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1898 - Birth of Mary S. Ruiz, eldest child of Enrique & Rosaria Ruiz of San Francisquito Canyon; all died in 1928 dam disaster [cemetery census]

| Monday, Jul 16, 2018
Canyon View Mobile Home Estates hillside solar panels in Canyon Country. | Photo: Stephen K. Peeples
Canyon View Mobile Home Estates hillside solar panels in Canyon Country. | Photo: Stephen K. Peeples.


The city of Santa Clarita’s Community Preservation Division sent a notice of violation Monday to the owners of the Canyon View Mobile Home Estates property in Canyon Country, ordering the removal of multiple solar panels installed on the hillside just north of the park.

The owners, Kerry and Mark Seidenglanz, installed the panels on the hillsides within and outside of the mobile home park without obtaining required permits and without complying with conditions of approval associated with the conditional use permit for the park.

Those conditions of approval require that 50 percent of the property be maintained as open space. The Notice of Violation directs the property owner to remove the solar panels.

All mobile home parks are generally under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Housing and Community Development. City staff has been working with HCD and the county of Los Angeles to obtain and review file materials concerning the solar project as well as the conditional use permit, which was originally issued by the county.

The review indicates that Canyon View Estates should have sought additional entitlements from the city, and is in violation of the conditional use permit conditions of approval.

While the city supports efforts to move to renewable energy, it takes seriously its responsibility to enforce conditions of approval designed to protect the quality of life in Santa Clarita, balancing the need for development with the preservation of open space.

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  1. Deanna Maldonado 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • Ann Taylor Riddle says:

      Is this the Shelby Fischer from Burbank?Hi

      Regarding Solar, I wish Lancaster had the same views on solar.And, who would want to attract the sun to the desert, especially during a drought, unless you are trying to burn up the planet.Who even knows the power of the sun? out a piece of glass on a little brush, it will cause a fire?? Hello’

  2. Good they look horrible

  3. Good and maybe get the contractor a level next time.

  4. They are ugly. And produce more heat in the air. And the reflection of the sun are blinding . Especially in the afternoon.

  5. I am confused they belong to a mobile park but are no were near them? Obviously I don’t know how they work, but glad they are moving them.

  6. took long enough…the panels are an eye-sore.

  7. Marlena May Marlena May says:

    It’s about time! I know many residents have been upset and complaining for quite a while.

  8. Rick Harms Rick Harms says:

    It’s about time that’s a eye sore!

  9. Amanda Brianne Harper 🤣

  10. I saw this when driving by and was wondering wth ?

  11. I was wondering when something might finally happen! They sure are ugly.😒

  12. Ty Reaber…. here is your answer. lol

  13. Good they are ugly. Why are they covering the beautiful hills? As it is there is so much building going on, we are losing our valley.

  14. It’s about time!!! Place them where you can’t see them.

  15. They are ugly. It’s about time!

  16. Maggie Mae Erickson ☺️

  17. Rocio Del Pilar Hammer Kevin Hammer

  18. Tim Andrews Tim Andrews says:

    That hillside is an OCD nightmare. They should be cited!😂✌

  19. Gosh finally, that looks so ugly


  21. California is funny. They can lecture the world about the environment, and how important solar and wind is, but the second YOUR VIEW is affected, you demand they get taken down 🤣🤣🤣. Bunch of 🤡

  22. My question was there a city permit pulled to put them up in the first place?

  23. Oh thank God! Everytime I pass, my OCD is off the charts 😣

  24. Looks like S… but it’s Canyon Country

    • Cheryl Clark Cheryl Clark says:

      And??? There are plenty of homes in sand canyon (which is part of Canyon Country) that are worth more than any house in Saugus or Stevenson Ranch. So why the stupid comment. It’s still part of Santa Clarita

  25. If they were put up straight, I don’t think anyone would have complained. It’s horrible to look at.
    Hire professionals next time.

  26. Jeff Einbund Jeff Einbund says:

    Good plus being OCD those ones that are crooked have ALWAYS bothered me when driving down Soledad 😆.

  27. So that’s worse to look at than more houses?? 🤦‍♀️

  28. Fiona Villasenor look!!

  29. Well it’s about time! Ridiculous eye sore. Someone got kickbacks to turn a blind eye to this. Hurts the value of any homes that are near this vulgar mess. 😝

  30. That’s fantastic!! Such an eyesore!

  31. I’m confused because several months back the owners were complaining about them as well.

  32. Lillian Clark says:

    I would also, as a Canyon Country resident, that those panels were a real eyesore. Literally, I was driving down a street in The Shangrala Housing track and was nearly blinded by the sun’s reflection off of those panels. I’m proud that our city has been diligent about this matter.

  33. Linda Sayles Linda Sayles says:

    So happy to read this. Such an eyesore!

  34. This is absolutely ridiculous. This has been going on for at least a year and your telling us they just NOW realized they didn’t pull permits? What the heck are the city employees doing out there? There more worried about a homeowner putting up a patio cover than seeing this obvious eyesore. Please…smacks of someone wasn’t paid enough in the planning and permit dept to look the other way and now they’re getting back at the owner…

  35. Shame on you Santa Clarita!!! Preserving the aesthetics of the hillside TRUMPS preserving the planet?

  36. Brian Butow Brian Butow says:

    Good!! Those panels look like crap! There not even straight! Stupid!

  37. This was already reported about a year ago and they even interviewed some of the homeowners who weren’t even told they were going to put them up.

  38. Hugo A. Perez is this those panels we would see of Soledad

  39. Good because they are a real eye sore!

  40. Stephen Bennett Breann Hames

  41. Maggie MJ Maggie MJ says:

    Thanks SCV better late than never 😁🙏🏼

  42. I cringe every time is see them. Put them on the damn roof. Just like everyone else that has them around here.

  43. Did Lily Of The Valley Mobile Home Park get a permit for theirs ? Hmmmm

  44. Eyesore – departing

  45. That’s a sloppy job

  46. Gina Marie Gina Marie says:

    I heard that they don’t benefit the residents at all and they they sell it to Az. Not sure how true that is tho.

    • Jamie says:

      It is very true. The homeowners only benefit is supposedly we will not lose power in an outage. There is no other financial gain, just loss of our beautiful hillside view.

  47. They look God awful but I understand wanting to use solar energy. Its just….abysmal looking. I try to avoid looking at it while driving on Soledad.

  48. Major eyesore take it all down.

  49. Thank god This drives me crazy

  50. It’s about darned time! Hugh eyesore!

  51. April Cleveland says:

    The home owners in the area HATE THIS and are SO frustrated by the owners of Canyon View Estates. They do not benefit the home owners, which is a really self-serving way to go about solar energy. Shame on the owners of Canyon View Estates.

  52. Danny Young Danny Young says:

    I’m glad the city was able to find a way to get involved. These were approved by the state, but SCV has working to get it solved.

  53. J De Jesus 🤣🤣 funny how we were talking about it this weekend 😂😂

  54. I remember seeing an article a while back regarding these. Apparently the owner of the solar panels is not affiliated with the residents, does not provide their home with energy, but does power streetlights. Seems to me like he should be cited, not the community. I can’t find the article I remember seeing, but there is a blurb about it here: https://scvnews.com/2017/06/27/scv-newsbreak-for-tuesday-june-27-2017/

  55. Ruby Avila Ruby Avila says:

    Jose Garcia we just saw this…

  56. It’s about time, what a mess it is.

  57. Joanne Douthitt says:

    Good!!!! They look awful!! An Eye sore to the community!!

  58. Helen Hans Helen Hans says:

    Geri Brown are these the ones by you? If so maybe they will remove them.

  59. Kristen Harper Amanda Brianne Harper

  60. Richard Kramer says:

    I live there, we complained, glad someone finally can get this resolved. They are ugly, we don’t get any benefits, they should be fined and demand their removal

  61. They should be required to plant some trees, considering they removed all of them.

  62. Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

    Is this the one off of bouquet?

  63. I though the city put this up to power the street lights.. my bad

  64. Shaunie Lyne Shaunie Lyne says:

    Thank goodness! It’s so ugly and poorly done!

  65. Brian Skyles Brian Skyles says:

    Thank you! Those things are an eyesore!

  66. Rodney McElhone Mariah McElhone

  67. Beverly Celentano says:

    I would like to know who is benefitting from this eyesore. I haven’t heard of anyone’s electric bill going down since those were put up.
    Why did they have to remove all the vegetation ? I expect there was a long of erosion during the last rainstorms. Lots of questions about who approved them. I would hold the city of Santa Clarita officials accountable It will be interesting to see how the buck gets passed!

  68. Ellen Perez Ellen Perez says:

    Tiffani Rigdon Jessica Nazarian

  69. Edwin Mendez Edwin Mendez says:

    Michael Rodriguez crazy loo

  70. Good! That looks like crap!

  71. Noel Lawson Noel Lawson says:

    Thanks goodness! These look absolutely awful. I’m so grateful our city is doing something about this. THANK YOU!!!!

  72. Hillbillies that’s awesome

  73. Gregory Wood Gregory Wood says:

    Tara Gilliam Brent Gilliam

  74. David M. says:

    “While the city supports efforts to move to renewable energy, it takes seriously its responsibility to enforce conditions of approval designed to protect the quality of life in Santa Clarita, balancing the need for development with the preservation of open space.”
    What a joke! If they cared in the least about ascetics and quality of life they would not have destroyed our home town with all the development making SCV bigger than L.A. They city allowed developers to wipe out all our open space , the mountains are disappearing, the feel and closeness are gone.

    • Dan says:

      You’re absolutely right, David M. Throw the County in there, too! If you think the 5 Fwy is bad now, just wait until the tens of thousands of homes that have approved come on line. And there seems to be no consideration as to where the additional water will be coming from. Drive thru the Aliento project (just uphill from the Lowes overlooking the 14 Fwy)…what could have been a nice neighborhood is marked by the conformity of the homes, their minimal setbacks and parking overflowing onto the streets. The City has had a chance to make SC a model community but has flubbed it over the past five years.

  75. I know some of the home owners didn’t like the way it was installed. I thought I saw this in an article at one time

  76. Something is missing from this story… i cant put my finger on it… but something is fishy here.

  77. Lola Dyroy Lola Dyroy says:

    So who is benefiting from the use of those panels?? Looks like the panels might not be the only thing that is crooked here, huh?

  78. Debra Bustamante says:

    Please make them take down those ugly solar panels! I could not believe that the city would allow such an eyesore to be built in Santa Clarita’s open space. We need to beautify Canyon Country, please make them remove those unsightly solar panels. It has got to be bringing the value of our properties down.

  79. I Agree with Terri. No more homes either. 😎

  80. I’m glad they are doing something about it. It really looks redneck and lowers the value of our town.

  81. I’m so glad they will be taken down . They have been ruining my view.

  82. Tommy W Hess hahahahahaha ugly things to look at for sure

  83. Good! That is an eyesore!

  84. Although I am in favor of going green,
    These solar panels looked HORRIBLE!!!!!
    I’m so glad they will be removing them. Sooner better then later.

  85. Clara Garner Clara Garner says:

    Good they are an eye sore.

  86. I believe The solar panels are on Indian reservation land. There’s nothing the city can do.

  87. They should look at what the junior high and high schools have done around here using solar panels as shade for car parking. That would be much more appropriate.

  88. It looks ridiculous and they should be taken down thats my opinion.

  89. Wow really is a crap load of panels behind those houses on Northcliff Dr.

  90. Charlene Brown Sarnecki

  91. Dan says:

    They look like they were just thrown up there without any thought as to the aesthetics. As for approvals, the park owners are apparently boneheads and amateurs…there is no way I would put those up without getting permission from the City, no matter what other agencies are involved. There are numerous City issues involved here, beyond those that are mentioned in the article.

  92. Thank good they are getting removed they make the city looks more ghetto than all ready is

  93. Kimberly Rollins says:

    They are an eye sore when driving by. If they were more symmetrically placed they would look better, instead of being placed all over the place.

  94. About time looks awful!

  95. Charlene Iannalfo Reagan.

  96. Robert Paulsen says:

    So many of the comments here reflect the ignorance of this community about renewable energy. It reflects self-involved “me first” attitudes and a lack of looking toward what’s best for the entire community. The city the state, the country, and the world. The City of Santa Clarita does not support this effort and is more worried about complaints from nimbys. I cannot wait for the Blue Wave to consume the local City Council as well and flush it all out of the way. Get off the new road if you can’t lend a hand because the times they are a- changing​.

    • SCVNews.com says:

      What’s important is holding developers to their agreements. What’s important is not allowing developers to violate our hillside and open space ordinances. Maybe you hate nature, but you don’t speak for the majority. The majority of Santa Clarita voters opted to preserve open space.

  97. Carleen King Carleen King says:

    Yea. What an eye sore

  98. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    Thank god SCV is doing something about something. Let’s distract people from the thousands of housing units being built, the water shortage, and the traffic nightmare that SCV has become! Yay Awesometown!

  99. Tim Scott says:

    Could they be any more ghetto?

  100. They are ugly and look so disoriented. Very sloppy workmanship

  101. Anna Fontana Anna Fontana says:

    They are horrible. Reject

  102. NMoffett says:

    We, residents and homeowners had a meeting with the city representatives when these things were going up. We brought up the fact there was no environmental study, no concern for the homeowners, the owners went to the state and county, not the city for their ‘permits”, and basically we were told it’s their land they can do anything they want with it. I am so glad that the city didn’t give up.

  103. Adam Kirk Adam Kirk says:

    That’s hilarious.

  104. D.j. Smetana D.j. Smetana says:

    Always saw that and cringed. About time. But that ain’t nothing compared to all the new housing and stuff that’s happening and GOING to happen.

  105. Linda says:

    These are definitely a major eyesore!

  106. Jeff says:

    even a blind person could have done a better job. Complete eyesore to the whole community.

  107. Nmoffett says:

    Unfortunately we were told that they would not be removed, the owners had the correct permits and the city of Santa Clarita has no power over mobile home parks. That’s what we were told at the beginning of this issue, so why now is this coming out if the city has nothing to say about them. It will be interesting to see the “power” struggle between the owners and the city

    • SCVNews.com says:

      Unfortunately you were given bad information. You are pretty much correct about “power over mobile home parks,” but the solar panels are not in a mobile home park.

  108. This is not going to happen. They got the permitting from the state and the city told us last year when we tried to stop it, the city had no power to do anything. We were just told by our property management that the panels would not be coming down. Sorry

  109. Fabricio Mundo says:

    Who was the brilliant idiot that decided to put them up in the first place??? Hey moron, next time cross your T’s and dot your I’s before pretending to be emperor Siedenglantz and just shove these eyesores down our throats becuase you tought you could….apparently your not all that with out the right permits. Maybe we can get some of our lost property values back to our houses.

  110. Fab Mundo says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  111. elkinsham says:

    I believe in green power but they do seem o be quite a bit of an eyesore, I wonder if they are up for sale? I know a couple of spaces that hey would not be so obnoxious and still create some power useful for the community without offending property owners.

  112. That entire valley has been destroyed, so glad I no longer live there………..

  113. Patrice Haerle says:

    Good those darn things are so ugly and ruin the whole area completely a eye sore

  114. Deb and I saw this the other day coming home from Costco. We couldn’t believe how disgustingly ugly they look on the side of the mountain. And we don’t even recall seeing them before. They’re so ugly you would think we would’ve seen them already.

  115. Jason White Jason White says:

    They are an eye sore. They at least could have made the all in line.

  116. Jennifer Garcia says:

    I hope they do take them down. I’m all for solar panels but not where they are visible to the entire Canyon Country area! They are so ugly and uneven.

  117. Lisa Munoz Lisa Munoz says:

    They look horrible, like they were placed and then slid down the hill

  118. Francisco says:

    Supposedly the residents do not benefit from those solar panels either. I could be misinformed but from my understanding they are just reselling the energy and not providing it to the residents in that community. Definitely an eye sore considering they are not in a straight line. Pretty greedy of the land owner if this is true.

  119. Francisco Arredondo says:

    Supposedly the residents do not benefit from those solar panels either. I could be misinformed but from my understanding they are just reselling the energy and not providing it to the residents in that community. Definitely an eye sore considering they are not in a straight line. Pretty greedy of the land owner if this is true.

  120. Brenda is this where Marcella use to live?

  121. That’s where my mom lives. Its not a mobile home park though. The owners are greedy people

  122. Steve Horn Steve Horn says:

    If Jerry Brown can build his “crazy train”, these people can have their ugly panels! Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…😜😜😜

  123. Lloyd Thomas Lloyd Thomas says:

    Looks like Giant Legos 👀

  124. Andre Lupica Andre Lupica says:

    Should have hired the architects that did Luxor. Hell, they could have even added the Luxor light as well 😂

    Vegas baby!!!

  125. Wendy DeLisio says:

    I’m so happy something is being done about this. They’re ugly and havevtp be affecting the wildlife. I live on top of the hill and have to look at them every day. I wish there was something we could do to have them completely removed or placed on top of the housing in his Park.

  126. Luis Gonzalez that you up there haha

  127. NMoffett says:

    SCVNews.com. In our meeting last year with the City go Santa Clarita representative, he told us that Canyon View Estates is considered a mobile home park, that is why they (the city) was not involved in the permitting of the solar panels. Also our manager told one of the owners yesterday that the panels were staying and the owners were not getting fined as the permits they got from the state were approved. Again, knowing the owners, it will be interesting to see the final outcome. Thank you for reporting on this ongoing issue!

  128. I drive by these everyday on the freeway and can barely see them.

  129. Diana and Christian lol… remember I asked WTF when we were going to Jessica’s graduation? Now I know haha

  130. Robert Jones Robert Jones says:

    As a resident I can say we get no benefit of these monstrosity… swear they must have been drunk when installing them.. Im Betting now we as residents will feel the fines coming out of our pockets! Not the owners!

  131. Enrique Henry Serrato

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