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Mostly clear
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March 20
2012 - County supervisors approve 50-year operating agreement for Placerita Canyon State Park [read]
Placerita Canyon

| Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018
% # votes %precincts
Laurene Weste 14.67 18,350 100.00%
Marsha McLean 14.48 18,112 100.00%
Bill Miranda 10.88 13,605 100.00%
Diane Trautman 9.01 11,264 100.00%
Ken Dean 7.80 9,749 100.00%
TimBen Boydston 7.59 9,498 100.00%
Logan Smith 6.90 8,626 100.00%
Brett Haddock 6.03 7,542 100.00%
Jason Gibbs 5.58 6,976 100.00%
Matthew J Hargett 3.86 4,825 100.00%
Cherry E Ortega 3.41 4,268 100.00%
Sean Weber 2.88 3,606 100.00%
Sandra L Nichols 2.85 3,569 100.00%
Paul J Wieczorek 2.69 3,365 100.00%
Sankalp B Varma 1.37 1,711 100.00%
U.S. REP. (25th)      
Katie Hill (D) 51.26 83,662 100.00%
Steve Knight (R) 48.74 79,545 100.00%
ASSEMBLY (36th)      
Tom Lackey (R) 55.97 46,235 100.00%
Steve Fox (D) 44.03 36,366 100.00%
ASSEMBLY (38th)      
Dante Acosta (R) 50.48 64,444 100.00%
Christy Smith (D) 49.52 63,222 100.00%
Joan Whaling MacGregor     56.00 5,018 100.00%
Ann-Marie Bjorkman 44.00 3,942 100.00%
Bob Jensen 49.61 6,499 100.00%
Donna Robert 43.09 5,645 100.00%
Chris Werthe 7.30 956 100.00%
Joe Messina 51.54 7,359 100.00%
Kelly Trunkey 37.07 5,293 100.00%
Jeff Martin 11.38 1,625 100.00%
Kelly W Jensen 26.25 1,768 100.00%
Edward Julian Porter 21.26 1,432 100.00%
Ken Pfalzgraf 19.85 1,337 100.00%
Thomas S Costan 15.16 1,021 100.00%
Lester V Mascon 9.19 619 100.00%
Andrew Charles Kendall 8.30 559 100.00%
ACTON-AD SCHOOL BOARD (Short Term)      
Tim M Jorgensen 50.18 1,531 100.00%
Brandon Tyler Roque 21.04 642 100.00%
Dee Holland 17.99 549 100.00%
Allen Wessel 10.78 329 100.00%
Yes 39.98 1,428 100.00%
No 60.02 2,144 100.00%
Donna J Rose 49.36 1,891 100.00%
Larry Heath 33.07 1,267 100.00%
Liz Guardado 17.57 673 100.00%
David "Cd" Barlavi 38.59 1,775 100.00%
Evan John Patlian 34.24 1,575 100.00%
Jesus H Henao 27.17 1,250 100.00%
Laura Arrowsmith 56.36 2,943 100.00%
Judy Egan Umeck 43.64 2,279 100.00%
Chris Trunkey 51.54 2,409 100.00%
Sharlene Rose Duzick 48.46 2,265 100.00%
U.S. SENATOR      
Dianne Feinstein (D) 54.31 3,413,859 100.00%
Kevin De Leon (D) 45.69 2,871,488 100.00%
Gavin Newsom (D) 59.34 4,227,735 100.00%
John H Cox (R) 40.66 2,896,411 100.00%
Eleni Kounalakis (D) 55.73 3,291,408 100.00%
Ed Hernandez (D) 44.27 2,614,679 100.00%
Alex Padilla (D) 61.69 4,333,888 100.00%
Mark P Meuser (R) 38.31 2,691,757 100.00%
Betty T Yee (D) 62.85 4,404,698 100.00%
Konstantinos Roditis (R) 37.15 2,603,061 100.00%
Fiona Ma (D) 61.17 4,273,754 100.00%
Greg Conlon (R) 38.83 2,713,348 100.00%
Xavier Becerra (D) 60.69 4,259,636 100.00%
Steven C Bailey (R) 39.31 2,758,602 100.00%
INS COMM      
Ricardo Lara (D) 50.79 3,393,189 100.00%
Steve Poizner (NP) 49.21 3,287,452 100.00%
Marshall Tuck 50.71 3,090,707 100.00%
Tony K Thurmond  49.29 3,004,259 100.00%
Ted Gaines (R) 54.45 862,527 100.00%
Tom Hallinan (D) 45.55 721,647 100.00%
Alex Villanueva 50.15 820,333 100.00%
Jim McDonnell 49.85 815,406 100.00%
Jeffrey Prang 60.00 957,370 100.00%
John Lower Taxes Loew 40.00 638,157 100.00%
Yes 54.07 3,713,218 100.00%
No 45.93 3,154,381 100.00%
Yes 61.13 4,216,221 100.00%
No 38.87 2,680,442 100.00%
Yes 47.66 3,248,415 100.00%
No 52.34 3,568,010 100.00%
Yes 60.57 4,175,910 100.00%
No 39.43 2,718,855 100.00%
Yes 41.93 2,873,484 100.00%
No 58.07 3,979,530 100.00%
Yes 44.89 3,141,881 100.00%
No 55.11 3,857,819 100.00%
Yes 59.93 4,098,868 100.00%
No 40.07 2,740,645 100.00%
Yes 38.44 2,660,633 100.00%
No 61.56 4,260,758 100.00%
10: RENT CONTROL      
Yes 38.30 2,675,378 100.00%
No 61.70 4,310,298 100.00%
Yes 59.43 4,096,948 100.00%
No 40.57 2,796,915 100.00%
12: FARM ANIMALS      
Yes 60.99 4,202,724 100.00%
No 39.01 2,688,382 100.00%
Yes 67.48 1,139,639 100.00%
No 32.52 549,211 100.00%
SUP CT JUDGE-4      
A Veronica Sauceda 57.51 862,021 100.00%
Alfred A Coletta 42.49 636,978 100.00%
SUP CT JUDGE-16      
Patricia (Patti) Hunter 60.93 902,393 100.00%
Sydne Jane Michel 39.07 578,649 100.00%
SUP CT JUDGE-60      
Tony J Cho 56.21 842,814 100.00%
Holly L Hancock 43.79 656,521 100.00%
SUP CT JUDGE-113      
Javier Perez 67.69 980,341 100.00%
Michael P Ribons 32.31 468,015 100.00%


While the U.S. Senate turned redder Tuesday, the House flipped to blue, and the 25th Congressional District flipped right along with it. Which was never a sure thing.

It was a see-saw ride all night as the results trickled in, but when incumbent Republican Steve Knight of Palmdale failed to take a commanding lead in the first absentee balloting, the die was cast. In the final tally, Agua Dulce Democrat Katie Hill locked it up by a 51.26-48.74 percent margin. Late absentee and provisional ballots will be counted in the coming days, but a 4,000-vote deficit is too wide a gap for Knight to close.

Congressional candidate Katie Hill at Nov. 3 campaign rally at Newhall School Auditorium | Photo (c)Bruce McFarland

Knight had defeated all four of his Democratic challengers, combined, in the June primary. Then the money started pouring in. Hill amassed a never-before-seen war chest of her own in excess of $7.5 million; coupled with many more millions in outside money that targeted the 25th District, she was able to be everywhere in the final weeks. Knight’s estimated $3 million was no match as Hill dominated the airwaves and mobilized her base to get out the vote.

It was a different story in the race for Santa Clarita City Council where the results never wavered throughout the evening, and money, while always a factor, wasn’t in the same ballpark or even the same town. Mayor Laurene Weste and Mayor Pro-Tem Marsha McLean were reelected, and incumbent appointee Bill Miranda won the voters’ affirmation amid a crowded field.

Los Angeles County probably has a new sheriff, although the final tally might not be known until those late ballots are counted. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Alex Villanueva was leading Sheriff Jim McDonnell by 820,333 votes to 815,406. (It’s a 5,000-vote gap, but it’s 10 times the raw number of votes, compared to the congressional race.)

In the Assembly, Republican Dante Acosta overcame a second challenge from Democratic school board member Christy Smith, although by a narrower margin (50.48-49.52) than in 2016 (52.9-47.1).  Acosta lost in Los Angeles County by nearly 2 points (50.87-49.13, a 1,591-vote spread on election night) but more than compensated in other parts of the district. In the Antelope Valley, Republican Tom Lackey again defeated his Democratic nemesis, Steve Fox, 56-44.

On the community college board, longtime incumbent Joan MacGregor survived a challenge from Ann-Marie Bjorkman. MacGregor had faculty support while Bjorkman had backing from the local business community.

There were few surprises in local school board races other than the defeat of longtime board member Judy Umeck in Saugus.

Voters in Acton-Agua Dulce soundly defeated a school construction bond measure that was intended to modernize campuses and complete Vasquez High School construction projects.

At the top of the ticket, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom will be scratching the “Lieutenant” off of his door after sending Republican John H. Cox back to San Diego County where he has lived for the past decade. Cox had taken a beating in the primary when his Republican opponent criticized him for being a Midwest slumlord.

And on the subject of rent control, California voters said, “no way.”

But they decided to keep what has been labeled the “gas tax,” which will incur $9 billion in debt to pay for transportation projects.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein staved off a hard-fought challenge from state Senator Kevin de León of Los Angeles who was backed by Democratic Party insiders and led in absentee balloting. By early Wednesday, Feinstein had handily won a sixth term, 54-46.

Finally, Los Angeles County voters overwhelmingly approved a stormwater management measure that imposes a new tax on driveways, patios and other impregnable surfaces. The measure left a lot of Santa Clarita Valley residents scratching their heads after they’d been told to rip out their lawns and put in hardscape.


Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom takes center stage at a campaign rally Saturday, Nov. 3, at the Newhall School Auditorium. Photo (c)Bruce McFarland.

Gavin Newsom, rally at Newhall School Auditorium, November 3, 2018 | COC photo

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  1. SCgal says:

    Congratulations Katie Hill, about time this district turned blue. Knight out for good and I am so happy. Go get ‘em Katie!

  2. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:

    Thank you Katie Hill!!!

  3. waterwatcher says:

    Funny you mention Katie getting outside money as though Knight didn’t get any. He got quuite a lot too, as you well know. Yes, she had quite a war chest because of the positions she took on healthcare, climate and more. But it is also because of Trump’s harsh and bullying rhetoric. So many of us were saying no to divisive speech at the same time we were saying yes to her platform.

    And she had an amazing number of volunteer supporters. She ran a top notch campaign. Is this station and news so controlled by the Reps that such a thing can’t be acknowledged?

  4. Todd says:

    Sad day in SCV. The hard working people of this state are about to lose more money. Many good people will leave.

  5. Nancy Montes says:

    Congratulations Katie. You will be awesome for Santa Clarita! Glad to be rid of that fool Knight.

  6. Bob says:

    Well now we know you can buy an election. $6 million more than Knight was just enough to do. We will see how much she will need in 2 years.

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2012 - County supervisors approve 50-year operating agreement for Placerita Canyon State Park [read]
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