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wyattsavaikie2012[KHTS] – The 74-year-old man who allegedly struck and killed 14-year-old Wyatt Savaikie at a Saugus intersection in July is facing multiple charges.

Charges were filed against Ralph August Steger, 74, of Canyon Country, for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, speeding and failing to stop at a red light.

The charges read that Steger “unlawfully, and without malice, (killed Savaikie), a human being, while driving a vehicle in the commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to a felony, but without gross negligence; and while driving a vehicle in the commission of a lawful act which might have produced death, in an unlawful manner, but without gross negligence.”

The charges also say Steger failed to stop at a red light and drove at an “unsafe speed.”

Steger’s arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2016 at the Santa Clarita Courthouse in Dept. 3.

“He was beautiful,” Savaikie’s mother, Teresa Savaikie, said in an interview with SCVTV in July. “We are so honored to have had the privilege of having him in our lives, as our Gentle Giant, our precious son.”

Savaikie loved skateboarding, playing soccer and X-box, who hated spaghetti and loved pizza, said Teresa Savaikie.

Savaikie was struck and killed on July 16 at the intersection of Bouquet Canyon Road and Seco Canyon Road. He was pronounced dead on scene.

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  1. This boy should still be here and that driver should be in jail!

  2. REVOKE his license completely.

  3. Mike Weaver says:

    So my question is what are the charges ? Last I hear the kid scared or ran right in front of the car.

    • Charges are explained in the article.

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Yea still makes no sense to me. I’m meant it’s sad the kid died but he did unlawfully Crossed the street. And where did the red light fact come in to play ?

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Well hello I did and still makes no sense of where all this came from. The initial report or any witness never said anything about a red light. The original story was the kid rode his skate board right into traffic.

    • There’s been talk about the driver running a red light since the minute it happened!! They interviewed several witnesses!

    • Ya, idk all the facts, so…….It’s sad that a little boy passed away, and I’m sure the man who accidentally hit him feels beyond terrible. Sad situation all around. ?

      • Kim says:

        I agree with Candice. Most of us (if any) were not there when it happened so we are just going off the article and other reports which we all know gets the “facts” wrong quite a bit. A boy lost his life, parents lost their son, and a man must live with the dact that he killed a child (whether he was guilty or not). Who are we to say who was wrong in this? Compassion for everyone here. Wouldn’t you want the same? ??

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Yea I’m sure he does. I deal with fatal accident almost weekly.

    • Mike Weaver says:

      And also parents these days don’t teach they’re kids any safety measures what so ever. We have a school down the street and idk how many time I had a kid just walk or run out right I front of me. These kids don’t stop or look for cars they just walk right into traffic. And I have already contacted the school about it and so far no change not even a crossing guard. It’s ridiculous

    • From what I remember when this happened it was stated that the boy was legally crossing the street in the crosswalk when the driver ran the red light and hit him. It most definitely was not the young boy’s fault.

    • The driver was speeding and ran a red light.

    • The talk that he rode his skateboard into traffic was just speculation but if my memory serves correct it was determined that the boy was legally crossing the street and completely in the right.

    • Wyatt was legally crossing the street at bouquet and Seco. The driver ran a red light at excessive speed striking Wyatt as he was in the cross walk WALKING with his skateboard in hand.

    • Laura Conant says:

      The old guy was in a hurry that’s why he ran the red light at a high speed. He didn’t care about Wyatt crossing the street. Can’t bring Wyatt back but Ralph needs to serve time behind bars!!!

    • I agree with Mike weaver, I live by Sierra vista and daily I see kids just walk right off the curb and into the street not even looking up from phones to check to make sure it is safe to cross. My son isn’t even 2 and we practice looking both ways if we walk anywhere. More parents need to teach their kids on safety when crossing anything! But on the note of this, I feel it was an accident and yes this poor man has to deal with what happen daily he might have a grand kid that age to remind him what he did. It’s sad a young mans life was taken way too soon.

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Yup that is the school I drive by every day. That school really needs to do something about it

    • the kid ‘ran in front of the car’?! What are you talking about?? You ever cross a crosswalk when it ways ‘walk’? Yeah…so did Wyatt

    • Still wondering how mike decided that Wyatt “unlawfully crossed the street” – let’s stop making stuff up and respect the family. Quit assuming he “wasn’t taught proper safety” etc like you stated….. Amazing level of ignorance here.

  4. no amount of punishment will bring this sweet boy back. please stop judging the driver. if you have EVER looked away while driving, ran a red light, used your phone, turned on radio or been in the slightest distracted while driving, this could have been YOU behind the wheel. God please comfort this poor family and use what happened as a lesson to ALL of us…… to PAY ATTENTION while we are driving.

  5. Time to man up and take responsibility for his actions

  6. He is 74 years old. I’m sure he is devastated by what happened. Just Revoke his license. Are charges really necessary?

  7. Eric Baker says:

    Hated spaghetti????

  8. Tami Fox says:

    So devastating for all involved.

  9. Cathy Lahey says:

    Poor Wyatt….was such a nice kid…

  10. We need to re-look at the DMV. Seniors should have a reaction test and be tested harder than ever. Usually their license is their last only freedom however how many of you have been almost side swiped by the little old lady? I know I have had many close calls. This over all is beyond tragic. My heart is broken for all involved

  11. Edwin Mendez says:

    The 74 yr old doensnt deserve charges as the kid was on a bike lane skateboarding ur asking to get hit RIP to his young soul

    • I don’t think he was asking to get hit.

    • Edwin go on another thread. You’re an idiot! Why do you keep feeling the need to comment FALSE INFO?!

    • Edwin Mendez says:

      I know but u walk on a bike lane ? I wouldn’t cuz i can get hit its a skinny line For bikes


      • Khj says:

        No… He was riding his skateboard across the intersection, not holding it. I read it different articles. Wonder if walking his skateboard across the crosswalk would of changed anything. And for the people who have the nerve to say the driver murdered the boy.. they must not know the definition of murder.. there was no deliberation or intent..he didn’t go out trying to kill someone that day or see the kid and aimed his SUV in his direction in hopes of killing him.

    • Edwin Mendez says:

      What here is false info is a bike lane not scare and ment for bikes … Cuz a skateboard is not ment for streets any Lil rock u can fall and get hit

    • You’re an idiot. He was in a crosswalk, do you know what that is? It’s for pedestrians to walk safely across the street. I feel sorry for our country if you are it’s future.

    • Edwin Mendez says:

      He flew and hit the post unless the went on the side walk and hit him if in wrong sorry but otherwise i was told by news he was on the bike lane

    • Judith Pinto says:

      He was crossing the street on a green light holding the skateboard. The man ran a red light. He did not mean to but he did. Of course he deserves charges just as you and I would.

    • Edwin Mendez Get you facts straight – Wyatt deserved to get hit just as you deserve to get hit everytime you legally cross a crosswalk on a green/walk light. There was also footage from the Chevron camera confirming that the driver killed wyatt as he ran a red light (speeding) as wyatt was legally crossing the crosswalk. Go away and have some respect for this family.

    • You got your facts wrong edwin.

    • Its been said from the beginning that he was crossing the street not skating on bike lane .. RIP too young too soon

    • Tammy Hansen says:

      Edwin, may your young soul of a child be brutally KILLED.

    • Edwin, I witnessed this tragic accident… He was not in “a bike lane” he was waiting on the corner on the sidewalk for the crosswalk light to turn green… He did absolutely nothing wrong…. He had the complete right-a-way to proceed across the street…

    • Edwin Mendez says:

      Apoligize to all of you as the news said he was riding on the bike lane sorry for all I offended if he ran the red light let him rot in jail vbut I NEVER said He deserved it I said if one rides on the bike lane ur asking to get hit but never will I wish ddeath on a kid Im Sorry for my incoorect Facts Shows You Cant TrustEverything on the Media ….yet again Sorry all

    • The statement you made about this young boy is disgusting!!! Your facts are WRONG! He was crossing the street!!! You should be ashamed of yourself! He was NOT “asking to get hit” how dare you make such a horrible statement about a young man who lost his life! I pray his parents, siblings, etc never have to read your ignorant statement!

  12. I’m kinda confused on some of your guys comments if this was your kid,your telling me u wouldn’t want the man that killed your kid in jail doing time. Your going to feel sorry because he’s 74 years old and don’t think he can handle jail? I get it people make mistakes but that man shouldn’t of ran a red light and be on his phone. I would lose it if I lost my child over someone stupid actions. RIP Wyatt

    • If it were my kid, I would not want him to do jail time. I don’t think it would accomplish anything. I would use this experience and use it to push for stricter driving regulations especially for the elderly. Everyone looses in this situation, I would try to make something positive come out of it.

    • I agree if it was my kid I would use it to make stricter laws for the elderly drivers! I am sure he is punishing himself more then jail would!! Just my opinion though

    • Nope. I wouldn’t want to see him in jail. Every single one of us at some point are distracted drivers. This would be a total different situation if the driver was under the influence or impaired, IMO. I’m sure this man probably has grandchildren Wyatt’s age and is truly sorry for what happened. This man was not a delinquent in our community, nor did he do this with any malice in his heart. He did something that every single one of us do everyday, he misjudged and he didn’t pay attention.

  13. Jacqui Giden says:

    So very sad for, may they all find peace ♡♡

  14. Elysia Tobin says:

    This literally could have been anyone! I see drivers distracted constantly, everyone is always in a rush… Slow down and pay attention. Vehicles can be a deadly weapon! The city also needs to address the traffic signal at that intersection, it is dangerous in itself. I have walked across on a green pedestrian signal and literally had a car drive up to me and wait impatiently for me to hurry across. It’s just dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. This poor family. What a tragedy.

  15. It was an accident. He didn’t go out of his way to kill the child and I’m sure he is destroyed from taking such an innocent life. He doesn’t need to do jail time. He doesn’t have to learn anything from this because killing was not his intent. Leave him be. And for those that asked if this was my child this is the exact way I would feel about it. It is unfortunate and its sad but it was an accident. Here’s a thought let’s put ourselves in the 74 year olds shoes. He took a young persons life by making a simple mistake. That is not something anyone can do and just move on without your life being impacted by it. Everyday he will wake up with that boy on his mind and he will relive the event over and over and over again. That should be punishment enough for him.

    • I got kids don’t know what I’ll do without them someone taking them from me this way its a tragedy something we can all learn from wouldn’t wanted to b in any ones shoes.. My prayers for both

    • He didn’t make a mistake he violated the law and there are consequences for doing so. End of story. Also, ignorance is NOT an excuse for avoiding punishment. Don’t know the law? Still accountable.

    • Leave him be???!!! I don’t want him to spend the rest of his life in jail, but please…misdemeanor?! If it were someone younger, then I must imagine that person would be charged with something more extreme. I guess age discrimination is okay in the case. At least they should take away his license FOREVER and force some type of community service on this man. I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe in accountability.

  16. Tony Moore says:

    Some of you people are complete idiots…….

  17. People need to think twice before posting comments here…..so much misinformation and ignorance. If you don’t know the facts, stay off the keyboard. Have some respect for Wyatt and his family.

  18. Just to clarify, Savaikie was struck as he was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk.

  19. Judith Pinto says:

    Can you even imagine the life the parents have now without those sweet eyes smiling back at them?

  20. God please hide his family under your wing and hug them tightly there. Especially during these holidays. My heart goes out to you all who knew and loved him ❤️

  21. Edwin Mendez, please excuse yourself from this feed. Blaming the victim does not promote healing in any way.

  22. JoAnn Faris says:

    Justice for Wyatt…Prayers to the family

  23. He ran a red light ,send him to jail and let him rot til he dies

  24. Many peaceful prayers go out to everyone involved.

  25. To be honest, just revoke the license. In reality it would cost more to prosecute the 74 year old rather than just revoke his license. If he’s anything like the people I’ve worked with in the past, he’s feeling more pain than any of us could. A realization as such can destroy a person at that age. I would rather have him home with no licenses than the thought of what he would have to endure in prison for unintended vehicle manslaughter. I’ve witness people getting hit in the parking lot just because they thought their car was in drive/reverse. If it was my kid, yes I would be complete devastated, but I lived with my grandma before she passed away from trauma in a t-bone car accident in which police officers did conclude it was my grandma’s fault. I was extremely pissed knowing a year or so later the person who t boned her wanted to sue her for a fractured wrist and some memory loss. My grandma passed 3 weeks after that accident. My mom and myself both blame ourselves for her passing because we should of just revoked her license, but that’s difficult because in a sense, it’s taking away their freedom, but in a more civilized way than throwing her in prison (if she made it)

    • How is running a red light comparable to an accident? It isn’t. Only reason it happens is if you’re distracted or don’t care. In which case, you shouldn’t be driving.

    • So is not making sure your in the right gear.

    • But thanks again,you kind of already answered the question. I’m sure he was distracted, and did care

    • So if that was your 74 year old Grandparent, you would agree that he/she should be put through trial and possibly thrown in prison? I agree that no crime should be left unpunished, but I can assure you that putting a 74 year old through a prison sentence is manslaughter in itself. Have you ever been in a car with a senior citizen? Have you even worked or been around a group of senior citizens? Because I can assure you that a great percentage of them would be forever crushed and mortified for it, let alone their family members. Unfortunately, it’s the job of the kids to know when to start thinking about revoking licenses as MUCH AS THAT IS TERRIBLE THING TO DO, when thinking or observing the slow down of reflexes and mental processing. Most DMVs will have them drive around just to see if they are still capable of driving safely.

    • So we should let it slide so an elder doesn’t get embarrassed? Should I also let my toddler scream and tantrum in public just so she doesn’t get embarrassed by being disciplined in public? Hell no. And I was raised by my grandmother so yes I’ve spent plenty of time with senior citizens. Jail time may be excessive in this case since there wasn’t any malicious intent (just extreme negligence) but he can still get community service or other things and be punished with more than just a lost drivers license. Being old and senile doesn’t excuse bad behavior and blatant disregard for driving laws.

  26. Regardless of his age, he needs to be penalized for dangerous driving and reckless endangerment. And with more than just losing his license. We’re essentially telling people that distracted driving isn’t a big deal as it will only be punished with a slap on the wrist, despite the fact that it endangers everyone around them. And as for his age, I firmly believe that as you get older, you should be better able to distinguish right from wrong. That doesn’t change once you hit a certain age. You don’t get to back pedal. If you think you can, you’re an entitled POS.

  27. Norma Allen says:

    And he had his helmet on that dsy. Both are a tradgety

  28. Wyatt was following the rules…he was in the cross walk. Whether this man is 74, 24, 34 in irrelevant!! He was distracted and ran a red light and hit a young man that was following the rules. Charges should be filed…to my knowledge this man has still not attempted to reach out to this family who is dealing in GRIEF…tremendous GRIEF that no mother or father should ever have to deal with…teaching your child how to obey the rules and then have a reckless person in his car…TAKE his life. Your car becomes a weapon especially when you are speeding, not paying attention, distracted, driving under any kind of influence of ANYTHING. As a licensed driver it is YOUR responsibility to make every effort to focus on the task ahead..get from point A to point B without hurting another soul, hitting a another car, or taking a life. If your priorities in your car are anything but safety…you my friend should not be driving…PERIOD! This could have been any of our children, siblings, parents…loved ones. If you have not walked in the unbelievable GRIEF this family has walked in…please don’t speak…you know nothing about how they feel, the justice they want for their child, or the brokeness of their hearts. 74 does not mean feeble…it should signify wisdom…He was wrong…and still is wrong for not acknowledging to this family any kind of sorrow for ruining and changing their lives. We need to pray for this family, even for this man who killed Wyatt to be ready to hold himself accountable for what happened, for this city to look into the safety of its people and that hearts can be healed.

  29. The courts just gotta get that money.

  30. I was just thinking about him today. I drive by there everyday. RIP

  31. Norma Allen says:

    Stop the negative. In the first place skate boards are terribly dangerous. So is cell phone use while driving charges aren’t bringing the poor soul back

  32. Lisa Bright says:


  33. 100% tragic for all involved.

  34. Teresa Savaikie says:

    Edwin Mendez,
    I am Wyatt Anthony Savaikie’s mom. Please, stop posting such inaccurate and completely and insensitive material, my son did not break one law, he was 100 percent in the right. Your comments sicken me, they are so off. The man ran a red-light and unsafe speed limit, he went another 15 or more feet dater running the red light and then continued to blow though the cross walk, not one, not one skid mark. Please, please stop your unkind nonsense. Read before you type. Teresa Savaikie,

  35. Anonymous says:

    So sad

  36. The charges are based upon the totality of the drivers actions and most likely will get probation.

  37. Linda Stout says:

    The “boy” has a name his name is Wyatt Anthony Savaikie he was 14 when he was crossing the street at a crosswalk legally with his skateboard in hand. When he was struck by Mr Steger who was driving down the street at a high rate of speed thru a red light. Wyatt would be here today had this man just paid attention to what was going on around him.

  38. Tracy Humble says:

    MISDEMEANOR? Our justice system is completely unfair. If this were s cop that was killed this man would be behind bars. The man is simply getting off on a misdemeanor charge and a 14 year old beautiful boy who I knew personally is now gone because of a wreckless driver. This is beyond wrong. A family has lost a child, and a brother. This guy is home eating dinner with his family every night. That intersection needs to be addressed and adjusted so this doesn’t happen again. I saw an accident there again just today. The justice system is failing this family. This man should be in jail. He lived a full life and Wyatt will NEVER experience any milestones that this man already has. I am beyond sad and outraged.

  39. Ralph Green says:

    I send my condolences to the family. I hope the light returns to your family

  40. Madison Salkeld says:

    My friend was struck by a car and killed. I lived next to him for over a year. All their charging is that. I lost one of my friends a brother. He had a life to live. He was 14. People were saying this Ralph guy was texting. He wasn’t paying attention and killed my friend. It’s his fault for the death of a boy who was looking forward to so much. the night my parents told me he died I couldn’t say anything because I couldn’t process it. To me he was alive. But looking on Instagram and seeing all of the posts about him I knew it was real. I cried myself to sleep. People still post things about him and write him messages. He has almost a thousand comments on the last photo he posted when he was alive. People post on there daily. People are still struggling inside about a best friend dying. Being killed and all he was charged with is misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. To me, after killing a boy because he wasn’t paying attention and getting charged with that is outrageous.

  41. Everyone here complaining about drivers but what about some
    Of you who cross in the dark not caring about the people driving? This wasnt the case and its going to be hard to convict a 74 year old. Hope he gets some
    Sort of punishment. I just think its pathetic a lot of you preach all of these things you dont follow either

  42. teresa savaikie says:

    to all of you that have posted compassionate and accurate words, thank you and for those that posted inaccurate or uncaring and untrue information please in the memory of my beautiful son read the facts before you post. this is what I know. our son was 100 percent in the right the driver first ran through a red light, at unsafe speed limits, he then continued on another 15 or so feet ahead after already running the red light directly into the marked crosswalk, Wyatt was already given the green to go as the driver ran into him at about 50 miles an hour immediately striking Wyatt and thankfully killing him instantly before he received the final blow when he was thrown another 15 feet or so into a utility pole I say thankfully he died instantly because the thought of him still being alive when he was thrown into the pole is a thought I cannot possibly consider in my heart and mind. there was not one single skid mark at the accident site, not one Wyatt was being a good boy and obeying all the rules, we always taught and spoke of safety, always and yet all those discussions in the end did not save him from a speeding man, running through a red light going another 15 feet and striking my son in a marked cross walk if all he gets is slap on the wrist that seems ridiculous to me what example are we setting, that its ok to do such a tragic act and kill someone and rob him of a long life and we will not be punished this driver got to go to high school, learn how to drive a car, to high school football games or maybe even play, go to school proms, have a girlfriend, graduate and go on to college and marry and maybe become a father one day. we all have to pay attention the speed limits out here demand that we do, as we sadly know these limits are not survivable and we have an obligation to obey the rules, to look ahead believe me there is so much I could say about my beautiful son, gone just gone because he dared to cross a street legally while on his way to the gym I pray and hope that no one has to understand how painful it is to lose a child, one second speaking to you about his excitement for life and just a few minutes he is gone, there is nothing in the world I can think of that is more painful then losing a child unexpectedly and in such a senseless way, it tragic and it would be appreciated if you could please get your facts straight before posting about someone’s loved one. for Wyatt’s sake I feel the truth must to told. as for the driver, he deserves being penalized to the greatest extent of the law, I doubt seriously he does not feel the pain we feel within ourselves, Wyatt’s hopes and dreams and ours for him were taken when the driver made the choice to break the law, it is all on him there is no room for driver error in this valley our loved ones have to cross mini freeways to get to gyms, schools, stores, parks and more I miss my son and we wake up to this reality of single day we have to stop slapping people on the wrist when they break the laws it is ridiculous that a child can be killed in a such a way and at the end of the day the person that killed him wont serve time, his fine will likely be woefully inadequate and if he were truly remorseful he would have reached out in some way to tell us so

  43. This is bringing me to tears… what a beautiful kid.

  44. Kelly Hustis says:

    If you knew that SWEET BOY WYATT you would under stand why we all want justice for him. I watched him grow up? it does matter how old that guy is HE KILLED THAT YOUNG MAN?

    • Tracy Humble says:

      Do you all realize that my dear friend, Wyatt’s mother and family are reading these comments? Have some respect. Get your facts straight. Imagine this was your loss. Wyatt’s death could have been prevented. Now is the time to pray for Wyatt’s family and their healing. I have never heard such ignorant comments and incorrect facts as I have stated here. You should all be ashamed for making negative, incorrect ignorant comments. Just stop and let this family grieve in peace. Please …. Enough.

  45. This guy killed my best friend give him the charges

  46. Chances are it was an accident.

  47. Bree Shields says:

    I feel bad for the people who are commenting on this post saying the old man should rot in jail. He wasn’t drunk. He wasn’t texting or talking on the phone. He’s an innocent 74 year old man who MADE AN ACCIDENT. Now I can understand losing a child isn’t easy, but it’s not like the old man hoped into his car that day and thought “maybe I’ll kill a child today, let’s go for a joy ride”
    You all need to understand that the family is hurting just as much as the old man. Also, more people need to learn how to FORGIVE! A death to a child is irreplaceable but why be bitter and also wish harm to an innocent man who purely made a mistake. Don’t call him a murderer! And don’t ever say you hope he rots in jail. That makes you just as sick as the thought of a child’s death… If more people learned to forgive this place wouldn’t be so damn miserable. MISTAKES HAPPEN… We learn to live with it and move on!!!

    And I truly wish for the best for Wyatts family… And hope they fight to save this mans life, because chances are if he goes to jail, his life will be taken too soon too.

    • Teresa Savaikie says:

      There can be no loss or feeling greater then the unexpected loss of someones child. Wyatt was not off to war, nor in the military, nor law enforcement (though he spoke of doing that ine day) he wasn’t in to drugs or drinking, he was here, he waas going to the gym, I heard sirens but I thought they had gone up the road, a helicopter was over our home, I walked outside, I briefly thought to myself, oh my gosh both of our boys are not home, the helicopter left, I thought to my self, don’t even think like that, thinking to myself I’m just paranoid. I came back in and it was quiet, soon my phone rang, it waa my older son, mom, mom please see if Wyatt is home, I can’t go any further it’s very painful to think about, the love of our children is so beautiful, I never knew a love like that existed and it is the most beautiful thing is the whole wide world and in an instant, a man chose to speed, a man chose to run a red light, a man chose to run the red-light and continue on another 15 feet or move, choosing to run into a marked cross walk, these were decisions he made, multiple decisions. Surely he did not set out to kill our son but he broke three seperate laws, three before he hit wyatr at 50 plus miles an hour, as a poor senior women started to describe what she had witnessed, tried to describe it to me to offer comfort as she shook, trembling, unable to eat, to sleep since witnessing the incident, she started to describe the sounds and soon I was lifted from friends and put in the car to wait for my family at Eternal Valley, she wanted us to know that Wyatt was killed instantly, hit so hard on initial impact that he died before he was sent flying another 15 or 20 feet into a utility pole. The driver may experience the remainder of his life wit guilt, maybe I wouldn’t know but he had 74 years, Wyatt had just 14 and we have a life time of hollowness in our hearts, an ache no one could possibly understand unless they have lost a child unexpectedly I hope as parents you can try and understand that while we have no choice but to go on we will always feel a pain so deep, so painful that I cannot find the words to describe it. The driver needs to be punished to the greatest extent of the law, he broke three laws before killing our son. Three laws and left not one single skid mark.

  48. Good to see see some common sense and heart in the comments here. And the rest of you are commenting from a dark, dark place. How very Christian.

  49. Tony Lewis says:

    I hate to see two innocent lives destroyed by one bad mistake. My wife Dani & I have two daughters and four grandchildren so we know the pain felt by the family is insurmountable. I’m just not sure have a good person rot in jail would make us feel any better.

    Of course, we have no idea of the circumstances or character of those directly involved.

    Tony & Dani Lewis

  50. Thank God trials are held in a court of law and not on Facebook

  51. I appreciate you sharing this story SCV TV but Isn’t this the third time you posted about this young man in the last 2 days? Allow him to rest in peace and allow his family to have peace during this holiday season without constantly reminding them of how he was taken. My prayers go out to his family during this holiday season. God bless them ❤️?

  52. Teresa Savaikie says:

    To Stacy Conveey yes I ace posted multiple times all of them say they are being moderates further more reas my name my name is Teresa Savaikire his Family and HIS MOM and I’m trying to espress the facts and defend my son that no longer has a voice surely you can understand the need to defend your child when he is gone and people do not know the facts as we most sadly do I appreciate your sentiment but you are writing to wyatt’s mom and it just goes to show no one take the time to read the facts not even the writers name

  53. Teresa Savaikie says:

    Wyatt Anthony Savaikie, my son. I’m so sorry people are saying such untruths about you. I am so very proud of the beautiful young man you are, I miss you more then words could ever truly express, I love you so much and you always knew that I did, these message boards caused me to feel as though I needed to come to your defense, you were so loving towards me, you were so supportive to your friends and those lonely, sad or in need, it makes no sense that you are not here with us, it makes no sense at all. I’m so heart broken, so many of us are. I hope wherever you are, I’ll see again and I hope you can see from above how many love you, miss you and wish to God you were here, you are so special and I always knew that, but sometimes parents feel one way about their children and sometimes the outside word don’t necessarily agree. In this case, I learn more and more as time goes by, as children, young adults write to is, visit us and share with us all the kindness in your heart. One beautiful, beautiful soul and I ray one day my heart will once again be filled again again with your loving, tender soul. I love you my beautiful son, it’s hard to go on without you. How honored we were to have you as our own, we were blessed and so, so missed. I wish this was all but a long, log drawn out dream. Missing you is the hardest thing I’ll ever do, love you son, mom

  54. Stefanie Fryer says:

    Teresa, I am so sorry that people are being so heartless in their comments in regards to your beloved son. My daughter goes to Arroyo Seco and although she was not friends with Wyatt, she knew who he was. I drive by that intersection every day and I think of him and your family and my heart aches for you. Its easy to type stupid things and shut your computer off and walk away. What I don’t understand is why so many people feel the need to weigh in on what happened when they weren’t even there. Praying for you, your family, and of course, Wyatt.

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Thursday, May 23, 2024
‘Splash in the Water’ at Castaic Lake
"Splash in the Water" at Castaic Lake is a free boating and water safety event for children ages 7 to 14. Presented by California State University, Northridge, and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation. The program runs on Fridays now throuogh Aug. 9.
Thursday, May 23, 2024
APWA SoCal Chapter Recognizes Santa Clarita with Trio of Awards
The American Public Works Association’s Southern California Chapter once again recognized the city of Santa Clarita for its accomplishments, honoring the city with three prestigious Public Works awards in 2023.
Thursday, May 23, 2024
Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony Honors Clinkunbroomer
The 55th Annual Los Angeles County Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 22, to pay tribute to the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty and formally inscribed two new names to the memorial wall at the Biscailuz Training Center in East Los Angeles.
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June 1: Society Comedy Troupe Improv Night at The MAIN
"Splash in the Water" at Castaic Lake is a free boating and water safety event for children ages 7 to 14. Presented by California State University, Northridge, and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation. The program runs on Fridays now throuogh Aug. 9.
‘Splash in the Water’ at Castaic Lake
"The Play That Goes Wrong" will open 8 p.m. Saturday, May 25 at the Canyon Theatre Guild in Old Town Newhall. The opening night performance will also feature a free wine and champagne reception for ticket holders.
May 25-June 29: ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ at CTG
The American Public Works Association’s Southern California Chapter once again recognized the city of Santa Clarita for its accomplishments, honoring the city with three prestigious Public Works awards in 2023.
APWA SoCal Chapter Recognizes Santa Clarita with Trio of Awards
The 55th Annual Los Angeles County Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 22, to pay tribute to the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty and formally inscribed two new names to the memorial wall at the Biscailuz Training Center in East Los Angeles.
Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony Honors Clinkunbroomer
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June 21: Free Eco Hero Show for Ages 5-12
For the second consecutive year, The Cube – Ice and Entertainment Center | Powered by FivePoint Valencia, will host a Memorial Day Weekend Hockey Tournament. This year’s tournament will feature 43 teams, from across California. Games will begin Thursday, May 23 and end Monday, May 27.
The Cube Hosts Memorial Day Weekend Hockey Tournament
The College of the Canyons track and field program had a combined 16 student-athletes from the men's and women's teams earn All-Western State Conference honors based on their individual performance at the WSC Championships earlier this month.
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While the first day of the NAIA Track and Field National Championships was mostly about the prelims, there were a few finals that saw The Master's University athletes do well.
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The Master's University Men's Gold Jonathan Larson shot a 1-over 73 in the second round of the NAIA Men's Golf National Championships, giving him a two-day total of 5-over 149 to make the cut in Dalton, Ga.
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Throughout American history, few occasions resonate with as much solemnity and reverence as Memorial Day. Originating in May of 1868, to commemorate the losses in the Civil War, this revered day serves as a reminder of the countless sacrifices made by generations of servicemen and women in defense of our freedom and democracy.
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California State Parks is honoring the service of veterans and active and reserve military members, by offering free admission to 143 participating state park units, including the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve, Fort Tejon State Historic Park, Malibu Creek State Park and other Southern California locations, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.
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1941 - SCV's first real movie house, the American Theater, dedicated in Newhall [story]
American Theater
Representatives from The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Office of Violence Prevention today joined other members of the National Offices of Violence Prevention Network at an event hosted by the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.
Public Health Attends White House Event on Community Violence Intervention
Circle K will offer 40 cents off per gallon of fuel between 4 and 7 p.m. local time Thursday, May 23 during Circle K Fuel Day Pop-Up and 50% off on car washes all day at over 200 participating Circle K locations including Los Angeles.
May 23: Circle K Offers 40 Cents Off For Fuel Day Pop-up
Ditch the predictable and dive headfirst into the Liquid Courage Comedy Hour, Friday and Saturday, June 7 to 8 at 8 p.m. in Old Town Newhall.
June 7: The MAIN Hosts Two Female Lead Comedy Performances
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond today joined Assemblymember Chris Ward (D-San Diego) and Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton), Chair of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus, along with teachers, parents, and LGBTQ+ advocates, to announce Assembly Bill (AB) 1955, the Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth (SAFETY) Act, to ensure all students have a safe and supportive environment to learn regardless of gender identity. 
Legislators and LGBTQ+ Advocates Announce New SAFETY ACT
 Sen. Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) announced that his second school transparency bill, which mandates the California Department of Education to publish information on its website about the members selected for its Parent Advisory Council, was approved on the Senate Floor.
Wilk’s Parent Advisory Council Transparency Bill Passes Senate Floor
The Department of Motor Vehicles is making it so easy for Californians to take care of business as part of its customer-focused digital transformation that the DMV will no longer process simple transactions in offices that can easily be completed online or through other convenient options.
DMV Innovations Making it Easier than Ever to Skip Office Trip
California Nurses Association applauds the California Senate’s passage (31-8) of S.B. 1061, which would prohibit consumer reporting agencies from including medical debt on credit reports.
CNA Applauds State Senate’s Passage of S.B. 1061 Removing Medical Debt From Credit Reports