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September 23
1948 - Agua Dulce Women's Club organized [timeline]
Women's Club

College of the Canyons’ students have organized an event to show support for students and families that are affected by President Trump’s decision to repeal DACA.

“In light of the recent decision regarding DACA, we wanted to show support for the 800,000 young people that face fear and anxiety towards their future,” said Devon Miller, COC Associated Student Government president. “There will be speakers, including students, faculty and members of the community.”

Read complete story [here].

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  1. Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

    Do they realize DACA never provided a path to stay here permanently?

    At least Trump is providing congress 6 months before congress is required to enforce laws. I hope dreamers understand which party is providing a path, and which one really wants more of the same old thing, control, fear and hate.

    • Why would they think about that? They would rather scream and pitch a fit like my 3 year old does.

    • Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

      Mother natures slap on the wrist will resolve most of this through rebuilding in non sanctuary states leaving California to sort out the bad hombres with Jeff Sessions.

    • John Lazar John Lazar says:

      Unfortunately these days the teachers and professors are worse than the students and help this type of thinking.
      You can show them Obama’s own video who said this is temporary and they’ll still put up their blinders and spew out the garbage they’ve been brainwashed with.

  2. Honestly , this is just crybabyish because they want illegals here . At least trump is giving congress 6 months before they enforce laws.

  3. Lyn O Lyn O'Kane says:

    Illegal is what they are, time to go home

    • Kara McArdle Kara McArdle says:

      They’ve lived here just about their entire lives. This is their home. Would you call the completely foreign country your ancestors came from your home?

    • Go back to europe and show some love to your ancestors real home.

    • Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

      The difference between the vast majority of European immigrants. (which includes my family emigrating to the United States from Norway), and the current immigration debate is the means of entry. My family legally entered through Ellis Island. Where they were screened, processed, and sometimes detained / quarantined to ensure public health & safety. The current debate over immigration is that of the immigrants who willfully bypassed the law and put the population at risk of disease, crime, and damage to the economic balance. Yes we are a nation of immigrants; but we are also a nation of laws.

    • Lyn O Lyn O'Kane says:

      Kara McArdle their parents brought them here knowing what they were doing was illegal , so it’s their parents these kids should be angry at, they are the ones that have put their kids in this situation, I came here legally it took 13 months of waiting

    • Lyn O Lyn O'Kane says:

      Luis Hernandez why should I , I came here legally, I obeyed the laws of this great country

  4. Sharmane Stokes let’s go!!

  5. Joe Stark Joe Stark says:

    This is COC. Be happy they can spell DACA.

  6. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    Do these idiots realize that Trump just repealed an unconstitutional executive order and gave congress a chance to fix it? Typical divide and conquer bs by the media!

  7. I’d guess that most who are protesting DACA being looked at, are clueless about who really is here under the guise of DACA when in fact they don’t even have relatives here, weren’t here as children and were never vetted! Also many are gang members and drug dealers. They have to sign up by 10/4 😂😂over and out!

    • Kara McArdle Kara McArdle says:

      Everyone under DACA is basically tracked by the government. Just about every single one is working a job and all are paying taxes. Enough with this “all illegals are gang members and drug dealers” stuff 😒

    • I read the post as the people protesting are not here via DACA. Too hard to say what Shirley’s intention was behind the post. Lol

    • Where did you get this information from lady! You know what they say when you assume! You do know they have to go through a criminal background check every 2 years to renew right! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Kara McArdle the word “all” is not in my response. But they are not all children brought her as babies or small.children! Obamas proclamation was not then or now a law that protected them from deportation! DACA illegals are not entitled to more benefits that are not given to American children or young people! Put the violins away and let’s see what congress comes up that is a law for DACA! And yes some are gang members!

    • Then they have nothing to worry about other then they are not citizens and are subject to deportation until congress passes a law that will allow some to stay. They have to register by 0ct.4. America has to have laws and borders!

    • Kara McArdle those jobs belong to American children, scholarships belong to American children and remember many are working for cash,in their 20/30’s and aren’t paying taxes! Collecting welfare and free medical! Stop with the fantasies!

  8. Read the comments about those ‘parasitic’ illegal immigrants. Let me tell you this folks, that in order for illegal immigration to be reduce is for countries who contribute to this phenomenon is to start improving standard of living and rise in income. By having these two together, people will be discourage to immigrate illegally to the United States. One more thing, illegal immigrants come from all over the world.

  9. Left: “America’s a terrible racist country that oppresses minorities!”

    Also Left: “Don’t you dare do a darn thing to impede all the minority immigrants who want to come here or are here from coming in or staying, regardless of whether or not they’re coming or are here legally!”

  10. The Department of Defense recently stated that DACA recipients in the military are fewer than 900. Yet, every progressive will try to shame you, insisting that DACA represents the best of America and they’re all patriots. It’s a fact that Obama administration half assed background checks for these people. US citizens have a right to know who’s in OUR country. We know that 001% are in the military. And God bless them for serving. When any liberal can tell me what the other 799,100 are doing here, then I’m ready to sit down and talk.

  11. Adam Kirk Adam Kirk says:

    Good lord that school has gone downhill since I left.
    I hope their professors hold surprise examinations worth 50% of their grades while they’re out doing that.

    • Why would they. I bet most are on the liberal side and will likely give extra credit to the people that go to this event.

    • Adam Kirk Adam Kirk says:

      Ugh. True.
      I lucked out to have some awesome conservative professors at that college. The only way you knew was because they were the ones not touting politics in classes that didn’t have to deal with politics.

    • Luke Stabe Luke Stabe says:

      I had a few liberal professors the one I didn’t like was a Biology professor. Horrendous monotone and his tests were very political…. I was like I know this is a science not politics… still got good grades though.

    • Adam Kirk Adam Kirk says:

      My art history class was incredibly political. And miserable.

  12. Wow! I thought Santa Clarita had more compassionate people than this. These are human beings, labeling them as “illegals” helps people feel better when they turn their backs on fellow human beings. These people appreciate what this country represents more any of us who have been here for generations… unless you’re indigenous of course. These “illegals” are your coworkers, neighbors, and your friends (or your kids), they speak perfect English, pay taxes, and have zero criminal records.
    Educate yourselves about facts before you post.

    • Illegal is still illegal. Compassion a side, the country has a process to enter the country. DACA gave the children of illegal immigrants a way to stay here, but not a promise of citizenship.
      If the DACA recipients really wanted to put the effort into staying, they should be finding ways to get citizenship. Not just waiting for it to magically happen.

    • John Angelotti I’ll agree with that, they should make every effort to become citizens. I just don’t like the nomenclature used.

    • Kara McArdle Kara McArdle says:

      It’s SCV. Everyone is in their own bubble of whiteness.

    • Karen Benavides Chavez I agree. It it is still a fact. If they would have done the research on DACA, the one thing allowing them to stay, they would have learned it was only temporary.
      They should have been looking into how to make it permanent if they really wanted to stay.

      I’m sorry, that is not something you can blame on anyone.
      The fact that Trump delayed 6 months to give congress a chance to figure it out was a good thing.

      How many DACA recipients do you think will join the military?
      I bet very few. Even tho that would give them a chance at citizenship.

    • John Angelotti 6 months is better than nothing and we’ll see how this all pans out. Being in the military is definitely honorable in my book, but it’s not the only way to be patriotic. I don’t have all of the statistics, but many of them are first responders, nurses, etc. None of them have felonies or their DACA status is revoked, as it should be.

    • Chris Kirk Chris Kirk says:

      I would urge you to educate yourself, first.

    • It DACA had a limited time when it was created. It was not a long term solution. I guess that is the big thing here for me.

      People are acting like DACA was citizenship. It wasn’t. It was deferment.

    • Chris Kirk fortunately I am, but a Maters isn’t out of the question. What makes you such an expert? Do you have a Ph D in Immigration?

    • John Angelotti costs are certainly a factor, I’m sure that’s a big obstacle, and you know how it goes when you could put something off, especially an expense, we tend to. Not an excuse, but just thoughts around it. Thank you for the respectful discussion, who knew people could respect each other and disagree!

    • I agree with you Karen, lots of factors. And thank you for keeping to discussion civil. I wish more could. 🙂

    • Kara McArdle immigration status has nothing to do with race. But thanks for that.

    • Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

      Karen Benavides Chavez can you please explain how DACA helped anyone? I would love to be educated.

    • John Angelotti it’s hard to see sometimes, but we all want the same thing. Happy, healthy lives. We all have more in common than you think.

    • Bart Joseph unless I know you personally, I can’t answer that question. I imagine I don’t have to tell you the reasons it’s helped these children to be raised here, do I?

    • Yeah….. I see their appreciation each and every day…. .dirty diapers left in gutters and around tree beds… in parking lots AND in grocery carts etc., (just a little bit of their appreciation for being here) and the “gimmie gimmie gimmie” ” free, free, free ” attitudes…. and THEN… their “WHAT ???? you want me to work for my welfare/wic/healthcare etc. ….. NO F’NG WAY” Yeah… THAT’s who we want in our city, town, state, country………… yeah… smh

    • Donna Gilreath I don’t think those are DACA recipients.

    • John Angelotti no…. it’s their parents who brought them here….. samo samo.

    • While it might be done of the parents, the people that received DACA status should not be dings because of that. If they are holding up to the requirements for DACA.
      But, they should not just expect to get citizenship either.

    • John Angelotti thank you! Wow…

    • Donna Gilreath stereotype much?

    • Karen Benavides Chavez pull your head out much??? I think not.

    • John Angelotti if you KNOW anything about the DACA program….. (which I don’t think you know much) you’d know that FIRST … it was an illegal act performed by a ‘so called’ president…. and second… it NEVER promised citizenship…. or FREE EVERYTHING which is what ‘this group’ of youngsters expect. They should never have been brought here… they should have been sent home (via their parents being sent back to where ever they came from by deportation) and IF the parents respected OUR country…. they’d get in line and ‘do it the right way’ to become LEGAL CITIZENS… then… and only then would they and their families be welcomed with open arms.

    • Donna Gilreath I think you need to go back and read my post again before you start trying to explain to me what I do and do not know.
      Until you do that, please don’t try and school me.

    • ^ Typical. Bye Bye…

  13. Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

    Sigh…young people are so easily manipulated.

  14. Why do people asume that DACA recipients are not in the process of attaining citizenship. People don’t realize it takes years before its reviewed and approved.

    • Erika Smith Erika Smith says:

      Exactly. As if DACA recipients don’t “do the research.” If it were so simple to just “make the effort to become a citizen” we obviously wouldn’t be facing any of these issues at the moment.

    • Because DACA didn’t even give those people a chance to become citizens… Immigration reform has been talked about for years… Trump just gave Congress 6 months to figure it out..

  15. After reading all the comments off of this post, I now realize how Donald Trump was voted into office…..by ignorant middle class white people!! Adam Rogers

    • That’s not nice!

    • Adam Rogers Adam Rogers says:

      I think what meghan was saying is that there are a lot of ignorant people that voted for trump for the wrong reasons… and that people used the fear or hatred of people over different reasons to justify their vote. Not that ALL people who voted for trump are that way.

    • I never jump in on political posts, cuz i usually get too angry, but these comments just really got to me. I truly don’t understand.

    • Middle and high class white privileged people.

    • Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

      That’s a racist comment. You’re better than that Meg : /

    • Adam Rogers Adam Rogers says:

      Jared Axen Id like to know how that comment was racist? Making a statement like that carries a lot of weight. I’m not sure if you actually know what that term means. I grew up in the south, and I KNOW what racist means. And believe me when I say, PLENTY of people who voted for trump voted for him out of fear or disdain for a particular race… but please, tell me how it was racist? Because she said “white?” That isn’t racist, but simply an observation that any person who has been paying attention for the last 18 months could see.

    • and again my statement was not broad to everyone. Obviously not everyone is ignorant, and not everyone was even white who voted for Trump, that would be ignorant on my part to assume that. Just after reading through a lot of these comments about this issue and of the young people who are standing up for this issue, I saw and understood a lot more. I probably should have prefaced my comment better, and again it wasn’t racist, but considering the area of the country we are talking about and seeing who was making the comments on this post, that were honestly terrible, I realized a lot of things.

    • If you ‘didn’t really mean it’, then it would probably be a good idea to delete and repost what you ‘really’ mean.

      Otherwise people will continue to assume your asinine, racist, empty overgeneralization is how you really feel.

    • Adam Rogers Adam Rogers says:

      Anthony Fierro meghan shouldn’t have to delete her comment just because some people don’t have the reading comprehension skills of a freshman in high school… if you want to read her comment and take it way out of context and just read what you want to read then that’s on you… or, if you’d actually like to read her comment then you’d clearly see that it wasn’t racist at all but simply observant of how messed up SOME people are.

    • Adam Rogers you’re a smart man with good comprehension 👌

  16. COC u need to worry about Rapes.. how u parents feel ur kid could be the nxt victim. DARCA maybe a serious issue to ppl… But lets face it, Can we not attend school without any violence… or Rapes.. how u do u feel safe.

  17. Chris Kirk Chris Kirk says:

    Don’t they teach civics or government or history there any more? What a shame.

  18. All the negative comment have to be white people lmao smh 🤦‍♂️

  19. William Reel William Reel says:

    The Lawless Idiot Brigade in SCV ; Sweet😂

  20. DACA is FIVE years old.

    Citizenship process takes TWO years.

    Not sure I understand the problem here??

  21. Jeanne M says:

    1. President Trump has said over and over he hopes congress creates a law that lets “Dreamers” stay.

    2. The majority of Repub. want them to be able to stay.

    3. President Trump did not “cancel” DACA.

    4. Obama set DACA to expire at this time when he set it up, also admitting at the time that he did not really have to power to put this in place.

    5. President Trump instead of renewing a temporary fix has given it back to Congress to legally fix it so “Dreamers” can stay permanently.

    6. Media and Democrats are scaring these kids by telling them they are going back to Mexico.
    They should be ashamed of themselves. They should be working in Congress to help craft the law that lets them stay instead of trying to score political points or continue to lie about President

  22. Jocel Alcedo Jocel Alcedo says:

    They do it because they are told they can. They are as usual exploited and used as pawns by their coward liberal administrators. It’s all about following the money brother.

  23. Legal, illegal, go up to Castiac and fish without a license and see what happens

  24. Jim Sherman Jim Sherman says:

    Idiots wasting time

  25. What’s awesome is that EVERY bleeding heart liberal that supports DACA has locks on their front door.

  26. Bunch of brain washed morons

  27. Why don’t they apply for citizenship? Or can someone explain this .

  28. Yall do realize the daca was illegal right obama passed it without the Senate’s approval if fact he broke the law so many times its hilarious

  29. Dave Rickmers says:

    Hostile much? There were already people here
    in 1492. Some of their descendants are among those who we call Dreamers. This was Mexico
    until recently.

  30. Terry Ramos Terry Ramos says:

    It’s tough to stay silent in the face of injustice.
    Rescinding DACA, which provided millions of $$ from fees and work permits PAID by 800,000 DACA recipients – who also PAY TAXES – and over 90% are college educated – is about one thing, in my opinion, it’s about Trump pandering to his base and further inciting their hate of immigrants and making it look like he’s getting rid of the “bad hombres”. Why else would he end a money making program? The 6-month delay is to make him look like he has compassion – under the ruse that “congress do its job”, when we all know this congress will do nothing except put the nail in the coffin of any possible path to citizenship and in the unlikely event of a tie – Pence will tow the party line. If Trump was truly compassionate, he would submit a plan to Congress for a path to citizenship for all DACA beneficiaries who complied with the LAW as set forth by DACA.
    This is not “magic” – paths to citizenship have been created by prior administrations. Cubans – as refugees; 1980’s amnesty.

  31. Steven Aune Steven Aune says:

    The difference between legal immigrants. (which includes my family emigrating to the United States from Norway), and the current immigration debate is the means of entry. My family legally entered through Ellis Island. Where they were screened, processed, and sometimes detained / quarantined to ensure public health & safety. The current debate over immigration is that of the immigrants who willfully bypassed the law and put the population at risk of disease, crime, and damage to the economic balance of our great country. Yes we are a nation of immigrants; but we are also a nation of laws. DACA is illegal and further degrades the chance for meaningful reforms to our broken immigration system.

  32. Donna Gilreath Yeah….. I see their appreciation each and every day…. .dirty diapers left in gutters and around tree beds… in parking lots AND in grocery carts etc., (just a little bit of their appreciation for being here) and the “gimmie gimmie gimmie” ” free, free, free ” attitudes…. and THEN… their “WHAT ???? you want me to work for my welfare/wic/healthcare etc. ….. NO F’NG WAY” Yeah… THAT’s who we want in our city, town, state, country………… yeah… smh ~ That’s WHY we have an immigration SYSTEM that VETS prospective future citizens….. get in line….. do it the right way… and welcome.

  33. Linda Tah Linda Tah says:

    It’s sad that even in an institution of higher learning people still can’t understand the facts.

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