was in regards to RFI #236 that advised the contractor add a keyed switch for control of the retrofit entrance lights ($236). The second issue was an Owner Request to change out the white duplex outlets with black duplex outlets to match the brass coverplates ($1079).

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of $1,297.00 or 0.25%, and cumulative  9.55%.

CO# 031-40         Harik Construction                            ($1,315.00)

An additional site visit was necessary for this contractor due to the delay in the wood panel installation. This is the cost for the site visit to be paid for by the General Construction Contractor. No Cost to the District.

This change order represent a decrease over the original contract of ($1,315.00) or -0.11%, and cumulative  5.17%.

CO# 001-50         Climatec                                            $2,697.00

This change order is comprised of two separate changes. The first one was incurred because the mechanical sheets did not show the wiring from the Alerton unit to the outside condenser unit so this was not included in the contract bid ($1005). The second change order was for an Owner Request to add a return air sensor to the controls  for the FCU-3 serving at the stage. RFI #241 was asked regarding the location for this sensor and it was added per the Architect & Engineer’s response ($1692).

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of $2,697.00 or 4.59%, and cumulative  4.59%.

CO# 005-48         SSI Salco                                          $558.96

Door sweeps were not shown on the plans to be included on the doors from the lobby to the auditorium. During the punchwalk it was determined these would need to be added to prevent light from entering in from the lobby to the auditorium during performances. This is the cost for the labor and material to add these sweeps to the doors.

This change order represents an increase over the original contract of $558.96 or 0.74%, and cumulative  31.43%.

Financial Impact:
Increased cost to Measure E of $7,288.38
CO 001-50 Climatec
CO 06-45 J Noble Binns 
CO 09-49 IES Commercial 
CO 15-47 RDM Electric
CO 31-40 Harik Construction 
CO# 05-48 SSI Salco
15.2.7. Consideration of Accepting Summary of Final Fees from NAC Architecture for the Measure E Newhall and Peachland Elementary Projects

Deo Persaud / Helena Jubany
NAC Architecture has provided the District a final summary of the fees for the Newhall Elementary 2-Story Classroom and the Peachland Elementary School Projects.  The District negotiated pricing with NAC Architecture to account for scope additions and issues that arose during the project.  This resulted in credits to the District totaling $105,000.00 for these two projects that will go towards the remaining contract balances.  Below are the current balances owed to NAC after credits:Peachland Elementary Project – $8,772.37

Newhall Elementary Project – $10,942.92

Financial Impact:
Combined balance of $19,715.29 for Newhall Elementary and Peachland Elementary Meaure E Projects to be paid to NAC Architecture out of the Measure E funds.
Newhall/Peachland Summary of Fees
15.2.8. Consideration of Approving Request for Additional Services from NAC Architecture for the Old Orchard Elementary Measure E Project 

Deo Persaud / Helena Jubany
At the request of the District, NAC Architecture completed additional services to the Measure E Old Orchard Project totaling $4,797.  The work included architectural and engineering services for 11 exterior light poles which provide security at the playfield hardscape areas.
Financial Impact:
Additional cost of $4,797.00 paid to NAC Architecture out of Measure E funds.
NAC Additional services for Old Orchard Project
15.3. Staff Reports – Administrative Services 
15.3.1. Consideration of Voting for Two Members to the Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization

LACOE Letter
15.3.2. Consideration of Approving January 18, 2018 for the Annual District Open House at Oak Hill Elementary School
15.3.3. Final Preparations for the October 24th State of the District.

Paul Cordeiro, Governing Board Members
15.3.4. Schedule School Board Tours

Paul Cordeiro
19.1. The Board President adjourned the meeting at ______.
20. Agenda Items for Upcoming Meetings of the Governing Board 
20.1. 2017/2018 Single Plans for Student Achievement: Newhall, Peachland and Wiley Canyon Schools
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