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SCVNews.com | Santa Clarita Named One of the Safest Cities in USA | 08-02-2017
Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
August 23
1963 - First stretch of Antelope Valley 14 Freeway opens from east of Solemint Junction in Canyon Country to Red Rover Mine Road in Acton. [story]

The city of Santa Clarita was recently named one of the Top 100 Safest Cities in America by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

Among cities with a population size of 200,000 or more, Santa Clarita ranked as the third safest city in America.

“The city of Santa Clarita is grateful to be named one of the ‘Top 100 Safest Cities in America,’” Mayor Cameron Smyth said. “Safety is a chief priority of our city and the dedicated law enforcement officers that serve our area. This recognition demonstrates that.”

The city of Santa Clarita strives to improve safety in the community through public outreach programs, special enforcement teams, crime reduction plans and more.

In addition, the city offers two community centers, three public libraries and countless recreational programs for residents to enrich their lives and connect with others.

To learn more about what Santa Clarita is doing to proactively reduce crime and increase safety, visit SantaClarita2020.com.

The full listing of “Top 100 Safest Cities in America” is available at alarms.org/top-100-safest-cities-in-america-2017/.

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  1. What a joke, no need to worry about all the shootings then

  2. Hahaha. That’s a good one 😂😂

  3. Who decides this crap lol

  4. Kelly R Axen Kelly R Axen says:

    Really?!?! That’s a joke!

  5. Brian Durand Brian Durand says:

    So much death. How can it be safe?

  6. That’s an absolute joke

  7. SCgal says:

    Compared to what, Chicago? New Orleans, Detroit? Seriously, when the bar is set so low, it’s not hard to rise.

  8. Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

    We can either be cynical of Santa Clarita or appreciate that it’s not as dangerous as other cities. I feel safe enough to walk around at night in this city by myself. Many people in LA county cant say that.

    • We can be appreciative while still being realistic that this community has changed significantly in recent years and may not be as “safe” as that poll suggests. C’mon….just read the news headlines.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford you can also open your eyes as to what struggles are really out there. As cities grow, crime goes up. You can’t expect to live in LA County and not find all elements everywhere. It’s a part of growth. All we can do is remain vigilant and understand that as a community we protect our city, since it seems as if we’ve been spoiled for a very long time.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford also, take a look at Pacoima just a few miles away… we don’t deal with and we are still in a position where we can keep our schools and streets safe.

    • …..and we can also expect that there should be more than one police station and one hospital for our growing community. Our emergency infrastructure in this valley cannot truly support the population as is….SO HOW CAN YOU CALL US SAFE, Nelson?

    • GREAT…almost everywhere is safe compared to Pacoima, Nelson. Is that our new slogan? “AWESOMETOWN…we’re safer than Pacoima!” 😂😂😂

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford are you implying that our Sheriffs aren’t doing a good job? It’s impossible to stop all crime. How often are the shootings happening? Not all that often. With the opening of the shelter we’ve attracted the issues that come with homelessness… addiction, mental health and crime. As long as we continue to call 911 when issues occur, communicate with our neighborhood watch groups and take our own personal precaution things will remain balanced. We can’t just expect to be the only place in LA that shouldn’t experience crime. It’s going to happen.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford no, obviously not, man… love it or hate it, people are moving here… adjust. As numbers rise our infrastructure will have to respond. If not, we hold them accountable. I get it, you want the old days when sizzler was the only restaurant and the mall didn’t exist… if it stayed that way no one would’ve moved here making property value unstable and undesirable area.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford funny part is I see we are both emergency managers and have a different point of view on things.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford btw, I agree, our infrastructure needs to improve but we both know that govt doesn’t really mitigate crime as well as it should. It’s completely reactive, rather than proactive.

    • Nelson Cox….ABSOLUTELY NOT & HOW DARE YOU! I have MANY friends and family in law enforcement doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they can to keep us safe….but our services are overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion by recent legislation and judicial decisions that forced more Sheriffs back into the jails and off of patrol. What I am saying is that we need to be willing to foot the bill for more infrastructure so they have a fighting chance.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford relax, man… I was clarifying.

    • stop assuming what I want….I understand Population Bio from college and I made the exodus from Burbank. I would not begrudge anyone moving here. I just want the growth of the valley to include the expansion of the services that will help us maintain quality of life and SAFETY in thus valley. STOP telling me what you think I mean. You don’t know me.

    • Nelson Cox…you did not clarify anything and implied that I don’t think our officers are doing a good job….so just stop now.

    • Nelson Cox Nelson Cox says:

      Roger Langford whatever man

  9. must not take incidents of vehicular manslaughter into account….wonder if some stats don’t count against us because they occur on unincorporated LA county land???

  10. Joe Lopez Joe Lopez says:

    Michelle Lopez Jackie Lopez Dora Marquez

  11. Barry Hirst Barry Hirst says:

    Valencia the new hood

  12. So true. Specsilly to comparing neighboring cities. Things go bad everywhere but I do love the safe feeling I get

  13. Naya Bee Naya Bee says:

    Its #90 on the list lol

  14. So many negative nancys posting. This city is very safe, not perfect but safe. Seems many have lived in the bubble of SCV so long that they do not realize how much junk goes on elsewhere.

  15. http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-Santa-Clarita-California.html Do your own comparisons. SCV is still safe when compared to other cities and nationally.

  16. Brian Durand Brian Durand says:

    Let’s not forget the city just reduced possession of meth and heroin to a misdemeanor now that’s got to help keep the city safe

  17. Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

    I’m cool with that. They do it every year though…..

  18. Chicken Livers says:

    LMFAO! SAFE? i am hearing about a shooting, robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault, DEAD BONES FOUND IN CASTAIC MOUNTAINS, Apparently the MAFIA runs Stevenson Ranch who works with the Mayor. I think the people who made this article blew up their toilets and have blown out butts ^^ this city is far from sfe. not to metion the police here are just crude, rude, disgusting and the meanest people you will ever meet. i wouldnt be suprised if some of them are crooked

  19. I believe it came in at #90 on the 100 list , hmmmmm .

  20. It’s a lot nicer than a lot of other cities. If ppl think it’s bad then they probably don’t travel much 😂

  21. Joey Owen Joey Owen says:

    What about all the heroine and meth??

  22. The article says top 3 but the source says top 90? I’m confused….

  23. lol they ain’t never been to jakes way canyon country 🔫

  24. Toni Jasso Frank Herrera

  25. More like the most filtered when it comes to reporting.

  26. Middlebury Indiana is the safest in the USA

  27. LOL #90! Simi Valley has SCV beat. #1 is in Colorado. ❤️

  28. Only because most crimes are really documented properly in order to continue Santa Clarita is safe status!

  29. Hahah Santa Clarita is number 96

  30. Alex Oborne Alex Oborne says:

    Until you get to Canyon Country and Newhall lol

  31. I agree to a certain extent, however a few years back it used to be safer.

  32. Aleen Babi O Aleen Babi O says:

    Dave O Dodge Oh we’re not moving back to Burbank or Studio City lol.

  33. “The onion fields are not walking through that door” – Rick Pitino

  34. Ralph Green Ralph Green says:

    Literally just read a post from u guys about a teen who pulled a gun on someone. Those statistics must be bought

  35. Steven Winslow says:

    When you click on the link to see the complete list it shows Santa Clarita as number 90 on the list.

  36. We were 90. I’d say barely making the list.

  37. Just in scv most recycled plastic town in the nation lol

  38. David Greedy David Greedy says:

    Yeah this is bull shit statistic, it’s that or the other city’s are so bad that this is a walk in the park compared to others

  39. Jayme Aliano Jayme Aliano says:

    I want to see the list of cities it compared to😐

  40. Cory De Fino Cory De Fino says:

    Stop lying to the public!!!! Drugs are a huge epidemic that I don’t see any action on. Bullshit article. I love my city but damn.

  41. Another note- so many people saying how unsafe SCV is…why do you stay here then? Why don’t you move. You are paying a premium in rent or mortgage to live in this so called “unsafe” area. Doesn’t make sense. If I felt it was so incredibly unsafe I would move on to a safer area.

  42. It’s good to live in a safe city. 👏👏👏

  43. Luis Razo Luis Razo says:

    Um, definitely not. But IF we are, that depresses me that the rest of the USA is just as or worse than us. Just because it says “safest” doesn’t mean crime-free.

  44. Willy Jay Willy Jay says:

    Jus watch ur slurpy and dat chickin -http://abc7.com/entertainment/socal-social-media-prankster-attracting-police/2271208/

  45. Safest city …let’s not mention that kid who O.D on heroine at Starbucks in Valencia mall this past year, let’s forget about all the bank robberies that happen on occasion, all the shootings and gang warfare (sup jakes way) cock fighting in Val verde ? And now tagging in VALENCIA …don’t sweep it under the Matt it’s not safe but than again what city is ?

  46. I hear the SCV actually has a higher crime rate than the AV… At least that’s what a one sheriffs department detective told me..

  47. Laura Knightley says:

    Talk about SPIN! 3rd safest city based on using the ONLY three cities on this list with a population of 200,000 or more. Santa Clarita is 90th of 100 according to the link provided in the article.

  48. People talking about that can’t be true and how much crime we have. Seriously you’re an idiot. Try living just over the hill in sfv or 50 million other cities around the country. Get over yourself and your *gasps*” oh omg we have so much crime here !”

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