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Santa Clarita CA
Today in
S.C.V. History
December 10
1941 - Three days after Pearl Harbor attack, 165th and 185th Infantry Regiments assigned to Saugus; Edison power substation guarded 24/7 [timeline]


Update: “We’re doing remodeling, cleaning up over a violation we got from our Health Department here. They’re doing strict work — good, good for the community, good for the business owners,” said Carlos Lopez, manager of the La Cocina Bar and Grill’s Seco Canyon Road location.

“We got caught with a couple cockroaches in the storage area, one in the ceiling. Nothing we couldn’t do. We have merchandise on a daily basis coming in, fresh food, fresh everything. We got the issue addressed, we got it (taken) care of, doing our best. Now, taken a negative deal into a positive. Decided to do some upgrades in the kitchen, knockdown some walls, remodel a little bit. Do a full thorough clean of the the establishment.”

Lopez said the restaurant should reopen Friday.

“There’s no vermin. There’s not rats, There’s no anything,” he said. “I would be more than glad to show you around our facility.”

The notice of closure, taped to the window of the 28022 Seco Canyon Rd. La Cocina location, was effective Sept. 1.

Calls to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have not been returned.

The Notice of Closure sign was no longer posted as of Sept. 3.

The second La Cocina location, at 28076 Bouquet Canyon Rd., is not affected.

A third La Cocina is being constructed on Golden Valley Road and Sierra Highway.




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  1. They found one cockroach…..that’s it.

  2. Nayeli Parks Nayeli Parks says:

    Heather Flebbe Liliana Pinto

  3. Dar Jones Dar Jones says:

    Found one…but where there is one; there are many 👀

    Better to be safe and close to do pest maintenance

  4. Lorena Sands Lorena Sands says:

    Hmmmm. ONLY one? Wonder who ate the rest….

  5. Liza Uriarte Bill Uriarte

  6. Sandra Carreno Angela Bistrain look

  7. Katie Mitchell I saw this last night, i prefer the other location on Bouquet thankfully :)

  8. Maria Lopez Maria Lopez says:

    Sonia Torres lol wont be going there

  9. Omg Pablo Huerta donde trabajaba tio lo cerraron

  10. Jose Jr Castrellon Jennifer Castrellon Mando Valles

  11. Where there is 1 there are hundreds more hiding .

  12. Yvette Gonzalez your moms favorite Jamie Nudie

  13. Have you ever heard of ONE ROACH? these pests hide from the sunlight and from people so if a health inspector saw ONE during the day imagine how it is at night when its dark and no one is there? One female roach can lay 500 eggs! 😨😷

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gil Castro

  15. Jen Marlow Jen Marlow says:

    Tifane Bosstick 😁

  16. Jen Marlow Jen Marlow says:

    Tifane Bosstick 😁

  17. Ry B-stad Ry B-stad says:

    Michael Jay Solis sound familiar?!

  18. Would the health department really close for just 1?

  19. Gayle Vogel Gayle Vogel says:

    They’ll get the place exterminated. Those cockroaches can come in on grocery bags, etc. Probably on a delivery. It happens. It’ll be fixed.

  20. Angie Nonenmacher And that’s why I don’t eat there! Unclean

  21. There goes many people’s spot

  22. Denise Dickinson Julie Dickinson Brad Dickinson

  23. Emily Egan Emily Egan says:

    Melanie Fessinger Dulce Jeannette

  24. Nancy Hanks, a most read.

  25. Haha and this place is always packed even though it’s Mexican food for gringos.

  26. i thought a convenience/gas station was being put it in at sierra and golden which is bad enough but certainly don’t need a restaurant there. It is too residential area to place a restaurant in the middle of.

    • Diaz Czar Diaz Czar says:

      Wtf does that have to do with shutting die the best place in Santa Clarita! 😂

    • First, thanks for feeling the need to curse at a total stranger. Second, did you read the article? If you had and put your reading comprehension skills to use, you would have realized I was referring to the part in the article where it mentions the new location La Cocina is building. Third, if you truly feel that La Cocina is the best place in town, then may I suggest you expand your culinary travels of the city. We have plenty of fine restaurants where you will be served more than dressed up taco bell. And lastly, the restaurant was never shut die it was shut DOWN or temporarily closed. The article mentions they are already making the necessary repairs.

    • Edgar Merino Edgar Merino says:

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👆🏼Omg that was just too funny! Well put Heidi !

    • Tanya Parker Tanya Parker says:

      At least the GVH teachers will have a close place to eat!

  27. Emily Hart Emily Hart says:

    Jennifer Chappell Stroud Dawn Baber John Chappell Kyle Stroud Zack Stroud

  28. Hugo Torres Hugo Torres says:

    David De La Torre !! Where we gonna get good micheladas at ??!!

  29. Vanessa Campos is that where we went?????

  30. Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

    That is so nasty, Kitty there is never just one, get a grip there is never just one they hide in the dark there is always in infestation of roaches. Rats or roaches they are both nasty and they need to be shut down thats what they get for not been clean. Maybe other restaunts need to learn to stay clean so they won’t be shut down.

    • Until you have the truth or an educated answer stop! Your sounding rediculous!

    • Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

      How am I suppose to be rediculouse when it state why it was shut down and everyone else is making comments on the post also. If people want to have a an restaurant they need to keep the places clean thats partly why the Health Departments come out an inspect and give letter Grades. So how am I been rediculous. Read what SCVTV put and maybe you will understand what people are saying negative things. U need to learn to educate yourself. People can get sick like that.

    • Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

      Sorry Eddie, but if you’re going to call someone out for sounding “rediculous” Spell check “ridiculous” and then use the correct form of the word “your” vs “you’re” otherwise you too sound ridiculous.

    • Michelle Lea Michelle Lea says:

      See Eddie I can spell just like you and it does look ridiculous lol. Thank you Susan for correcting it.

  31. Suzie Acosta Suzie Acosta says:

    This place is awful anyways. 😑🔫

  32. I guess I will be able to get a good parking spot now….😳

  33. Liberty Padre Madison Megna

  34. I know huh?? Well the beer comes straight from the tap!!

  35. Uh oh. Christin DeMaio Gillis

  36. Casey Bassett Lisa Juliana this is nooooo bueno!!

  37. Kim Aholt Kim Aholt says:

    I always wondered why they kept it so dark in there.

  38. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    Devon Caddy AManda Ruby Villalobos

  39. Kristina Dubberke where are you going to eat now???

  40. Eric Baker Eric Baker says:

    They should’ve called John Taffer of Bar Rescue.

  41. Maria Gomez Maria Gomez says:

    Im glad I didn’t frequent the place. I think I went there twice.

  42. Stephanie Anderson 😭😭😭😭😭

  43. Vanessa Guevara Danielle Renee Guevara Cindy Guevara Baca

  44. Cesar Cap Cesar Cap says:

    Sandra Andrews 😨😖

  45. That place is DISGUSTING!

    You couldn’t pay me to eat there ! 👎🏻

  46. Kerin Kray Kerin Kray says:

    I know Joyce, I saw this. Yuck! That’s my kids and my favorite :(( hopefully it’s not as bad as everyone thinks and will be extra clean after this. Ugggg!

  47. Trevor Thordarson Mandi Thordarson

  48. that explains the 55 minute wait at Plum Canyon

  49. To all of you saying “eeww” etc.. Best place to eat in Santa Clarita it’s called HOME. Yes your own kitchen..

  50. Tray White Tray White says:

    Apparently no one has ever worked in food service. EVERY restaurant has some type of pest……yes even Mastro’s

  51. Francisco Herrera Luis Moya

  52. connor says:

    POR QUEEEEEEE?!????!

  53. Nooooooo!!! Jesse Patterson

  54. Lea Garcia Lea Garcia says:

    Jessica Tondreau Hannah Marckley Sandra Jane Simonet Stephanie Berke Courtney Belsheim Devin Ebert

  55. Mary Tondreau Leo Tondreau Stephanie Alfaro Hobbs

  56. Ah a little cock roach adds some protein 😎

  57. Lance Cardey Lance Cardey says:

    As long as it isn’t Las Delicias, we’re good

  58. Susan Krieg Yamaoka. EWWWW!

  59. Marie Bliss Marie Bliss says:

    While we’re on the subject of Mexican food. We moved here not too long ago and are looking for a really good Mexican food restaurant. That’s our favorite food. Any recommendations?

  60. Heather Hessing Christopher Garcia

  61. Natalia JaureguiLiinda Dominguez whhhaaaatt!!!!!

  62. Tara Tara Plum kc Kc Plum

  63. The location on bouquet is gonna be extra busy now

  64. Liza Zaydes Liza Zaydes says:

    Lindsey Linares 🙀

  65. Taylor Erranova Danny Irving

  66. Lourdes Wan Leon sabe algo?

  67. Steve Reich Steve Reich says:

    I thought my black beans were moving on my plate lol

  68. Jim Nygren Jim Nygren says:

    Keith H. Moore Richard E. Espinoza

  69. Kelly Miller Kelly Miller says:

    No Debra Bach this seco we are at bouquet.

  70. I always thought of vermin as mice/rats. Either way it will probably be super clean now.

  71. Why people are so mean, people love the food there for years, is just one incident and everyone is talking about, all the places are the same, love the place and I’ll keep going when they reopen, stay home if your houses are so clean

  72. This can & does happen a lot in the restaurant business. Where there is food, there are rodents, vermin etc. Its not like they found vermin in the food. I’m sure you have all had experiences with some type of unwelcome visitor in your home, i.e. Ants, roaches, mice, rats, etc. The best time to eat at La Cocina will be when they are able to open their doors back up. Guaranteed the varmints are gone for a while.

  73. Soo glad I never liked this place & ate there only once & never went back. Ugh!!

  74. Sergio Gomez Sergio Gomez says:

    What do you think give food the flavor? Now its going to suck

  75. Steven Smith Steven Smith says:

    Kyle Stroud Darian White Emily Hart

  76. Health department shouldn’t have to tell you to quit being dirty bastards! That’s a cop out statement! Cockroaches primarily come from the sewer system! Meaning where ever they walk so is the poop! Make sure plumbing tight! And look at shipments to the store! Although not likely the cause………… a place to look.

  77. well let me know when it reopens for I could go back

  78. They anticipate opening tomorrow but that is not for sure

  79. Tank Franz Tank Franz says:

    Overrated food, but good

  80. Judi Jordan Judi Jordan says:

    I’m sorry, but they need to do more than remodel. I loved going here to hang out with friends….until more than once they served me a salad that ran brown water…..c’mon!

  81. Celeste Campos Sandra Reynosa WTH!?

  82. Never liked this place anyway

  83. This does it for me, I have never eaten there but with this violation, that makes my decision a “no way”. I can’t stomach knowing there was roaches!!! Sorry.

  84. Never been a big fan of LA Cocina. That’s why we go to Maria Bonitas

  85. We usually go to their other la Cocina up off rye canyon and bouquet because this one is so crowded, but now I’m wondering what kind of bugs they might have in the other location ! Yuk !!!

  86. Really, you get closed down over a couple of roaches……its gotta be more than that?

  87. I can’t imagine one restaurant out here or anywhere that does not have something wrong. They will get it cleaned up and all will be fine once again. It is a good restaurant that has been in business for a long time. Of course all the people that say they will never go back again will make for a shorter wait time!! That is a good thing!!

  88. Gabby Brooks Gabby Brooks says:

    Kenna Marie Brooks Elijah Brooks

  89. Taking down every “Bar & Grill” restaurant at a time….SCV is no fun! 😂😂😂 One of my favorites was Tilted Kilt until it closed because it wasn’t “Family Oriented”.

  90. Vermin are not cockroaches !!! Vermin means rats !!! We are not stupid, dont treat us like we don’t understand the meaning of vermin !!

  91. For crying out loud people! They serve and store food. Critters are attracted to food. Its not my favorite but my hubby loves it and will be right back when they reopen. It’s a family run small business that has good food and great prices. Stop being so critical! I’m sure it will be cleaner then ever once reopened.

  92. Cockroaches are not vermin. This is looks more like a rat issue.

  93. Jeff Cherry Jeff Cherry says:

    Carlos I’ll be back that’s for damn sure

  94. Holy Crap!!!! Deuel and Hunter.

  95. Will be back soon! Excellent Food As Always.

  96. Carrie Hall Carrie Hall says:

    Omg. That’s crazy.

  97. They won’t shut u down for a couple of roaches .. It must of been an on going roach problem…. Never been there…. and I will never go for sure …

  98. Omg. I always eat there

  99. Anyone know how long they have been closed..??

  100. My other post was deleted not sure why all I said was that there food is in no way authentic or good . And it takes a lot for it to be be closed down this is just nasty

  101. Stacy Hartmann , maybe you already saw it?

  102. I never just seen a couple cockroaches.. If there’s one there’s a million !!

  103. Rich N Winni Rich N Winni says:

    Ahh man I’m gonna miss their rat burritos!

  104. Still best Mexican food in SCV! Great when they reopen maybe it won’t be as crowded – you nay sayers stay away!

  105. We haven’t gone there in a long time – long waits, questionable dishes, etc.. We won’t be back either after seeing this. And, yes we have been multiple times to this location as well as the other off Bouquet/Plum Canyon too.

  106. Cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, lice, bedbugs, etc – any pests or nuisance animals that are hard to control are all considered vermin! Google it if you don’t believe me.

  107. Rosy Selena Bloom Vanessa Bloom

  108. Marina Telles – you are incorrect cockroaches are considered vermin

  109. my son and his friend were there last week….there was a piece of metal that looked like a paper clip in their chips!!!!! Doubt he will ever go back.

  110. The name is La Cockroacha?? Oh no

  111. Sonia – don’t you really like this place?

  112. Typical SC restaurants…. Lame

  113. Ed Montoya Ed Montoya says:

    Yeah right, couple of cockroaches! When it reopens it should be called “La Cochina”

  114. Anonymous says:


  115. If you are doing some remodeling try and make this place a lot bigger and put some more lights in there it intends to be a little bit to dark..

  116. Tamara Haley. did you see this?

  117. Bahahaha oopies! Natasha Ford

  118. Carlos G. Castillo yummy

  119. All kinds if RATS run through there

  120. Noooooo!!!!😱😱 I need my cadilacs sooo good drinks

  121. The Health Department will shut down for just one Roach that is dead on the floor, cause the pest control company did its job! They are sometimes very crazy and unpredictable! This closing is such a non-issue, and I feel it unfortunate and unfair that SCV TV has nothing better than this to report on! This type of negative exposure can only hurt a reputable business! If the rest of you want to believe that you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant with Roaches then you should never go out to eat again, because every restaurant has them at some point!

  122. I was just there last week Eww

  123. Everyone loves your place.

  124. Hang in there LaCo!!!!!! We’ll be right there waiting for doors to open!

  125. Carol Rast Carol Rast says:

    Omg went there tonight and they were closed. Thought they were doing some deep cleaning but I guess not

  126. Fernando Ballesteros your spot

  127. William Reel William Reel says:

    Small town problem LOL Where WILL I get my taco?!!!

  128. Kathe Rich Kathe Rich says:

    Well now maybe I can get a table without having to wait two hours! :)

  129. Teresa Moran Teresa Moran says:

    Too much competition haters !!! If u been a hit everyone will be back 😜

  130. Joanna Ochoa Joanna Ochoa says:

    Never liked the food here anyways. To bad there is no real Mexican food restaurant here in SCV

  131. They were caught having Vermin in the kitchen, not cockroaches !!! RATS!!

  132. Terrible food ! Not the best in SCV,that’s for sure

  133. It’s a great restaurant run by people that take a lot of pride in their business …. Granted they can’t keep an eye on everything and everyone, but if something is ever wrong with your food they will more than compensate and rectify with their staff ….. Their food is beyond authentic and they test and serve their dishes at home first.
    …. Not many restaurant owners like them …. Very hands on!

  134. Tom Clark Tom Clark says:

    You can always pick out what you don’t want to eat and set it aside .

  135. Mike Faretta Mike Faretta says:

    Get a life people you will find roaches in every fu#&ing restaurant

  136. I still crave that place, 8-years later :)

  137. Hubert Cheng Hubert Cheng says:

    Alyssa Gaudioso this wont stop me

  138. Glad it wasn’t the one on Bouquet. It’s one of our favorite places to eat. Did you know there’s an “acceptable” amount of vermin in the ratings?

  139. Michael koontz says:

    I’ve eaten there before and I will eat there again. Who cares?

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