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The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Monday, Jun 2, 2014

joemessinamugI love receiving emails from people responding to issues posted on my website, both positive and negative. Some pieces are written by fellow hosts, bloggers and other writers, but all are issues worth discussing.

I recently posted one about the “birther” issue. There are still investigations as to President Obama’s birthplace. The only people who accept 100 percent that Obama is hiding nothing about his birth, his school years, and his true love for this country are the ones who think right-wing, Bible-believing, conservatives like me should not have the right to freedom of speech simply because we don’t think like them.

Yup. The “thought police” are out in force. One of these thought police actually posted on Facebook that I was racist, and the single, simple proof was that I questioned this president’s birthplace.

The logic of the left always astounds me. Would that same conclusion hold true if the president were white? The educated left doesn’t need dictionaries or thesauruses because words mean only what they want them to mean. Period.

The dictionary defines racism as: 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others; 2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination; 3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Is the poster saying that my questioning the president’s birthplace suggests I think I am superior to him? That’s a bit of a stretch. Or maybe the poster is saying that by my suggesting we talk about some new “facts” on the issue, it could expose that Obama may or may not be who he says he is, and might be my attempt (again) to show my superiority over his race? (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) Another stretch if you ask me.

And if all else fails, my posting the piece surely shows I hate or am intolerant of the black race, because if you haven’t noticed, the president is black, even though he works so hard to hide that fact. (Yes, more sarcasm.) And here I thought we were all part of the human race.

This is exactly how the left wins arguments, especially those in the herd who are weaker. Most people just want to live their lives, go to work, feed their families and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Old and treasured values of being an American. My grandfather, a Democrat, my dad, a Democrat, my uncle, a Democrat (he died a few years ago and has still been voting Democrat, I’m sure) – all had spirited conversations about politics and religion with people of many colors, origins, religions and political persuasions, but they never walked away from each other hating the thoughts of the other or feeling bad about what they discussed.

I grew up in the state that gave us Kennedy, Tip O’Neil, Dukakis and other famous libs.

Sunday morning church for most was coffee, a cigarette, the Boston Globe, and good, spirited political conversation. No words like bigot, racist or blank-a-phobe were part of the conversation. They treasured open, honest conversation.

Today the party, and many of the people of the “big tent” group, have spawned the PC and thought police.

Wanna start a fight? In my day, it was just looking at your foe and saying, “Hey. Your mamma wears Army boots.” The gloves were off and fists were flying, because those were fighting words.

Today, the enlightened left will call you a hater, ignorant, bigot, racist and a blank-a-phobe for saying things like, “The president has no foreign policy plan,” “The president has failed to protect our soldiers overseas,” “I don’t see what a man sees in another man,” “I get a little uneasy when I see a group of ‘Muslim’-looking men getting on a plane with me,” “Obamacare is a disaster” or “You need God.” Any one of these statements, and even less, could get you in a heap of trouble.

Yes, the thought police will jump all over you like “white on rice.” (Is that politically incorrect or insensitive? Whatever.) They have more and more volunteers on social media sites. Why? Because it doesn’t take any guts to fight and call someone names on social media. It’s easy, and they like easy. That’s why they are looking for volunteers.

Our Founding Fathers had heated and long, drawn-out debates over many issues in the formation of this country. Over the years, people on many political sides of the aisle have had deep and heated conversations over issues of the day. But the current level of attack by the left on all speech that isn’t “liberal speech” is ridiculous.

Hey, thought police. Get out your “tongue cuffs,” because you’re waking a sleeping giant. Many Christian conservatives are waking up and seeing how dangerous you people are. Yes, I said “you people.” The ones who think having a non-liberal vocabulary makes me a hater. You people who think every criticism of the president could only be because I’m a racist. (God forbid he might actually be capable of doing something wrong.)

You people who think that because some of us don’t want a runaway healthcare plan that takes care of people who are here illegally, mooching off the system, we must be racist. (Because only non-whites mooch the system? That just shows your true ignorance.)

You people who think that because some of us want the borders secure so we can actually get our economy and national security under control must mean I’m a racist because, obviously, I’m trying to keep Hispanics out. Not because drugs, guns, criminals and terrorists (from many countries) are crossing the border. Only American-loving Hispanics who want a better life for their families cross illegally, right? If you buy into that, I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you.

This proud, Christ-loving, America-loving right-winger has had it with the thought police and the PC police. I’ve raised four kids. You don’t scare me. What is healthy is open conversation … open, uncomfortable conversation with people from all walks of life. People of all religions (or non-religions), colors and lifestyles. And even when we don’t agree on what’s right, it’s still healthy to discuss it, civilly.

It’s ironic that the ones who hate the right for the way they label everything are the exact ones who … wait for it … label everything.

Who’s going to join me in fighting these ruiners of the American way of life? Stamp out every form of political correctness and the thought police as vehemently as you fight child abuse, animal abuse, senior abuse and every other abominable thing. Don’t stand for it ever. Don’t let them chip away at your freedom of speech. And don’t let the hypocrites win.

My conservative friends, stop hoping the left will change its tactics and start fighting back. Don’t accept the labels they attempt to put on you, and point out the hypocrisy. If each of us doesn’t do it, who will?


Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also the current president of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.

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  1. I’m proud to be “one of those people”. Your right wing judgement is disgusting.

  2. The problem with Joe and his buddies is their aversion to facts. Freedom of speech is all well and good but base your opinions on facts not made up crap.

  3. MisterJeremiah says:

    While I understand that words are simply words, the issue is that we’ve identified that simple words can turn into more hateful ones, and sometimes worse acts. What is wrong with dissecting athese dark points in our history and identifying trigger points that either caused them or contributed? Not saying you’re racist.

    Not a Liberal

  4. Lee U. says:

    Hey Joe…you’ve had at least 7 years to find out where Obama was born. 7 years. And yet “there are still questions”.
    If, despite the overabundance of facts, you can’t accept that our President wasn’t foreign born, I can’t accept that you’re not willfully ignorant and possibly racist.

  5. Lee Uber Lee Uber says:

    Hey Joe…you’ve had at least 7 years to find out where Obama was born. 7 years. And yet “there are still questions”.
    If, despite the overabundance of facts, you can’t accept that our President wasn’t foreign born, I can’t accept that you’re not willfully ignorant and possibly racist.

  6. Right on Joe! I miss those days when we could converse with people – I admire those who are willing to listen and discuss. It takes grace, mercy, discipline and conviction to talk with others without compromise. Thankfully there are those who still believe in our country’s foundation of free speech – we are spoiled, whether we be liberal or conservative – continue on while you can!

  7. Dave Putnam says:

    I’ve discovered a foolproof method for determining whether or not you’re a racist. If you find yourself constantly defending yourself, claiming that you aren’t a racist, the odds lean in favor that you really are one.

  8. Steve Colf says:

    Pitch my tent in your camp. I was raised in So. Cal., went to church school trough 6th and LAUSD to graduation. After a stint on U.S. Navy Submarines and then on to the world of business. My family of origin stressed respect for ALL humans and the “bracero” farm worker was as welcome at our table as the professional, see in those days our family doctor made house calls and if it was after 5 PM he often had dinner with us. We had Mexican helpers when there was a big project on our 1 acre treasure we called home. Because the house was small Mom would set up the two picnic tables on the patio and workers with my family would share a meal with lots of laughter and practicing each other’s language. Life was idyllic. Mom was adamant no bad words were used, ever, and respect was the one absolute.
    Now, for those who will scoff with something like, “yeah but that was some quaint little mid-west town” and doesn’t apply to the elite big city this life was lived in Shadow Hills in Los Angeles City. Dad commuted daily to “the city” for a white collar job but he was determined to raise a family with Christian values, ethics and morals so kept his little acre for us to learn about work, not hand outs.
    I will always be grateful for that foundation. When I hear the vicious attacks on the way of life my family sacrificed to start me and my brothers in it hurts deeply, even at 70 years old, and there is no one in government that appears to appreciate that is the greatness of America and we are losing it to “entitlement” belief system.
    God Bless America and thank you God and forefathers for this marvelous life my family and I have had the privilege of building.

  9. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    One other thing. I’m surprised no one’s ever complimented you on this, with teeth like that I bet that you can really tear into a carrot, huh?

  10. You are just proving his point, Tommy. Personal attacks rather than engaging on the ideas and issues….

  11. I love when republicans wax nostalgic about the “good ol’ days” back when blacks knew their place and our president was white. These rants are awesome, Joe. They are giving people serious ammunition for your next school board campaign. You can always find some friends at the bottom of a barrel, but none of you will be clean.

  12. Dave warburton says:

    Joe, you are fully entitled to your opinions. I do not believe your ideas will lead America to a good place.
    As for the birthed stuff: Obama has a legally valid birth certificate issued by thee City of Honolulu and under the laws of the State of Hawaii. That makes him a natural born citizen of the US and settles the matter despite what Obama haters would prefer. Continuing on talking about this subject just makes one look foolish.

  13. It’s gonna be really awkward for the left if Ben Carson runs on the GOP ticket. They’ve defended Obama with the race card (what else could they use?) So much that they’ll have to do some serious explaining why they won’t get behind the next black presidential candidate. Based on their own rhetoric, any dissent must be rooted in racism.

  14. SCVMJB says:

    Messina, your constant and recurring verbal diarrhea does nothing but drag SCV down to a very low point. You talk about being a Christian, yada yada and put on your annual Mayors (no apostrophe) prayer breakfast. But in my humble opinion, you are the least “Christ-like” of anyone I am aware of in residence in the SCV.

  15. Joe there are many times I agree with you when invigorating opposing points of view on cultural values, the impact of technology towards communication and the fight of the Left and The Right regarding general change. However, this reads like you just want a simple fight or to rant!

    Is there something else that is bothering you?? This reads like a man with a hole in his soul and I would like to explore talking to you in person and not on the air. If this was done to engage some kind of rage just before the election cycle where people are looking for enlightening information for voting you picked the right time to post this. If this is being posted because you fear the possibility of a Democrat becoming a player in the 25th Congressional District, I can understate that uneasiness with the current position of Lee C Rogers now that Buck McKeon has retired. But for you to play the “race” card? Please let’s review how your head went in this direction?

  16. A world where the gullible are fed made-to-order smear tactics by the media.

  17. Please don’t post the idiotic commentary on FB…try covering local stories objectively…if people want to become incensed over old news they’ll go looking for it.

  18. Scvdaplace2B says:

    His thought process along with his writing is very amateurish. He fits right in on local yokel radio KHTS. Seriously, it’s embarrassing to still bring up the birth cert. ala Donald Trump. I bet Joe could bankrupt a casino too!

  19. Josh says:

    Keep on preaching and spreading the facts!

  20. Capt. Gene says:

    McCain had to face the same scrutiny way back in ’08:


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