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Kimberly Coverdill

Kimberly Coverdill

[KHTS] – A Ventura law firm is representing a Palmdale family in a lawsuit accusing the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District of allowing a student to be physically attacked and bullied at Vasquez High School.

Kimberly Coverdill was a 13-year-old freshman at Vasquez High when the bullying began, said her mother, Amber Coverdill.

The bullying started with another girl at the high school who would allegedly make comments such as “You have friends?” and “I didn’t think you had any friends.”

At one point, a physical altercation was initiated the other girl and Kimberly.

When asked about the lawsuit and the incident, the secretary for Vasquez High School Principal Ty Devoe said Devoe could not speak about it.

A campus security guard investigated the incident. Officials gave the two girls the same punishment for “mutual combat” — a five-day suspension, Amber Coverdill said.

In a meeting with school officials and the Coverdill family, the campus security guard who investigated the incident allegedly said he had prior knowledge that the fight was going to happen, Amber Coverdill said.

“This man is responsible for teen safety,” Amber Coverdill said. “My family and I were outraged.”

Amber Coverdill hired an attorney and got ahold of the investigation paperwork, she said.

“In the investigation, the security guard ends up admitting to actually knowing about the fight the day prior to it happening and the cheer coach found about the fight,” Amber Coverdill said, adding that both the security guard and coach talked to the girl who wanted to fight Kimberly. “He didn’t contact me, my daughter or any other schools officials. I thank God every day that this girl didn’t bring a weapon.”

Over the next couple months, Kimberly’s grades fell from a 3.0 grade point average to below a 2.0 grade point average, causing her to be kicked off the soccer team, Amber Coverdill said. Kimberly continued to be bullied, threatened and harassed, even by teachers.

Three months after the physical altercation, Kimberly withdrew from the school and entered into homeschooling.

“I put her in Highland, there were a couple girls bullying her at Highland,” Amber Coverdill said. “She went to the security guard. They handled it wonderfully. They got the girl that was bullying her and let Kimberly remain anonymous. She’s trying another school now and so far she loves it.

“Still to this day, if girls look at her, she gets nervous. I’m just trying to help her realize not everybody is like that.”

Attempts to get statements from Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Brent Woodard, Vasquez High School Principal Ty Devoe and the mother of the girl who allegedly bullied Kimberly have not been returned.

“I would love for them to have some type of training for their teachers and consequences. When somebody neglected what they’re supposed to do they should have consequences,” Amber Coverdill said. We’re doing this because we care about Kimberly. (The school) did wrong and they should actually have to answer for what they did. It is still something that deeply affects us tremendously.”

Jeremiah Lasater, a 14-year-old special needs student, committed suicide at the same school in 2008 after he was allegedly bullied. The Lasater family filed a lawsuit as well.


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  1. Emily Chase Emily Chase says:

    :( such beautiful girl. Unfortunately, most of the time kids are the reflexion of their parents.

  2. Flor Marie Flor Marie says:

    So sad.. I’m sure it was jealousy.. Hopefully she’s happy now in the new school

  3. They must of just been jealous of her, she is beautiful. Most girls that feel threatened by another girls beauty or brains definitely feel they need to bully.

  4. She’s so beautiful everyone that made fun of her were just jealous!

  5. This is really sad! Not to mention disturbing to read it, The poor action on behalf of Vasquez high school is pathetic. But parents should be held accountable for thier kids action. DICIPLINE STARTS AT HOME….But thank GOD this 13yrs old girl is still alive.

  6. This behavior seems to be encouraged by many and not even considered bullying unless there is s physical threat. There should be more training required of teachers and administrators on bullying. They should know how to identify it & how to handle it. Being a kid is hard enough and nobody should feel afraid to go to school. I have made my expectations clear as to how my child is to behave towards others. If my child bullied another, as a parent I would handle it swiftly. It should not be tolerated…period!!!

  7. Sad hope she’s doing well now. So many tend to look the other way 😐

  8. Kelly Archer Kelly Archer says:

    Vasquez high is such a crappy school …..I went there and I would never send my kids there.

    • Key word. You WENT to Vasquez. It was a crappy school but the way it is being run now is way better than it used to be. I applaud our principal, he has changed it so much. But the school is totally different from the students.

    • Kelly Archer Kelly Archer says:

      Scott you seem young and are probably attending vasquez high. I’d love to hear how you think the principal has improved the school…oh and what you mean by the school being different from the students. Schools are made up of students and faculty. Students will be students and the faculty has always been the problem. Clearly not much has changed. 1 suicide and another bullying case that was luckily stopped by a smart parent, not the faculty. Hopefully the press will push the faculty into doing their jobs to protect and instruct students.

  9. Why are people so sue happy! Yes putting an end to bullying would be nice and maybe seeking a solution rather than getting into a legal battle. Unfortunately teen girls are mean. Young girls need to be taught to rise above these mean girls! It does start at home! Mean kids learn it from somewhere! I’m sure it was jealousy and it’s sad that girls are so jealous! I think if your child comes to you with an issue that’s affecting them this bad in high school, Jr high, elementary, it’s our job as parents to be their advocates! We need to step in and make sure things this drastic are taken care of. School fights happen daily in the schools! If a child has a good relationship with their parents and this is something that tremendously takes a toll on them, then that’s when parents need to step in and get to the bottom of it before things happen that may be detrimental to someone!

    • While this is true, why is nobody questioning the fact she got bullied again at a whole other school? Is she doing something to provoke this? I dont condone these actions but there seems to be a pattern.

    • Doesn’t always work that way, I know first hand….

    • Each circumstance is different
      All I’m saying is suing isn’t the answer. Something positive seems like a better solution. You can get your point across and things done without a legal battle. Today people will sue for anything. I’m all down with fighting for your babies but lawsuits are NOT the answer!

    • Not true. Until I threatened a lawsuit the school my daughter went to in Reseda didn’t do crap. The Principal even started bullying harassing my daughter. I went to the school board and threatened a lawsuit and things were finally handled. No child should have to put up with this, and unfortunately sometimes they need to be sued to make them do the right thing. I’m all for it especially if it makes the schools wise up and not let it happen to someone else’s child.

    • Kara Marie Kara Marie says:

      I went to school there. Nothing has changed. It’s time someone takes legal action against them. It’s a horrible horrible school that sweeps everything under the rug. I know first hand, this school is out of control and needs to be completely changed. A boy took his life in the bathroom there because of bullying. They are doing the right thing here. I am not a lawsuit person, but this is long over due.

    • Juan Medina Juan Medina says:

      Kara Marie I agree with you because I went their too and I almost got in a lot of fight because of protecting people and my self. I remember but that kid because it was my dad’s bday. And a lot of kids were lucky because he was going after them. They found alot of round on him

  10. I hope the school gets hit with a gigantic award for the student.

  11. This discussion is so one-sided you removed all the posts they don’t agree with what you’re saying!There’s about seven comments missing!SCV TV Santa Clarita-shame on you!

  12. Mike Lange Mike Lange says:

    Wow, I always knew you were not one to be messed with, but set on fire?

  13. Yes please sue…that way school districts get the picture. This will bring light to the issue and the responsibility that all school employees have. They win we all win…schools in SCV will listen and step it up.

  14. Blake Frye Blake Frye says:

    School districts are so corrupt when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    The councillors and higher up staff at Valencia high school have their own secret society! A lot of the people running high schools act like they are in high school but with a condescending attitude. SMDH, the whole public education system in America needs a major reform.

    • The kids tweet all the time about how condescending & mannerless the staff at the office behaves towards them. They need to have school employee training to remind them that the the kids are customers. Also, many women & adults bring their sour ass attitudes in to the school grounds. Leave your problems at home. Working in a school is being a public servant. You are paid by taxpayers.

  15. I like your thinking 🔥

  16. Yes, I agree Simi is a GREAT place. Glad to hear they take this stuff seriously..

  17. They did take it seriously.. And this was in like 2000..2001…I think anybody should call the police and report it..make them do something..at the very least when the cops go to the bully’s house it tells the parents there is a record of this happening..and you have a record..officially of this crap happening..but I still would beat mom up..raising such an ill bred girl..

  18. What a beautiful young lady… Shame on the ones that tormented her

  19. Yep, my youngest is a junior there. Didn’t hear about this, interesting and sad. Vasquez has a bunch of really vicious girls there so, not surprised. When my daughter played VB there, she was bullied by her coach !

  20. Im glad they are being sued, i see this has not stopped, my child went there and also got bullied, about 2 years later same thing happened to a young man there that also committed suicide in the boys restroom, shame on the district i guess things will never change

    • Ivana Rouse Ivana Rouse says:

      I pulled my two girls out of Vasquez too because of bullying. They both graduated from Charter schools.

    • Yes my girls ended up going to a non public school out in North Hollywood for the same reason, All staff there do not care about the children,

    • Rest easy jerimiah <3 good guy

    • Cody Lucas Cody Lucas says:

      Please don’t state that all the staff at Vasquez do not care for children. That is an ignorant comment…. and so disrespectful to the few teachers who do work hard to care for students

    • Cody Lucas, if you are the only person who cares then why are you not making a difference and standing up for these children? Really ???? This whole school disctict was a joke when my children were there and from what i see it continues to be a joke. 8 years with an attorney giving them the benefit of a doubt that they would get there s*** together and they couldnt instead they spent lots and lots of money funding my kids out to a non public school, they could have taken that money and and put it towards credential special ED teacher,or someone who really cares , besides Cody my statement is not ignorant, my statement is the Truth , its been going on for years nothing will ever change at this District . Why dont you bee there HERO for these kids then and make a difference? Everybody that i know that went to this school feels the same way, THEY ARE A JOKE!!!

    • I agree with Cody. The decisions you are talking about are administrative decisions not staff or teachers. Many of the teachers and staff care very much and try their best given the situation they are put in. They are only their because of the students. As someone who served as a student rep on the board for a year and student body President at VHS, the only support I had was from specific staff and teachers. So please don’t categorize everyone into one notion.

    • Cody Lucas Cody Lucas says:

      Vicky Meredith not only is your comment ignorant but you are also obviously ignorant. I don’t understand why you think it is my job to make a difference for all children. Do you stand up for any of the children?? Have you done anything g to help the situation except complain?? How dare you judge every single teacher when you clearly don’t know them. Grow up….

    • Cody Lucas Cody Lucas says:

      I’m not a teacher if that is what you are assuming. I was a student at vasquez.

    • Oh no Cody Lucas, the only ignorant little kid here is you obviously you are just a kid, Thats right a little kid that doesnt know anything !!! Maybe some day when you grow up you will understand Hahaha!

  21. When is everyone going to wake up!! This is a serious problem and the kid/kids and parents need to be held accountable!! There has to be laws put in place to protect the children being bullied! My child was bullied and it’s one of worst things any child or parent can go through!

  22. I remember a few years ago a child committed suicide because he was being bullied so bad at an Acton school I believe it was junior high school or start of his high school year.

  23. Patty Ann Patty Ann says:

    if you beat mom up, set her on fire you would be stooping down to the daughter’s level. Glad the police took care of it.

  24. Marianne Rogers says:

    I have a daughter who finally graduated from Vasquez and twins who have had nothing but problems in this school. While I agree that the problem with kids bullying other kids is in EVERY school, we are such a small High School it seems that our numbers of incidents are way out of proportion to the small school that it is. But this is a problem everywhere.. So sad..

  25. This school needs to be look at. Bullying was happening when my sister went there years ago.

  26. High schools suck! I put my kid in a charter school and he is getting awesome grades and there is no bullying and he has a math tutor if need be 4 days a week for free!

  27. She’s a beautiful young lady. Prayers for peace and internal love for herself. Stand strong baby girl!

  28. Beth Cameron Beth Cameron says:

    I agree my son was constantly attacked at the middle schoo. It started in 6th grade. By 7th escalated he came home with bruises. Got the run around.

  29. 😳😳 It’s not the school that will “pay” the lawsuit…we, the taxpayer will pay. Instead the parents should advocate against bullying AND get some people FIRED at the same time. Clearly the school officials should’ve done more to prevent this bullying from continuing.

  30. Debbie Munoz Debbie Munoz says:

    When it comes to my kids all bets are off!¡!!!

  31. I was bullied all through elementary and Jr high school at this school district and they did nothing

  32. SCV Citizen says:

    It appears that the lack of appropriate response and prevention of bullying by School Districts is no surprise. Our school district, Saugus Union, did not appropriately address bullying against our child. Bullying is a serious issue that the School Districts are mandated by federal law to address. Bullying causes both physical and psychological negative consequences that can have detrimental impact for a lifetime. However, the District responded to serious physical and psychological bullying by multiple students and multiple occurrences with denials, minimizing the seriousness of the bullying, displacing blame onto the victim, and intimidation of the victim’s family. This is a shame and a crime that cannot be tolerated. The family’s of the victim must seek appropriate legal action and the public must not tolerate bullying in their public schools (schools paid for by the tax payer’s dollars).

  33. That district sounds like a joke! From making kids take off memorial tshirts for their friend to this! Makes me not want to move there

  34. Cathy Trope Cathy Trope says:

    I don’t know you, but I like you. :)

  35. Trevor Dyer Trevor Dyer says:

    The school district was good for a long time ….. But since the closing on the original acton school, everything has slipped drastically downhill . It’s a shame that after 3 suicides within 10 years no one has stepped up to the plate

  36. Mike Bagack Mike Bagack says:

    Happened to my kid. Teachers and principal did nothing.

  37. A lot of comments concentrate d on “lawsuits”…what about the damage being done to the children. ..parents send their child to school to get an education…not to endure ” hunger games”…since there was staff awareness of this incident…and nothing was done…they should be sued…maybe next time they will suspend the abuser instead of the victim. ..no wonder we have such problems…girl gets attacked and a lot of you are more concerned about your tax dollars…what about the victim ?

  38. Cody Lucas Cody Lucas says:

    Let me start by saying bullying is a terrible thing that should not exist but let me also point out that the daughter was bullied at the school she moved to as well and even though the mother claims it was handled she also states the daughter was moved to yet another school. The only way to end bullying is by teaching your kids to rise above it. Not by suing a already severely underfunded school district that already can’t afford a reliable staff.

  39. I was bullied at this school… As a seventeen year old. I will say the school helped me when I was bullied though it took a while for me to work up the nerve to ask for help… I don’t think this school should be sued. Help them an hold them accountable to being more proactive about bullying but please don’t sue them… They have low funds as it is.

  40. Charissa Ann Charissa Ann says:

    Bullying is a problem across the board at every school!

  41. Ana Lyon Ana Lyon says:

    When you sue the school district, that takes away money from programs offered at the school. People seem to think that school districts just have a bunch load of money sitting around so that they can sue the school district. When they do sue a school district and win, what happens is they cut student programs, they cut staff, such as custodians, clerks and people who are also important to a students education, they maybe cut teachers and it also cuts into next year’s curriculum budget. They don’t realize that when they sue, it affects not only their family but many other families and programs, hence why the schools can’t offer much because you have sue-happy people who think that school districts are rich. I agree that bullying sucks and it’s an epidemic that needs more attention but it is not schools responsibility to take all the blame for a child’s behavior and education. Remember, the first teachers our kids ever had is us, the parent. We need to teach our kids not only how to walk, talk, and other essential things but we need to teach our kids manners, proper behavior, morals, values and ethics. It all starts in the home.

    • So therefore don’t sue cause it takes away from kids….
      save the bs of taking from kids. Kids are being robbed Dailey at school. Robbed of a proper education, robbed of feeling safe. ..

  42. My son goes to this school, when he was in middle school,(yes, middle school) I asked him to save the kids being bullied by one particular boy, to never walk away from a situation like that. He did his job until the 5th grade, then the bully picked on him. I went to the teacher , whom said she would watch, I went to the principal, who said she would take care of it. I finally went to each parent of the children my son protected, and told them they had to tell the principal. I also told them that if they had done this before this boy would have gotten help. They all did,and the bulling stopped. My son is capable of sticking up for others, but not himself.one of his friends came back to Vasquez after being bullied daily at Heart High, this is a widespread problem that is not going away. Please do not be like some of the parents of the children that my son protected, one took the bully’s parents out to dinner and asked them to stop their son from bullying theirs, this did not help. Go to an authority person and follow through everyday until the situation is resolved.

  43. Shirley says:

    Children learn from their parents actions, this girl’s parents must be the same…how sad. I wish the best for the young lady being bullied…don’t take it, fight it. You and your family are doing the right thing. Bullies need to stopped in their tracks.

  44. Ben Green Ben Green says:

    If I knew u could sue for this I would have shut down valencia. The less intelligent pick on smart kids cause of jealousy and insecurity. the bullying in all of socal has gotten so bad that I’ve decided to move to community of old folks who understand how society works. But dont worry Kim. The bullies who picked on u and made u an outcast will suffer their own fate when they’re 26 with 2 kids about to jump off a bridge and you’re in your nice cozy house sipping on your enemies tears. I was in your shoes once :)

  45. Barbara Kush Barbara Kush says:

    Our children need real adults to help protect them.

    • They do. My siblings encountered this at Vasquez and even bringing the bullying to the attention of the school district, after teachers and the principal refused to do anything. Still, nothing changed. Maybe someone suing the school district will open their eyes and they’ll finally have the children’s best interest at heart.

    • Barbara Kush Barbara Kush says:

      They did back in 2008. A special needs teen was bullied and committed suicide. It was horrible.

  46. Ana Lyon Ana Lyon says:

    So essentially what you are fighting for your child is that its not okay for her to be bullied but it’s okay for you to bully someone else and physically life threatned them. Its good defend your children and to advocate for them but not at the cost of someone’s life and health and at the risk of you going to prison for causing harm or death to someone else. Bullying sucks but don’t become the bully yourself .

  47. Ok im going to start this off by saying i did go to the school and i was bullied quite a bit because i was odd even by some of the people on here preaching how bullying is bad and all that i agree but at the same time sueing ha is one of the worst suggesting to solve this problem I’ve ever heard parents need to teach the kids right from wrong and also to stand up for whats right the teachers can only do so much if adults get bullied at work they dont go cry to the boss saying he was mean to me the confront the person first and try to talk about it if that doesn’t work then you go to the boss or whoever so before sueing for money cause that always fixes everything why not try teaching your kids to stand up for themselves and others first

  48. Mistie Melton Magnuson take a look at this

  49. I was sexually harassed in middle school in this school district often right in front of supervision. They told my parents and I that their humping was “playing.” After months of this daily occurrence and no adult help I pushed the kid off me to only be suspended and the other guy got nothing. The staff are often negligent and don’t notice anything that goes on right infront of them. I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten in 7 years. :/ glad to hear someone’s taking action against the district.

  50. This is so dumb this girl is not a victim she was the bully! Anyone that’s thinks different does not have a clue! My daughter was a victim of her bullying! This is all about her family looking for money! Get a job!

  51. It’s not that people are sue happy, there’s just literally no other option. A few of my siblings were bullied pretty bad at Vasquez. My parents spoke to the teachers, the principal and even taken it to the school district and still, nothing was done. Finally, my siblings were transferred schools for their own safety. In surely to stand up to the bullies as a last resort, they were jumped by multiple people. So everyone complaining about people being sue happy, please, tell me what other options available, when the school district couldn’t give to craps.

  52. I can fully attest to this. I had to remove my son from school and home school him due to the vicious bullying…not only by the students, done right in front of and condoned at times by certain staff. It is absolutely a horrible school. There have been children who have killed themselves because of the bullying at Vasquez. My daughter had a similar experience, and was also forced to leave that school for her safety.

  53. Nick Lesseos Morgan Nolind Alee Ponce Cameron Mc Mahan Garrett

  54. I was bullied 10 years ago at vasquez high by guys and girls. I had transfered from Poly high due to moving to Agua Dulce… poly I could dress amd express myself however I wanted. Never made fun of or picked at. I got to vasquez and it was a nightmare costantly having girls throw rocks at me, publicly try to humiliate me and pull my pants down at PE while teachers stood by.. all but one. My English teacher he always tried. But administrators never backed him up. I FINALLY left. Sad to hear that these things are still going on 10 years later

  55. Please sue that gay ass school.i.went to school there.n.lemme.tell u education.n everyone there are worthless!!!!

  56. My job as a parent is to protect my kids..from bullies..from teachers who pass the buck back to the kids..and the district who says..we can do conflict resolution..bullying is not a conflict..disagreeing is a conflict bullying is unprovoked behavior.. No reason..the bully usually doesn’t even know the other kid..my job is to make sure I take care of this..teachers don’t..schools don’t..districts don’t..call the police..doesn’t matter if they care or not..they have to make some effort..as for your yawn danica..who cares?? That was the only thing you could bring to this??? Go away..

  57. Kudos to u mom. I would of done the same thing!

  58. Somewhere, somehow… Schools should take have a strong handle on bulling.

  59. it will help your daughter when you are in jail and not around to help her. your actions will also come with consequences.

  60. They need to talk to some of the other children in our district and they will hear a different story. This young lady was the one being a bully to a lot of girls.

  61. Yes OK thank you Sharon Tremblay..

  62. This reporter never tried to contact I have had the same 2 phone numbers for 15 years!

  63. Yes a lot of tragic things have happened at this school but every school is going to be the same!
    People need to realize that Vasquez has been trying to work up enough money to build a better looking school for the kids they aren’t heartless.
    To sue them would be heartbreaking.
    I do agree that some of the staff need to be fired or dealt with.
    And for the parents, they need to talk to the kids and straighten things out!
    From reading all these comments I think people should get to the bottom of things before taking the drastic way out.

  64. While all this is sad why is nobody questioning the fact she got bullied again at a whole other school? Is she doing something to provoke this? I dont condone these actions but there seems to be a pattern. Hopefully her being at a homeschool she can concentrate on her education and not be sidetracked.

  65. Patricia Barron says:

    Both my daughters graduated from Vasquez high school one in 2006 and one in 2008. I had constant battles with both High Desert Junior High and Vasquez High Schhol because my youngest daughter was subjected to 3 years of non-stop bullying. Her life was threatened and the principle at the time did nothing. It got so bad that my daughter admitted to me a few years later that she had seriously contemplated suicide-to the point where she had already written her note to us. (I found it when we were cleaning out the house getting ready to move) THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR CHILDREN. My daughter was bullied in a classroom where the teacher was present and just looked the other way!

  66. Ian Perez Ian Perez says:

    You’re an unstable emotional wreck Cheri… Seek help

  67. Gil Yoon Gil Yoon says:

    I am not sure what happpened, but she was a sweet girl in elementary school when I had her in my school. It is just sad to know things like this has to happen.

  68. Kara Onischuk says:

    I am not surprised. I was bullied and almost stabbed at that school. So many kids were bullied and the fights were out of control. Everyday there was a fight. This was 20 years ago, but nothing has changed. A boy took his life in the bathroom there because of bullying. I had to go to homeschool for three months while they “took care of the situation”. I would never send my children there. Ever. The faculty does NOT care. In fact, the staff date students, do drugs, bum smokes from students, a few teachers and subs were not even real teachers. It is a horrible school and I do hope they are finally held accountable for their actions and student neglecte. I feel horrible for this young lady. My prayers are with her.

  69. I graduated from this high-school and frankly, it needs something it has never had. A form of school counseling, amongst many other needed things. I feel like getting mad at other people, i.e. a security guard, or teacher, is a bit much. They only have the tools and capacity to deal with these altercations on a minimal level. Unless they have a background of children’s development or phyciatrical care, they can never provide the tools to adequately help students in these situations and or prevent it from further happening. Especially if any action isn’t being taken at the bully’s home. I think it’s a shame to sue the school that barely has the means to educate it’s current students.

  70. Laura Keith Laura Keith says:

    It’s at the point when reached have to major in education and minor in psychology just to control the students.

    This girl is so pretty. It’s not hard to see why other girls harass her.
    A good old fashioned investigation. The kind where one mom confronts the other should resolve this problem. And when it does not end the problem, immediately I’m going to the school district office and putting their rear on notice of my intent to file a suit of in 24 hours the zero tolerance for bullying is not enforced.

  71. SCV Citizen says:

    Students have a right to an Free and Appropriate Education in an environment Free from intimidation. Bullying is one of the many reasons why the students leave the local school districts.

    The local school districts MUST appropriately address bullying or they will subject themselves, its administration, teachers, and staff to federal and state liability, if not criminal culpability. All who work in the District must be on guard to prevent & appropriately address bullying.

    AAUSD is not the only one that failed in its response and intervention to bullying. Our district, Saugus Union, tried to deny that there was bullying, minimized the seriousness of bullying, displaced the blame onto the victim (attempts to place the blame on the victim), and even tried to intimidate the victim and their family. All this despite parents’ repeated attempts to alert them to physical and psychological bullying incidents on multiple occasions by multiple students. Absolute shame and a crime!

    Bullying causes detrimental permanent harm to both the psychological and physical state of the victim, bystander, and even the perpetrator.
    The School District is mandated by law to stop bullying or they will have to face the legal consequences.

    Besides filing lawsuits, there are also following avenues to pursue:

    How School District must address Bullying:

    How to File a California Complaint regarding Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying:

    How to File a Federal Civil Rights Complaint:

  72. SCV Citizen says:

    Students have a right to an Free and Appropriate Education in an environment Free from intimidation. Bullying is one of the many reasons why the students leave the local school districts.

    The local school districts MUST appropriately address bullying or they will subject themselves, its administration, teachers, and staff to federal and state liability, if not criminal culpability. All who work in the District must be on guard to prevent & appropriately address bullying.

    AAUSD is not the only one that failed in its response and intervention to bullying. Our district, Saugus Union, to failed to respond appropriately to bullying and even tried to intimidate my child and us their parents when we reported the multiple incidents of bullying.

    Bullying causes detrimental permanent harm to both the psychological and physical state of the victim, bystander, and even the perpetrator.
    The School District is mandated by law to stop bullying or they will have to face the legal consequences.

    Parents must advocate for their child when the School District fails in its duty to protect the child in their care.

    Besides filing lawsuits, there are also following avenues to pursue:

    How School District must address Bullying:

    How to File a California Complaint regarding Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying:

    How to File a Federal Civil Rights Complaint:

  73. Parents out to hurt parents just as kids were out to hurt kids. Eye for an eye. Making money from declaring war. Spreading hate. Fighting darkness with darkness.

  74. This girl bullied my little sister ! If she’s getting bullied she deserves every bit of it . Karma is catching up with her

  75. SCV Citizen says:

    Also, I want to add that it’s not just the students who can be bullies. It’s the administrator, teacher, staff members (including campus monitors) who can be a bully. My child was subjected to not only bullying by the students, but bullying by an administrator, a teacher, and a campus monitor in the Saugus Union School District. The bullying experience with the teacher was the most damaging. How the district circles its wagon around itself and spins the denials, minimizing, and intimidation against the victims is atrocious.

    There is a lot to like about Santa Clarita, but the longer I live here, the more my eyes are opened, and I become increasingly disillusioned and feel that the city cares more about creating the image of “Awesometown” without the actual substance. Our schools, at least in the Saugus District, don’t provide the enrichment programs (like art, PE, music, etc), that even other school districts or other state’s school districts do, they don’t provide appropriate Gate programs nor appropriate special needs services as they should, and when bullying occurs, their failure to respond to and prevent bullying is detrimental.

    Santa Clarita should not be just the illusion of “Awesometown” and a “marketing tool” for home developers to build and sell homes. It should be a city of actual substance and a city where its children can be safe and receive free and appropriate education as is mandated by law.

  76. This arrival infuriates me!!!! This girl was not the one being bullied, SHE IS THE BULLY!!!! she bullied my niece so bad that her parents had to take her out of the school because they wouldn’t do anything. All the true crap will come out in court, because there is proof, it sickens me that out system works the way it does this family are a bunch of low lives that live of the system are just want money. karma will get them in the end. I was thankful when my niece was taken out of the school and no longer had to be tortured by this girl on a daily basis. She is not as sweet and innocent as she looks, you can’t believe everything you read people.

  77. She was my fellow classmates and honestly I remember Kim she was really sweet and I still remember the day of her fighting catlin magnason I don’t recall Kim being bullied but I do remember she was quite aggressive also she wasn’t a victim of that fight she was aware of every moment it happened and she teased the girl catlin too they both said things they didn’t mean but in the end deep deep down they will always be best friends

  78. Mistie magnuson says:

    So glad I can say his girl lost ! My daughter was cleared of all charges and the suspension on her record was removed after video was showed in court, my daughter was the victim not the bully. So all you people that jumped on the bandwagon should apologize to my daughter the true victim

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