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December 5
1938 - Supervisors award construction contract for jail at Wayside Farms in Castaic (later called Pitchess Detention Center). [story]

homicide052415[KHTS] – Homicide detectives arrested a man in Newhall on a murder charge Sunday after deputies who went to check on the welfare of a woman found her body insider her home.

Robert Arvizu, 48, was taken into custody and held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies entered the home of the victim, Arvizu’s wife, Courtney Arvizu, 25, and discovered she was unresponsive and appeared to have injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

Deputies made the discovery around 2:10 a.m. Saturday in the home in the 22800 block of 9th Street.

Deputies also located and detained a man in the residence identified as the victim’s husband. Courtney Arvizu was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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  1. I left scv last November, and this sadden me. When i moved to scv back in1996 , I was fleeing Compton. SCV was beautiful, and my safe haven. I lived there for 15 years and force to move for work purposes. I still go down weekly for family gatherings, the mall and theaters. Miss it.

  2. I grew up there I go often to see family but lately a lot of people are dying and getting robbed it’s just as bad as the valley now yikes

    • Not even close. Where you are now is probably less safe but they don’t post the crime on Facebook. There’s over 200k here and 99&9/10th % are good,happy,family people.

    • Cheryl says:

      NO Sabrina Sanders, Santa Clarita is NOT “just like the Valley”…in fact, Santa Clarita was named the 3rd SAFEST town in America.

      3. Santa Clarita, Calif.

      Santa Clarita, the third largest city in Los Angeles County, beat out Woodbridge Township for the No. 3 spot with its slightly lower number of sex offenders per capita. The cities are nearly identical in their number of crimes per capita, and the states sit closely on the peace index: California: 32; New Jersey: 28.

  3. Is this the third one or is this the same as the one in Valencia?

  4. Julio Diaz Julio Diaz says:

    How do you know this was a domestic violence issue?

  5. The one in Valencia was ruled sadly as a Suicide.

  6. David Hong David Hong says:

    And another one bites the dust out here this town is dangerous now

    • No it’s not more dangerous. The news let’s you know on Facebook maybe more than your brain can handle. When we moved here in the 60’s they found bodies dumped here weekly and it wasn’t from natural causes that they died. Relax this death might be tragic for the family of the deceased and deserve better than your cold remark.

    • Lau Keyzer Lau Keyzer says:

      Lol, dangerous compared to what. Live in a bubble?

  7. This has not been ruled a homicide yet.
    I love all the people who wait for stuff to happen here just to say how bad this town is. Lol watch the news with the 10 homicides that happen daily in the valley and los angeles. Then they compare the 1 here to the hundreds down there. The big difference is here the victim is usually involved with the incident. In other local cities it is innocent bystanders.

  8. Well, Lisa, can you tell me where you’d rather live that you can afford that’s safer, more beautiful, with better school, better police dept or fire dept. if I knew of one I’d not have been living here for 49 years happily and unafraid!

  9. Lisa Peskin Lisa Peskin says:

    Yep same here just stating how can you call it a safe top safe town when really it’s not. It is better than some places but still just stating you know!

  10. Because in the real world there isn’t anything as being entirely safe. People die constantly. Be happy its not you and don’t live your life in fear. If you’re scared in this city you have personal issues that need to be resolved.

  11. Do people expect that there will never be any death in their community?
    Someone needs to watch Lion King again.
    If nobody ever died, there wouldn’t be room for all of the babies being born.

  12. @David Hong let me know what city U find out there where there is no crime?

  13. Somebody probably got caught cheating

  14. Somebody lost there life and you all are gonna gossip around a situation about some one who’s deceased??? Shame on you. And if you don’t live living out here simply move your ass out? Nobody’s forcing you to live in Santa clarita

  15. Daniel Follosco Tribal Ways

  16. Vanessa says:

    I feel sorry for the family. Santa Clarita is an amazing place to live and if you don’t like do us all a favor and move out, it will easy traffic when I come home from work.

  17. K. Dunn says:

    Third largest city in Los Angeles County and still in the top 50 safest cities to live in California!

  18. Domestic violence doesn’t mean the city is unsafe

    • Thank you, everybody thinks this town is so unsafe lately but these crimes aren’t gang related. Domestic Violence and suicide can happen anywhere.

    • Rob Parker Rob Parker says:

      Yet, these things happen quite often in Newhall and Canyon Country. Why, do you think, is that?

    • Income / demographics without question.. In this case it was a bit of that and a lot of crazy

    • Don’t forget Stevenson Ranch and just this week Valencia…again isolated situations!!!

    • What happened in Stevenson Ranch?

    • A Murder/ Suicide in a parking lot a few months back…

    • A few years ago in the heart of Valencia. A rich family.it happens with people with a lot or No Money.

    • Canyon country is known for theft. Newhall is violence and the rest is a dumping area to put it all

    • Rob these things happen everywhere. Statistically of any city with our population, Santa Clarita rates top in safety. Not trying to argue with you about facts. They happen in Calabasas, Camarillo, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Santa Clarita and every other city in this state. There was just a murder suicide in a upscale neighborhood down near San Diego, a few weeks ago. Stuff happens and it is ignorant to think anyone lives anywhere that suicide, murder, being robbed, or any other crime isn’t possible. But to all the people who do not feel safe here, go ahead and leave. Those of us who do stay won’t miss you.

    • I’m so tired of the negative comments after a tragic event. So self centered and thoughtless. I’ve said it before, crime doesn’t have a zip code. Thank goodness this valley has less crime than most areas but even less would be better.

      • Angie Hill says:

        your upset at all the negative comments about the crime rate in your city after a tragic event has taken place? seriously? lady this that beautiful young girl was brutally beaten on her wedding night and then brutally murdered only a couple months afterwards. All you are worried about is STATISTICS!!!!!. Does the statistics account for the domestic violent and raped that’s not reported? There’s many victims that don’t report it because they are scared the abused will be bonded out the very next day just like Courtneys husband was on there wedding night. There’s many who are embarrassed. There’s many other crimes committed by people who are never caught and many crimes that no-one even knows is being committed. Crime is everywhere,no matter where you live. Your the one that should show this victim some respect. It’s also very odd that Courtneys parents have the jobs that they do as well as that $425,000 the task force was awarded as well as the statement the murderer gave in court that is not in this article but is on another one . he stated that one day he would tell what really happened and there was a lot of lying on the witness stand that he apologized to the judge for. His family and friends were also very surprised at what he had done. 1 of her friends States how surprised she was because she had happy pics of them both earlier that day. IDK what really happened and if he really is guilty ,he is exactly where he belongs. this discussion should be about courtney not the crime rate in your city verses other cities. When this article was originally written from the comments I read that he had not even been convicted yet. I say #justicefor courtney. Rest in Peace and fly with the angels. God always picks the most beautiful flowers. My prayers are with the families of both Courtney and Rob. May God bless them all with peace of mind and comfort. I know what it is like to lose a child. No matter how much time goes by,you only learn to cope. The hole left inside you will always be there.

    • I agree, any single incident of murder, rape, or robbery is 1 to many. But I still feel safer at night in this town than any other I frequent.

    • Regardless of what part of Santa Clarita you live in, money or not….changing events take place! It’s very sad that some people are so ignorant with their comments!

    • Rob is a friend of mine. I’m shocked that this has happened. Jamie Lynn Lessing Rob just did the graphics at the shop on our door.
      Our town is safer then most. If you look at the statistics by ratio of population we are way down in the violence department. We are a small city in comparison and we all know each other that’s why it seems as though there are many incidents. That being said I pray for all involved.

    • Rob or SCVTV erased a vast majority of the comments he made. We are not here to attack or argue with Rob. My goal is just to put facts out there.

    • No Michael, Lisa is referring to Robert the guy in the article, not the Rob who made a comment.

    • Yes Michael I could care less about a guy who has his facts wrong. He should move if he’s so fearful of his life.

    • I remember Rob. I honestly always thought he was an a**hole. Guess I was right.

    • Oh, and Rob Parker: The dry cleaner called. Your hood is ready for pick up.

  19. Eric Anthony says:

    I just ran into them at Saugus Cafe a couple weeks ago. We discussed some business and he introduced his new wife to me. Everything seemed great! And he was just at my office on Friday! WTF is going on in this world!!!!!!

  20. Eric Anthony says:

    I just saw them at Saugus Cafe

  21. They were newlyweds. It was a relatively new relationship. … and she had a lot of friends. She was beautiful, and young, and deserved so much better.
    My condolences are with the family and friends.

  22. He use to beat up a friend of mine that dated him years back. Very sad

  23. ellen says:

    I have lived in the SCV for 73 years…..don’t like it???move…raised 6 children here…..

  24. Rob Parker Rob Parker says:

    A welfare check and Newhall. A winning combination

  25. Dana Kert Dana Kert says:

    Rob Parker where do you live! Let me guess “awesome town”.

  26. Brad James Brad James says:

    Rob Parker your profile picture certainly fits you perfectly and you seem very proud of that. Good for you. By “welfare check” they mean checking on her welfare or wellbeing….. Not a financial instrument. Perhaps you should focus on furthering your education.

  27. Allie….I think this is the son of a dear friend of mine. She passed away 3 years ago. Heartbreaking if this is him. So sad for the young woman’s family.

  28. Ellen Duggan Ellen Duggan says:

    This is a great city to live in…73 years I have lived here..raised 6 children here…move if you don’t like it here.!!!!!!

  29. Its sad that it escalated to this point n no man should hit a women. He should leave but seriously what is a pretty gorgeous young women 25 years old doing married to a man 43 years old or 45 ?????

  30. Shawna says:

    This wasn’t a random act of violence so why would you need to be afraid?

  31. SCVTV, why do you delete opinions or truths!? And make no mistake on how close people might be to those involved! Sad truths, right or wrong can be talked about in an open forum!

  32. Mark Amaya Mark Amaya says:

    Jamieson Ballantyne

  33. Brittney James Rose Nerone

  34. Thank you Brad James I had to hold my tongue regarding his comments earlier

  35. Staci Leigh Staci Leigh says:

    Laurie Marsden Gypsy DeVeau

  36. Susan DeCenzo says:

    This town is still extremely safe and wonderful. Most of these tragic stories deal with family violence and not strangers. Very devastating though.

  37. God dammit Rob…. WHY?!

  38. Erik Shapiro this isn’t…? Is it?

  39. To Michaels point, we have had an unfortunate string of murders in our little slice of heaven lately, but…. They have all been domestic or targeted; not random. Sad how people just go off on how unsafe it has become. Sadder yet, a beautiful life, was taken. The fact there was a welfare check says there was problems in place already. To little to late.

  40. Kate says:

    Crime, evil, abuse is everywhere. Yes it’s tragic but it happens. It’s to bad we can’t stop it all but I know for me I can’t stop living.
    There where a few shootings just down the street from me.
    I know my whole life death has been part of growing up whether it was natural causes, loosing friends who where shot for no reason, traffic accidents.
    It’s very hard to accept death when it was not a natural cause.

  41. So tragic. And tragic that he was found in the home with her already being deceased. So so sad and suspicious. One of my friends from class of 89 murdered 2 people in Salt Lake City. It’s been so hard to wrap my head around. It happened about 8 years ago I think. I would NEVER have thought he was capable of it. He’s from a wonderful supportive and religious family. Yet it still happens. :-(

  42. This is a tragedy and she touched many of our lives. Please leave your disrespectful comments to yourself. A thumbs up is wrong. Have some common sense.

  43. Poor young girl. rip. What a monster

  44. Damien Bray Damien Bray says:

    She was such a great girl, haven’t seen her in a while but I’m family friends and her sister Candace is a amazing soul, this is horrible God bless there family.

    This has nothing to do with the city and has everything to do with some scum bag that needs to be put in jail for the rest of he’s life!

  45. Josue Rivera Josue Rivera says:

    What’s happening to scv, I hear about suicide, murder, heroin overdoses, what’s next? O and you can’t forget about the baby who was molested by her own father, Lord have mercy on humanity, I have a feeling were gonna get a big wake up call. I have a feeling that were gonna experience a traumatic earthquake.

  46. It’s only going to get worse, they keep building up here tearing down our hills to make more room for the trash to move in, the smart people moved north… What’s a almost 50 year old man doing with a 25 year old anyway?? The older girls were wiser to stay away from him, so sad she feel for him, should of seen the signs of abuse and left… Girls just leave before you get hurt,, find a nice guy!!! Stop trying to think you need a bad boy with tattoos ,, make sure the ink is clean before you waste precious life, find happiness with family in nature not a bar.

  47. Don’t be ignorant. I’m giving a thumbs up to the SCT Sheriff’s Station Detectives and Deputies for catching a homicide suspect so quickly. If you notice, the article was about the apprehension of the suspect.

  48. Nic Miller Nic Miller says:

    Why is Nikki tagged in this post?

  49. Jennifer says:

    courtney, may you forever rest in peace and soar with the Angels above. We love you and don’t worry, I’ll help your bro.

  50. Probably not getting your trade work now Brian Bird

  51. rich vogel says:

    First off yes welfare check means something is not right and unfortunate that being said doesn’t always means it has anything to do with the parties at hand he could been on vacation or she could have and no one heard from them still a welfare check and even tho I doubt that wait till all the facts are out but I can say personally I would believe not and his anger got the best of him and you can try and call me out on it but I know first hand and the Family my condolences. Second I use to walk around Santa Clarita late at night never had a problem and I walked all over.

  52. Two weeks ago, this man spoke at Real Life Church. He spoke about how God had changed his life for the better. Got him off drugs..etc. Now I hear that he murdered his wife!!!???? Such a tragedy!! RIP

  53. Tim Cargle says:

    I knew Rob when I was a bouncer and he wasn’t violent. I never had any bad dealings with him. Then i read he had a stabbing in 2014, he hits woman and now this? I’m not sure what happen to him.

  54. I hope that’s not the truck he drives if they we on welfare

  55. Sally Suzette Gallardo says:

    I lived in the SCV (Newhall, Saugus-later change its name to Canyon Country) area for eight years growing up in the sixtys. You never heard of any violence in those areas happening. I went to Leona H. Coxs Elementary school and the middle school at the bottom of the hill? (Can’t remember the name) It was very peaceful and a great place to raise children! I had many many friends in Newhall and was there almost everyday visiting or going to the big park. Wonderful years! It’s a shame that slowly all of the good cities are turning towards violence and robbery. So sad!!

  56. Raised there. Came back to realize how horrible the crime, the shallowness of some & couldn’t be more certain that SCV is NOT that of “awesome town”! What a joke! Glad to be out. May this young woman rest in peace.

  57. Krista Smee Kristen Oosten Nicole Radich Tiffany Radich Susan Radich

  58. Jason says:

    I’m tired of people saying Santa Clarita is 3rd safest city.

    We are 38th safest city in California for 2015 and we didn’t even make the list of 50 safest cities in the country for 2015.

  59. I grew up with Robbie and my heart is just broken! He was really the nicest guy ever, I’m truly shocked because this is so out of character! My heart goes out to all! Just so sad!

  60. Morgan Jones says:

    I knew both of them. Courtney was am the nicest and he was such a nice man aswell, both of them had drinking problems and were in and out of the AA program. When he drank he was a whole other person, they had a history or violence and this was a domestic violence case.

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