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SCVNews.com | Bouquet Burger King to Become Drive-Thru Starbucks | 08-02-2016
Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
October 1
1842 - New York Observer (newspaper) reports on Placerita gold discovery, proving that the Americans knew about it 6 years before Sutter's Mill [story]

After more than 20 years as a Burger King, owner Dave Wurtz said he’s turning his building at Bouquet and Newhall Ranch Road into a drive-through Starbucks.

Read full story [here].



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  1. There is one right up the street on golden valley.

  2. Joe Brancato Joe Brancato says:

    Really? B K never noticed

  3. How many Starbucks do they need at that intersection?

  4. Theo Carlsen Theo Carlsen says:

    They should keep the playground for the kids.

  5. Dave Bogna Dave Bogna says:

    There is already 2 Starbucks on that 4 way intersection. What the hell, let’s make it 3.

  6. Carly Joseph Carly Joseph says:

    There is a Starbucks directly across the street! Should have been a coffee bean

  7. Ruth Rassool Ruth Rassool says:

    I’m still calling that the “new Burger King”馃槅

  8. Mariana Cee Mariana Cee says:

    This is a great air conditioned play place where my kids love to go when the park is too hot. It’s clean and usually empty…this sucks.

  9. Kevin Mathis Kevin Mathis says:

    turn it into a sonics..

  10. Andrew!!!! No more burger king

  11. Lily Rose Lily Rose says:

    I’d rather have Burger King then Starbucks

  12. Greg Springer…that is going to be a sad day for Lucky bucks! Long fish sandwiches no more lol!

  13. Sarah Jean Sarah Jean says:

    There’s already a Starbucks across the street 馃槕

  14. Janet Mata Janet Mata says:

    I almost set that place on fire on accident. Remember Jessie Ramirez

  15. Jerson Morales!!! No Effin way!!!

  16. Kira Hodge Kira Hodge says:

    Jason – no more Burger King for you…

  17. We don’t need anymore Starbucks in SCV lmao so dumb

  18. Cheri Haines Cheri Haines says:

    Oh no!!! Love taking my kids there for the playground, we don’t have enough of those in SCV. Jamie Grayem Mary Galbraith, this sucks!!

  19. Brandon did they ever mention relocation to you guys when they notified you on Monday??

  20. Amber Marie 馃槀馃槀馃槀 RIP Burger King

  21. Really? There’s literally a Burger King across the street by in n out and another across the other street but Ralph’s and that will leave one Burger King in Santa Clarita ridiculous

  22. Really? There’s literally a Burger King across the street by in n out and another across the other street but Ralph’s and that will leave one Burger King in Santa Clarita ridiculous

  23. John Whitlaw John Whitlaw says:

    Like we need an other Starbucks

  24. Starbucks is a drive through drug hub keeping all the caffeine addicted people happy. Nobody wakes up in the morning saying ” I got to have my whopper ” before I can function today. Lol

  25. Bob Lathrop Bob Lathrop says:

    Nicole Coia Lathrop

  26. WhatttNatalia Jauregui

  27. Jamie Grayem Jamie Grayem says:

    Yes it does! Although having a drive thru starbucks down the street makes it a little better

  28. Mirella Lopez – Gonzalez Robledo Sanchez Mini Ocampo que les dije

  29. Julio Rincon Julio Rincon says:

    Nooooo. No more 2 for 5 whoppers

  30. David Valdez no more French toast sticks

  31. NO NO NO that makes 3 in one intersection. How stupid….

  32. Josh Larson Josh Larson says:

    I’d turn this into a bar but keep the play place intact for drunken adults. The drive thru can be a roundabout for ubers/cabs.

  33. ….But can they keep the playground? Alicia Costin best Starbucks everrrrrr

  34. Talk about overkill of Starbucks, there is one right across the street

  35. Trudy Trump Trudy Trump says:

    we are turning into Seattle a Starbucks on every corner

  36. Donut shop would be better

  37. Noooooo!!! There is a Starbucks across the street by inn n out that’s stupid

  38. We need more coffee beans!!!!

  39. Vikki Verhoff Madrigal oh no our brbr King!!

  40. Randy Rodi Randy Rodi says:

    Still waiting for that DC Discovery zone

  41. So when do they officially close. Does anyone know? I need my fix.

  42. Eleanor Neal Eleanor Neal says:

    Julie Lundt Dorrell

  43. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    I hate Starsucks..

  44. Sean Sorrow No more BK!

  45. Debbie Erven Debbie Erven says:

    They can change it into Starbucks only if they keep the play place! It’s a great inexpensive place to take the kids when escaping the heat!

  46. Nooooooo!!!! UGH we have plenty of Starbucks in SCV.. Don’t need anymore! They closed the BK on Soledad Cyn Rd in Canyon Country, and now this one? That’ll leave just 1?! Ugh and way on the other side of town. 馃槧

  47. Tere De La Cruz yessssssss馃榿馃榿

  48. Just what we need another Starbucks

  49. Join the club. Sunland, Tujunga and la Crescenta also closed and became ST. :(

  50. Probably do better as Starbucks being In and Out there

  51. Kristine Darabedyan Chris Rodriguez

  52. We’ve had two by us turned into Starbucks, one in Sunland and the other in LaCrescenta!

  53. No! It’s the best play area in town!!!!!!!

  54. Antonio Ambriz Aguilera oh no! Hahaha

  55. I will not buy coffee here my kids love it as Burger King the only one near Canyon Country! You have a Starbucks across the street take your buns over there and drink your coffee who is with me we don’t need a Starbucks here

  56. They will probably close the one across the street. That’s what they did here in Castaic.

  57. Jerry Munoz Jerry Munoz says:

    Nancy Rivas Arteaga 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿

  58. Ruben Perez Ruben Perez says:

    Nooooooo! I need my tender crisp sandwich!!! Nichole Shelton

  59. Jorge Ravelo Jorge Ravelo says:

    Ariel Navas gentrification has gone too far

  60. How many Starbucks does this city need!! Geez forget aliens 馃懡, Starbucks is the true invasion 馃槵!! This sucks 馃槖!

  61. Im.okay with it i hate burger kings so nasty

  62. That’s 3 Starbucks all at one intersection lol

  63. Juan Medrano Juan Medrano says:

    That’ll work for me… Hope they also include a play area for the kids. Lol loren Medrano

  64. Yes I agree…keep the playground. And I also agree that no more Starbucks are needed. Keep the Burger King.

  65. Melissa Vasquez Stewart

  66. Well this sucks ass!! Another inflated coffee house. I travel from across town just to get their chicken sandwich.

  67. I missed the part where they asked my permission or opinion.

  68. Hugo Zamora Hugo Zamora says:

    Because if there’s one thing that Santa Clarita needs, it’s more Starbucks.

  69. Guess I’ll have to eat more in and out

  70. Any one else have their parents drop you off there back in the early 90’s just to play free video games on their Sega’s?

  71. There’s already 2 Starbucks within walking distance! Why???

  72. Jen Sherman Jen Sherman says:

    Michael Born, but isn’t their a Starbucks right across the street by in n out already?? Lol

  73. Richard Alfaro says:

    Build a King Taco….

  74. Burger King is the worst of the worst fast food I haven’t eaten there in 20 years (since it made me sick) good riddance.

  75. I think I read somewhere (maybe in a comment section) that there was on across the street. Anyways that’s gonna be one big Starbucks.

  76. As if there isn’t enough already…wait, THERE’S ONE LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THERE. Of all things, why another Starbucks?

  77. Seriously?? They couldn’t think of ANYTHING else to put in there?

  78. And guess what folks? Another drive thru Starbucks is going to go in where the KFC is on Lyons and Orchard Village Road. Even tho there is a Starbucks on the corner of Orchard Village already. Source at the City said Starbucks wants to put more drive thrus in SCV. And that they are keeping the Starbucks on Orchard Village because it has a nice seating area outside. No worries tho – KFC is going a block down to the old Chase bank building. Now you will have KFC and Popeyes right across the street from each other. LOL Chicken Wars.

  79. Greg Boyle Greg Boyle says:

    Starbucks is crap anyways does scv need another? Bring back koffee kiosks

  80. We need another Starbucks across the street from another location 馃槧

  81. Go to Telly’s for a dollar more 馃槉

  82. NO! Not my great Burger King

  83. Too many Starbucks!!! There is one by in and out, ralphs, 2 at Albertsons. This is crazy…

  84. Peter Haddad Peter Haddad says:

    Mike Lawry Gabe Perez

  85. For anyone who doesn’t know, the store across the street is moving…so you don’t have to keep worrying about two stores being open.

  86. At least call it “BK Lounge”

  87. It takes two hands to handle a Whopper but it takes $2.45 for grande pike coffee! Starbucks wants to sale wine and beer!

  88. Greg Goldman Greg Goldman says:

    Brandon Sweeney David Kern make sure they got good tasting water

  89. Rachelle Khoury-Goldfarb

  90. Hani Yacoub Hani Yacoub says:

    Noooooo my childhood gone Sunny Sidhu Ahmad YacoubSalim Benmohamed Wissam Saab

  91. HOW STUPID!!! 馃槪

  92. Johnny Hanna Johnny Hanna says:

    Does anyone actually eat Burger King?

  93. They did that to the Burger King in Simi too

  94. Yanet Flores Yanet Flores says:

    Javier Ledesma no more BK 4 u馃槶馃槶

  95. Diane DeLeon Diane DeLeon says:

    We just went down to get a farewell burger and they are already closed ! so disappointed we were not told earlier that they were closing down.

  96. Ralph Green Ralph Green says:

    I’m not a coffee person but I have to say theirs too many coffee shops. Instead of a star bucks how about an educational center or something useful. Starbucks is getting out of hand

  97. very POOR choice. there are too many starbucks in SCV.Starbucks
    Coffee Shop 路 Valencia Crossroads
    24286 Valencia Blvd
    (661) 288-0203
    Open until 10:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    26802 The Old Rd
    (661) 288-0074
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop 路 Westfield Valencia Town Center
    24201 Valencia Blvd #1101
    (661) 260-1516
    Open until 9:45 PM
    Coffee Shop
    28160 Newhall Ranch Rd
    (661) 702-8591
    Open until 11:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    24802-A Orchard Village Road
    (661) 799-7898
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop 路 Granary Square Shopping Center
    25912 McBean Pkwy
    (661) 255-9850
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    27984 Seco Canyon Rd #301
    (661) 263-0332
    Open until 9:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    28120 The Old Rd
    (661) 775-0480
    Open until 11:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    23790 Newhall Ave
    (661) 255-8602
    Open until 9:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    26585 Golden Valley Rd
    (661) 288-1354
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    16548 Soledad Canyon Rd
    (661) 252-1324
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    26925 Sierra Hwy
    (661) 251-0167
    Open until 11:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    25349 Wayne Mills Pl
    (661) 260-0844
    Open until 10:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    26441 Bouquet Canyon Rd
    (661) 263-8087
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    27748 McBean Pkwy
    (661) 296-1144
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop 路 Target
    19105 Golden Valley Rd
    (661) 977-5154
    Coffee Shop 路 River Oaks Shopping Center
    24425 Magic Mountain Pkwy
    (661) 254-8001
    Coffee Shop
    19439 Soledad Canyon Rd
    (661) 299-6710
    Open until 10:00 PM
    Coffee Shop 路 Valencia Marketplace
    25850 The Old Rd
    (661) 254-3570
    Closing soon: 9:00 PM
    Coffee Shop 路 Valencia Marketplace
    25900 The Old Rd
    (661) 259-9906
    Open until 11:30 PM
    ……………………………………….Search Results
    Coffee Shop
    28050 Hasley Canyon Rd
    (661) 607-0395
    Closing soon: 9:00 PM
    Coffee Shop
    27667 Bouquet Canyon Rd
    (661) 263-9681
    Closing soon: 9:30 PM
    Coffee Shop
    27631 Bouquet Canyon Rd
    (661) 296-9655
    Coffee Shop 路 Bouquet Center Shopping Center
    26518 Bouquet Canyon Rd
    (661) 296-8682
    Permanently closed
    Coffee Shop 路 Promenade at Town Center Apartments
    27095 McBean Pkwy
    (661) 286-2508
    Permanently closed

  98. There are so many Starbucks, but 1 Burger King!!!馃槨

  99. So bummed! We love having birthday parties there!

  100. Alex says:

    There’s too many Starbucks in this smaller community already. I counted at least 7 off the top of my head. And isn’t there already Starbucks on Bouqet cnyn down toward the in n out? I understand they’re a popular place but goddamn…

  101. Alex says:

    The only other Burger King around here that I can think of is in the food court of the Valencia Mall.

  102. I would rather have a Dunkin Donuts. Love their coffee and breakfast selection. Already too many Stabucks in SCV and their customer service is horrible in the Lowes parking lot. Service extremely slow and in the morning that slow is extremely annoying.

  103. James Webb James Webb says:

    I will never buy coffee from there to many coffee places now.

  104. BK sucks and SB is over priced. However the BK has been there longer than I’ve lived here and I was born here. I say keep it as BK, there are way to many Starbucks in scv in my opinion

  105. Brittany Swanson yeah baby

  106. James Reyes I bet u wet af

  107. Ryan Goldsack but ders a Starbucks across the street? Lol

  108. Keep the playground!!! Then us parents can treat ourselves and the kids!!!

  109. YaYa Hernandez Jessica Gavin

  110. Julie Frenzel Williams yess!!!

  111. Cal Lanuza Cal Lanuza says:

    Basic bitches rejoice. You’re getting another one…

  112. How about Portos?!?! 馃檲

  113. Really another Starbucks?! Jeez. That’s ridiculous

  114. Diego Alfaro Diego Alfaro says:

    but theres one right across the street?

  115. Let’s see here…. Do people need a cheeseburger and chicken fries and a Diet Coke or an iced latte? Latte is my answer. Or make it a drive through liquor store. Or just make it something better then a microwaved burger joint. Ew.

  116. I heard that the Starbucks by In and Out was moving to the Burger King location. Losing the King but maintaining the same number of Starbucks. == Know this as a rumor.

  117. Taylor Allen Taylor Allen says:

    Stephanie Marie Bryden

  118. Great news. Less fast food burger joints is a good thing.

  119. This may be unconventional response… But I’m really stoked for another drive thru Starbucks. lol

  120. I was just at that Starbucks by Panda Express at 9pm and they were throwing the unsold food in the garbage.

  121. Jeff Petersen says:

    I remember when you opened and had computers for the kids. Many great memories with kids and grand kids! Great Business decision but it will be across the street from the other one.

  122. H. McElmurray says:

    TOO MANY Starbucks! How about a drive-thru pizza place. I’m always wondering why no one has thought of pizza as a drive-thru fast food.

  123. Josh Harvey Josh Harvey says:

    Probably going to make a lot more money! Seem smart to me

  124. Ryan Tew Ryan Tew says:

    Christy Hoover Tew

  125. Mike Bober Mike Bober says:

    They will lose money, too hard to get in and out of that corner for that kind of traffic.

  126. Like bouquet needs more traffic.. Yikes

  127. Had my 6th birthday party there.

  128. Shirley says:


  129. Mikayla wtf there’s one right across the street

  130. There is one right across the street ya addicts

  131. Debbie Ortiz Debbie Ortiz says:

    I am disappointed!! I did not regularly go to BK but I did go. My kids love the play area and I love the onion rings!! I am very sad to see this go – this was a special treat for us to head there. Sad to see that Starbucks is taking over every corner of our world!! SAD that people can’t cross a street to get their stupid coffee fix!!

  132. Good god! That place Is a dump. Always dirty never busy!
    This will change the corner.. Yeah!

  133. Good !!! F$CK that Burger King!!! I’ve had too many chipped teeth from bones in the meat!

  134. James Smith James Smith says:

    Michelle Sanchez Smith

  135. Unless you are heading up Newhall Ranch Road, it’s not the easiest place to get out of.

  136. Jared Pierre Nunley daammmnnn

  137. Kevin Sheldon rightttt bro! Plus on top of it apply for unimployment and all is a bitch I hope I get this job this week, then I won’t need to finish the process 馃槀

  138. How stupid when there’s one across the street. Just making people more lazy and not wanting to get out of their car.

  139. I’m 23 now but I reember coming here when there was computers and games to play Mann this sucks

  140. I love that Burger King!!! I’m so sick of Starbucks!!!

  141. Casey Verna says:

    Are you going to leave the playplace for the poor, innocent, children?

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Tonight on SCV NewsBreak, the annual Hate Crimes report was released by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations and reports a 24 percent increase this past year. Plus, Halloween is around the corner and this local farm will help you get in the spirit of the season. Check out these stories and more on tonight's edition of SCV NewsBreak.
SCV NewsBreak for Thursday, September 29, 2016
The burned-out and blighted Greens pub and putting course on McBean Parkway could be redeveloped into a 5-story hotel and 4,000-square-foot restaurant if the Santa Clarita Planning Commission shouts "FORE!" on Tuesday to a proposal that's working its way through the city approval process.
City Planners to Consider New Hotel, Restaurant for ‘Greens’ Property
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced today that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded California $49.9 million in start-up funds to assist in the launch and development of high-quality charter schools over the next three years.
Feds Providing $50 Mil. for Calif. Charter School Start-Ups
During the month of October on every Saturday, residents can partake in a variety of happenings throughout the city of Santa Clarita to celebrate the arts. All events are free and open to the public.
Santa Clarita Celebrates National Arts, Humanities Month
The Matador Report is the official e-newsletter of Matador Athletics.
CSUN Athletics: Matador Report for Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
Lots of fun learning activities are in store at the Santa Clarita Public Libraries in October.
October at the Santa Clarita Libraries
Education is power. Come learn about the new laws which will affect your business and employees, and discuss the steps you can take to help ensure compliance and avoid costly fines or litigation.
Dec. 2: Employment Law Update at COC Chancellor’s Circle Breakfast
Parents, educators, students, and employers are invited to take part in the "STREAM Kids Expo," an event that engages students in real-world issues through exciting hands-on activities facilitated by industry experts such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Gantom Lighting & Controls, Wells Fargo, BMW, and Solar City.
Oct. 22: ‘STREAM Kids Expo’ to Engage Students in Real World Issues
A bill cosponsored by Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) that would buy time for small businesses and other entities to comply with an impending federal regulation passed the House of Representatives Wednesday night.
Knight Bill Aiming to Delay Mandate Affecting Business Passes House
A total 32 rabid bats have been found in Los Angeles County, with 11 of them being found in the Santa Clarita Valley, in 2016 as of September 27.
Three More Rabid Bats Found in SCV, Brings Total to 11
At Tuesday鈥檚 meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 5th District Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich presented Bailey, a 3-month-old spayed female chihuahua mix, ready to be adopted.
Antonovich Pet of the Week (9-27-2016): Bailey
The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has released its annual account of hate crimes reported throughout Los Angeles County in 2015.
Hate Crimes Rise in L.A. County for the First Time in Seven Years
Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Santa Clarita Assemblyman Scott Wilk鈥檚 AB 1322, which permits salons and barbershops to serve a single complimentary alcoholic beverage to clients ages 21 and over without requiring a license or permit, provided no extra fees are charged for the beverage.
Brown Signs Wilk Bill Allowing Alcoholic Beverages to be Served at Salons