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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
December 14
1931 - Season's first major storm deposits 9 inches of snow in Newhall, 10 in Saugus [story]


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau detectives are investigating a murder that occurred in Canyon Country Friday night.

An adult male was found with multiple stab wounds in the 18100 block of Sundowner Way around 10:45 p.m. by the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s station when they learned of a “possible stabbing victim,” according to a news release.

Upon their arrival they discovered the victim lying on the ground, in the open, with multiple stab wounds to his upper torso. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A preliminary investigation suggests the incident may be gang related. The suspect and weapon are still “outstanding.”

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call “Crime Stoppers” by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477), or texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or by using the website htt://lacrimestoppers.org.


187_011014Original story by Carl Goldman, Saturday 1:30am

[KHTS] – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies reported a stabbing death in Canyon Country on Friday night at 10:45 p.m.

Sheriff’s Homicide detectives were investigating the death of a male adult in the 18100 block of Sundowner Way.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. There is no additional information at this time.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

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  1. Susi Veltri Susi Veltri says:

    No wonder a friend and I always say we live in the projects. I’ve always thought that Santa Clarita as a whole was a safe city. Yes, there are crimes. Yes, there are gangs, drugs, killings, you name it. It just makes me sad to hear/see/read about such things so close to where my home is.

  2. It was in the American Beauty condo’s which is a step above the projects.

    They SHOULD still be the Canyon Country Little League fields.

    • sunshine says:

      You must be a low life renter as we have many professionals living in American Beauty. This murder did no occur here.

  3. Austin Enzen Austin Enzen says:

    Can we get a description of the suspect(s)

  4. SCVTV Santa Clarita, PLEASE keep us updated on this story. If the previous comment is true then we need to know the motive and description of suspects. This turns my stomach.

  5. Andrea Crews Andrea Crews says:

    Thank you god for getting us out of there 3 years ago. It’s bad in that area. My kids saw drug deals out of apartment windows. We broke our lease and moved. They are still trying to sue me for that. Let them. My children’s safety is more important.

  6. hady j says:

    It’s sad to hear a crime like that happened in canyon country. it’s probably the result of a bad drug deal…. However this could have happened anywhere in Santa clarita. If you don’t think this happens in valencia , Stevenson ranch , Sherman Oaks,studio city, Brentwood and Santa Monica … think again . It happens everywhere…. no place is exempt . It’s the new society of drugs alcohol depression and anger that causes that kind of hate and out of control behavior

  7. Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

    Yes places u live have crimes but SCV is getting to be bad. Its getting bad since I moved out of the area.

  8. Witnessed says:

    I saw someone mention it might have been suicide. It happened behind my home we were the ones who called 911. I tried to help him. It was in no way suicide. We were planning on moving this year, closer to the middle of town and now that is guaranteed.

  9. Witnessed says:

    I saw someone mention it might have been suicide. It happened behind my home we were the ones who called 911. I tried to help him. It was in no way suicide. We were planning on moving this year, closer to the middle of town and now that is guaranteed.
    It is very sad how fast this area has declined

  10. My brother lives right around the corner from this. Got worried and called him to make sure he was alive. Thanks for posting this article!

  11. Wow. :/ so sad. No. I guess I don’t feel so safe after all.

  12. Witnessed says:

    Theses condos are not the projects, a lot of good home owners live here. It is unfortunate that the some of the people who rent here just seem to be getting worst. I make good money and so do a lot of people who bought here thinking it was nice. Now most can’t sell because they owe more than they are worth.

    • sunshine says:

      These are not projects and I live here. It is the fault of some owners renting to low life people who in turn bring in low life.

    • sunshine says:

      You are absolutely right, the problem is with the low life renters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good morning to you all, Let’s start by giving thanks to God for letting us all still be here and don’t be so critical of an incident that got on the news about one location unfortunately crime is everywhere as citizens we can all report suspicious activities to prevent our city, apartment complex or condominium community to become part of the statistics I’m a local REALTOR that understands your frustration but let’s all work together to keep our city clean of crime. ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SELLING UNDER WATER CONDOS CALL ME http://Www.angelzrealty.com

  13. I wish they would post a name. Scv sure has changed

  14. I hope the guy they have detained in front of Diamond Park Apartments relates to this. They are not giving us any information. Most of Sundowner is blocked off and we can’t get in or out . And no I am not section 8 most of us aren’t.

  15. Andrea Crews Andrea Crews says:

    That’s where I lived. Diamond park. Don’t ever move there!!!!!!

  16. @Andrea same! We broke our lease do the smell of pot because of the people below us. We have seen shootings and fights enough on top of living with the smell of pot. Our baby was getting ill b/c of the smoke leaking from the shared vents. Something needs to be done about that area.

  17. Any city that grows has more crime valencia has a ton of crime along witb castaic, saugus etc. They reported this on sundowner which is not the american beauty cindos. Sundowner runs behind the baxkwoods so does anyone know where it really was? Condos in sh or apts on sundowner?

  18. Sundowner is the very back of it.

  19. It is Sundowner …the back road behind it that runs along the wall for Diamond Park. They have most of W. Sundowner blocked off too.

  20. Unfortunately, it is Canyon Oaks (aka: Ametican Beauty). It is on the backside of the development, the one really bad street that is a thorn in the side of the rest of the development. I don’t know who picks these tenants but one bad one moves out just for another to be let in.

    Debbie Edmiston is right, most people here are not Section 8, but with so many foreclosures the bank & HOA had to do something to protect their investment (and that of the other owners/tenants) so they opened some rentals up as S8 to increase revenue. Remember: a vacant unit attracts trouble, too.

    Some of the Section 8 people are perfectly nice, some of the non-section 8 on that street are pretty nasty. Millionaires are just as capable of crime as the poor are capable of living law abiding lives.

    That said, coroner is still onsite and the cops won’t even tell us if this was random or targeted.

    • sunshine says:

      Section 8nshouldnnot live in condos with luxurious surroundings. They should be sent to Palmdale or a less desirable surrounding. Our taxes are supporting these people.

  21. Crystal Gentry says:

    Yes…it’s everywhere now. But mainly it’s because the downtown cities are pushing all the gangs/criminals into the suburbs with their inflation rates on rent/leases/etc. Santa Clarita (used) to be safe….but because it’s so close to LA and SFV it’s easier than say…Palmdale. I hope SCV detectives find these murderers and pay for the life they took away.

  22. Not all of CC is bad .. I live on Hillfield & Sierra (by elks) & I love it here nice & quiet. So sad about this man & ABs prayers for his family

  23. Everyone saying Santa Clarita is getting bad is off base and doesn’t really know what they are talking about. Sure there are tiny pockets in Santa Clarita that have some issues such as areas in Canyon Country, Newhall…but as a whole Santa Clarita is still extremely safe. No matter where you go you will always have some areas where crime happens, and Santa Clarita is no different. But compared to so many other places SCV is safe. And yes I used to live in the Park Sierra apartments off of Jakes Way so I realize there are some crime issues over there.

  24. How could this happen in “Awesome Town” where awesome lives? I expect these things in my neck of the woods-

  25. Jim Oge Jr Jim Oge Jr says:

    No the crime is rising in Scv look at the reports. Including the drugs.

  26. Greg says:

    I live here and most of us are homeowners that live here because it is what we can afford. I apologize to to those who can afford to live in mello-roos taxed neighborhoods but if you look at the average income for families in Santa Clarita, then you will see that most of us can’t. Does this mean that we don’t desire for our families to be safe and feel secure? We want peace and prosperity as much as anyone else. Hopefully this is a wake up call to the HOA and Sheriff’s dept. According to our HOA budget we pay $140,000 a year for armed private security, but I rarely see them. The deputies tend to come to take reports then go patrol elsewhere. I have never seen deputies get out of their cars and do a footbeat. They should make a better effort to meet with the homeowners and build a rapport with the community.

    It is my studied opinion that the problems I have seen around the condos is not the result of the homeowners but a problem with the renters. The hood has definitely been creeping into the area and they aren ‘t buying their way in. Unfortunately, most homeowners, including myself, rather just keep our heads down and not see or know too much. We are just working like crazy to get to our house in a gated community.

  27. How close is that to you?

  28. It’s where we used to live next to the Mobil home park

  29. Mario D. says:

    Let me clarify things for every one this was not a suicide this was “murder”. I know I was there. I currently live in American Beauty on Sundowner Pl. I saw it happened right in front of my bedroom window. I and one of my neighbors were the first to witness the body. It was dark and I could not tell if he was breathing. My other neighbor from below where I live gave me a flash light and when I pointed at the body he was on the floor lifeless with blood all over the floor. I believe he also had a head wound from when he fell because there was stuff coming out of his head. So this was murder, and I hope the Sheriff catch the people who did it.

  30. Mario D. says:

    Also I do apologize if my comment is strong or graphic. My prayers go to the mans family and I hope that justice is served.

  31. sunshine says:

    It doesn’t matter where you live as Valencia and Stevenson Ranch have murders and crime. These condos are not considered American Beauty. The American Beauty where I live were selling close to $400,000 before the drop. Now they are going up in price. We have many professional people living here, including myself. There are teachers, nurses and many other professions. I would like to see many undesirable renters, but you have landlords who rent to anyone. I feel very safe in my condo which is very quiet and we can call security at any time and they respond.

  32. Do they know who the victim was yet

  33. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can get a loan for those condos

    • sunshine says:

      You are full of crap as not everyone can not get a loan to live here. Low life renters can not get a loan or they would be buying. Furthermore, banks are very particular who buys today as they don’t want another group of foreclosures on their hands. You have to have excellent credit and a long lasting to buy today.

  34. i.d says:

    It’s been two days since the murder happened here at Sundowner and I’m sitting here reading this comments. It is sad to hear that people think just because people rent on this condos they are the result of crime. No let me tell you that I have seen so many bad persons jumping off the wall that separates Sundowner from Diamond Park Appts. Unfortunately Diamond Park along with other complexes such as Jakes Way, Sand Canyon appt are letting people with Section 8 moving into our community. I am not trying to be racist or prejudice but if you come back from work like around 4 or 5 in the afternoon you will see a lot of this people walking and jumping back and forward from Dimond Park complex to our side being loud and always being so Ghetto. They think by walking in their little groups and just because they give you a dirty look you are suppose to be afraid of them. This people are the results of our community changing. We do have honest people renting and living honestly in our condos but most of our crimes are the result of this people in section 8 moving into our neighborhoods.

  35. Witnessed says:

    It is rediculous, I am sad to say that the area has declined. The above comment is so true, it is the trash that jumps over the wall along with the trash that they come to visit that are the problem. Not the decent family people who live here. We live here mind our own business take our kids swimming, walk our dogs (and pick up after our dogs) go to work and come home. But you have trash that walk around like bullies and let there animals crap everywhere, and since they don’t have jobs they have lots of time to cause problems. God forbid they spend their free time going and apply for jobs. Instead they bring the area down with their uncontrollable teens who are leaches to the life blood of society.

  36. sunshine says:

    If you think Canyon Country is so bad
    Go live in Beverly Hills,as they had five murders in 2013 with many rapes and robberies.

  37. J gon says:

    Yes it’s all that trash from diamond park apartments they broke in to my car last Sunday and my ipad and lap top was stolen from my car also my job keys and work paper I will give a reward to anybody that could give me information I don’t want anything back I just want justice.

  38. sunshine says:

    it is no doubt renters as most people who have an investment in the property have pride in ownership, except for slum lords who buy to rent and rent to anyone,

  39. I.D says:

    Just to let other people know that in order to rent a condo from Sundowner or American Beauty they will make a credit check and also they want to make sure that you have a decent job and that your kids are good in school. This is the proper way to have an invetesment in order to have a good retirement. So lets make sure not critise owners who rent their properties to descent families. As on ther hand we should make sure that Diamond Park should ask for families that have teenagers that their school grades are good because that would tell you what kind of education they have.

  40. I.D says:

    Also if anyone from our H.O.A is reading this articles please have your security staff to patrol more often on Sundowner Way. You know where that famous wall is located at, the only thing that separates us from those people. I want to feel safe when I come back from work and when my kids are coming back from school.

  41. sonia says:

    its those dame BEANERS! GOD I HATE THEM

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