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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
October 17
1837 - Trapper Peter LaBeck killed by grizzly bear at El Tejon [story]

Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding a body found near railroad tracks Sunday morning in Canyon Country.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station received a call at 9:13 a.m. Sunday about a deceased male adult near a bridge close to Jakes Way in Santa Clarita.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are awaiting our homicide detectives and coroner,” said Sgt. Soehnel of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

The investigation is ongoing.

No other information is being released by the Sheriff’s Department at this time.

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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  1. So sad this city is becoming like the valley & LA

    • Barbie you clearly have never left this city! not even close. Lived in LA for my entire childhood. I’d much rather live here then there.

    • Angel I agree with you I also prefer to live here then there that’s the reason I moved here. I would never live in the valley or LA I lived in those cities before and came to Santa Clarita so my kids can live in a safer and better area. Sadly we are hearing more each time about dead bodies in this city so what I’m trying to say is that I pray that Santa Clarita stays being safer and not become like those cities because I Love it here

    • I pay too much to live here for this to keep happening, I know people die but it’s every weekend now. A deep investigation needs to go on.

    • Alisha Norby Alisha Norby says:

      Its not like all the deaths are connected. They are tragic accidents or horrible tradgedies that are not ok. But thats how the world is outside of a suburban bubble. Lets be glad we are a pretty safe city and that all of these are isolated incidents not people being shot in broad daylight or hit and runs everyday.

    • I grew up in Santa Clarita my hole life then moved to Glendale then southern utah which is amazing it reminds me of how Santa Clarita used to be in the 80s and 90s its awesome I can live that way again and raise my family in a really good environment, that sucks that scv is like that now,I drove down my old neighborhood on four oaks street and it was like driving in Tijuana and that was like six years ago I couldn’t imagine now its to bad..

    • No I totally see what you’re saying, Barbie. That’s why I came here to begin with. I didn’t want to raise my child now children in LA where I grew up. Though I know things seem bad, to me they really aren’t. There’s not “real gang” activity. No drive by shootings on a daily basis, no helicopters every night and having to stay inside once it got dark. That’s why I say I’ll take the little things here any day over living in LA. These are a lot of mental health issues with the occasional intentional hustings, which unfortunately are bad. Not people intentionally killing each other day in & day out.

    • Don says:

      Yea, but with more drugs than there…

  2. Mike Ceniceros so glad we got out of that area

  3. Alisha Norby Alisha Norby says:

    This kind of stuff is going to happen everywhere. People die accidents happen not saying its great but it doesnt mean santa clarita isnt a great place to live!

  4. To tell you the truth the valley doesn’t have this many bodies popping up

  5. Ryan Mcneill Ryan Mcneill says:

    With more people comes more incidents. The area is not getting worse just more people. And social media spreads the word a lot faster than just a few years ago. A lot of stuff happened before social media was around that we will never know about lol

  6. Dina Caddy Dina Caddy says:

    So sad. Such a sad ending for this unknown man. Whether health related, homelessness, drugs, foul play, whatever….very sad. May God keep him safe now. RIP.

  7. How many murders is that now?

  8. Seems every week they’re finding a dead body. Smh

  9. Juan Froggie Juan Froggie says:

    Lets raise the rents, and push out the hood

  10. I guess if you were raised Santa Clarita this shocking, but it’s really just the reality more people more crimes its sad but true.

    • If you were raised in SCV your, sadly, actually use to it! Well at least my friends and I are use to it! Then even less shocking when it’s done or found in or around Jakes Way! I can agree that SCV isn’t a shiny town like the yuppies make it out to be!

  11. The Sheriff tries so very hard to susppress information like this in Awesome Town!

    • Actually we get more info now than in the past. Social media gives us more than we need to know and faster. Use to be we had the signal only and newhall didn’t exist on the news at night unless we had a big,big thing happening. Like flood,fires and earthquakes. Look back at the paper in the 70’s. Sports scores dominated the news.

    • Ya Aaron, sure seems like it! I mean, all they do is release it on twitter, Facebook, the signal, SCV TV… maybe they should send a messenger bird that flies directly to your house? Freaking moron.

    • Brandon White you dont need to keep chiming your homo ass in on my posts just because i have so many likes! Jeez!! Your ass probally got run out SCV so keep your comments in Ari.

  12. I’m sorry but where in the article does it say it’s a murder? How are you so certain that it’s not a suicide? Or drug overdose? Or a homeless person succumbing to the elements? Or someone who died of natural causes while out walking.. Don’t assume.. Sadly a man lost his life, regardless of the reason Santa Clarita is still a good place to live…

  13. Kelly Spalliero Nichole Nunez

  14. Karina Neri Karina Neri says:

    Another one….. Lisa Neri Lara Susie Neri

  15. Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

    This makes Palmdale look good

    • Tommy Rini Tommy Rini says:

      From 3 years old till I was 20 I lived, was educated, and partied in canyon country with a growing population you get problems… But Santa Clarita also seems to be a body dumping ground lately

  16. Why does everyone act like Santa Clarita is supposed to be SO perfect? This isn’t Mayberry, stuff happens everywhere! I think some people have lived in the bubble better known as SCV way too long. I’d much rather live here then anywhere else. If you think it’s so terrible in this city please feel free to drive 30 minutes down to Downtown or MacArthur Park, even some parts of the Valley then come talk to me and complain about SCV.

  17. Diana Torres Diana Torres says:

    Amen on you post Angel Castillo people don’t know what bad is….

  18. Paul Lindsay Paul Lindsay says:

    Candice Marie you’re by here, right?

  19. Watch out for the killer Armando Cisneros

  20. #awesometown AKA #deathtown

  21. Dan Aird Dan Aird says:

    This Is Why I Should Be Able To Open Carry.

    • cheri says:

      Theres been alot of this happening lately. Instead if getting y’alls panties in a bunch, wait and see what had happened. Just a thought, geez

  22. Sonya Rowin Sonya Rowin says:

    What is this? On Every Sunday?

  23. I think alot of this crime is caused by outside influences from the valley and Palmdale.I talked to a sheriff when my back seats where stole and he said most of the stuff like heroin, meth and theft are from outside S.C.V.We are allowing it cuz we are naive to think that it won’t happen here. We need to be more vigilant over our personal property and our children. We are easy targets, and the people from the valley in Palmdale know this.

  24. Okay folks, lets be honest. Santa Clarita on the I-5 side is a better neighborhood! Canyon Country has always had an itchie reputation. They are trying to make it better, I get that. But it will take more than just building pretty homes and condos. I have tremendous respect for our Sheriff here. I don’t know how they do it. What I do know is that they ride two by two now. That speaks volumes to me. This has gotten more prevalent this last year. We live at River Ranch Town Homes. Pretty, but very unsafe. We will be moving away from here come January!!!!

  25. Juan.lol, I wish that would work but the truth the drug dealers make more than the average working folks here so who would we really hurt by raising rents. They aren’t cheap now compared to other cities. Amazing!

  26. Taylor Bell Taylor Bell says:

    LA rules! People die stop being pussies

  27. Olga Salas Olga Salas says:

    Jeannine. .. ummmmm

  28. Ok something is going on here!!! Every weekend a body is showing up!

  29. Amy Padovich Amy Padovich says:

    There’s so many hopeless people that live under that bridge

  30. Sad. But these redundant comments are hilarious!

  31. More people more crimes..we better get used to it.

  32. Emily Curren Emily Curren says:

    I agree… More people equals more crime: more random dead bodies in canyon country…

  33. Rebecca Edwards Short

  34. Juan Froggie Juan Froggie says:

    And like the state of Maine. we can start by making California make section 8, EBT welfare recipients fill out required paperwork or documented community service hour and we can watch the states 5 million pepole in wefare section 8 be reducued to 5,000 willing to do their share

  35. Wow I came to Santa clarita to raise a family and this is happening every weekend smh ,this town has change so much now with in these years

  36. Cesar Cap Cesar Cap says:

    Sandra Andrews another body found, what’s going on here????

  37. Danny Slimm D Cabrera Elmoe Cabrera Jonathan Cabrera

  38. My thoughts are that they ought to create Sheriffs Office in and around the Sierra Highway and Soledad area, put them on bikes, motorcycles cars to patrol high crime area. I believe this will help deter criminals and reduce crime in the area. This place has grown and I don’t believe police patrol has increased with the community growth. We hardly see them in our area. They should equip officers with tools to conduct their jobs to help prevent thugs from destroying our community. I say put them on bikes especially around the jakes way and at ABC condos and get the miserable thugs out of our community.

  39. We were taking our dog for a walk over in Discovery Park by the river bed last week and found a used syringe laying under a tree. Our dog nearly stepped on it! There are a lot of homeless and drug use in that area…possibly an OD?

  40. Jeran Isam Jeran Isam says:

    Wtf is going on? Our city is falling apart!

  41. We need more police and community watch. The valley has exploded in growth but very little expansion in police and sherif. I see more time spent ticketing speeding vs really ensuring that crime is halted and deterred with the limited police we have

  42. Have they identified the person yet?

  43. Ashley Gibbs arent u glad u didnt walk there today lol

  44. Tyger White Tyger White says:

    Was he wearing a tie? There was a guy walking that area around 11:30 last night wearing a tie. He looked out of place.

  45. 8 murder people in santa clarita in 5 months
    Keep selling lands for companies
    Keep making more houses
    Now traffic is crazy
    People in charge of the city making alot of money they not even live here
    For the same reason

  46. Ashley Bang Ashley Bang says:

    Tony Bang Holly Gloudemans

  47. Ashley Bang Ashley Bang says:

    Shannan Leann Crozier

  48. I heard a gunshot last night. I live near Jakes way. It was loud and only went off once. Idk but if that has anything to do with this then it would obviously murder or suicide

  49. Rachelle Williamson Brittney Lorelle Stine

  50. Google search for t he safest cities in the usa. #justsaying bad stuff happens everywhere. It is ignorant to say this city is not safe. I’m sure you will not be missed if you move to a safer city than ours.

  51. Evelia Wicab Evelia Wicab says:

    Jessica Jessica Arteaga

  52. Jesse Zavala Jesse Zavala says:

    Isiah Tarzan Tarazon

  53. Sebastian Tabajdi don’t blame Palmdale or any other city. Crime is crime and the SCV is part of it. That element in the AV came from Los Angeles. Sorry but crime in SCV has been covered up for years. Welcome to the real world!

  54. We are missing a woman here in lancaste I hope is not her

  55. Oh this city has a lot of bodies being dropped off.. Isn’t this the 2nd one this week. I always looked at this city being a Pleasant place to live. Just moved back to Cali from Seattle and this was one of the cities I was looking to buy a house in. Please media show some positive culture thing as well not just this. Give me a reason

  56. I think we need the National Guard!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Nancy Bastian

  58. You can’t hide from crime even if you live in a good area it’s everywhere there are so many people on drugs looking to rob someone there are homeless people everywhere who are off their med’s come on people its in your own backyard could be your neighbors

  59. Jason Fox Jason Fox says:

    Before Jakes way existed it sure did

  60. Yes the station out here will make a difference! I had read it was the plan. Now, be safe n take care of your children, I came from sfv and am proud to live here if I didn’t I would leave not badmouth it! As a community we should be aware of what’s going on and work together for change.

  61. Yes the station out here will make a difference! I had read it was the plan. Now, be safe n take care of your children, I came from sfv and am proud to live here if I didn’t I would leave not badmouth it! As a community we should be aware of what’s going on and work together for change.

  62. Canyon country has to many black people now… See what those animals do to our lovely town … Go to Palmdale stinky loosers

  63. Santa Clarita doesn’t seem like a safe place to live

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