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1941 - Funeral for "our" Remi Nadeau, whose Canyon Country deer park became North Oaks [story]
Remi Nadeau

| Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018
Canyon View Mobile Home Estates hillside solar panels in Canyon Country. | Photo: Stephen K. Peeples
Canyon View Mobile Home Estates hillside solar panels in Canyon Country. | Photo: Stephen K. Peeples.


The city of Santa Clarita has filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles County Superior Court regarding solar panels installed on the hillsides adjacent to the Canyon View Mobile Home Estates in Canyon Country.

The complaint, filed Monday, asks the court for “preliminary and permanent injunction and declaratory relief to abate a public nuisance” related to the solar panels.

The city alleges the solar panels were installed without proper permits, in violation of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code and also in violation of Canyon View Mobile Home Estates’ conditional use permit, which states that 50 percent of the park needs to be maintained as open space.

The city originally provided a written Notice of Violation in July, directing the property owner to remove the solar panels.

As no action was taken by the property owners to remove the panels, the city brings this legal action, alleging the property owners “have caused and maintained a continuing public nuisance on the Property in that they have constructed and are maintaining illegal Accessory Solar Panel Structures on Park Property,” in violation of the Municipal Code.

Other complaints included in the suit allege the property owners did not obtain the necessary permits, did not submit the required geotechnical report, did not complete the required hillside development plan and are operating a power generation business within the park, which the property is not zoned for.

While the city supports efforts to move to renewable energy, it takes seriously its responsibility to enforce conditions of approval, which are designed to protect the quality of life in Santa Clarita, balancing the need for development with the preservation of open space.

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  1. Randy Rodi Randy Rodi says:

    Thats a worse eye sore than that parking structure in the wash off the 14

  2. I was wondering how long this would take 🤔

  3. I hope this step finally brings action!

  4. Can I have 1 little square part?

  5. Why did it take this long? After the first one was put up someone should have been investigating. Whoever is in charge dropped the ball. Seriously 20 panels later they took notice. 👀

  6. Mike Motherspaw @ Danielle Desch 🤦🏻‍♂️🤔

  7. Dave Warburton says:

    I am all for renewable energy, but what they did here is ridiculous. And their hapharzard siting makes them look really ugly and out of place. What were they thinking?

  8. Ron Costales Ron Costales says:

    Whoever did this sucked at Tetris

  9. What’s everyone so upset about? Lol buncha complainers

  10. Give me an afternoon, a 24 pack, and a sledgehammer. I’ll take care of it

  11. So basically the city is mad they didn’t get there money for all the outrages permits and fees!

  12. Charlene, I hope this ends up helping you all.

  13. Alice Moore Alice Moore says:

    The city investigation is false! but like everything and government they’re hoping to drag it as long as possible….

  14. Curt Howard Curt Howard says:

    Did the contractor not own a level?

  15. Sad part is. .my mom’s rent keeps going up every 2 months!!! Just cause of this 0_0 and my mom loves where she lives, but it’s getting too pricey.

  16. goodness that’s ugly. at least level those things

  17. Eddie Laret Eddie Laret says:

    I wonder why? They look so good on the hillside

  18. It’s trash. Looks horrible.

  19. It’s so hot here. The Whole SCV should use solar panels. We should be smart enough to see that we should all get free energy and power with solar panels.

    • Tracy Bachman the owners sell the power, it does not benefit home owners.. in fact the homes that are directly next to the panels are hotter because of them and our bills are higher than ever.

    • Lynn Perriello I meant in general there should be solar panels in my hometown. It’s smarter. But obviously not in such a way that it exploits or abuses users.

    • Jason Mejia Jason Mejia says:

      That’s lame they charge for the energy, solar should be discussed tho scv would benefit greatly from proper discrete solar farms.

    • Michael Grey Michael Grey says:

      Its not lame that they charge for energy. If you ever go backpacking with noobs that dont purify their own drinking water and constantly drink yours, you will see that nothing is free. The money it took to get the solar panels, the knowledge to set them up, the labor itself getting the panels installed. Discounted energy sure, but unless it’s your solar panels I wouldn’t expect anything.

      I work and with live with solar energy every day, it wasn’t free for me. It’s more like paying for energy in advance, and it slowly works itself off, and it’s not like its matinence free.

  20. Susan Huffman says:

    The billboards on Solad are a bigger eye soar. But the city makes money on them. It seems the city is a pack of hypocrites.

  21. Finally. It’s a total eyesore 🤮

  22. Kat Forfar Kat Forfar says:

    We used to live there 15 yrs ago. Now in Florida. I’m watching this because the owner was always a “my way or the highway” kinda guy. It looks awful. Cant say I’m surprised … karma baby

  23. It wouldn’t be a problem if they lined them up straight. These just look goofy.

  24. Rich says:

    Would love to have a sit down with 1. the Electrical Design Engineer who designed this cluster. 2. His boss who signed approved it. 3. City inspector who approved this install. 4. SCE’s Electrical Service Rep. who needs to ensure construction is up to code before final inspection. So many stages of this construction should have been a red flag. Also would love to see construction blue prints and see if they actually show exact locations of panels. Or maybe their were no design prints to work off of and a contractor was hired to install these panels. I’m all for green power, but design standards need to be followed or else all the hillsides (that don’t have homes on them) will look like a jigsaw puzzle.

    • SCVNews.com says:

      No city inspector approved the installation. Mobile home parks are regulated by the state. The reason the city can go after is the developer violated the terms of the project approval.

  25. Yes you’re in SCV… manicured, organized & high standard of living 😊

  26. It’s about time! Those are defiantly an eyesore 👋🏻 I know it takes time to get all the ducks in a row before the City could do anything! I’m all for solar, but come on people those are really really ugly.

  27. Raymond Villasenor Fiona Villasenor

  28. Good. They didn’t go about putting them up through the proper channels. I appreciate solar, but do it right. Plus it’s an eyesore. Could have been more aesthetically plotted.

  29. Steve Dennis Steve Dennis says:

    The city council would probably recommend that they should plant trees to hide them

  30. Curt Hurst Curt Hurst says:

    Yah the city could have put 50 more house’s there now they are upset !!!!!

  31. I hope they take it down. What an eyesore!!

  32. Mike Weaver Mike Weaver says:

    Not only that but the value of my house went down ever since they been planted. Which sucks. How about a story about the people that have to live with them literally in our back yards. Let me know I’ll get you interview…

  33. They look like they slid down the mountain.

  34. It’s an eyesore??? LMAO People need to get a clue. Ridiculous. The entire valley should have them everywhere.

  35. They should. Looks awful! Can you imagine living and having to look at that?

  36. Trudy Trump Trudy Trump says:

    No F*cks given apparently

  37. Haha to protect the quality of life 😂 okay 😂

  38. Jeff Winner Jeff Winner says:

    Can’t imagine why??? It looks so nice…

  39. I am for solar power, but this is just an eyesore

  40. Gordon Harvey says:

    Just read through all of these comments. I agree that the layout of the panels leaves much to be desired. To me they look terrible. The city has the right and obligation to make them go away since installed without proper permits. Try adding an extension onto your home without proper permits and see how long before it is torn down. I just want to know then name and contact information for the solar company responsible for the install here so if I ever am in the market for solar panels I know who NOT to hire.

  41. Cbrow says:

    File a complaint? That sounds like something they will ignore again, like they did with Notice of Violations filed in July. Can anyone elaborate on the process?

  42. Ellen Perez Ellen Perez says:

    Jessica Nazarian Tiffani Reibert

  43. Lora Hill Lora Hill says:

    I can’t even handle that hillside, drives my ocd insane

  44. Cathie says:

    I think who installed had eye site issues..I could not believe how horrible it looked when going in..

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