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1869 - The Del Valle family's then-1,340 acre Rancho Camulos is legally separated (partitioned) from the Rancho San Francisco land grant [story]
Rancho Camulos

flu-shot-child[KHTS] – With the new school year starting this week, many parents and students are thinking about textbooks and pencils, but vaccinations may become a priority soon.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 277 into law in June, mandating school-aged students to receive specific immunizations and outlaws exemptions due to personal beliefs.

William S. Hart Union High School District officials are preparing to implement the new law.

“The first step is going to be educating the medical professionals, who we have at every school,” said Hart District spokesman Dave Caldwell. “Parents will be going to schools themselves with questions.”

After July 1, 2016, the bill would prohibit anyone from admitting or advancing any student to the seventh grade level unless the student has been immunized.

“It’s a communication process and we have to make certain that we are communicating with all of the right people so they can communicate properly,” Caldwell said. “We have close to 23,000 students, the chances of miscommunication go up with that many people, but we will stay persistent and consistent to take every step we possibly can.”

Doctors will be the only ones to exempt a student for either medical reasons or personal beliefs, according to the bill.

Students who have a letter stating their vaccine exemption due to personal beliefs before Jan. 1, 2016, would still be allowed to remain enrolled in their schools until the next grade span.

“A month or two before the law goes into effect, we will be contacting every single parent in the school district, letting them know about the new law and what the requirements will be,” Caldwell said.

Home-based private school and students enrolled in an independent study program would be exempt from the law.

For more information about child vaccinations, [click here].



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  1. But, since the new law has NOT gone into effect yet (won’t until July 2016), people can still exercise their RIGHT to OPT OUT by filing an exemption (PBE form) with the school before JAN, 2016, to be grandfathered in until the next grade span! I encourage ALL to sign the referendum to repeal this new, UNCONSTITUTIONAL law which denies CA children an education based on their religious and personal beliefs!!

    • Where in the constitution does it state that? And tell me what religion says you should not get immunized from deadly diseases?

    • 1st amendment, 4th amendment, 14th amendment. Any religion that believes in the sanctity of life and our bodies as temples created in the image of God.

    • False, no where. You have no idea what you are talking about. Sanctity of life means to save your life and others. In that personal belief that your body is a temple, what happens when you get the disease that is going to kill you, but could have been prevented? Maybe if you’d only listened to the signs from God to help man kind and yourself live and not spread deadly diseases. Generations before us did and gave us a chance to live. How selfish of you to not want the future children of America to live healthy prosperous lives, disease free. Unless you really want America to fall back into a third world country. Shame on you. Also, learn the constitution.

    • Personal attacks do not make intelligent discourse.

    • This is not an intelligent conversation. Discourse? I’ve only corrected you with fact. You are taking it as attack because you don’t have a solid grounds to stand on. Maybe I can enlighten you a little. The 1st amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, the fourth amendment protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. The 14th amendment addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. Your ideas of sanctity are selfish and go against the value of life. If you prefer to not be immunized from such infectious diseases, then you should also chose not to seek any medical care for when you are ill or have had a disastrous accident. The 6th commandment says thou shall not kill, if you were to become ill with an infectious disease and then give it to someone else, after having knowledge of the possible circumstances, you have committed murder. So please, don’t drag the constitution or religion into your narrow understanding of medical science.

    • I am not “taking it as an attack.” Your languagebis all “you, you, you.” You are personally attacking me by blaming and calling me selfish without even knowing me or my personal situation. I made no personal statements. Simply want to inform people they can still opt out. YOU need to read the full text of those amendments.

    • Your post is intended to give false information based on your personal opinions with no medical verification. Even by posting false information, you can be held liable for someone actually believing you and later becoming ill. Bad information spreads faster than disease, it must be prevented as well. I’ve made my point, you are already playing victim. Please, stop encouraging people to put themselves in harm’s way. Please go speak to a doctor and if you don’t believe that doctor, go speak to another, and another, they will all tell you the same thing. If you still refuse to believe them, don’t ever go to one again. Last thought, doesn’t it make more sense to not give people vaccinations if the medical industry only wants your money? Wouldn’t they be ruining their own business by preventing deadly diseases? Logic.

    • I can tell you the full text of the amendments forward and backward. 😃

    • Again, you do not even know my stance on vaccinations. And it IS true that one can still opt out and be admitted to school, since the new law is not in effect yet. I never told anyone what to do. That is all. And you are wrong. People of many faiths opt out because of their religious convictions. Perhaps you presume to know everyone’s faith.

    • Faith Lead Faith Lead says:

      Daniel, you sound ignorant.

    • Daniel, the government has no right forcing anyone to put anything with any risk whatsoever into their bodies. People who are so willing to give up the right to refuse in order to feel safer make me fear for our freedoms. All vaccines have risks, some more than others. If the government is allowed to mandate one, they can mandate them all. Don’t want the HPV vaccine? Too bad! Flu vaccine? You’re getting that too!

      It should always be an individual’s choice, or in the case of a child, the parent’s choice. Now they’re trying to jam another bill through, forcing childcare workers like myself to be vaccinated and receive boosters. This will accomplish nothing besides padding the pockets of Big Pharma. Shouldn’t be too surprising though since legislators are given tons of money by Merck and others.

    • I’m not playing the victim, Daniel. You immediately made it personal, when my intention was never any of what you claim. I simply respect a parent’s right to choose what medicine to give or not give their kid. You, evidently, do not.

    • Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

      Where is the law protecting my kids from going to school and being around unvaccinated children? You all were vaccinated when you went to school and look…you’re all still alive….and well. Keep them home if you are so against it!! Our schools are too crowded as it is.

    • Why would your kids need protected from unvaccinated children? They can’t transmit something they don’t have. And if your kid is vaccinated, what is the worry? And up until now, and even after the law goes into effect because of medical exemptions, and other amended exemptions, your kid will still be in school with unvaccinated or partially vaccinated kids. They have been all along. It is the newly vaccinated who are the risk to spread disease since many vaccines shed for 6 weeks or more. Perhaps we should have a new law to exclude them, too, for that period of shedding. Sound ridiculous? Only as ridiculous as SB277.

    • Sara, I am not making it personal, I am looking out for the other readers who may be in the fence and may be led to harm by your false information. Your stance is very clear in your post. May you be free of your everlasting ignorance.

    • Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

      So you think if it’s a personal belief the law should not apply? Ok, so if someone believes they should be able to shoot whomever they want, then they shouldn’t be held accountable, the law is unconstitutional? Get over it!! For God’s sake!!! Keep your diseased kids away from mine……why should they be allowed in schools? By your logic that goes against vaccinated kids constitutional right.

    • The only stance I take, and took, is choice. I in no way in my original post told anyone which choice to make, only that they COULD make a choice.

    • That’s called segregation, Mary. Separate is not equal. And there is no vaccine for Scarlet Fever.

    • Fyi Mary Cain, my children are fully vaccinated, with the exception of HPV, which I felt offered too little protection for too much risk. It should be every parent’s right and responsibility to get educated and make that call for themselves.

    • Kids with vaccines can be carriers of infectious diseases, that can be transmitted to your unvaccinated children.

    • So, they should be segregated, too. Especially since they are a danger to the non-responders, as well.

    • Sara, good luck with your paranoia. I hear it’s quite in style these days.

    • That ^^ doesn’t even make sense.

    • Maybe you ^^ should read it again, slower.

    • Maybe you should check a dictionary. Nothing I have said could be construed as paranoia. Unless by paranoia, you mean logic.

  2. Would be nice to know which vaccines.

    • Nita Ramirez Nita Ramirez says:

      😁 it’s hard to educate those blinded by their ignorance, thanks for trying!!! They get caught up, like a 2 year old, saying, “you can’t make me do it” they forget to ask why they’re being asked and made to do something.

  3. Traci Hay Traci Hay says:

    Taking away our choice. Boo!

  4. I’m not big on aborted fetal tissue… Also most of the other crap that’s in vaccines these days too.

  5. Freedom of choice!! People need to research from a source that is not government related!! Unbiased information is key. Stop following the masses and do what’s right for you. Whatever that is 😊

  6. Good they should be vaccinated if you don’t agree home school my niece got the measle last year because she was a baby and an unvaccinated kid was at the Dr same time as her!

    • This should be top comment. My condolences for your grief of your sick child. Please speak up and inform us

    • Amber Wozny Amber Wozny says:

      Yes! Stay home unvaccinated ! Because the vaccinated shed the diseases they are injected with! Directly from the CDC website – 126 people contracted paralytic polio from vaccine shedding. Btw – the Amish don’t vaccinate and guess what ? No autism !!! How about that?

  7. joejoe says:

    Toxic vaccines now the law, and forced into children, California hit a new and dangerous low.

  8. Oh great I don’t want this for my kids

  9. It shouldn’t be a law, let parents have a choice!

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