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Foster parent, Rusty Page, and DCFS social workers bring Lexi out of the foster home in Saugus Monday afternoon for relocation.

March 21: Foster parent Rusty Page and county social workers remove Lexi from her foster home in Saugus.

The California Supreme Court refused to stay the order to return a 6-year-old foster child to her relatives in Utah and denied a petition to reconsider the appellate court ruling.

The case of the girl, known as Lexi, has garnered worldwide press attention because of the application of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Lexi had been placed with foster parents Rusty and Summer Page in December 2011. According to court documents, the county Department of Children and Family Services had already decided to reunite Lexi with her father, if he could be rehabilitated from a history of drug abuse and criminal activity, or with relatives in Utah, if he couldn’t be.

The Pages, who are unrelated, then sought to adopt Lexi and appealed a 2014 court decision that ordered the girl’s return to her relatives in Utah. The appeals court denied the foster parents’ petition March 18, and DCFS workers removed her from their home on March 21 and returned her to extended family members in Utah, with whom Lexi’s half-sisters live.

Some of Lexi’s relatives, including her father and her now-deceased grandmother, are enrolled members of the Choctaw Nation, which joined the case as an intervenor. Under ICWA, the child, grandchild or great-grandchild of an enrolled member of a recognized Indian tribe, regardless of the amount of so-called “Indian blood,” is eligible for membership in the tribe and falls under the federal statute.

On March 22, the Pages’ attorney, Robert Flores, filed for a stay of the appellate court ruling and on March 25 petitioned to have the case transferred to the Supreme Court. The Pages’ trial court attorney, Lori Alvino McGill, filed to appear. Attorney Kim Nicole Nemoy filed objections on behalf of the plaintiff, L.A. County DCFS. On Wednesday the court denied the stay and the petition to transfer.

From the court docket requesting a stay: “The application for a stay and petition for writ of supersedeas are denied.”

From the court docket requesting reconsideration: “The request to transfer is denied.”

A separate petition for reconsideration by the appeals court, filed March 21, is still pending.

The Supreme Court cases are [S233315 (petition to reconsider)] and [S233316 (petition for stay)].

The 2nd Appellate District case is [B270775]. The trial court case number was CK58667.



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  1. Good. Her foster parents have scarred her life and prevented her from going back to her family when she was supposed to THREE years ago.

    • Exactly! The parents were the ones that called the news. This would not have been traumatic if there wasn’t a crowd and protestors and was done at age 3 when she wouldn’t have remembered it

    • Elyse Karsik Elyse Karsik says:

      I love how you guys act like you know all the ins and outs of the entire court case and feel entitled enough to come to our own judgmental conclusions about it. You are ridiculous.

    • Elyse Karsik I’m not acted entitled. Read both sides of the story.

    • Elyse Karsik Elyse Karsik says:

      And you or I do not know what is going on in young Lexi’s mind. So it is obnoxious for you to assume that you do.

    • Debra A Hill Debra A Hill says:

      Foster parents started all this and had knowledge from the beginning that Lexi could not be adopted.

    • Elyse Karsik have you read the other side of the story? Lexis family has been visiting Lexi every month and they made it seem like she was taken away and didn’t tell her in advance. They purposely called the news and made this a huge deal. I was on the same side as you until I got the true facts. They knew they couldn’t adopt her and made a long lawsuit and now she will remember this forever

      • Elaine says:

        Mackenzie – you poor young person,you clearly do NOT know all the facts. Just keep thinking that you’re right and go play outside. Lexi’s friends at school MISS her. A sweet little 6 year old, that NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE in the 1st place.

        • Princess says:

          She needs to be with family…she n her friends will be OK and move on..she probably has new friends where she is at in Utah…

    • Well most of us did watch the cringe inducing news story the foster parents were compelled to put on TV. They wanted a reaction from the public… so theyre getting one.

    • They made a private matter public in the hopes that it would spin the story in their favor, but now that it’s not swaying anyone it’s not okay to feel ‘entitled’ to an opinion?

    • Elyse Karsik did I say I know how Lexi feels? No

    • Elyse Karsik this kind of stuff happens everyday but they exploited it on the media and now she will be scarred for life. Obviously Lexi is affected by this, but it’s the foster parents fault for making this huge and bringing the media in.

    • Mackenzie thank you for saying what most are thinkinh

    • Honestly… Someone needs to read a little further into the case workers reports where it explains that Lexi would cry and didn’t want to see the UT family. How she would be emotional and upset for days after visits with them. They were sneaking the father into their visits after HE CANCELED his reunification process and was weeks away from having full custody of Lexi when she was 3. Or about the time the father had Lexi for a 4 hour unmonitored visitation mid-day and Lexi reported that they “took a shower together”.
      Or the fact that this UT family’s only link to Lexi is that the step grandfather married the grandmother who is no longer living… Oh, and it’s the step grandfathers niece who has Lexi…. no longer related by marriage since the grandmothers passing.

      Honestly, I disagree with Lexi’s pass-off. It was a circus instead of a calm & peaceful situation.

      I give credit to the Paige family for using the media to shine light on the situation though. It’s smart! Has a foster child ever been so loved? This family is fighting for a child that deserves that kind of love & stability this family had already been giving her.

      PS.. Does anyone know how much $$$ the UT family is getting from the government for having an “Indian child” under their roof. It’s a big incentive to rip a child from a happy home where she’s successful.

      !!!FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!

    • Shannon Nicole how do you know the case workers reports if it should be held confidential to Lexi

    • Thank you Shannon for being the voice of reason.

    • Mackenzie Kimes – public record… You should all really do some homework. It’s sad to hear the opinions of ignorance.

      I’ve looked at both sides. I’ve read the public docs & the petitions filed…. The applications for Lexi’s adoption.

      Yes, this is not the first case where a child has gone through this, but why does it continue, why do we accept abuse & uprooting children when they’ve become happy & are succeeding.

      Lexi went from one non-blood related family where she was happy & thriving to a different non-blood related family that she has been on record multiple times saying she doesn’t want to be/go with them.

      Why does Lexi’s voice not matter to anyone? It baffles me to hear these ridiculous heartless adults splatter hateful opinions when they don’t care to actually know the facts. It’s sad!

    • Shannon^^^ ive spent a few late nights reading over the state of California court documents, the ICWA press release, social workers testimony,etc… Very sad situation. I can’t imagine how Lexi is feeling along with how the Page family (especially the kids) are doing with this. So sad.

    • Shannon Nicole her case papers should not have been released? That is against the law. All of that should be held confidential! And where did you even see them? Yes lexis voice matters but the foster parents made this incredibly blown up and foster parents should be temporary anyways. I feel bad for Lexi, but that family she was with are upset cause they lost their paycheck not necessarily Lexi. I have done research, however I have not seen case reports because they should be held confidential. Everything a child says to a case worker should be held confidential, just like a therapist. If her case was truly that serious she would have been placed into another foster home. Lexi is sad because she is used to that family and had to leave. I think this has been blown up out of proportion especially because this kind of stuff happens literally everyday. This family is fake and money hungry and they were donated 50,000 but for what? If they have a brand new car and nice stuff in the next few months Im going to be pissed. I feel sad for Lexi I never said I didn’t but I have no sympathy for her parents. You also have no idea how Lexi is doing right now anyways, she could be used to her new environment and happy.

    • Shannon Nicole also moral of the story. If Lexi was truly in danger in Utah she wouldn’t have been sent there. Neither of us know how she’s doing, The hashtag save Lexi and signing a petition isn’t going to do anything because she’s already there. You can also tell the foster parents are insane anyways. They didn’t tell their other children what was happening either so now they are scarred. If this is so hard for them to do they shouldn’t be foster parents anymore

    • The social worker comments you are referring to were from the foster family agency and not the court appointed social worker. The info about what Lexi said happened, whose mouth did that come out of? Food for thought.

    • Mackenzie Kimes public record is public record therefore evidence becomes legalized for the purpose of this case.

      I wonder why you are ok with Lexi or “this stuff happening literally every day”. Honestly, Lexi came to the Paige family due to a black eye and a cut on her cheek from the previous foster family. Then they cared for her for 2 years while the father went through the Reunification process then CANCELED when he was weeks away from full custody. That’s when the Paige family started trying to adopt her. They were aware & fully participating in the process. When it didn’t work, they wanted to keep her in their family. Sounds money hungry to me (extreme sarcasm).

      Your details sound a little off or misunderstood. All that matters is that you can sleep at night, right? It doesn’t effect you directly.

      I would love to see you care for a young child for 4 years and be there for every cold, kiss every boo boo, see her go from being with-drawled & confused to a fun confidant little girl… I’d love to see you have a parents love for a young child for 4 years & have your heart break for her every time this family visited, but she didn’t want to go with them, then having to console her and assure stability over and over again…. Then have that child removed from your life with no update to how she’s doing…. No contact with her at all.
      Yeah, not having that paycheck must really suck for the Paige family!!!


    • Shannon Nicole lol I am listening to myself. You act like I’ll never have a child also? You are making me sound heartless, when many people agree with me, so I guess we are all heartless. What I am saying is you have no idea how she is doing and she could be happy. You have no idea and neither do I. So don’t tell me I’m misunderstood when you and I both don’t know how Lexi is doing. This wouldn’t have been 4 years with the child if they followed the law, but they didn’t. That’s what I am saying. I feel bad for Lexi but like I said you have no idea how she’s doing and neither do I. If she’s unsafe she will be removed once again. It’s the law so don’t get upset with me and say I can peacefully sleep at night. Every person has a problem you know? And is this Lexi thing causing you to loose sleep? Probably not. You probably sleep peacefully too?Stupid analogy. You will forget this even happened when this media flame ends.

    • The child went to foster family with what you wrote about report of black eye etc, then she went to a 2nd foster family. The 2nd foster family went on vacation (no reported abuse from them) and the Pages were supposed to only watch her temporarily while they went on a vacation When foster family #2 came back, then it was agreed the Pages keep her during the reunification process. These are the facts.

    • Mackenzie Kimes funny thing is… I live 5 houses away from the Paige family… They are my neighbors and I have seen this happy little girl with this happy family. She is the same age as my daughter. No, I will not forget, yes these are laws (albeit, outdated ones), and I feel for this family & it has effected my sleep (thank you very much). I’m sure you’d fight for a child you love so they can stay with your family too. This is not a normal foster situation.

      Not having any children of your own, I’m sure one day you will understand the love of a parent. Till then… Good luck to you. Hopefully, “laws” never become an issue between you and a child, and if it does… I would hope you have people to support you.

      I can see that your “experienced” and “knowledgable” opinion is set in stone.

      Children thrive on consistency, love, having a routine, stability…. Right now the majority, if not all, of those cornerstones have been pulled away from Lexi’s foundation. I 100% hope she is well. I’m very saddened that she has to start over and rebuild a life when she was perfectly fine (if not better) where she was.

      The point is… We as a society & adults should be doing what is right for the child… Not for the adults. If she is in a good situation… Why make her pick up and move? The people in UT are not blood, not closely bonded… Literally just making her move from one family to another. It’s a pointless assault on this child’s world. And these are the years that matter the most in a child’s development. Shame on the selfish adults that think it’s ok to scramble a child’s life for the sake of an outdated law.

      I seriously hope Lexi will find happiness and the strength to continue being her sweet self. I hope that if she does continue staying with the family in UT, she will find only love and be given all the opportunities to succeed. With the Paige family, that was a guarantee…. With the UT family, it’s unknown.

      Funny thing about the unknown is… That it could be good or bad.
      I hope it’s good.

    • Foster Parents requirements consist of :
      provide daily care and nurturing of children in foster care;
      advocate for children in their schools and communities;
      inform the children’s caseworkers about adjustments to the home, school, and community, as well as any problems that may arise, including any serious illnesses, accidents, or serious occurrences involving the foster children or their own families;
      ******make efforts as team members with children’s caseworkers towards reunifying children with their birth families*******;
      provide a positive role model to birth families and
      help children learn life skills.

    • Can foster families adopt?
      Yes! Many families are interested in both fostering and adopting. They agree with the agency that the children’s needs come first. In most cases, this means helping prepare children for reunification with their birth family, mentoring the birth parents, or working toward a relative or kinship placement.

    • Shannon Nicole couldn’t have said any of this better myself.

    • One of her social workers quit the case after being so frustrated with the way the case was being handled and shared all of this information publicly. They continually reported what an emotional mess this little girl was after visitation with the “family” in Utah and how she’d cry and cry and beg not to go back. The higher ups relived all of this from the paperwork passed along to the courts.

  2. #LexiIsHome to stay and now her and her family can breathe easy ☺ so happy for them that my toddler and I just did the happy dance all through the house!! Now go away Pages and leave this girl in peace where she belongs and where she should have been for years!! Good job California 🙏 🙌 👏 👍

  3. So sad for the Paige family and Lexi😞😪

  4. wow, this is just sickening. this court had a chance to hear this case and they ignore it?!! is this what lexi would want?? why is it that lexi’s feelings are not being considered in any way at all? these people who took lexi to utah (i don’t know their names so “these people” will have to do) just want to claim her like she’s a possession. children are not possessions. they have individual rights and feelings. lexi did not want to leave the page family with whom she formed a strong emotional bond. you don’t just take a child away from people with whom they’ve formed a strong bond and expect the child to be okay with it. that damages the child’s emotional state!! think about lexi’s emotional state. it’s not something that can be healed easily. she should be allowed to move back with the page family as soon as possible.

  5. She’s were she belongs, with her siblings and other family members and she would have been there years ago if not for the foster parents holding her back.

    • Elaine says:

      FALSE – had the idiot father followed thru and do everything needed to be done to get her back- then maybe – BUT the ICW or whatever wants $$ handouts, like always!!! She’s 1.5%!!!!!!! She will be scarred because they TOOK HER and now she is forced to have a connection with strangers – just because they’re “blood” doesn’t mean they’re going to raise her RIGHT. One of her sisters LIVES DOWN THE STREET? in UTAH??@@@ How stable is that???? !!SHE DIDNT WANT TO GO!

    • Ciana Rego Ciana Rego says:

      The reason she wasn’t put with her family originally was because her dad was in LA and they wanted to reunite her with him. He couldn’t gain custody so then was moved to this family as a secondary option.

    • Magda Weydt Magda Weydt says:

      These aren’t even blood relatives she is being moved in with! Not sibling at all!

    • Her biological sisters also live with the distant relatives, so yes, siblings.

    • She has at least 6 siblings here in the LA area that DCFS illegally never put her in contact with (despite the foster parent’s repeated requests). So the claim that it is better for her to be with those two sisters is very weak. She has plenty of biological siblings here that she could have relationships with.

  6. So I don’t understand. It was a foster home. If the foster family was so worried about the little girl and the other siblings, why did they not adopt her before? State income?

  7. Why was she not eligible? Sorry, something seems a miss here.

    • Because she’s a Native American child. Native American children cannot be adopted.

    • Not all children are eligible for adoption when they are fostered. Fostering is sometimes a safe place for a child while their family improves their ability to care for the child. The ultimate goal is to reunite a foster child with their family.

    • So, they are foster parents, as a foster you know that at some point this child can be removed from your home, correct?
      It seems to me that this was an outcome that anyone could see coming, would be common in foster households, and should never have been taking to the media.

    • She has a biological living family who wants her. Dad couldn’t get her back so he asked his family in Utah to take her in. Pages fought to keep her- despite an adoption for this child was never an option and that was not a secret. Dad used his/her Indian heritage to get her back because the Pages kept him in the courts ($$). Case closed.

    • Mia Ravetti Slotsve yes I get that. But the fact that the Pages are bringing the media in to this is the problem. They are a Foster household. They knew when they took the child in that they would have to give her back to the family at some point. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

    • John, I thought you were asking why she wasn’t adoptable but you made another good point: Lexi forever lost her privacy. The Pages probably will never get a foster child again- as this is the 2nd time they lost custody to another family of an previous foster child.

    • I was asking, at first, why she was not adoptable, but that was answered, many times it seems… lol

      I dont think she has forever lost her privacy. One thing with media now a days, stories come and go very quickly. In 5 years, most will not remember this case unless it directly involved them.

    • Unless Google is still around, Google her name and that’s all you’ll see 😔

    • Gloria says:

      She is not eligible for adoption because the family was already waiting to adopt her before she even went into foster care.

  8. Im sorry but lexi has known only this family they had her when she was 2 years old. Now to rip her from a home that she knows to place her with people she doesnt know is crazy and traumatizing for this little girl. I say that it is up to the little girl on what she wants when she turns 10 years old. She will be old enough to decide what she wants and will legally be able to get an emancipation from the paige family if she wants to go to the tribe. But to be forced is corrupt. My heart breaks for lexi.

    • In California the legal age is 14 (I think), not 10.
      Kids do not always understand what is best for them… And I am no way saying that the state/government does. But leaving it up to the child is not always a good thing.

    • Sometimes it is. Im sure she would get curious but it would also be up to the paige family to let lexi know about her family and who they are. Of course not keep her away but let her make up her mind instead of throwing her somewhere where she doesnt know anyone.

    • Just sharing these facts for clarification: The Utah family are not strangers to her, read the court doc yourself. They have had an ongoing relationship with her for a very long time. They not only Skype her twice a week, came often here to visit her but she also went to Utah and spent time with them and her sisters.

    • The Utah family was granted custody of her if reunification with the father failed before the foster parents came into the picture. It also states that in the article from the California Supreme Court and original court doc.

    • John Angelotti, the courts will take into consideration the feelings of a child at that age, but won’t necessarily rule on it. I’m sure it’s even more of a gray area when it comes to non-biological family.

  9. Shannon Nicole
    Alisha Hamilton

  10. Good. Sounds like the foster parents dragged this whole thing out for years instead of letting the little girl go home. I’m glad that she is with her family.

    • Exactly.. Not the first time they have done this..

    • Merissa Morales nope. 2nd time.

    • These ppl are not her biological family. The step grandfather married the grandmother who has now passed…. Making them not legally a family anymore “till death do you part”.
      And it’s the step grandfathers niece who has Lexi….

      So we’re talking not related by blood, no longer related by marriage, and a family on non-Indian heritage.

      Food for thought.

      • Gloria says:

        So you stepfather is not your father anymore because your mother dies? That is pretty cold blooded. They adoptive family is the father’s cousin. Sorry but if my husband should die my stepchildren will still always be my children.

      • Julia Howell says:

        They are extended family bTW Choctaw Tribal standards and have been found fit by all agencies.

    • She still is Indian by blood and father is registered and ICWA that they were trying to fight had rights to decide placement if reunification efforts failed, as stated earlier , They had already granted rights to Utah family BEFORE the foster family were involved with the child. So this is more about the pre-placement decision made before foster family involvement.

    • Karen Kodish Rubalcava Exactly… It was about a bunch of adults that are unknown to this child and not part of her life in any way deciding her fate like they are gods using an outdated law for control.

      This decision was made 4 years ago… Yet was current knowledge that the girl was HAPPY, HEALTHY, LOVED, SUCCESSFUL, STABLE & THRIVING taken into consideration? That she feels with all her heart that the Paige family is HER FAMILY. A decision 4 years ago should have an expiration date and the requirement to reevaluate the situation should have been considered.

      1/64th Indian. One grandparent was indian while 63 were not. The delusion of the bloodline should be considered… That was 63 relatives that chose to marry and procreate with non Indians.

      I predict this little girl will grow to resent her Indian heritage.

      Plus, the foster mom is 1/16 Indian to a tribe that is not nationally recognized, but her tribe sent a letter to the Choctaw chief stating that the foster family would raise Lexi to know Indian culture, history & traditions… Yet the ICWA still chose to place the child with a non blood related, non legitimate relative & non Indian family.

    • The transition was to take place then, but the Pages, through their attorney filed legal proceedings that stopped it until all these years later after numerous lengthy court process to make final decision, which was the same as the original decision. She should have been transitioned then as originally ordered by the court at that time instead of this attorney fighting the wrong battle and causing this. This is how I see ot. Again, This is very sad on all sides.

  11. KTATE says:

    She knows the family who took her in. She has known them, had extended visits and contact with them, even stayed with them. They are not strangers to her, and they have her sister with them

  12. Charlie Copper says:

    Wow, just wow! I can’t believe so many people are happy about this. Can you guarantee Lexi will be safe in her new home? Are you absolutely sure her biological father is a safe person for her to be around? If so, how do you know? Do you know him and this family personally? If something happens to her are you willing to feel ok with being so vocal about her removal from the Paige’s home? I know we live in a country where awful and unfair things have happened and I understand the value of the ICWA, but has anyone considered the possibility that maybe this was all just a ruse by the biological father. Maybe he isn’t this innocent person who’s just been treated poorly by the system. He was the one who chose not to do “what it takes” to get his daughter back. How do you know he didn’t just find a loophole? Can you guarantee that Lexi is safe?

  13. Anna says:

    Lexi is not dead. She is with family. Take down the lexi’s corner sign. Let the child be.Foster care has done its job. Now,let’s make sure the Paige’s are never allowed to do this to a third child. No more fostering by this litigious family

  14. Lina Boulos Lina Boulos says:

    I just wish there was a happy medium here. Have the ability to still talk to her foster family. I can’t imagine how she feels right now. Totally lost and probably lost her trust of all grownups

    • From court doc: When transfer was to originally take place years ago the court docs say they were to meet for breakfast in a public park to transition her and that they would reassure her that the Pages would remain in contact with her. Not sure how or if after what took place that is an option now.

      • Gloria says:

        That was the plan for years but the Page family refused to honor it which is why the media spectacle occurred outside their home instead. Just like they have a gag order right now that they are ignoring and taking the talk show circuit.

    • After this type of slander and exploitation it’s for her safety and wellbeing that there be 0 contact.

    • The Pages are fighting for her. Maybe being so public isn’t the right thing to do but who are we to judge. I think it seems they took very good care of her. She may be better off in Utah … but I DON’T agree that the, Pages are Monsters.

    • Agree. While I feel the right decision was made and the Pages knew they could never adopt her, she still bonded with them. I also hope she can keep in touch with them for her own emotional well being and the ability to move forward with her life.

  15. Judith Pinto Judith Pinto says:

    another facebook fiasco. there were MANY mistakes on both sides. Where was the bio family when she was first taken from her father? Nowhere. Remember the story of being withe members of the Choctaw? What happened there? How did that become so unimportant?

    • They were always the back up plan, the only reason she stayed in California is because that’s where he dad was at and working towards reunification at the time.

    • Judith Pinto Judith Pinto says:

      The father relinquished her soon after she was taken away from him so there would nevER have been reunification. Because of the love and nurturing she has received from Pages and Utah family (neither Choctaw) she will survive. Could have been smoother if the Pages were not prevented from telling her what would be taking place after the final court date.

    • Judith Pinto not true, read the court doc, he did try to reunify. He still has not had his parental rights relinquished. He merely stopped the reunification effort and wanted her placed with the family her sister already living with in Utah.

    • There was never a TPR, termination of parental rights, on either of her biological parents or they wouldn’t have been listed as defendants in this case.

  16. Why didn’t her biological family apply to be a foster in the first place, while her father tried to get his act together? I would have reservations myself for a family that did not step in the first place.

    • They were always the back up plan, the only reason she stayed in California is because that’s where he dad was at and working towards reunification at the time.

    • Yes. I understand that. But if they were acting in best interest in the child’s stability and they were always the “back up” plan, they could have made every transition easier they would have prepared the child for any outcome whether her father regained his rights or she would eventually be adopted out. It seems to me that moving states would have been an easier transition then being in a foster family for years and then be removed from a whole family setting and also moving out of state.

    • Transition Planning As ordered by the court on April 12, 2013, the Department arranged a conference call to discuss a transition plan in anticipation of a possible court order directing placement with the R.s. The call lasted 90 minutes and included the P.s in Los Angeles; the R.s from Utah; Ruth Polcino, Alexandria’s therapist at United American Indian Involvement; Polcino’s supervisor, Jennifer Lingenfelter; Alexandria’s attorney, Kerri Anderson; Department social worker Roberta Javier, as well as two other Department employees. The participants agreed on a transition plan that involved a relatively short transition, with both families meeting for breakfast or at a park, explaining to Alexandria that she is going to with the R.s, who are family who love Alexandria very much and will take good care of her. The P.s would reassure Alexandria that they love her and will always be a part of her family.

      THE DEPENDENCY COURT’S DECISION The court issued its written statement of decision on December 9, 2013, finding the P.s had not demonstrated good cause to depart from the placement preferences and ordering a gradual transition for Alexandria to move from the P.s’ home to the R.s’ home. In its decision, the court reviewed the law governing the ICWA’s placement preferences and concluded that the R.s were extended family entitled to preference

      3+ years they’ve held this child hostage!! Finally #LexiIsHome!!

      All this information is openly available online in the court documents, all children have rights to reunification and kinship care first and foremost if at all possible in every case.

      Let’s say your child is kidnapped, they take great care of your child, they are the “only family the child knows”, you find your child 5yrs later, you just let your child stay with the kidnappers right, because I mean it’s been 5yrs and moving her now might traumatize her… Not logical right, but that’s the logic these foster parents are using to exploit this child and her situation.

    • They Utah family was trying to allow the father to be able to visit and try to reunify. That would be hard for him to do while going through court ordered testing and classes and having a job to get to Utah often to visit her. The Utah family was being considerate allowing her to stay with foster family during the reunification process. They were all hopeful he would be reunified with his daughter. There was a plan years ago for the transition when that failed and then the foster family started the delay with legal proceedings that were appealed twice and took this long for the final decision. All this is public record.

    • I understand your point and thank you for providing documentation. However my original statement stands of when the parents first lost custody did the family not step up in the first place. I completely agree with family preservation. Removing the foster family from the situation why didn’t the family seek to be foster parents when the child was first removed, normally to avoid this situation and to make it easier they look for willing, and able family to take custody. So I’m saying that staying in California would not have been a good enough excuse at the start and it does cause me to pause.

    • There has never been a TPR on either parent in this case, both were listed as defendants in this case.

    • TPR, termination of parental rights

    • The father always planned to try and reunify. It was decided beforehand if reunification failed that the Utah family would take her. So that is why she remained in foster care here as I stated above. When he decided to halt the reunification, plans were made to transition her then but were halted by foster family trying to stop it.

    • Dependency courts desire to reunify and give parents a chance and that takes some time.

  17. Chris says:

    All of a sudden we’re all expert and we know what’s best for this child, the extended (non blood related family), the Pages, this outlived ICWA law and everything else.
    Documents show she was potentially abused in her 2nd foster home, the Pages took her in, perhaps confused her as one of their own and fought like if she was. Maybe the only mistake here was they loved her a little too much.

    You put a 2 year old who cones into my house with a black eye and bruises on her leg and allow me to treat her like one of my own daughters, I too would be madly in love after a year, not to mention 4 years.

    This child should of NEVER been away from her ‘family’ for that long. The system is broken!

    For the argument that they held her so it would of been over years ago.. I know if I hold a child that’s not mine, I would be arrested the same day.

  18. Robyn Flath Robyn Flath says:

    They were only to have her transition to the next family . Not to have her forever

  19. Charlie Copper says:

    They were a back-up plan that was agreed to with the tribe and her father. That means he’s had his hand in his the whole time. That means he didn’t really have to clean up his act or get his life together. Again, how do you know Lexi is safe? You can’t just say because she’s with a half sibling or a member of his set-family that they are by default a good family or a better place for her to be. That is no guararentee. She was in a home that she loved, that she wanted to be in, why is that so wrong for her?

  20. You know, I see both sides of this argument HOWEVER the fact of the matter is that this little girl felt that her home and her family was the Pages. Regardless if the Pages should have known better, or why didn’t this extended family get her before now, the fact is there is a scared little girl. This is not an easy concept for her to understand. It is not easy for her “siblings” to understand. This makes me sad for her. For her life, for her mind. Look at this little girl in this picture. Clinging onto the only Dad she has ever known. Some say shame on the Pages, they did this. They should have known she would be taken away. So shame on them for loving a child that wasn’t their blood? Shame on them for treating her as if she was their own? Shame on you for not having the heart to see that hearts are broken On both ends and that lives have been altered! Shame on you for not showing compassion for the most important person in this story, Lexi!

  21. Ciana Rego Ciana Rego says:

    This literally happens every day. And tbh her foster family further traumatized her by making it public. Instead of fighting specifically for Lexi, maybe consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of children are in foster care IN CALIFORNIA ALONE who are taken from safe foster families to be placed with biological families.

  22. I don’t blame anyone but the system
    System f-d the child up not the fosters they were just loving her. The system is screwed up She should never have been left there that long but since there aren’t enough fosters she stayed

  23. Julie Deruso Julie Deruso says:

    Wish they’d let this sweet little girl speak for herself. I bet she’d say she wants to be with her Mommy & Daddy and three siblings.

  24. Cheryl Platt Cheryl Platt says:

    There is NO “return” – she was never WITH that family!

  25. I understand everyone has strong opinions on all sides of this multi-faceted issue, I just think they should be made on the truth of the facts and not media propaganda.

  26. Johnston Moore says:

    In 2014, 52% of all children adopted from foster care were adopted by their foster parents. Only 32% were adopted by relatives. Only 14% by non-relatives, which technically the family in Utah is, and 2% by stepparents. So please, what is all that about foster care only being temporary?

    As for the Pages being told at the beginning that they would not be able to adopt her, please, if you don’t know the system, quit reciting that tired mantra. The judge decides who will adopt a child, not the tribe or social worker. A judge DID NOT tell the Pages at the beginning that they would not be able to adopt her. In fact, a judge granted them de facto parent status, which made them “extended family” for ICWA placement preferences under ICWA.

  27. Johnston Moore says:

    And besides, this is about Lexi and her needs, NOT about which adults could lay a stronger claim to her.

  28. Star says:

    The courts got it right. Now Lexi can continue to progress towards normalcy without the emotional and unnecessary psychological trauma thrusted upon her by the Page family. As adults, they should have known better and done better to this foster child they knew was unadoptable from the start.

  29. Johnston Moore says:

    “As for the Pages being told at the beginning that they would not be able to adopt her, please, if you don’t know the system, quit reciting that tired mantra. The judge decides who will adopt a child, not the tribe or social worker. A judge DID NOT tell the Pages at the beginning that they would not be able to adopt her. In fact, a judge granted them de facto parent status, which made them “extended family” for ICWA placement preferences under ICWA.”

  30. Linda Redondo says:

    I can’t understand why this child’s best interests are not considered over some “ethnic preservation”. She is 1.5 Chocktaw and I would say her ethenticity has been long ago compromised. You have traumatized this child for life for what? Your politically correct nonsense!

  31. This child has been sacrificed on the alter of ethnic political correctness. She is only 1.5% Choctaw and it is way too late to use her to preserve their “ethnic preservation.” Give me a break!

  32. The foster parents do not seem stable to be. Not the way they are handling the situation. they never should have got the media so involved. Too scary for the girl. They seem more worried about their own feelings than what is best for the girl.

    • Amber Monaghan Wow I just read your article and tears for sure. You and your husband are so very wise in your understanding of this case. And yours as well. I am sorry for Lexi’s foster parents that they feel the pain they do. Lexi’s feelings are upper most and should be in their eyes. I myself had custody of my Great- granddaughter 9 years ago, thru fostering. She came to me at 7 1/2 months old. Two and a half years later my daughter and her husband went thru the proper channels and were able to adopt her after my granddaughter and the daddy lost their parental rights. I was 64 when she came to me, I knew in my heart as much love I have for her , that for her to have a Mommy and Daddy in her life was a blessing for her. I live nearby to them and see her often and also her sister and brother who also came to my daughter and her husband thru adoption as well. My granddaughter had gone on to have the next two and also lost them. What a blessing they are together and loved so much.Thank you for being a Foster Mom you are an Angel.

  33. Princess Elsa said it best…
    “Let it Go!”

  34. So does this mean they will give back all the money from the Go Fund Me Account??

  35. Anna says:

    What’s done is done. How about finding a way to be cordial between lexi family and foster family to keep a relaitionsgip with Lexi. I m sure if all this did not go public, the Utah family would have let the Paige’s keep some type of relaitionship with Lexi but it’s gotten so bad that it’s probably not an option. The only one I feel bad for here is the little girl.

  36. Anita Mann says:

    So, what is this all about?

  37. They knew they could Never adopt, A Federal Law is, well the law. I feel very bad, but only for the child.

  38. Julie Hammond says:

    I have signed the petition to have the Pages Licensed revoked. They were told from the very beginning that this child was not available for adoption. They were foster parents plain and simple. Their court proceedings delayed the return of Lexi to her family in Utah. They had only had her one year and started trying to adopt her. If the Pages would not have delayed formally in court, Lexi would have been much younger, 3 years younger and probably would not have had a much of an impact on either party. It’s simple, they were told she was not available for adoption, PERIOD. To have this play out in the media especially when Lexi was familiar with the other family broke the confidentially rules that a foster parent is bound to. Since this is the second time they have tried to keep a foster child, I am firm that they need to lose their license. I speak from experience, our family friend has had over 40 children in foster her care and she never let one forget their family or pretend to be their mother and father. All but 3 went back to their family with ease and no TV Crews ever involved. It’s all in how its handled and this obviously was not handled by the Pages appropriately. They were told she was not available for adoption.

    • SCVNews.com says:

      Eligibility under ICWA is always one of the first things DCFS determines. Every foster parent knows you can’t adopt an ICWA child. Court records in this case (which you’ll find on this website) show eligibility was determined before the girl ever went to her last foster family.

    • SCVNews.com says:

      That’s another commentary that misidentifies the private Christian foster-adoption company rep as the “foster social worker on this case.” The Daily Mail made the same error, making it appear as if the woman was Lexi’s county social worker, which she wasn’t.

  39. Nadiya Littlewarrior says:


  40. Cheryl Ramirez says:

    I’m surprised and saddened to see so many young people who lack empathy for this little girl. Picture yourself as a young child who is being taken away from the only family that you’ve ever known, your home, and friends.

  41. Lisa Bright Lisa Bright says:

    I m so sorry, that is wrong on so many levels.

  42. Beth Sager Beth Sager says:

    Shame on both families for what they put this child through! No one in this case is a winner and the Paiges should have known better!

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The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health again confirms the highest daily number of new cases and people hospitalized with COVID-19.
Thursday COVID-19 Roundup: L.A. County Cases, Hospitalizations Continue to Surge; 10,201 Total SCV Cases
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After imposing a temporary ban on outdoor dining, Los Angeles County health officials have to prove in court how it poses a significant risk for COVID-19 transmission, according to a county judge’s ruling Wednesday.
L.A. County Ordered to Provide Proof Outdoor Dining Poses COVID-19 Risks
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