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September 26
1876 - California oil industry born as CSO No. 4 in Pico Canyon becomes state's first commercially productive oil well [story]
Pico No. 4

HGTV is now casting in Santa Clarita for the return of the cable channel’s hit show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Producers are looking for deserving families, hometown heroes and community leaders who don’t have the resources, ability or time to fix their own home and would benefit from a home renovation.

The selected family will receive a life-changing, complete home makeover.

Residents who think they, or their family, would be a great candidate, may apply at emhe.tv. They can also nominate a deserving family.

Submissions will need to include photos of the family and of their current residence. A two-minute video sharing the family’s story may also be uploaded.

The series is expected to air in 2020 and will be available on demand across all authenticated platforms and on the HGTV app.

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  1. Carole Grant says:

    I have been disabled since 2002, when a drunk driver, three times over the legal limit crashed into me. My husband has been great, couldn’t walk for a year, my foot was crushed, my hand was crushed, my face had to be reconstructed and I have had at least 26 surgeries. I’ve worked hard and have learned to live with the pain.
    Now my husband found out, after 31 years with Nestle, they are getting rid of his position. We don’t think we will be able to afford our home, with two kids. Haven’t had the money to fix our home, we need to get it ready in case we need to sell it.
    Your consideration helping us, would be a dream come true.

  2. Susan hollenbaugh says:

    My family needs a fix up. My father has been sick and is in hospices my mom is 82 and cares for him. My brother moved in with them and has tried to retrofit the house, but all the jobs are half done. My house is 5 houses away and between work and being in the middle of a sandwich generation. I have trouble fixing up my house.

  3. Sylvia Bentley says:

    We want to get our backyard done but the city is coming down hard on us with fines and all. Which could be used for the backyard

  4. Cheryl Campbell says:

    My parents are deserving, please help!

  5. Sylvia Bentley says:

    I need to finish my backyard but the city keeps fining us. And that money could better be used for the backyard or little things ageing around the house.

  6. Terri Sage says:

    Please consider us! 16311 Vasquez Way Canyon Country Ca. 91390
    We got this house in a foreclosure. It was previously owned by a couple who got divorced. The wife purposely destroyed it . . . Very much like that movie, The War of the Roses”. We’ve fixed many things over the years, but realistically, it’s been an undertaking that is just beyond our ability. The house is huge! It has so much potential! Please consider us!

  7. William Bessette says:

    I have a CV two bedroom home in Shadow Pines. It is 950 sq ft. Only one of it’s kind in the whole area.I recently was remodeling my kitchen and making a open floor plan when I was injured in a motorcycle accident(rearended Z), and it has caused me to be laid up for a long while. Out of work did a number on me also. I dont usually ask anyone for help but Ivtruly need your help if possible. I worked for Studios 25 years, so I know the photocall. I’d love to have you stop by and see the house. It might be something vh your interested in doing on air. Please let me know if your interested.

  8. Jeanette Prendiz says:

    The day we got the keys to our home we lost our son to cancer then two months later I lost my father he had a massive heart attack since then we have been struggling we can’t afford to get us a swamp cooler or air conditioner I am the only one working and my husband is retired with very little income we have raised 5 of our grand children including the one who passed we adopted them all they are all grown up now it would be so nice if we can have help with just at least a air conditioner or swamp cooler as it gets very hot we also need a a few roof shingles I would be a great honor if we can get the help there is no way we can afford it on just are income we just make enough for the mortgage.

  9. Caren Curren says:

    I live on a fixed income and have a daughter who is a cancer survivor and her two children living with me. My daughter moved into my home to care for her father (my husband) when he became terminally ill. Since 2011 when he first entered sub acute care my home has suffered from lack of upkeep. Built in 1984, my home needs new windows, major cement repairs due to an overgrown tree I am unable to have removed, major repairs and painting of the stucco and trim on the exterior and new flooring due to a leaking dishwasher that I can’t afford to fix. The back yard landscaping all died due to the drought and water conservation penalties. It looks like a bombed out desert scene from a bad movie. I can’t afford to fix it. I need a major overhaul and “Extreme Home Edition” could save my home.

  10. Bob Mirtich says:

    My wife and I have been in our home for 35 years now and we have always wanted to fix up the den but don’t have a clue what to do with it. It has brick half way up the wall , a concrete floor , a wood stove and a vaulted ceiling, It has been the same since we moved in . The older we get it seems like nothing is ever going to change the way it looks!!! I keep telling My wife I’ll fix it up , but that excuse is not working anymore.

  11. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    So we are very close to losing our home my mother has taken her 401 now she has nothing left we dont have enough money for rent because at least 3x a year there’s some major issue with the home for example water leaking and the rooms being completely trashed because of it. Everytime we have someone come and fix it we get ripped off they leave us with no money and the problem is still there my mom had her toe amputated and missed a year of work my father fell and broke his knee and was gone that same year living in a hospice. Hes home now and we need to make this home handicapped accessible because hes on oxygen, has dyalisis and can barley walk. My mom has no bed. Sleeps on a twin mattress om the floorsince thats I could afford .also we have alot of kids here and we have no front gate cars come flying by carelessly while they play.The pipe lines in this house for our water system arent even used anymore and alot of people have never even heard of it being used in homes. pretty soon we are going to have to re install different pipeline. My mom is being played less at work so we are now short even more money she works so hard for everything she has and she feel defected now that we are losing our home we have no where to go if we lose this home. I think this is a opportunity we need and hopefully we can get the help we need and she can’t be relieved and have her spirit lifted shes now has depression. Good luck to everyone God bless you.

  12. Scott McLean says:

    Please help us! Our family home is in such disarray! You would be able to redo our entire home inside and out. We have no HOA to stand in your way. Just another hard working family trying to live our best. Please come check out our home and see if it works for your show.

  13. Linda Means says:

    I am a retired teacher who recently divorced. My limited resources allowed me to purchase a small condo built in the 1980’s. I love having my own place but I would dearly love to be able to fix it up.

  14. Martha Cruz says:

    First of all thank you, we are a family of 10, my mom and dad have work very hard for us. My dad had a stroke in the 1990s he was disabled because he does hace the same movement in have of his body. Its hard to maintain their ranch. I’ll really like to tell you’re more. Again thank and hopefully we get lucky to make our parents dream come true.

  15. Jim says:

    my Friends mom needs her house fixed up so bad and this is her only chance and getting the renovations done please consider helping this family in need.

  16. George Bozic says:

    I realize this is everyone’s “play the violin” moment and there are some very worthy families out there that are in need of some much needed TLC. So with that, I send everyone my positive healing energy and blessings of love.
    If I may add our own “playing our violin” life and the wonderful producers of HGTV are willing to hear our story, here it goes…
    My wife and I have two young teenage girls and one young teenage boy. I could’ve just ended right there, but I’ll continue. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and is non-verble. His needs has taken a toll on our families in every possible way you could think of due to his special needs and care. The majority of his services and or needs are typically out of pocket. My wife had to quit her job to attend to our son’s needs many years ago so I know that most Americans are month to month and that could be emotionally draining. Add a little non-verble autism to your daily routine with this month to month life, and things can get super heightened! Most parents divorce due to one person thinking they should go one way for treatment to the other so it’s very challenging to keep us together let alone our family!
    Grandpa used to live with us but is now in a home care facility suffering from Alzheimers so this is extremely difficult emotionally for my wife to go through as he now does not recognize his own daughter. I mentioned our teenage girls they are good kids, they just don’t get the amount of attention they deserve. We try to do improvements here or there after tax returns but we really need a lot of other things around the entire house that it’s just too expensive and things over the years falls apart. The “falls apart” is something that reminds us that any bad day we could have, could have us all individually just erupt of crossing the edge of being able to handle all of life’s challenges and curve balls. We have a two story house and may one day want to sell our house to prepare it for sale to buy a one story ranch style home, but are worried that so much work needs to be done, that we just can’t afford to do and are so busy with kids responsibilites and all of the other typical hustle and bustle. I am the only one barely able to provide with my family. It’s hard to build a nest egg and save when only one source of income goes in the bank and then immediately just goes right back out! Again there are so many families that are truly in need and we are no different. To say that this opportunity would impact our family for the positive would be an understatement. I can tell you that our family dynamics is a circus and we all love each other so much. We don’t want to get to that breaking point of challenges and your commitment to impact our family would be truly a life changing experience and this will be emotional and “good TV” to watch in any media format.
    We are truly grateful for your consideration and look forward to hearing from the loving producers at HGTV. By the way, my wife and I are HGTV fans and love all of the shows. I’ve always wished that someone from HGTV would find me at Lowes or Home Depot with a camera crew to say hey would you like for me to rip up your backyard to make your dream backyard or something like that! Anyhow thanks again and I am truly grateful for your consideration.

    With gratitude,

    George Bozic and family.

  17. SCVNews.com says:

    There is a link in the story for contacting the HGTV show. We don’t assume they are reading your comments on our website.

  18. Jocelynn Ramos says:

    My parents, mom and step dad began plans to renovate our home in Castaic. Recently my step dads father passed away suddenly which has taken a long break in the renovation process, he works full time to help support our family as does my mom who raised my sister and I almost on her own after her and my dad split up and he joined the navy so he was almost always away. My mom and step dad are both hard workers and give back any chance they get. This would be a great opportunity for someone to give back to them ❤️

  19. Crystal La Joice says:

    My parents bought their house 8 years ago with a plan to eventually redo the kitchen and open it up then redo the backyard by knocking down a useless wall. It is a beautiful simple house that they wanted to make their own. Things changed when I moved in and then had my son. Now priorities have changed and I thank my parents for the support they give us but they deserve the house they have always wanted. Every time we have tried to fix something it seems to be a bad decision. We got our lawn redone by someone who let the grass die before laying it down so our grass is still bad. Same with bad windows installed. I just want my parents to catch a break and give them their dream come true house for all of us to enjoy fully for years to come.

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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021
Spookiness is on its way to Main Street in Old Town Newhall.
Thursday, Sep 23, 2021
Are you ready for a “Partea”? Circle of Hope’s 17th Annual Tea Celebration will be held at the Hyatt Regency Valencia on Saturday, Oct. 9, beginning at 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021
The Rancho Camulos National Historic Landmark is hosting a series of special activities at “Last Sundays at the Landmark” with a special tribute in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month of the songs of Early California from the del Valle Family of Camulos, set for Sept. 26, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday, Sep 20, 2021
The city of Santa Clarita’s Film Office released the 12 productions currently filming in the Santa Clarita Valley for the week of Monday, Sept. 20 - Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021:
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The Santa Clarita Master Chorale is proud to announce its annual benefit event - Cabaret and Cabernet - will be held Saturday, Oct. 16, at 5:00 p.m., in the Bridgeport Clubhouse.
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Pico No. 4
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Clampitt fire
After news reports detailing sexual assault allegations against a Newhall massage therapist on Sept. 2, a half-dozen additional victims have come forward, according to sheriff’s investigators.
Additional Victims Come Forward in Newhall Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Investigation
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Newsom Vetoes Agricultural Worker Union Elections Bill Opposed by Wilk
Los Angeles County Public Health officials on Friday confirmed 32 new deaths and 1,238 new cases of COVID-19 countywide, with 35,524 total cases in the Santa Clarita Valley. Additionally, Public Health announced that eligible Los Angeles County residents can begin receiving their booster doses at any of the hundreds of sites offering the Pfizer vaccine.
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Community Invited to Annual Evening of Remembrance
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Oct. 9: Circle of Hope’s 17th Annual Tea Celebration
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The Mojave Area California State Parks  recently announced status updates for public use.
Status Updates Released for Mojave Area State Parks
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Women's Club
The Santa Clarita Planning Commission approved the installation and operation of a Verizon wireless communication facility that will expand wireless coverage in the city’s center. 
Verizon Wireless Facility Approved By Planning Commission
State Senator Scott Wilk is honoring four Hispanic community leaders to commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month. 
Wilk Honors Local Hispanic Community Leaders
Los Angeles County Public Health officials on Wednesday confirmed 41 new deaths and 1,750 new cases of COVID-19 countywide, with 35,403 total cases in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Wednesday COVID-19 Roundup: Nursing Facility Numbers See Decline; Santa Clarita Cases total: 35,403
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