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September 18
1962 - Articles of incorporation filed for Golden State Memorial Hospital on Lyons Avenue [story]

SACRAMENTO – California’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit in federal court today against the Trump-Pence Administration’s new rules that will deny access to contraceptives for millions of women and their families by allowing employers to interfere with health care.

The rules jeopardize the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers provide coverage of birth control for employees and their covered dependents with no out-of-pocket costs.

To date, 62 million women across the country have benefited from these reproductive health services.

“Donald Trump wants businesses and corporations to control family planning decisions rather than a woman in consultation with her doctor,” Becerra said. “These anti-women’s health regulations prove once again that the Trump Administration is willing to trample on people’s rights.”

“What group of Americans will they target next?” he said. “Will they allow businesses to deny you cancer treatment? Will they exclude you from insurance coverage because of a pre-existing health condition? The California Department of Justice will fight to protect every woman’s right to healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. We’ll see the Trump Administration in court.”

Becerra filed this lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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  1. Irma Ibarra Irma Ibarra says:

    California, you are a joke. You’re like a spoiled child that throws a tantrum when (s)he doesn’t get his way. Nanny state.

  2. A joke that has the 6th largest economy in the world, great culture, great food, and great people.

  3. ” The rules jeopardize the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers provide coverage of birth control for employees and their covered dependents with no out-of-pocket costs. ”

    Oh boo f***ing hoo. Plenty of contraceptives are affordable, easily obtainable and by no means should be your employers problem. If you think otherwise, then I hope you do get boss’ contraceptives, because we dont need you breeding.

  4. Seriously California get a clue! This is for sure the state of confusion… oh my poor 20 year old daughter who’s attending UCLA can’t get birth control, but we can afford to send you to one of the most expensive schools in California!!! WTF 🙄. Keep your legs closed!

  5. Anyone who ‘buys in to’ this BS story ought to be on the ‘mental list’ …. It’s NOT the tax payers responsibility to provide ‘you’ with contraceptives. It’s YOUR responsibility to prevent pregnancy. Go see your Doctor. Get a percriptions and fill it at Walmart…. it’ll cost you $5.00 in most all cases. EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE INSURANCE. (all you bleeding heart stupid people make me retch)

  6. Cross your legs, go to Planned Parenthood, or buy your own I’m done paying for your welfare babies.

  7. Sophie Sidky Sophie Sidky says:

    Fun fact to all the ignorant out there. Contraceptives aren’t just to prevent pregnancy. They can also treat a vast number of medical concerns women have, including but not limited to:

    – Hormone irregularity
    – Painful, crippling, agonizing cramps that disrupt your days
    – Heavy or irregular periods
    – POI (Primary Ovarian Insufficiency)
    – PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
    – Endometriosis

    And for the record, on average, birth control can cost, on average, anywhere from $20-$50 a month. Some people can’t afford that. I know I sure couldn’t for the last 4 months.

    But no, please, continue to chide people and tell them to simply close their legs. I’m sure that advice is completely solid for women with any of the above listed issues.

  8. I shouldn’t have to pay for your birth control, try family planning, it works if you work it. oops, sorry too much work.

  9. Jared Axen Jared Axen says:

    If they want birth control, they can pay for it themselves. I don’t need to pay for them to keep their legs open with my taxes.

  10. “rules that will deny access to contraceptives for millions of women and their families by allowing employers to interfere with health care.” What if I told you that if you want it, YOU CAN STILL GO AND BUY IT YOURSELF

  11. I love living in Southern CA because of the weather. Thats about it.. So sick of all the liberal BS. Go get a job and YES pay for your own birth control. NO MORE HAND OUTS.

  12. Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

    Heads-up kneejerk Republicans…The Contraceptive Pill is prescribed very often to treat Ovarian Cysts and other medical conditions. It’s not about “closing your legs” (wow what century are you from?) it’s about giving people the healthcare they need, because we are a civilized society that cares for all it’s citizens. You can always move to Texas if California is too humane for you. Oh wait, that’s YOUR standard answer to people who complain about America, “Then leave!”. Now it’s your turn. If you don’t like California, leave and find a state that you feel more comfortable in. One with less brown ‘welfare babies’ and more white ‘welfare babies’. Isn’t that what you really are complaining about after all? It’s giving your money to help brown people. That’s what really pisses you off isn’t it? Isn’t it!

    • Robert Gast Robert Gast says:

      While true….. is this about stopping people with Ovarian Cysts from treatment OR about making one’s problem, someone else’s problem?

      Talk about a BROAD statement for a small sample size. When anything gets ‘taken’ away people moan and complain. But let’s think about the money saved that then could actually HELP those (with serious medical conditions) get the help they deserve?

      But I’m just a small minded knee jerk reaction Republican, so what do I know? 😉

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Hey Robert, obviously you are not a full-kneejerk Republican or you would have posted in ALL CAPS with lots of spelling errors. But, to your point, do you really think any ‘money saved’ would ever go anywhere but into the pockets of the Health Insurance companies and Hospitals? Also, what makes Ovarian Cancer a medical condition that is somehow not ‘serious’ to you? Probably because you don’t know anyone with Ovarian Cysts, because this is the thing I’ve noticed Robert, that people who identify as Republican have a habit of not caring about something until they get personally affected. For example the Republican Governors who wouldn’t pay for other states disaster relief, but cried for FEMA when they had a Hurricane. It’s not okay to keep taking things away from people just because you think it will never affect you and your family. Because one day it might.

    • Robert Gast Robert Gast says:

      Paul Wynne, again, a broad statement. We all care. But some feel that money can be saved and utilized for good in other areas. When we (business) do not get the opportunity to vote and / or weigh in (e.g. forced) to contribute to something we may not personally believe in, then it causes a mixed bag of emotions.

      What if your company was forced to pay for marijuana as we now know it contains many Medicinal purposes (especially as specific strains are being harvested to help people with disease).

      Taking away something (that wasn’t always given btw), is difficult for some. But that burden should not be ‘forced’. No different than pay, days off, or other essential benefits.

      If the Feds, or my state, forced me to do anything against my beliefs (or what my pocket book could afford), this would be not only a legal rights issue but a civil issue.

      So I’m receiving ‘said’ benefits from an employer (via the state), those receiving the benefits are still undoubtedly TAKING (notice all caps 😉) away from someone or something else. It’s very simple. One can not receive without taking…… unless that gift is being given freely. And that comes from ones heart……. not governing bodies.

    • Paul Wynne Paul Wynne says:

      Robert, it’s getting late, so I’ll be brief. What you seem to be describing appears to be that you are against all taxation? Or all Government Fees? Am I right? Do you object to the military being given more than they actually asked for when at the same time we are told that children’s Medicare is unaffordable? Of course you care. But not as much as you care about paying for Birth Control. However, there’s a reason rules are forced onto businesses; fees, healthcare costs, taxes, building codes etc, etc. The reason is if businesses were not forced to do these things most businesses simply would not. Take a look at Walmart the poster child for the success of Capitalism. Apart from buying everything from China and therefore outsourcing the manufacturing jobs, they have also devised a system where they only employ people in short shifts so they can avoid giving them health insurance. Yes more rules = less profit. So what. Other countries manage to run their lives pretty successfully without gouging each other. In fact it’s the heavily regulated socialist countries that always score highest on the ‘Happiness Index’ such as Denmark and Sweden. It’s the rules that business hate, that makes society civilized. So when you get a Capuccino in Starbucks you know they didn’t use dirty equipment to make it. So when you get in a rental car you know the wheels won’t fall off. It’s a country of laws and they work most of the time. But only because they are enforced. If you wait for a Disabled Restroom to be built voluntarily in every restaurant due to “that gift being given freely” then you’d have a very long wait 😉 Nite nite.

  13. Mark Kashay Mark Kashay says:

    My god, just make it OTC like most of the rest of the world and for less than a doctor visit copay, you can buy it.

  14. Kj Allen Kj Allen says:

    CA the state run by lunatics voted in by lunatics

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1962 - Articles of incorporation filed for Golden State Memorial Hospital on Lyons Avenue [story]
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