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1941 - SCV's first real movie house, the American Theater, dedicated in Newhall [story]
American Theater

| Friday, Jan 20, 2017

It finally happened. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is closing very shortly. 

There’s nothing to fear over losing this circus because another is actively swelling to massive proportions. Hysteria and annihilation are the main attractions. It’s the Left’s Circus over the duly elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Democrats spent much of the last eight years harping that the GOP was close to extinction.

That’s partly true, which is why the 2016 election was so vital and imperative. Another four, let alone, eight years of the Left, would have secured a receding of the Republican Party as well as of America as she was meant to be.

It’s preferable to avert blanket statements and try to discriminate between Democrats, Liberals and the Left. The latter, in my opinion, is unsalvageable. They continually and constantly show with their hostility toward any one or any thought that is not a clone of theirs. Likewise, not all Republicans can be authentically be categorized as the far right which is negatively portrayed as rigid and “deplorable”.

Deplorable is an interesting word; especially being coined by Hillary Clinton. It was aimed at “half” of the Trump supporters—again, interesting. She would later feign “regret” which terminated in being languid but humorous. Her regret was not that she used the adjective that insulted and demeaned what would turn out to be over 30 million people but she merely regretted using the word “half”.

Hillary had plenty of caustic loyal advisors yet not one of them told her to just remain silent and put down the shovel from deepening the big hole. It is curious though, that no one ever asked her which half; what was the delineation?

In the end, that comment cost her much more than it did any Trump voter; she lost.

That loss brings us to the subject at hand: the new circus.

Many thought the show would wane after a few post-election days. We had no idea it would get crazier, more outrageous and tragically, flat-out perilous.

The Left and many Democrats refuse to accept the democratic results of November 8, 2016.

Death threats have and are being made on Trump and while some supporters have been physically attacked and beaten. Too many of the protests were and are nothing more than hoodlums rioting and vandalizing police cars and private property.

As of this writing, 68 Democrats refuse to attend President Trump’s inauguration. I would offer that the decision is absolutely no big deal for Trump or Republicans as its clear who’s on the high road. The ill-mannered deniers however are blatantly rejecting America and her democracy which includes a smooth transition of power.

Undeniably the chosen boorish behavior reflects very negatively on them, individually and as a group.

A realistic observation is that their non-attendance is a plus. Taxpayers will not have to incur the expenses of hauling them around or funding their imbibing. Most of all, it precludes the presence of their negativity.

January 20, 2017 is to be a day of celebration and hope for the future for those who historically have not been afforded a voice. They were overlooked with being considered unimportant soil-tilling, wheat-harvesting, cow-milking, tractor-driving farmers and backwoods coal miners.

Trump’s election upset a lot of the apple carts owned by people who thought their elitist refuges were congealed and hermetic.

The once-safe places of egotism for celebrities and the Beltway Dwellers, which by the way embraces more than just Democrats, have now been breached.

Trump’s election diminished the party of Democrats, which taints the ones that are reasonable. Trump successes will further diminish the party and they know it, thus an immense reason for much of the hysteria.

The rage is so deep that entertainers who have been asked to perform at the inauguration ceremonies have had death threats.

Democrats are not getting the message; the more the hysteria and threats and the bigger the circus, the more they tell Trump voters they made the right decision. All of the circus acts may well escort President Donald Trump to eight years in the oval office.

A lot of voters were incredibly despondent and sickened when Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. We had experienced what we believed to be a tragic path for America and our lives.

We lived through it. Today’s naysayers can too, but they have no intention of even trying.

****Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.

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  1. Why does this page promote fascists like Arenson and Messina? Could it be that this page is owned and run by fascists? >_<

  2. The hypocrisy of the left is only over shadowed by their ever diminishing relevancy. Stay calm while President Trump #MAGA and we may dare to dream of #MakingCaliforniaGreatAgain potentially with a little help from Peter Thiel 🇺🇸

  3. Come-on man ! Trump is a Moron ! He lied his Balls Off and you Fools bought his snake oil !

  4. Stormy says:

    Finally!! Thank you Betty for telling it like it is!! All of these protestors on the streets acting like a bunch of thugs make me sick! As for the 68 Dumbocrats who blatantly refused to attend the Inauguration of our 45th POTUS, they should all be relieved of their positions, effective immediately!! Their actions should be considered an act of treason since we know that our enemies are watching all of these proceedings closely and might well consider this a perfect time to carry out attacks on the USA. Their refusal to attend the events of the inauggeration is showing a total disrespect for President Trump & may well be seen by our enemies as a fractured system where if they are given instructions by the president,they will likely refuse to follow them or do the opposite of what he asks them to. These men & women are supposed to be role models for the constituent’s in their districts!! 🙇 When is our crooked Government & Hillary’s whiney followers going to accept that Donald Trump won because we are all sick of the criminals like Bill & Hillary Clinton using their I’ll gotten wealth to bribe officials & making deals with the bottom feeders of countries regularly plotting & carrying out attacks against us, sending E-Mails that allow access to foreign leaders to highly sensitive information that puts our citizens & Military personnel in danger & ordering the murder of individuals with personal knowledge of their actions & wouldn’t be silenced for money! Russia & others that are being accused of hacking into the DNC & whoever to influence the election had been given access to those systems by Hillary!! What Hillary & her crooked partners in crime are mad about is that they thought they had the election all wrapped up with a pretty little bow & it backfired!!! People started to listen to sources that related facts instead of media sources that fabricated stories & twisted facts to keep people focused on all of the negative rhetoric they kept throwing out to keep us from thinking about our soldiers that died in Benghazi as a result of Hillary’s actions & they certainly didn’t want us to discover how ” her ” people sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign so that he would lose so badly that he would quietly drop out of the race early on & when he started to get too popular, they tried to use their dirty money to get him to drop out & eventually resorted to threats toward him & his family. All of the scumbags playing dirty government up till now are trying everything they can to keep President Trump from ” draining the Swamp ” because they know that all of their crooked dealings will now be discovered & revealed to John Q. Public. Sorry folks, we have done our research & are now waiting to see how many of you will be joining Hillary & Bill in prison!!!

    • Dave Rickmers says:

      Prez Trump has picked a freak show of a cabinet. If you don’t have a mandate you must be more centrist.

    • Denny NNWofLA says:

      Just WHERE on Earth do you get your information?
      Must be the same as Trump. You recite the lies and make up the rest. Trump’s ‘draining of the swamp’ has revealed a host of horrific billionaire creatures dedicated to tearing down the very offices they are to head. Pay attention… you are in for a very big and costly shock!

  5. Marty Kreisler says:

    Betty and Stormy. Thank you for articulating what the majority of Americans are feeling. It is clear that this election has saved our Country from extreme left wing (radical) government.

  6. Bill says:

    Obviously, all this was written before his disastrous weekend. They are all so inexperienced and Trump has no idea, so we all lose.
    Talking about himself in front of the CIA wall of dead heroes, then telling another lie on how he never had a problem with the intelligence community, ITS WELL DOCUMENTED and the lies about his crowd, or lack of, Friday and sending Spicer out to lie and look like an idiot and the record setting marches all over the world against him and his policies that are constantly in a state of flux. This man is not a leader and he’s not in charge, or he could’ve addressed everything much better this weekend…from his dark speech to “alternative facts”..something that’s been .a constant in this administration.
    Donnie is a very insecure man, thin skinned and much like a dictator, needs to be loved, adored and fawned over 24/7. When that doesn’t happen, his responses are very telling. He looked like a very insecure little man, very small in stature. Obviously his bravado serves to only cover his lack of self esteem. Never before have we witnessed the massive crowds protesting against a president and never has a president fumbled so badly right out of the gate.There are reports of arguing behind the scenes on how to deal with issues this weekend. It’s no longer Democrat vs Republican, there is nobody in this White House ready for prime time and that is something that we should all be frightened about.

  7. Marissa says:

    It’s interesting how Republicans seem to have such selective memories when it comes to reactions post-election. How many protests were there after Obama’s election? How many riots? How many death threats, racist remarks, people lynching mannequins of him, calling his wife an ape, etc? But you’re right lady, it’s only “The Left Circus” that has opposing opinions.

    How about we discuss the 5 million plus people that marched this weekend, PEACEFULLY? How about the 750,000 in Los Angeles ALONE that resulted in no arrests or police intervention, besides to help direct traffic?

    This piece is garbage.

    In 2008, the hatred towards Barack Obama was driven by racism, lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories. With Trump, the opposition is based on nothing more than exactly who he is, exactly what he’s said and done, and exactly who the types of people backing him are. End of story.

  8. jim says:

    Hey, y’all, let’s just simmer down here now. WE don’t know squat about what’s going to happen under the new Prez. WE don’t know squat about how well he’ll get along with Congress, regardless of the red vs blue BS. WE don’t know a damned thing about how well the Western (sic) Governments are going to deal with the new Prez.

    What little we do know is that his like hasn’t been seen at the helm of the Free World’s largest economy for more than 50 years. I suspect that the learning curve will be great, on his part and on the part of the rest of us.

    He is not our savior; he is not a complete idiot as so many say; he is a “magnate” a guy who has found ways (through hiring the best people) to make himself profits, and be profitable in this world-wide economy.

    All that means is he’s not the last guy, nor any of the last guys to sit in that chair. And he really doesn’t know what sitting in that chair means – just yet. And I guarantee that the last three guys didn’t know either.

    I’m not saying you should love him, or even like him but I am saying give him a chance. After all, what choice do you really have?

    And by the way – hey Storm, is that you cuz?


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