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July 21
2009 - Castaic resident Gidget, the Taco Bell commercial Chihuahua, dies at 15 after major stroke [story]

| Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
Three Oaks
Photos: City of Santa Clarita

City officials gathered Wednesday for the Grand Opening of “Three Oaks,” the first 100-percent affordable family development in Santa Clarita.

Located on a site that once served as a Caltrans Park and Ride lot, the 1.6 acre site in Newhall was acquired by the city of Santa Clarita in 2010.

Jointly developed by Related California and National Community Renaissance, in partnership with the City, Three Oaks consists of four buildings, containing 29 apartments for low income families and 1,600 square feet of community space.

The development was financed and developed with a combination of public and private resources, which included approximately $5 million coming from the city of Santa Clarita.

Hope Through Housing Foundation will provide social services at Three Oaks, which will include adult educational, health and wellness or skill building classes (such as financial literacy and computer training). An on-site service coordinator will be responsible for Youth Services, Healthcare and Prevention Services and Social Connectedness Activities.

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  1. Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

    OH BOY AFFORDABLE HOUSING!! Just what we need is lots and lots of poor people. Next they will have to open a Welfare office, Section 8 housing, and Disability Counseling. AND, when crime goes up, our city fathers will say they have no idea why that happened, except please pass this bond issue for more cops.

    • Rachel Todd Rachel Todd says:

      I’m not a criminal and would love to be able to have a place of my own. I don’t mind living with my parents, but after a certain age, you’re supposed to move out. Sorry I’m a millinial and too broke to afford a $2500 /month place without 5 other roommates

      • Ashley says:

        I’m 21 and my boyfriend and I do it all on our own. It’s not that hard if you get a big girl job

      • Travis Levy says:

        Rachel you should look into FHA loans. As rent increased out here in SCV it was cheaper for me to buy than to rent. My first townhome I only had to put down 3.5% IN 2009 which came out to just over $10K. I spent the next 4 yrs remodeling that townhome and turned it into a $120K profit when I sold it. I now own a house valued at $550K and my mortgage is $1741.00. I was unhappy renting so I stepped my game up and got a big boy job and worked my butt off. I drove a POS car for many years that would get me to work instead of a fancy car ,which is just a horrible investment anyways. I didn’t go out bar hopping every night like my friends did. It was hard I’m not gunna lie but I look back now at what I have and those friends that decided to not step their game up are still renting with roommates and their almost 40 now. I understand what your are saying about wanting to live in the town you grew up in but the city shouldn’t make special arrangements for others. This is what happens when people are raised that everyone deserves an award. I don’t mind the high rent here in SCV now that I’ve been a home owner. High rent keeps the trash out.

    • Yeah, your generation got screwed out of the ownership market. 90% of that generation will be renters for life.

    • Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

      Well, here are a couple of good ideas: 1. Get a better job. 2. Lots of low income houses in San Fernando, Sylmar, Pacoima. Lots of people want to live in Beverly Hills but can’t afford it.

    • Rachel Todd Rachel Todd says:

      I have a good job after 6 months of constant rejections, I’m in school (that I’m paying for myself) to earn my degree so I can obtain a “better job”…ive lived in this city my entire life, and have a job out here.

      Is it too much to ask to live in the city I grew up in??

    • Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

      YES if you can’t afford it. I lived most of my life in Burbank, and my wife in Culver City. When we married we couldn’t afford to buy in either place, so we moved here where we could afford it. We didn’t moan and groan until the state made requirements for “affordable housing”, we moved to where we could afford it. My children live in Castaic because housing here was too expensive.

    • Rachel Todd it is not too much, but unfortunately the lefty people running this state want very much for California to be overcrowded, expensive and increasingly third-world. Your best interests have been abandoned. Don’t vote for these people, and wake up your friends… your future is slipping away by the day.

    • Rachel Todd Rachel Todd says:

      I don’t want to “moan and groan” about it, but if an opportunity is there, I’d be a fool to not take advantage

    • Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

      It is a shame that the state of California saw fit to write in a requirement for “affordable housing” in the permit process for land developers. That way you can buy a $500.000.00 house right next door to an apartment complex. Does wonders for your property value

    • First off crime is a ready going up in the city!! They keep building and building regular ““ homes up here and people are committing suicide people are shooting one another people are drinking and driving more killing people if you build it they will come and that’s happening without having low income housing up here!!! Secondly judge not let ye be judged!! Who are you to judge other people that are struggling and hurting and need a place to live?! I am a single mom with three children! I work three jobs I bust my ass and I still cannot afford to live in my own place in the Santa Carita Valley!!!! I am not a lowlife, and I am not a criminal! I have three children two of which are disabled and it would be really really nice to have my own place to live so before you start ranting and Raven about people and judging people why don’t you look in the mirror! Check around maybe be a little bit more caring about the person walking down the street, the person who’s driving you to your destination getting you home safe, or busting their butt being your caregiver when you’re old and you can’t do anything! why don’t you think about that before you judge people😡😡

      • Jeff Stevens says:

        Thank you, well said. I live in Santa Clarita , I’m disabled, I’ve been working here for 30 years have a six-figure income. My daughter and his son can’t afford to buy their own place so they live with us. This would be the perfect place for her and her son. She works makes her car payment pays all the bills. She just can’t afford to $3000 mortgage.

        • Travis Levy says:

          Jeff Stevens If she’s looking at a $3000 mortgage than maybe she shouldn’t be looking at $500K homes. Maybe she should start off with a condo or townhome.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Rachel Todd You keep doing what you’re doing. Some people don’t get that in CA, especially in LA County, it is almost impossible for a recent graduate to attain the opportunities their parents did because of poor voting choices made by generations past. You study hard, work hard and you’ll find the success you’re working towards. Let these people whine because their in their twilight and realize that their ship is sinking because LA’s real estate market is as vast as the county. Adjust and overcome… we all must do that.

    • Hayiiieee! Theres already crime up to the top. Not only the poor people cause crime!

    • You were a freaking government employee and then worked in a unionized trade. How dare you get on your high-horse like you are freaking Andrew Carnegie. Your political generation completely stripped the United States of any worthwhile jobs.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Leonard John Elick III exactly!

    • Rachel Todd – keep up the good work. Don’t listen to anyone but your inner intuition. You are doing your best and that’s more than I can say for many people who take advantage of situations.

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Steve Brown and you’re a pissed off Republican right? Then stop voting for people who hate you. To trump YOU are the “poor people”. Steve, I’m sorry your life didn’t pan out the way you’d been told it would. But America is in decline now, and we all have to face up to the fact that there are no more “good paying jobs” for people who only graduated High School. The global workforce is better educated and less entitled than Americans, hence the jobs have gone overseas. For ever. Right now 40% of Americans are living below the poverty line. So “poor people” as you call them are actually becoming the ‘norm’ now. So boohoo for you Steve, you gonna be sharing Santa Clarita with people who earn less than you, but have higher IQs than you. Go figure eh?

    • Steve I agree with you 150%!! You’re saying what so many of us are scared to say!

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Vanessa Arjoon you mean he’s saying all the bigoted stuff you want to say, but don’t even have the honesty to own up to? Shame on you.

    • Maybe you should move to pacific palisades
      Oh wait you couldn’t afford it your too low income

    • Gail says:

      Could you manage to be a little more prejudiced, hateful and discriminatory please? Just checking.

    • Chris Tee Chris Tee says:

      Who’d WANT to live in Steve’s neighborhood lol Redneck Road? Racist Ravine? Klan Korner?

    • Wish they had a middle finger emoji for this stupid ignorant comment

    • Alexandra Smith they do 🖕🏼😝🖕🏼

    • Christina says:

      I went love to live there I’m a single mom who works full-time doesn’t qualify for any government program cuz supposedly I make too much but when I applied for that affordable living they said I don’t make enough so where’s the happy medium in this situation

    • Bri Michelle Bri Michelle says:

      I make over 100k a year, I’m not a criminal, I’m the opposite. And i can’t
      Even afford to buy a house in scv! You sir, have a hateful heart. I feel bad for you.

      • Travis Levy says:

        Bri Michelle: I make $30k less than you and I’m now onto my second home in Saugus. Maybe YOUR doing something wrong.

    • Marla says:

      Things have changed in case you hadn’t noticed. When I was 18 we could afford to get a little apartment & have food on the table working at a local groery store. When I was 20 I made 8.65 an hour as a Certified Nurses Aid & I paid 210. per month for a one bedroom apartment. That was 40 years ago. That same job today, pays about $10. per hour & that same apartment would be about 2100. Do you in your high and mighty mind see something wrong with this picture? You, with your I got mine attitude, so screw the rest of you! She has a valid point. Anyone working a full 40 hour week should be able to afford a roof over their head & food on the table. We could when I was young, but not now. SCV was a great place before people like YOU,Steven Brown moved in. Which is why those of us who helped build it up have moved out.

    • Susanne Shep Susanne Shep says:

      I work my butt off 50-60 hours a week and still cannot afford a place of my own in Los Angeles. I have a Bachelors degree. Not all people who live in low income housing are drug addicts, criminal or losers. I certainly am not. We want better jobs and better things too but it doesnt happen overnight. If you can point me in the direction of a job that pays me enough to afford these rent prices let alone purchase prices I’m all ears. If not then take your smug attitude elsewhere. You’re part of the problem not the solution. Not to mention cold-hearted. I’m not looking for handout but a hand-up would be nice. Who hasn’t had help getting to where they are? I think we all have had help somewhere along the line.

    • Travis Levy says:

      I’m right there with you Steve. I’ve lived out here my whole life 37 years and these morons in power are ruining our city. Do they do background checks on these people ? All I see that comes with low rent is TROUBLE.

    • Sir I understand your comment but I don’t appreciate it because I am a disabled person who works full time gets assistant and lives with his family because he can’t afford to live on my own. Also I grew up out here and don’t want the community changed by offering subsidy housing but it’s time scv grow with the times and start to offer competitive housing! For Everyone.

    • Steve Brown Steve Brown says:

      Right now it does offer “competitive” housing. “Low Income Housing” are homes where the selling price is kept artificially low. I’m sorry you have disabilities and are unable to afford housing in the valley. I was speaking of housing for the chronically poor, not the disabled. There are several assisted living apartments in the valley. I’m adamantly against a family of 8 living in a subsidized 2 bedroom home “because they always lived in the valley, can’t find a job here but want to stay here.

    • Belzie says:

      Id like to be informed of great opportunites
      Im so desperate with so much going on and
      Everything being bad news after bad news seeing this gives a little hope to low income people like myself i hold to jobs and still cant afford to live by myself

  2. Greg Brown Greg Brown says:

    Sell now. Mark my words.

  3. Rocky Arthur Rocky Arthur says:

    Another hang out for gang bangers !!

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Have you looked at the people in the photo?

    • Paul Wynne those aren’t the ones that are moving in, those people are just virtue signaling… right before going home to their million dollar homes in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch.

    • Roger Cuevas Roger Cuevas says:

      Wow Rocky! There are people that weren’t lucky enough to get a city pension like yourself . I left that city job , because I was embarrassed at the level of incompetency and laziness. I can surely afford awesome town , but I will not subject my family to the attitude from some of the residents . Enjoy your retirement.

  4. Stephanie says:

    What ads said yes to this

  5. Another future Nickerson gardens

  6. El Rey El Rey says:

    Pretty sad to see so many people not want people off the st. Reality is. The Poor will always exist no matter what. Either help educate them or you’re going to pay for them in county jail down the line anyway. Santa Clarita is growing. With a growing city population. The population of poor will rise too. If you’re a resident in this town and expect there to be zero form of low income people living along side you. In most cases parts of town you dont hang out in 90% of the time anyway. The world just doesn’t work that way unfortunately. We either try and help or we don’t. Either way is going to stink having to help. If we don’t. The problems only get worse and worse.

    • Hey. I’m educated and I’m still poor. I have had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. It’s not only the poor that commit crimes.

    • And. El Rey. I was born here. I graduated 3 months before my class. First Graduating class Of Canyon High Scholl.
      I worked in the fields what now is The Mall and all the car dealerships. Newhall Ranch Road was all agriculture. We were poor. Never commited a crime.

    • El Rey El Rey says:

      Ok? Well that stinks. Not sure what the point was to that statement. I agree. Never said that the poor are the only ones that commit crimes. They are just statistically proven to be more prone to lead a life of crime. Not all. I myself am living proof of that. In my post I noted that “most” not all. Also what are you educated in?

    • El Rey El Rey says:

      Putting words in mouth doesn’t help your misguided anger. I want there to be affordable housing. Poor, yes are more prone to steal. Its just a fact unfortunately. It’s statistically proven. Thats not speaking down on them. My post has more to do with the Poor getting a chance at living in a safe city like this one. To give them a better shot at being able to afford 2500 dollar rent. I’ve seen it first hand when the right people are given an opportunity. They grow with hard work an education. They become police officers, doctors, nurses, so we can at least agree on that.

    • Travis Levy says:

      I could hardly care about the homeless due to I’m sure they don’t care that I get up at 4am to go to work 1.5 hrs away to work 12 hrs then to sit in 3.5 hrs of traffic on the 405 coming home. Why do I do it you may ask? Because Its my decision to live here no one else’s.No one says you have to live here. Step your game up , bust your ass and quit complaining. You are in charge of your own life. I didn’t study hard in school and didn’t go to college that was my decision. Was it a smart one? Probably not but I worked hard and bought a house and did it without bitching about it. Because at the end of the day I can only blame myself if I’m not happy. So many people want to blame others. Grow up people you cant have your cake and eat it too.

  7. Cathy Byers Cathy Byers says:

    There’s a lot of people against this I wonder how it got through the city council

  8. Nena Guzmán Nena Guzmán says:

    los clase media que no les gusta esta nueva ayuda para los más necesitados, deberían moverse a beverly hills u otra parte donde no tengan que convivir o soportar esta terrible cosa para ellos! 😝

    • Nena Guzmán Nena Guzmán says:

      y tampoco estoy de acuerdo con gente que vive del walfere, o usan el dinero para sus vicios y muchos otros beneficios por la simple flojera que les da trabajar! a esos si que los investiguen y los manden a trabajar por vagos. Eso no justo, que paguemos impuestos para que esos vivan de uno! 😠😠

  9. Ralph Green Ralph Green says:

    I really cant wait to get out of california. Even though ive been here my whole life i cant stand the direction this city is making. Scv charges beverly hill prices for a palmdale like area. Now low income housing is gonna attract even more undesireables who are going to to make plamdale/lancaster look more appealing

  10. Chris Gately Chris Gately says:

    For those giving this post 😡’s… I offer my services as a Real Estate Broker to you. I have a list of clients who can’t wait to move here. I think the SCV is great ❤️and see new people coming to this community as a great chance to improve lives and grow culturally.

    GATELY Properties


  11. All homes do is tie u down anyways everyone needs to live in a little paid off cabin

  12. About time,hope they pick & choose carefully!

  13. Mary Guzman Mary Guzman says:

    Not to happy about this…

  14. Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

    Not really the place for it . Cost of living is too high here for recipients of OH. Makes more sense in Bakersfield or a comparable zip code.

  15. Lola Rose Lola Rose says:

    Sheesh, I can’t believe what snobs people are! Acting like you live in some amazing upscale place…santa clarita is really nothing special. Just a bunch of people who think they’re better than their fellow humans because there are more zeros in your paycheck or something. I grew up my whole life surrounded by extremely wealthy people who would consider santa claritians rather poor and never encountered such snobbery from these people who have far more than people here ever will.

    • has nothing to do with snobbery…has EVERYTHING to do with the doubling of the population so that this can become the new San Fernando valley, but without the necessary infrastructure (or water eventually) to support all this incoming growth throughout and ringing this valley.

    • Anyone you don’t agree with is a snob, and people should listen to you that SCV is nothing special. 😝

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Ruben Andre Norte yes, Ruben you are quoting what she said word for word. It’s her opinion. I happen to think Santa Clarita is a nice place except for the bigots.

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Roger Langford that’s the most intelligent ‘negative’ comment to date.

    • Oh brother roger, get a life dude. You are not entitled to anything….

    • Alexandra Smith….I have no problem with growth as long as it is accompanied by proper infrastructure growth to support it….and that includes necessary water resources. Alexandra….I have a life, thank you.

    • Paul Wynne….thanks. I do like the SCV too. It has been good to my family and I, but I fear what it will look like as we get closer and closer to the 500,000 people that will populate this valley by 2050. That is just based upon housing developments that have ALREADY been approved. It’s gonna get interesting one way or another out here.

    • William Reel William Reel says:

      I hope a illegal alien kicks down your door …

    • Brian Durand Brian Durand says:

      It’s going to be way over 500,000 now. Transportation in the city really sucks especially if you own your own vehicle. But at least all the people are so nice, and the police lovely simply lovely.

    • Lola Rose Lola Rose says:

      Paint it with whatever brush you like. But bottom line, when someone is saying I don’t want YOU in MY town…that’s snobbery. And yes, more homes=more people=infrastructure needs to be built to accommodate it. If that’s your primary concern I would encourage you to get involved in city planning and help make sure the building of infrastructure go along with building of homes. As far as not enough water, I just want to laugh, because we in no way have enough water to support the people who live here now. We buy it from other parts of the country. So if you’re worried about water here, you could always be part of the solution and move to someplace not experiencing a water shortage

    • Paul Wynne the bigots? What kinds of mental gymnastics do you need to do to justify hating yourself?

    • A bunch of wine sipping cheese eaters there now. Used to be considered a hick town. It was more likeable back then.

  16. This is how the ghettos were started!!

  17. Erica Friske Erica Friske says:

    Carol Smith Friske Pennington it’s comments like the ones above that make me happy I no longer live in Santa Clarita if that helps clarify things for you.

  18. Rich King Rich King says:

    Sounds like the fore runner to communism if you ask me

  19. Omg. I can’t even believe these reactions…it’s disgusting. What the hell is the harm in being happy that people have an opportunity to live in housing in Santa Clarita. And there’s supportive services!!! This is great that this is available. I’m truly happy for those who have a place to call their own and hope that those who are most unwelcoming can start to become better neighbors. And not be such assholes.

    • Funny you say that all I saw was angry emoji and was like oh my God why are people upset even Aunt Joyce was like what why the angry face? People are just self absorbed, didn’t even bother to look at the ignorant comments.

    • Travis Levy says:

      Amber : That’s because they didn’t earn it or work for it. Yes everyone has sad stories but life isn’t fair deal with it. Who really needs affordable housing is our Armed services.

  20. So, if I read this correctly, 29 apartments went in. Umm, that’s not enough to get many people into affordable housing.
    What is the rent? I didn’t read that in the article.
    Are the apartments at least 2 bedrooms??

  21. Bre Paige Bre Paige says:

    Park Sierra was one of the first scv communities to offer low-income housing. You all know how that turned out 😂😂 That place should have their own police substation.

    • Travis Levy says:

      Bre Paige: Thank you !!!!!!! Some people are just too stupid to see the writing on the wall. It may not happen in the next ten years but I guarantee you this apartment complex will turn out just like Park Sierra.

  22. Not really this is a joke who is it affordable for I mean really!

  23. Spencer Clayton says:

    I work full time and I am interested in an apartment. Thank you

  24. Debbi Foley Debbi Foley says:

    It’s always “Not in my backyard”…………

  25. Susanne Shep Susanne Shep says:

    I work my butt off 50-60 hours a week and still cannot afford a place of my own in Los Angeles. I have a college degree. Not all people who live in low income housing are drug addicts, criminal or losers. I certainly am not. We want better jobs and better things too but it doesnt happen overnight. If you can point me in the direction of a job that pays me enough to afford these rent prices let alone purchase prices I’m all ears. If not then take your smug attitude elsewhere. You’re part of the problem not the solution. Not to mention cold-hearted. I’m not looking for handout but a hand-up would be nice. Who hasn’t had help getting to where they are? I think we all have had help somewhere along the line.

  26. William Reel William Reel says:


  27. After 46 years in Santa Clarita i am gone…other antelope valley. Section 8 … that why they are building other sheriff station…god dammed liberals

  28. Judy Nelson says:

    I would like to know more about the low income housing and the requirements to get approved.

  29. Dena Bogrow Dena Bogrow says:

    This is exciting.. I think this is a start.. I could use this..

  30. Bri Michelle Bri Michelle says:

    Not affordable for middle class!!!!!

  31. Garry Fisher Garry Fisher says:

    Ready for a new Vallarta Grocery Store to go with that?

  32. Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

    “Affordable.” You know, every time I hear there’s more “affordable housing” coming our way in SCV, it turns out to be more homes for senior citizens.

    Much like every time this has been announced, I won’t hold my breath.

  33. Mark Hawk Mark Hawk says:

    Everyone complaining about this better be handing out full size candy bars for Halloween this year.

  34. These comments are disgraceful, what a shame. Where do you want these people to go?? You don’t want them on the streets, now housing is a issue??

  35. Ashley Camille robertson says:

    Please please pleas!!!!!!

  36. Years ago Santa Clarita was affordable. And then the demand for a nice safe place to live caused the prices of homes to go up especially in valencia. Then they kept building more and more into the hills and beyond. And now that it’s big enough, I’m sure some feel good politicians are saying let’s be like other cities and make affordable housing. Now I’m sure there are some wonderful people that would love to live in Santa Clarita and help to keep it a nice place. But statistically affordable housing attracts the wrong crowd. And subsequently neighborhoods start to change.

    The same thing happened to Santa Maria years ago. And everyone fled to Orcutt. Now that orcutt is a little bigger they are starting to build affordable housing there too. And crime is already starting to rise in that area. I have noticed that Santa Clarita has changed compared to what it was 15-20 years ago.

  37. Hope they are a “zero” drug, alcohol policy!

  38. Angela Jones-White did you know this??

  39. Joseph K says:

    Congratulations to the city of Santa Clarita, the Mayor and City Council. City of Santa Clarita housing people and housing officials. Now we must only erase the stigma, i.e. all of the judgments made against city/public housing projects. Pushing a project like “Three Oaks” through is huge, just huge – everyone in Santa Clarita must be congratulated. This is the absolute model, i.e. “Build more affordable housing.” It helps a lot of good people who’ve maybe had a more challenging life than the rest of us. I’ve worked with and on affordable housing in other cities. Projects like “Three Oaks” which take everything in order to make a reality. Thirty families will now have a home. Their children will now be safe, in very good local schools, etc. The City of Santa Clarita should be commended based on this project alone – uber-impressive. Amazing to me when new buildings open, when new tenants move in, one of the best things to happen to a community, any community. -Joseph K

  40. Joseph K says:

    p.s. to previous

    Huge props to Susanne She for the above comment:

    “I work my butt off 50-60 hours a week and still cannot afford a place of my own in Los Angeles. I have a college degree. Not all people who live in low income housing are drug addicts, criminal or losers. I certainly am not. We want better jobs and better things too but it doesnt happen overnight. If you can point me in the direction of a job that pays me enough to afford these rent prices let alone purchase prices I’m all ears. If not then take your smug attitude elsewhere. You’re part of the problem not the solution. Not to mention cold-hearted. I’m not looking for handout but a hand-up would be nice. Who hasn’t had help getting to where they are? I think we all have had help somewhere along the line.”

    -Awesome, Susanne!

  41. Joseph K says:

    It takes an unbelievable amount of persistence, cooperation, talent – to make a project like “Three Oaks” an actual reality. If people knew the amount of time, effort and caring on behalf of city housing officials? A city council and mayor? There are challenges at every level, so I once more congratulate the city of Santa Clarita. All those behind-the-scenes people who worked to make “Three Oaks” a reality. Very exciting, planning to help more once my move to Santa Clarita is complete (in the process right now, i.e. post retirement) =Joseph K

  42. Hey Steve, we already have all the stuff you mentioned. It just let’s in more trouble and trust me crime will no doubt increase more than it already has

  43. We need affordable housing for young couples with small kids. Most can’t afford to buy a house, as the down payment is the problem. They are living in an apartment with other apartments that have several families living in one. Everything is going up, including food and gas. These couples need to live in a decent apartment that they are able to save to buy a home.

  44. Joe Stephens Joe Stephens says:

    So more trash can come in

  45. DennyNNWofLA says:

    Nice to see all those nice Christian values at work here within these comments. What would your ‘savior’ say to you, if he could?

  46. Take it to Bakersfield

  47. Sir I understand your comment but I don’t appreciate it because I am a disabled person who works full time gets assistant and lives with his family because he can’t afford to live on my own. Also I grew up out here and don’t want the community changed by offering subsidy housing but it’s time scv grow with the times and start to offer competitive housing! For Everyone.

  48. Belzie says:

    Why are people with out a living issue voicing their opinion i mean if you have all that extra time to hate on people you dont give a damn about find something worth doing your hate only makes you more mad since it doesnt get you anywhere if people want to help other people just let them i mean even poor people have to pay taxes too you know

  49. Vince Kilbride says:

    Veterans? Combat Veterans families? Veterans First.

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2009 - Castaic resident Gidget, the Taco Bell commercial Chihuahua, dies at 15 after major stroke [story]
The L.A. County Superior Court on July 17 sided with Los Angeles County and dismissed a portion of Chiquita Canyon LLC's complaint, which challenged 13 conditions of the county's conditional use permit governing how the landfill operates, Supervisor Kathryn Barger announced Friday.
Court: Chiquita Landfill Must Comply with CUP, Pay County $12 Mil.
Four men allegedly stole a van and crashed it at Cinema Drive and Valencia Boulevard late Friday afternoon, breaking gas and water lines and snarling rush-hour traffic in the center of the city.
Suspected Van Thieves Crash, Rupture Gas, Water Lines in Valencia
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission has announced $4,518,000 in two-year grants to 216 nonprofit arts organizations through its Organizational Grant Program, and the Santa Clarita Philharmonic Orchestra and the Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival are among the grantees.
Santa Clarita Philharmonic, Shakespeare Festival Win County Arts Grants
The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency's board of directors voted in its Tuesday meeting to revise its per-diem payment policy for board members attending industry-related meetings and conferences.
SCV Water Board Trims Own Meeting Attendance Pay
College of the Canyons men's basketball player Robert Moss will continue his playing career at University of Saint Katherine after committing to join the Firebirds program.
COC Hoopster Robert Moss Commits to University of Saint Katherine
When wives earn more than their husbands, a puzzling thing can happen: Husbands say they earn more than they are and wives underreport their income, according to new Census Bureau research.
Census Research: Spouses Report Earnings Differently When Wives Earn More
Responding to a booming economy and a generous state budget, administrators on Thursday approved the first tuition decrease for the University of California system in nearly 20 years.
University of California Cuts Tuition for First Time in 20 Years
The William S. Hart Union High School District and Spirit Holding, developers of Castaic High School, will host a community kick-off event on Friday, Aug. 3, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. celebrating the one-year countdown to the grand opening of the new school, currently under construction.
Aug. 3: ‘Countdown to Castaic High’ Public Celebration
The next meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is set for Tuesday, July 24, starting at 9:30 a.m.
July 24: LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting
The Los Angeles County Health Officer has issued a Heat Alert for Monday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 24, as high temperatures have been forecast for the Santa Clarita Valley.
SCV Heat Alert Called for Monday, Tuesday
The Lancaster JetHawks jumped out to a 4-0 lead, but two late home runs from Stockton's Sandber Pimentel led the Ports to victory in a 5-4 final on Thursday night at Banner Island Ballpark.
Lancaster Can’t Stop Pimentel, Ports
The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Department of Justice have made public the government's plan for the court-ordered reunification of children ages 5 years and older who were separated from their parents by immigration authorities.
Feds Detail Plan to Reunite Immigrant Children with Parents
2001 - Then-Assemblyman George Runner introduces legislation to memorialize the historic Ridge Route. Enacted Oct. 4. [story]
During a press conference on Thursday at the Gerdau steel mill in Rancho Cucamonga, Chief Eric Parra announced the destruction of 3,566 weapons confiscated within in Los Angeles County. This event comes typically in July, in compliance with California Penal Code 18005(c), which calls for weapons unable to be sold to the public or returned to their owners, to be destroyed.
More than 3,500 Weapons Destroyed at Annual Destruction Event
The Summer Art Festival, at the Oaks Club of Valencia, invites you to a fun, free artists’ reception on Saturday, Aug. 11, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Aug. 11: Summer Art Festival at Oaks Club
When you think "Advanced Manufacturing," Santa Clarita Valley probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind.
SCV Paves the Way for Advanced Manufacturing
(CN) – Delivering a blow to a Silicon Valley billionaire, the California Supreme Court on Wednesday erased a November ballot measure proposing to divide the Golden State in three.
State Supreme Court Tosses Ballot Measure to Split California in Three
Internationally famous Doña Oxford aka “The Goddess of Soul,” is fronting one of the hottest Blues bands of the 21st century. She has toured all over the world, bringing her amazing keyboard playing and vocals to devoted fans in Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States.
July 20: Valencia Jazz & Blues Series to Feature Doña Oxford
No business is immune from the unthinkable. Workplace violence is an increasingly important topic for organizations of all types.
Aug. 21: Active Shooter Awareness Training at VIA Luncheon
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish Church is holding their 2nd Annual Summer Night Car Show Friday, Aug. 24 from 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Aug. 24: St. Kateri 2nd Annual Summer Night Car Show
The Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority on Thursday launched the Los Angeles Homeless Outreach Portal, dubbed LA-HOP, the new Countywide Web-based portal that channels outreach support to people experiencing homelessness.
County Launches Online Portal to Combat Homelessness
LOS ANGELES - Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) announced Tuesday the company is now offering $75 rebates for residential customers who purchase eligible Energy Star certified smart thermostats that help residents manage their heating and cooling costs and conserve energy.
SoCal Gas Offering Rebates for Customers with Smart Thermostats
STOCKTON – Brian Serven put together one of his best offensive performances of the season to lead the JetHakwks to a 7-2 to win over the Stockton Ports on Wednesday night at Banner Island Ballpark.
Serven Leads JetHawks to Victory in Series Opener Against Stockton
The William S. Hart Union High School District’s Governing Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment of Brad Renison to become the new Director of Transportation. Most recently, Mr. Renison has been serving as the Interim Director of Transportation.
Hart District Names Brad Renison New Transportation Director
LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today acquired four-time All-Star shortstop Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Rylan Bannon, Yusniel Díaz, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop and Breyvic Valera.
Dodgers Acquire 4-Time All-Star Manny Machado
The William S. Hart Union High School District’s Governing Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment of Dr. Catherine Nicholas to become the new principal of Sequoia School.
Hart District Appoints Dr. Catherine Nicholas as New Sequoia School Principal
Welcome to paradise at a high-energy, live show coming up in Santa Clarita’s Concerts in the Park series, presented by Logix Federal Credit Union, this Saturday, July 21, at 7:00 p.m., in Central Park (27150 Bouquet Canyon Road).
July 21: Concerts in the Park to Feature Green Day Tribute Band
SCV Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit deputies and station detectives have noted an increase in the thefts of catalytic converters from cars in Santa Clarita Valley. The favored target of thieves has been the Toyota Prius (2005-2009).
Deputies Warn of Rise in Catalytic Converter Thefts from Prius Cars
LOS ANGELES – According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, air quality will be unhealthy Thursday for sensitive individuals in San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley.
Air Quality Advisory Issued for SCV
Would you like to be a volunteer at beautiful Red Rock Canyon State Park? Learn about the volunteer program and the park’s natural and cultural history at our two-day volunteer training, Saturdays, Sept. 1st and 8th from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at the Ricardo Visitor Center (new volunteers must attend both days).
Red Rock Canyon State Park to Hold 2-Day Volunteer Training
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announces the scheduled closure of the Tejon Safety Roadside Rest Areas on Interstate 5 (Golden State Freeway) to replace a water main line.
Caltrans Announces Temporary Rest Area Closure on I-5 at Tejon
1924 - Sherman Block, L.A. County's 29th Sheriff (1982-1998), born in Chicago [story]
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station deputies have arrested a Santa Clarita woman who allegedly spray-painted walls on a city park building in Saugus early Tuesday morning, also discovering she was allegedly in possession of forged checks.
Woman Charged with Defacing Park Building, Check Forgery
The Paramount Network has set Aug. 11 as the premiere date of 'I Am Paul Walker,' a new film documentary tracing the life of the late actor, who was killed in a 2013 car crash in Valencia.
Aug. 11: Paul Walker Film Doc to Debut on Paramount Network
Marston's Restaurant in Valencia is helping raise funds for Carousel Ranch, Santa Clarita Valley nonprofit organization that provides equestrian therapy for disabled and special needs children and adults.
July 15-Aug. 15: Marston’s Restaurant Fundraising for Carousel Ranch