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You Know I'm Right | Commentary by Betty Arenson
| Friday, Dec 26, 2014

bettyarensonAs we close the Christmas holiday season for 2014 we must say congratulations to “activist” Al Sharpton, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama, New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Each and all of them received their sought-after Christmas gifts: destruction in the millions of dollars; mayhem; race riots; and at last the death of two innocent policemen.

These two unsuspecting men, just doing their job, were ambushed and executed by an armed black man, and they deserve to have their names in our faces. They are officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Ramos leaves a wife two children, one a college student and the other a 13-year-old son. Officer Liu just got married two months ago. I will not mention the name of the murderer; he is not worthy. He was a career criminal, and but for loose punishments he would have been behind bars. Had he not ended his own life and instead have been shot by police – he had also just tried to shoot his girlfriend to death – we’d have yet one more police-excessive-force story line on our hands.

The murderer was open about his intent on social media. “I’m putting wings on pigs today,” he bragged. “They take 1 of ours, let’s take 2 of theirs.” He mentions the names of Michael Brown and “Eriv” (should be Eric) Garner. So, the murderer was not only unfit for society; he also could neither count nor spell. Unfortunately he could plan and shoot.

All of the aforementioned gift recipients, plus a few more, are stumbling over themselves trying to grow a long distance between themselves and the cop killers they incited.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association in New York, nailed it. He rightfully places “blood on the hands” of the protestors and elected officials who have thrown all police officers under the bus with their unwarranted criticism and worse, public condemnation without full and fair disclosure.

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks couldn’t get camera time fast enough. Within hours, he appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” saying, “To link the criminal insanity of a lone gunman to the peaceful protests and aspirations of many people across the country, including the attorney general, the mayor and even the president, is simply not fair.”

That comment is rich, considering that the deaths of Brown and Garner involved a handful of policeman; yet ALL policemen, ALL police departments and ALL police tactics have been and are condemned.

It is sickening that overlooking the deaths of Ramos and Liu, with no regard to the barbarism, Brooks’ real concern is that the shootings are “certainly not a step forward” for the movement.

While these guys are trying to wipe the blood stains off of their hands, they are not being questioned as to why none of them spoke out against the chanting demonstrators with “What do we want?” “Dead Cops.” “When do we want it?” “Now.”

I’ll take the sage assessment of former New York Mayor and security expert Rudy Giuliani.: “We’ve had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police.” Pointing to the usual suspects, he continued: “They have created an atmosphere of severe, strong, anti-police hatred in certain communities, and for that, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

Former New York Gov. George Pataki is in sync, as well. He cited the killings as the “predictable outcome of divisive, anti-cop rhetoric of Attorney General Eric Holder and Bill De Blasio.”

It is chilling that race activists are only concerned with their “cause” as set forth by New York community activist Tony Herbert. He’s worried (per Newsday) that “the shooting will be used to discredit the larger cause.”

A recent Bloomberg politics poll showed 53 percent of respondents said race relations are worse under Obama. It’s an easy bet the number is higher today.

I shudder thinking what the number will be, and what the state of our country will be, when Barack Obama, Eric Holder and all of their race-baiting minions are out of power.

That’s two more long years. God help us.

God Bless our police.


Betty Arenson has lived in the SCV since 1968 and describes herself as a conservative who’s concerned about progressives’ politics and their impacts on the country, her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She says she is unashamed to own a gun or a Bible, couldn’t care less about the color of the president’s skin, and demands that he uphold his oath to protect and follow the Constitution of the United States in its entirety.

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  1. Robert says:

    Of course Arenson is a wing-nut conservative that loves guns. She has more blood on her hands than any she mentions. Of course she has to mention the bible since thinks that it makes her better except she who is without sin should throw the first stone and this wing-nut is hardly without sin with her hands so bloody.

    • megan says:

      so tell me, who has she killed that makes her hands so bloody you bigot? you know her so well- you must to make some petty accusations. just quit while you’re ahead, you have nothing intelligent to say.

  2. Bill says:

    Good comments, Betty
    The anti police protesters are shaking the crazy tree, and the crazies are falling out to do their dirty work.

    In the words of a famous philosopher “Can’t we all just get along”

  3. Erin Kotecki Vest says:

    How refreshing to hear a conservative admit that rhetoric can influence the mentally ill to do horrible things.

    I assume you will also be penning an article blaming Palin & Beck and others for the Gabby Giffords tragedy.

    And of course all of the members and leaders of the Tea Party for the slain officers in Las Vegas.

    I look forward to your column, no doubt, calling them out as well for their violent rhetoric which caused death.

    I’m sure it’s coming, right?


  4. Craig says:

    Talk about out of touch. Wow. No words.

  5. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    Another disgustingly misinformed, lowest common denominator editorial from Mrs. Aronson. Can always count on her to spew skewed hatred and bile.

    • Sean, I’m curious to how she spewed hatred and bile. Everything she wrote about is true. And to top it off can be backed up by concrete facts

    • Sharon Todd Sharon Todd says:

      You can’t reason with a liberal. I shake my head at their way of thinking…….. they spew hatred at our way and then accuse us of being the bad guy .

    • I agree Sharon! What she wrote was true! And we all know it. Liberals just want to argue and disagree

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      First and foremost, why label me as liberal? That in itself is the ignorance and judgment I referred to. Secondly, she gave her opinion-she presentedbher version of the truth. I will come back later when i have the time and completely dismantle all the “facts” in her piece.

    • Sharon Todd Sharon Todd says:

      I agree with the ‘blood on their hands’ statement. And it’s from the top (Obama) down. He played the racism card over Trayvon Martin when he said if he had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon.. Don’t you think he should have been middle of the road in that situation?

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Sharon, I took President Obama’s remark to mean he could empathize with the Martin family losing their son. Regardless of what you think happened, he was killed and someone lost their son. Nevermind that all the facts point to a vigilante idiot who went looking for trouble and killed a kid minding his own business in a neighborhood he knew-don’t trouble yourself with what actually happened. Instead let’s focus on misinterpreting what the president said to fit your agenda.
      Oh by the way, I am not a liberal. I am a compassionate human being who fully supports civil rights, law enforcement, and the Bill of Rights. So before you label me-come correct, Sharon. You have no label to easily categorize me. But if you want to intelligently discuss an issue-without dismissing me because of your own Fox News agenda-then let’s go.

    • Sharon Todd Sharon Todd says:

      Okay. Forgive the liberal reference. But clearly you’re rewriting history with your representation of what happened with the Trayvon Martin events, apparently to fit your own agenda. “Nevermind that all the facts point to a vigilante idiot who went looking for trouble and killed a kid minding his own business in a neighborhood he knew-don’t trouble yourself with what actually happened.” Seriously? And don’t kid yourself into thinking Obama’s remark wasn’t self serving and meant to spur a huge divide between black and whites. He set back history 50 years with that one statement. And then followed with a like state by Sharpton over the Ferguson incident.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Sharon, I am not sure what you think you know about the Trayvon Martin case, but what I said characterized it very well. I have no agenda. I am only interested in seeing things as they are. I get the sense you have created a nice little bubble for yourself, and in that bubble racism evidently ended when segregation was outlawed. It sounds cozy, but it just isn’t the world we live in.

    • Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

      Sean you’re blowing smoke all over the truth. You may not be a liberal but I would say you’re a sympathizer of the liberal persuasion. I see you posting over every comment here stirring up strife with all that you disagree with.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      I will say again-why does everyone treat being liberal like it’s criminal?
      You all sound full of judgment and need to check yourself. None of you that have objected to what i have said have presented one fact-it’s all judgement and opinion.

  6. You are truly an ignorant person. Go dust your Kinkade painting, you out of touch bag of bones.

  7. Perfect!!! Could not have said it better myself

  8. James Parker James Parker says:

    I Think Sean AND Jared Can’t Read gooood

  9. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    You is right James, I don’t read good like you. You is way smarter than me.

  10. Perfectly said !! :-) don’t pay attention to those nimwits above ^^ there’s always a few of them lying around waiting to come out with there idiotic spew.

  11. Absolutely spot on Mrs Aronson!

  12. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    Is a nimwit anything like a dimwit? And what exactly does “perfect said” mean? Sorry, I’m sure it’s me but I can’t keep up with your obviously advanced grammatical skills, all of which were very effective in making ME look like the idiot you described me as. Well done.

  13. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    I have blood on my hands? Dean, in what universe does my opinion about this editorial make me responsible even indirectly for any of the violence that has taken place? What an irresponsible thing to say. But I guess in the absence of intelligence you insert blame and judgement, just like Mrs. Arenson did.

  14. Dean Botton Dean Botton says:

    Yes, Al Sharpton and the rest have blood on their hands!

  15. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    How clever Dean-deleted your last comment because you got called out and then change your tune? What a cowardly thing to do. You don’t seem to have anything of value to offer so maybe it’s time to for you to disconnect. Bye bye.

  16. Good ol’ SCV attitude. And people wonder why this valley has such an “ignorant redneck with an SUV and UGG boots” reputation?

    • Janine says:

      That’s an intelligent response. Stereo-typing the Santa Clarita community rather than intelligently responding to the OPINION of the article. Address what’s in front of you and don’t blame others for your own ignorance.

  17. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    Hey Jared-I could not agree more. In the interest of not just posting replies to ignorant posts, I would like to offer a counter-point to this editorial. It seems to me that this country had a serious problem with communication, as well as distinguishing the difference between assessment and blame. There is responsibility to be taken with everyone involved, but how much responsibility and which side it belongs to is the question. I will nutshell this-racism in this country still very much exists, including in with law enforcement. Now, did racism cause the Ferguson and NY incidents? That is up for discussion. But to dismiss it is irresponsible and keeps us from learning when this type of thing happens. Here is the other ossue for me-it IS possible to FULLY SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT AND STILL QUESTION THEIR PROCEDURES, ETHICS, AND ACCOUNTABILITY.
    I wrote that last part extra big for those of you who think there is only one side or the other. Were you listening Dean and Krystal? We all need to talk about what we can all do better-which includes listening to ALL sides, not just listening to the rhetoric that just reinforces what we already believe.

  18. Blood stained hands? You are so full of crap. Watch some actual news once in awhile.

  19. You are one sick decrepit piece of work and I can’t stand the fact that I grew up in a valley that could host a disgusting person like you. Engaging in false equivalencies and wrapping your wretched opinions and making political hay from the bodies of brutally murdered police officers – YOU are a big part of the problem. The vast majority of protestors decry violence and to take the actions of a warped and frustrated human being and twist them into an attack on them is the height of ignorance.

  20. Blaming politicians/society for the actions of other adults is something the dispicable left does. But these men should feel sick over how they handled these situations, putting their own politics and twisted personal views over the good of society. Their words from their powerful platforms do make a difference.

  21. Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

    Chris, it seems to me the conservative columnist who wrote tgis piece used her words to do the exact thing you are denouncing. So i am fairly certain there are people on both sides of the aisle acting despicably.
    Not every social issue needs to be politicized, but I guess in the absence of a strong argument people will just call someone a liberal and attack their character because they have nothing of value to offer. Until the problem is addressed from all sides, and people start listening to and respecting each other-we will be doomed to continue repeating this country’s sometimes ugly history.

    • Sharon Todd Sharon Todd says:

      I’m stunned that you could write the following just a few hours ago: “Another disgustingly misinformed, lowest common denominator editorial from Mrs. Aronson. Can always count on her to spew skewed hatred and bile. ” And then follow it up with this, an hour ago: “Not every social issue needs to be politicized, but I guess in the absence of a strong argument people will just call someone a liberal and attack their character because they have nothing of value to offer. Until the problem is addressed from all sides, and people start listening to and respecting each other-we will be doomed to continue repeating this country’s sometimes ugly history.” So it’s okay for you name call, but as soon as someone calls you an evil name like Liberal, then all bets are off? I will stand by my assessment of you as being a liberal.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      You say liberal like it’s a dirty word, Sharon. I’m sure labeling me makes it easier for you though, so be my guest. I stand by every word I wrote as well.

    • Sean Nichols Sean Nichols says:

      Also Sharon, i just re-read the comments of mine that you posted, and I don’t see where I name-called. Can you show me where I name called please?

  22. Chet Mehra Chet Mehra says:

    Ridiculous article reeking of racism. She should be writing for the KKK , not sctv

  23. Megan Kirk Megan Kirk says:

    Well said. If only peace and forgiveness were encouraged by these leaders instead of anger, you never know what might have happened, or rather might not have happened. You can bet on it that these officers families well deal with their deaths peacefully, and will be angry, but forgive their killers without condoning violence against anybody. If only people would deal with things rationally and use the golden rule, life would be good.

  24. Rob Cannon Rob Cannon says:

    Stop spreading the hatred! ALL lives matter!!!

  25. Rob Cannon Rob Cannon says:

    Stop spreading the hatred! ALL lives matter!!!

  26. Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

    The truth spoken loud and clear.

  27. Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

    The truth spoken loud and clear.

  28. judy says:

    Well said Betty!!!

  29. judy says:

    So true!!!

  30. If she was so wrong how Come 30,000 police officers turned there back on the mayors speech on one of the murdered cops today at the memorial.. I guess the must be a hatred bias group of people too?

  31. Not in agreement with this post at all. The Courts need to hear “regular people “, the police need to be color blind. Disagreements need to be heard in a peaceful way. Unfortunately history has shown that unless you have high priced lawyers and media you won’t be heard. If you riot you’re likely to be heard.
    I believe Obama is making race relations better. He just has congress blocking his path. If you want change then stop voting for Republicans. Get them out of politics.

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