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Santa Clarita CA
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October 30
1984 - NTSB revises probable cause of 1982 "Twilight Zone" deaths after director John Landis appeals [story]
John Landis

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) continues its commitment to conduct public outreach and to study high-speed rail routes to connect the Antelope Valley and the San Fernando Valley. We last hosted public meetings in the Fall of 2016. At that time, the current route concepts that had been developed were presented as well as additional project information including:
-An update on the statewide high-speed rail program and activities currently underway.
– An overview of the environmental process Information on the types of studies that are conducted as part of the environmental process and the types of data gathered these studies.
-An update on the schedule for the environmental studies.
– Station area planning activities underway for the proposed Palmdale and Burbank stations.
-Highlights of the geotechnical investigations underway in the Angeles National Forest Information about the right-of-way process.
If you missed the meetings, you can find all meeting materials here under “Community Meetings.”
Since then, the technical team has been collecting and analyzing data about the proposed alignments. Members of the public, elected officials, residents, business owners, and other stakeholders have provided a steady stream of feedback. Frequently discussed topics include:
– Right-of-way and property impacts.
– Proposed high-speed rail station locations and planned station features.
– Coordination efforts with existing passenger rail services and at existing station locations.
– Project funding, overall cost, and timing for completion.
– What the project will look like, sound like, and how frequently trains will run
What’s Next

Since 2014, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has participated in over 221 public outreach events, including Community Working Group, Stakeholder Working Group, and Community Open House meetings, all aimed at providing a greater understanding of project elements and opportunities for widespread community input.

To that end, we will be extending the environmental review and outreach process so that we have ample time to collaborate on the alternatives under study. At the appropriate time, we will be releasing an updated schedule to reflect this additional time for outreach, information sharing, and coordination.

Throughout the entire process, the Authority will continue to engage with members of the public and stakeholders as project information and findings from technical studies become available. No board action will be taken prior to the presentation of relevant information to the public for their comments and valuable input.


Delivering Benefits Sooner
The Authority has prepared a number of recent studies that discuss the agency’s priorities and document plans to achieve them, as well as the overall benefits of the program’s investment to date in planning, design, construction, and related early investment projects across the state. The influence and impact of these investments include:
– Employment of over 1,000 construction workers in the Central Valley.
-Investments in key aspects of the Southern California rail network, infrastructure, and service which can be found here

We appreciate your input and feedback in the process to build the nation’s first high-speed rail system. It is a challenging undertaking, but with your participation we can answer more questions and resolve more issues with each step we take.

Click to explore the interactive map

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  1. Mike Duryea Mike Duryea says:

    Waste of money even though it is Jerry Clown’s wet dream

  2. Planning for the re-introduction of Unicorns into the SCV is more realistic.

  3. Trudy Trump Trudy Trump says:

    nobody needs or wants this “crazy train” to nowhere… cannot believe this project hasn’t been killed yet

  4. Ian Guy Ian Guy says:

    I know little of the geography or the terrain, and I know you American’s love your cars, but elsewhere in the world where they have introduced high-speed rail the patronage has been exceptional, and the service better than air. I did the 150 miles Amsterdam to Brussels in under an hour, full wifi connectivity, cold beer served at the seat and all for about $40.

    If I was in LA and wanted to get to SF I’d use it.

    • Trudy Trump Trudy Trump says:

      with all do respect if you knew this terrain from living here you would know that there would be scant areas that this train could reach any real “bullet speeds” as it winds in and out of slow speed rail areas mostly throughout the majority of its journey…and then when you get wherever you are going there is no connecting transportation to take one anywhere they need to go in any efficient way as in other countries

      • scoots says:

        “no connecting transportation to take one anywhere” … you may need to get a on a connecting bus (gasp) or metro train. there may be brown people on board also. the thought of it!

    • Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

      It will never happen mostly due to Kalifornia regulations. It’s a money pit.

    • In order to pay for it , ticket prices would be sky high. So in order to make them affordable , we the taxpayers will have to subsidize ticket fares. Sounds like a giant money pit!

    • Us tax payers will be supplimenting the ticket prices forever…more taxes thanks to the libs in this state …we already have a rail between Lancaster and Burbank. ..it’s the metrolink…

      • scoots says:

        1) forever is a long time. hyperbole much? yours was THE WORST COMMENT IVE EVER READ IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING. see what i mean?
        2) the purpose of the HSR is to link northern and southern california via rail. lrn2research.
        3) nothing to do with libs vs anyone else. this is a matter of the state growing vs clogged freeways vs expansion of airports to handle short haul flights around the state. HSR is the better option.

    • Ian Guy Ian Guy says:

      All the infrastructure for the Eurotunnel, and all the high-speed lines were new; they all run at a profit. I don’t see how the USA can’t do this. Anyway, think of the taxes as an investment; it will eventually make a profit, and in the meantime it should reduce road traffic (win), reduce CO2 output from the cars (win)

    • Shirley Cox Shirley Cox says:

      Dave Fernando How much will the federal government pay for this high speed? Is the high speed from LA to Las Vegas being built? If so, at what cost to the federal government?

  5. #propaganda lies and moonbeam’s pet project paid for by the only 12 taxpayers left in the state. #ca4maga 🇺🇸

  6. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    This would be funny if it didn’t cost so much. Southwest will always be cheaper and faster even if they do ever finish this thing.

  7. Sally Mehr Sally Mehr says:

    They need to stop this expensive travesty…

  8. Scrap it and use it for water infrastructure!

  9. Don’t have the money for this extremely​ expensive venture!
    Californians are tired of being taxed to death Jerry Brown!!!

  10. Tim Bonino Tim Bonino says:

    I swear we said NO to this train!!

  11. Ain’t happening CA is a Blue State. Hahahahaha

  12. With its death walls, oooh hell no.

  13. Esteban Papp you never know when they will make one from van nuys to irvine 😍

  14. its about time for a rail

  15. We do not need this thing!! We need to fix this state first!

    • scoots says:

      translation: “the things i think are important are not the things other people know are important! i want to talk in terms of nebulous talking points, so i can never be shown to be wrong! i am angry and i dont know why!!”

  16. Another “Governor Brown” nightmare!

  17. Linda says:

    We do not need this stupid Moonbeam train. Why hasn’t it been killed yet? We do need water more than a train. Too many taxes in CA, people are fleeing the state, who will be left to ride it anyway? You riding it Jerry???

    • scoots says:

      you speak in talking points and refer to the governor by a nickname he was given SEVERAL DECADES ago. let it go. also, too many taxes? which would you lower, o genius linda? also, fleeing the state? um no. also, youre right: there were no studies done on ridership (none that you would believe anyways, since they would all conclude that you are WRONG) and we californians are just building this for funsies!

  18. Karen says:

    What a misguided waste of money. More politicians lining their friends and relatives pockets.

    • scoots says:

      the first sentence is an opinion, the second an accusation. what proof do you have that your second sentence is any way grounded in reality? cynicism is not proof.

  19. So Cal Guy says:

    Huge waste of money. Does anyone even notice all the empty seats on the Metrolink? Not that I do not like the Metrolink, it serves its purpose and is a very relaxing way to get to work without dealing with commute traffic, but still lacks the numbers it was supposed to get. Moonbeans train is an absolute waste of tax paying dollars and this train will be costing California for the next 50+ years (or longer). Lets not forget that .12 cent tax hike in gas prices that was to go to road repairs has a lot of fine print that covers all transportation which Moonbean snuck in to help fund his stupid train. Blue state it is, we will all be singing the blues as long as Moonbeam is still in charge.

    • scoots says:

      so what is your genius alternative? widen the freeways ad infinitum? expand airports ad nauseam? ooh, i got it: everyone stays in place and does not try to travel between northern and southern california! GENIUS! thanks a lot, so cal guy!

  20. So Cal Guy says:

    So Scoot, where is all of your proof and facts and studies that justifies this multi-billion dollar, future scrap metal train. I do not have all the answers as it relates to traffic, and congestion. What I do know is that California has a few other environmental projects of higher priority they could do with the billions of dollars that are being used on this train. Governor Browns answer to everything is taxing California every opportunity he gets. He has been doing this for the past 7 years and even 20 years ago in his first two terms. I am old enough to remember both. Cant wait for his final term to end…it cannot end soon enough.

  21. david venegas says:

    It will be built, to all you that say it won’t, you are wrong. To the guy or gal, that said “one big earthquake and its gone” yeah there will be some damage, just like some fwys., some buildings, some houses, etc., thats part of life, but when its happens we simply just rebuild it. Anyway back to “It will be built,” here is why: Los Angeles World Airports no longer owns, no longer operates the Palmdale Airport. The year 2020 the entire Antelope Valley (the currant L.A. County, and parts of the Kern County and San Bernardino County) will be its own county, Hi Desert County. The Palmdale Airport reopen, while the Burbank airport will close. The Ontario airport is also set to close approx. 2025, then Palmdale will be intl. airport. Also in 2018 Northrop/Gruman will be operating 24/7 with a mfg. staff of 8,000 employees. For people like me this is great, my 10 acres of land that I paid $15,000 22 years ago is currantly estimated $750,000.

  22. Estrellita A Reyes says:

    It will help commuters, environment, the traffic i the freeway, our economy for sure. I commuted to work for more than 16 years and I won’t drive down below again to work, very stressful. I hope that high speed train will be a reality.

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It was double, double, toil and trouble as All Hallow's Eve neared in the Santa Clarita Valley, with residents continuing to provide Halloween haunts around every corner in the midst of the pandemic.
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Santa Clarita Man Arrested in $1.9M COVID-19 Relief Fraud Case
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Santa Clarita Property Valued at $37.2B, 5th on County List of Cities
1984 - NTSB revises probable cause of 1982 "Twilight Zone" deaths after director John Landis appeals [story]
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The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Wednesday confirmed 20 new deaths and 1,351 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, with 18 new cases reported in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Wednesday COVID-19 Roundup: L.A. County Cases Near 1,200 Per Day, 18 New SCV Cases
Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was "wrong" to have returned to the field at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, to celebrate the team's Game 6 World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays Tuesday night -- after he had tested positive for COVID-19.
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Saugus High School teacher Jim Klipfel, one of five California Teachers of the Year for 2021, has also been chosen to represent the state in the National Teacher of the Year competition in the spring.
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Washington, Oregon and Nevada have joined California’s COVID-19 vaccine Scientific Safety Review Workgroup, which will independently review the safety and efficacy of any COVID-19 vaccine approved by the FDA for distribution.
Western States Join California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Review
The Santa Clarita Public Library will celebrate Native American Heritage Month with a variety of activities all November long.
Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Santa Clarita Library
The Los Angeles Dodgers won Game 6 of the 2020 World Series, besting Tampa Bay 3-1 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, Tuesday night.
Dodgers Win 2020 World Series; Stadium Team Stores to Open Thursday
The Santa Clarita City Council celebrated the opening Tuesday for its newest “transit-friendly” facility at Vista Canyon in Canyon Country, alongside officials from Metrolink and Metro, or the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
City Council Holds Ribbon-Cutting for New Vista Canyon Structure, Metrolink Station
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