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November 20
1831 - Local entrepreneurs Sanford and Cyrus Lyon (as in Lyons Avenue) born in Machias, Maine [story]

A Canyon Country woman faces enhanced charges and increased bail in the death of a mother of a mother of six who was killed in a car crash on Golden Valley Road Oct. 6, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Alexia Alilah Cina, 21, now faces one felony count each of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage causing injury and driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol content causing injury.

Case PA089771 includes allegations that Cina inflicted great bodily injury upon the victim, Katie Snyder Evans, 37.

Cina’s arraignment was Friday in Department S of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, San Fernando Branch.

On Oct. 6, the defendant was allegedly driving southbound on Golden Valley Road at a high rate of speed when she hit the center median and crashed into Evans’ vehicle on the northbound side of the road, prosecutors said.

Bail is scheduled at $2.1 million. If convicted as charged, Cina faces a possible maximum sentence of 18 years to life in state prison.

The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Clarita Valley Station.

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  1. Is this because she had a prior DUI?

  2. Good! That poor family.. 😢

  3. Well, I feel sorry for everyone. She did something grossly negligent that left a family devastated. She deserves to pay for what she did. But I feel sorry for her too. Her family basically loses a daughter and her life is wrecked because dinking was more important than the safety of herself and others – a mistake I am certain will haunt her for the rest of her life. Just tragic all the way around.

  4. Give her the maximum sentence and I wish I was on jury duty in her case

  5. 18 years isn’t enough! Life in prison! She took a life!!! Gone forever! A mother of 6!!!!

  6. Jimmy Grise Jimmy Grise says:

    Gotta start practicing those shank making skills.

  7. Dumb bitch deserves life. Period!!!

  8. Erwin Blanco Erwin Blanco says:


  9. Jina Younan-youpania Lazar they upped her charges

  10. This stupid B***H killed a Mommy of 6!!! Now 6 kids will live a life without there mom because of some stupid 21 year old who was out drunk driving! Almost 3x Over the limit! The mom was on her way home form the hospital visiting her twins babies who are in the hospital! Smh there is Uber Lyft scv car service! -.- #dontdrinkanddrive and she only get 18 years!

  11. Some of you people sound terrible god forbid your child ever make a terrible mistake. I feel bad for both sides. Terrible situation.

  12. Anita says:

    Thank you Ken, I’m saddened by the hate in others

  13. Tony Dinardo Tony Dinardo says:

    Prayers for all involved! Sad situation! Scary that smoking pot is now legal! This will only add to these sad issues!

  14. Gee Miguel Gee Miguel says:

    Throw the book at her…. the system has to make poster child’s or else shit don’t change… #fullestextent

  15. She showed no remorse for her actions in the loss of the womans life. To hell with her. Rot in jail.

  16. Rating for both women. This is so sad. Jesus is a God of second chances. This young woman will hopefully have a deep heart change and be a new person in Christ.

  17. Marlene Link Marlene Link says:

    This whole situation is just heartbreaking.

  18. Bri Michelle Bri Michelle says:

    Good!!!!! She’s beyond selfish.

  19. The bail it not is not high enough. No excuse for what she did!!!

  20. My heart breaks for all those involved.

  21. Dan says:

    Stay off SCV roads at night, especially on weekends. There are so many drunk drivers in this valley. This particular case is absolute heart-breaking. There are pitiful few cops…they make practically no presence at all. We need more cop cars on the streets, especially during drinking hours. Someone once told me that sometimes there are only seven cop cars on SCV streets. I don’t know if that’s true, but it equates to only one cop car per 30 thousand people in a very large area. A lot of drunks are more worried about being caught than the punishments they’ll receive.

  22. James Perry James Perry says:

    I do realize this is a terrible thing but nobody is questioning why she was ejected out of the vehicle which usually means no seatbelt was on there hasn’t been a mention of that referring to the deceased if she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt she’s partly to blame for her own death because seat belts do save lives

    • She was ejected from the impact the force was so hard it ejected her she had her seatbelt on . If your car is hit hard enough you can be ejected with a seatbelt on .

    • She did have her seat belt on. Thank you Josie.

    • She was ejected because the force of the crash nearly ripped the car in half. No matter what she’s not “partly to blame” when a POS drunk driver ripped her life from her. Jeezus, always somebody wants to blame the victim.

    • I had read that she was ejected because she was not wearing her seatbelt due to the surgery she had giving birth to her twin girls. A c-section and it was painful for her wear the seatbelt. I didn’t see her car split in half. I do get why (if what I read was true) she wasn’t wearing it. It does not excuse the DUI driver though. This whole thing is just so awful.

    • I didn’t say it was ripped in half, I said nearly. She hit her hard enough, head -on, to nearly rip it in half (from the original police report)and ejected her from the car. Somebody, somewhere, on a thread surmised she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt due to the surgery but the babies were 8 wks old and that simply isn’t true. She had a seatbelt on. The husband is my brothers boss and its a truly horrific tragedy and these babies no longer have a mother because somebody CHOSE to drink and drive.

    • If she didn’t have her seatbelt on it would be bc of the c-section. But you are usually cleared to drive at 8 weeks post Op.
      Regardless, that accident would have killed her no matter what.

    • Kim Hoag Rock , I heard the same thing regarding the seat belt. No way is the victim responsible for her own death regardless. The girl who hit her had open containers in her car so this was not a one time mistake in my mind.

  23. Laurel Garcia says:

    I get what she did was wrong but watch your comments. That is someones kid. You have no idea how her parents feel about this situation. What they feel for her daughter and the victims family. Drinking and driving dont only affect the young people its all over the scv valley. This situation isn’t the only tradegy. We had one where I live too. It was bad.

  24. Against the norm, my heart goes out to her as well as Katie’s family. This is a sad situation for all parties. 💔

  25. Mike Weaver Mike Weaver says:

    Death penalty that’s all I can say.

    • The fact that you’re a cop and wear a badge fucking terrifies me.
      A man like you allows emotion to control what you say and do. Right now, you’re angry. You haven’t calculated the situation , you just opened your big mouth and spoke. Better curb that temper boy, or you’re gonna end up on the news facing a trial after “accidentally” shooting someone. Then people will be able to comment “death penalty that’s all I can say” on you’re facebook posts. Ha 🙂

  26. Praying she gets life in prison with no chance of ever getting out.

  27. My nephew was killed by a drunk driver when he was 27 years old. When the driver got out of prison after serving less than three years ( another person died too the same time he hit my nephew) he was seen in a bar celebrating his release. I feel she will have remorse for her time away, for her loss of college, marriage etc but will she really think about those 6 little kids who are now Motherless due to her selfishness to drive instead of calling for a ride.

  28. John Whitlaw John Whitlaw says:

    Lock her up for 30 yrs

  29. Enough, leave the families alone.

  30. Hey a mistake is putting your cell phone in the washer and dryer. Selfishness is believing that your getting behind the wheel after drinking excessively, will not result in anything bad happening.

  31. This story still breaks my heart 💔 for those 6 little kids without a mom.

  32. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    Usually, they up it to murder, because you have a prior DUI. I wonder if this is the case….. 🤔

  33. Women in prison are gonna love her ;-)

    • Wow Jeff. That is such an appropriate comment and really makes the situation a whole lot better. Good job for voicing your inappropriate and apparently useless opinion. Fuck yeah rape right ?!

  34. Terrible mistake?? She’s a murderer

  35. Choice and Accountability.

  36. Anita Silva Anita Silva says:

    Yes it’s very sad. I feel for both families. Prayers going out to both families.

  37. So many lives are affected. I pray for all involved, it can’t be easy.

  38. Freddy Felix Freddy Felix says:

    If si had priors put a needle in her and call it day.

  39. Prayers for all involved very sad 🙏🏻😪

  40. Teresa M. says:

    I never post on social media but given all these comments: please read what the husband wrote DAYS after losing his precious wife. If he can see through the hatred, whilst grieving, some of you should follow his lead. It is a good, loving , sad read. Please read it. Thank you and god bless both these families. Katie wanted the world to be a better place and it starts with all of us right this very minute…


  41. 18 years to life for murder?

  42. You can usually look up to see priors, right?
    Either way, once is one time too many.

    • I don’t believe she had priors but she had s drinking problem that was a concern of her friends and family. She only bought 2 drinks at Schooners that night one for her one for her friend. Receipts show that. The owner was interviewed on local radio. She must have been drinking in her car, hence the open containers.

    • That’s definitely a problem. 3x the limit. And that was after the accident, after emt took her to hospital and got a blood sample.

  43. Everything about this is wrong. A young girl making a terrible choice that has affected her life and the life of 6 children and so many others in such a tragic way. Let’s remember what the her husband/father of her children have said. Let’s rise up as a community to help this family in need.

  44. Who writes these articles? Blood alcohol level was .21 not .08. SMH

  45. ❤️🙏 to all involved.

  46. All these folks saying “good” and “she deserves it” have seen someone drive inebriated or done it themselves. Just think hard and be honest and you will think of at least one time. It is a fact of life that no celebration can happen in this country without wreckless consumption of alcohol and stupid people driving drunk. I don’t understand this myself why people can’t do anything without alcohol being involved. So yeah, as tragic as this is, it will keep happening as long as alcohol is glamorized and easily available. There is so much responsibility to go around here from parents, to friends, to whoever was serving her drinks and then watched her drive away. It’s tragic in every way but it will keep happening over and over and over again. So sad for those affected.

  47. Ew.. you all have some filthy mouths.. god bless all of u brothers and sisters

  48. She will have to live with the guilt of taking a life of a mother of 6. If she had a conscience, then this would be something to think about as she sits in prison for a couple of decades.

    Long ago People from my generation had it drilled in our heads that drinking and driving do not mix. Because back in those days too many accidents and fatalities caused by drinking and driving was going on. We listened and for a while it seemed that drunk drivers were decreasing. But some 25 years later a new generation isn’t being told that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Yeah there are PSAs everywhere but not as much as we heard in the 80s and 90s.

    • dennis says:


  49. Sandy Moody Sandy Moody says:

    When did it go from .21 to .08?

  50. Clarice L Griffith says:

    She made an unfortunate choice to drink and drive like many people do. CALL SOMEONE! A prior? 18 years to life… If she gets 18 years, she will be out in 9 with good behavior. It is very sad for a family who now faces no mother. It is also sad that young people have to learn the hard way. No doubt she an alcoholic family member… BTW, how many times have we driven a car being very tired? Our reactions are no different than a drunk… Be safe out there people other lives depend on us.

  51. Jim Lupold Jim Lupold says:

    A mistake? Did you bump your head?
    A mistake is forgetting to turn off the sprinklers, or entering the wrong answer on a test.
    This is far beyond a mistake.

  52. Portia Boord says:

    Keep her in prison until those babies get their mother back!

  53. Helene McElmurray says:

    I have been haunted since this horrific tragedy happened. I can’t bear to think about it and yet I find myself coming back to news updates over and over and feeling that sick feeling. This family’s loss is beyond unimaginable. The young women’s arrogant decision to drink and drive is beyond hubris. However, as I’ve read the many comments, I’m struck by another tragedy; people’s inability/unwillingness to see the trickle-down impact on ALL sides of this horrendous event, with compassion for the entire picture.

    Surely this young woman needs to pay dearly for the choice she made. No matter what price she pays she can’t give back a life taken or the loss of a spouse and mother. She can’t possibly begin to pay for the breadth of the impact her actions have caused. In my mind her jail time will be nothing compared with the mental anguish she’ll suffer the rest of her life if she has any values. However, as a mother myself, I can’t help but think how I would feel if one of my sons were responsible for this. The fact that some of the comments acknowledge that the scope of this loss will be felt on both sides does not negate their acknowledgement of Ms. Cina’s crime and the unspeakable pain it has caused this family. They’re also simply seeing the big picture where the pain will rain down on both families and they are expressing empathy for everyone who will be impacted. I don’t think it’s a contest of whose pain is more justifiable or bigger. The husband’s interview which was referenced in the comments mentions his focus on forgiveness and moving forward, and just as importantly, “finding a way to make the world a better place”. Empathy without judgment seems a good place to start.

    As we all struggle with the particularly horrendous circumstances of this tragedy, may I suggest that we not let our anger cause us to forget that there are more victims (friends, extended family, etc.) then we may realize and that their pain is not for our judgment. Yes, the Evans family tragedy is hard to wrap our minds around, but it’s a good thing when others have the capacity to feel empathy for everyone (e.g. including the Cima family) who have felt the impact.

  54. First, the reporting is lousy. Did she kill the mother of a mother of six or a mother of six?

    Secondly, there will probably be a plea deal.

  55. David Cheek David Cheek says:

    Sad ! But gotta pay the piper .. Saddest is 6 kids with only memories of Mom 😢

  56. Ginger MacDonald says:

    This happened about 10 years ago a COC football player had an injury and the local school had children running on the sidewalk. His foot slipped, he ran over a 9 year old and killed her. His punishment was to go to schools and tell of what can happen if you make a wrong choice. This was horrific, I talked to the family, they were compassionate, I was not. We had miles of trails, no children ever needed to be running on the sidewalk for school. Today he would be facing Murder ….

  57. Can everyone stop arguing the well this and the well that’s and let’s focus on the real shit. Someone lost their life children will never know their mom and we have a 21 year old that will live the rest of her life knowing what she did. Nothing comes out of this other than bad shit all around. It sux and it will happen again. The question is what can actually be done to stop it

    • lu madar says:

      Yes, this is the time and place to publicize the service that will drive people AND their cars home if they have been drinking: editors pls. post the info.
      – And people especially smaller women should never assume they’re “OK to drive” after even 2 drinks (one for some), tolerance varies by size for example.
      One drink (2 ozs. liquor or one beer or 6 ozs. of wine) per hour, with water and food, is the MOST avg. sized people can absorb without being dangerous.

  58. lu madar says:

    Thank you Teresa for reminding us that the husband, father of 6 now motherless children, even in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy emphasized not hating the driver, a young woman who did something very stupid but didn’t intend to kill anyone, but doing what he could to help heal his family and making the world a better place. That’s what struck me when I first read about this.
    And the generosity of people who I read raised about $300,000 for the family as of over a week ago…

    It’s sad to read so much hate for the driver, speculation that she’s heartless and without remorse and so on — she’s probably in shock. And for a 21-year old, 18 years to life in jail is her whole youth, for those stupid drinks she may never have children herself, get married or ever by “normal,” the shock of that for herself and family has to be enormous.
    Yes she should reach out to apologize to the husband and family and hopefully she will when she recovers from the shock, maybe she’s afraid to face him, but he sounds like he would welcome that encounter, the closure.

    BTW everyone’s life has equal value, so although leaving 6 children including 2 6-week old preemies (she was driving home from the hospital after visiting them, that’s why she was out so late), is one of the most heart-breaking things I’ve ever heard, even if she had no children and were 65 it would be the same: one life doesn’t matter more than another.

  59. Mike Evans says:

    I am Katie Evans brother-in-law. Clearly I have myriad emotions swirling around while reading all this. But this is my personal take.

    I am confident that Ms. Cina did not begin her evening intending to kill anyone. Through selfish and thoughtless decisions she ended a life. My brother and family are determined not to let the list of lives destroyed grow to include his name nor the names of my nephews and little nieces. Do not wish to see Ms. Cina’s life destroyed either. Please, let’s try to limit the casualty list to one.

    We will, all of us, be dealing with the consequences of that night for many years to come. But the lessons we learn from the struggles ahead, whether they break us or push us to strength we didn’t know we had, are completely up to each of us.

    • Meg Stout says:

      Hi Mike,

      Good to see someone here who knows about Katie and what is going on with Jacob and the kids. Always interesting to see how opinions can run riot – the more they opinion is free of facts and personal knowledge, the more riot they seem to run.

      My heart aches for Katie, her family, and all those who loved her. My heart also aches for Ms. Cina and her family.

      Perhaps a good that could come from this (given things like Uber and Lyft) is an exit test for establishments that serve liquor. This would only help if the person who is intoxicated was at an actual bar or restaurant, but it wouldn’t hurt moving the presumption from “It’s my right to be irresponsible” to “Society has a right to keep innocent individuals safe.”

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