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1949 - Frank Walker deeds over the first 40 acres of Placerita Canyon State Park [story]

| Monday, Oct 5, 2015

[KHTS] – A Valencia woman is suing the city of Carlsbad, alleging Carlsbad Police officers beat her in front of her children.

Cindy Hahn filed a lawsuit against the city of Carlsbad and the CPD officers involved in an incident that occurred on July 31, 2013, according to the lawsuit.

The incident started when Hahn asked officer Kenyatte Valentine why he was standing in front of a vehicle and “doing nothing” while the vehicle’s alarm sounded, according to the complaint. Valentine allegedly responded, “Mind your own f—ing business.”

Hahn said she then complained of the officer’s treatment towards her to a non-emergency police hotline, as she felt she was being intimidated and harassed by Valentine.

Hahn then left the scene of the incident and was followed by Valentine who immediately pulled her over for not wearing a seatbelt, according to the complaint. Within minutes, Hahn found herself being “attacked” by Valentine, while her children watched from the backseat of Hahn’s vehicle.

Hahn was never cited for not wearing a seatbelt, according to the lawsuit.

In August of 2013 a lawsuit was filed against Hahn for battery on a peace officer with injury and resisting arrest, according to the court documents in the lawsuit against Hahn. Two years later, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office dropped the felony charges against Hahn because of cell phone video (shown here) taken during the 2013 incident.

The city of Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Police Department, and the Carlsbad City Attorney’s office released this statement in regards to the incident and subsequent lawsuit:

“The City of Carlsbad looks forward to bringing this lawsuit before the proper judicial authorities as soon as possible. We are prepared to provide a complete and detailed account of the facts of this incident in a courtroom, not in the media.”

Ben Meiselas, one of the attorney’s representing Hahn, released this statement:

“The Carlsbad Police Department not only beat and brutalized Ms. Hahn in front of her children causing permanent injuries, they then prepared false police reports causing Ms. Hahn to be criminally prosecuted for felony criminal charges which were completely dismissed when the District Attorney saw the video. Now, rather than apologize and hold the police officers accountable, the Carlsbad Police Department has doubled down, at the expense of taxpayers (even after watching the video), by hiring a private law firm which is claiming the conduct of the police officers was normal and business as usual for Carlsbad Police. This is a police department that needs a complete institutional shakeup so that this tragedy never happens again.”

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  1. Gee Hawd Gee Hawd says:

    Isnt carlsbad light years away? What gives?

  2. And it’s okay for the cop to beat her silly doesn’t matter what she did the cop shouldn’t have beat her.

  3. Josh says:

    Or you just don’t resist arrest….

  4. Were any of you there ?

  5. It is unfortunate that if this woman wins the taxpayers lose rather than the officers involved. He and the other arresting officers should all be brought up on assault and kidnapping charges as well.

  6. That’s what happens when you snitch on cops. Lol… snitches get stitches

  7. Kimchi Park says:

    Yeah, those darn soccer moms are just out of control and need to be beaten senseless by LEO’s.
    I think those officers should be hired by LASD to show the deputies how to kick-buns on handcuffed women.

  8. https://youtu.be/AySDfbHl_gQ

    Here is the video. The cop was way out of line. No one should be beaten over something as stupid as a traffic ticket. He just rolls up and punches and knees that woman without even thinking or knowing what’s going on. This dude probably beats his family on the regular.

  9. I’m sorry but when I was younger working as an EMT we dealt with some crazy PCP people (which means they basically have super human strength). My husband who’s also a paramedic agrees with me that he’s had to restrain patients much bigger and stronger than her (with super human PCP strength) and he’s NEVER had to punch them in the face to make it happen. I guarantee she was being obnoxious and rude but when we come across those people we are trained specifically to be able to handle those situations in a professional manner. I’m actually curious to hear from my police officer friends their thought on this because I feel that many of them would agree that this got out of hand.

    • Beau Cherry Beau Cherry says:

      Sorry kid, somebody bigger than Justin actually on pcp will not be restrained by one person. Justin is mistaken, multiple people are needed and probably at least one but probably multiple tazers.

    • I didn’t say it would happen single-handed. I said it would happen without punching them in the face. I’m merely staying the fact that this is a WOMAN obviously on the ground already being held down by one large guy, they could’ve gotten those cuffs on without the battery because I’ve seen worse patients with no battery involved. Just sayin’…

    • Beau Cherry Beau Cherry says:

      I was just commenting on the pcp aspect. I’ve seen 120 pounders on pcp throw fully grown men and you do what you have to. That being said I wasn’t there for this arrest but by the footage the police officer did appear out of line, she did appear to be resisting arrest of the first officer but probably didn’t need to be punched. But again none of us were there so all we have are these videos which have been proven many times to only be half the story. That’s all I wanted to get across.

    • But that’s my point, even the biggest a**holes who absolutely deserve that… Whatever happened before the camera is a moot point, she was already on the ground. If I had seen a video of a woman standing and resisting arrest, thrashing around or whatever, I would absolutely say do what you gotta do to protect yourself from injury. But what is the worse case in this particular moments? Unless she’s a black belt with a knife hidden under one of her boobs, I’m pretty sure those cops can take her, without beating the crap out of her.

  10. maryshap says:

    1. Don’t be a busy body and interfere with police business.

    2. Wear your seatbelt, and you won’t be pulled over for NOT wearing it.

    3. Don’t a whiny, screaming, entitled b*tch who has never heard the word ‘NO’ before and resist arrest. It’s not OK to hit a man unless you want the repercussion. Thinking you sit on a gold mine is no excuse for her assaulting the officer. Oh well.

  11. Mike Mora Rachael Pawlicki

  12. This is awful. No reason to hit her in the head. She’s acting irate because she never did anything. So sad!

  13. “Stop Resisting”…the cop out!! No pun intended.

  14. Rhonda Soria Rhonda Soria says:

    Wow I hope something is done with those cops that’s terrible that they are beating and shooting people

  15. Why so long b/4 complaining?

  16. David Cheek David Cheek says:

    The cop should be sued personally…, Not We the taxpayers!

  17. Ann Hustis Ann Hustis says:

    Another. Millionaire.

  18. This is so hard to watch. Her children probably need therapy after witnessing this. : (

  19. Citizen Smith says:

    Just what we need, another loud mouth chubbs mom talking smack to the cops. You got what is called a “Stupid Tax”. You were stupid and you got taxed. Or you played “who can be a bigger dick, me or the cop ?”
    The cop will ALWAYS win that game.
    New concept; shut your mouth and mind your own business. You brought it on yourself so stop crying.

  20. Shirley says:

    cops on power trips…great.

  21. SCVsMostHated says:

    @Brian Slocombe, ROFL! The pictures that go in my head when done on a majority.

  22. Linda Matuz Linda Matuz says:

    She must have done something. The police are too busy to stop people for nothing.

  23. Kristina Joy Kristina Joy says:

    This video made me sick with rage. What an awful thing to happen, no one can stop them without getting themselves in trouble. Horrible horrible horrible

  24. Hope that cop gets what he deserves. He was pissed a woman talked down to him and he wanted to get her back.

  25. Awful. What’s wrong with cops , no one deserve that and in front of her children, so sad.

  26. Second cop came in all crazy, what a psycho! And i almost always take the cops side! Why did da drop charges if cop didnt do anything wrong?

  27. carrie says:

    I consider myself to be pretty neutral most of thee time, but I couldn’t help but see through this woman. lol I’m not that great at minding my own business but I can’t help but take the officers side whether he said it or not to mind her own business.
    I think this woman had a few drinks at this long kids party in the Barrio in Carlsbad all day. she had a long drive back to valencia and I think she was trying to create some sort of diversion so that the cops wouldn’t be pulling her over and finding out she was .08 or more.
    I think what she did was a bit sociopathic, and then turned it all around to make herself out to be a victim. I think the officer wasn’t intentionally beating her I think she was acting crazy and trying to bite his hand off.
    I also think there’s something strange that happens to a person once they are handcuffed, I experienced it but I didn’t act out.

    I can describe it as a sort of strong temptation to allow yourself to be possessed by this really negative and crazy spirit. I ignored it, but this woman didn’t obviously lol

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