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| Thursday, Jun 22, 2017

A road rage incident on Highway 14 near Newhall Avenue Wednesday morning resulted in a two-car crash and a motorcyclist who remains at large, according to CHP officials.

The motorcycle was described as a “Harley Davidson type” in the CHP field report.

Here are additional details from the CHP:

On June 21, 2017 at approximately 0545 hours Party #1 (Gonzalez) was traveling in Vehicle #1 (Nissan) on southbound SR-14, at Newhall Avenue within the HOV lane (Carpool).

Cadillac involved in road rage crash on Highway 14

Photo: Kris Canfield Benavidez.

Party #2 (Unknown) was riding on Vehicle #2 (Motorcycle) on southbound SR-14, at Newhall Avenue, also within the HOV lane (Carpool), to the left of vehicle #1.

Party #3 (Benavidez) was traveling in Vehicle #3 (Cadillac) on southbound SR-14, at Newhall Avenue within the #2 lane.

Both Party #1 and Party #2 engaged in an altercation within the HOV lane on southbound SR-14, at Newhall Avenue.

From the road rage incident, vehicle #1 (Nissan) lost control of the vehicle where it collided into the center divider.

After this collision, vehicle #1 (Nissan) was deflected into southbound traffic #2 lane and broadsided vehicle #3 (Cadillac) which caused vehicle #3 to roll over.

Party #2 fled the scene on Vehicle #2 motorcycle.

Party #3 Benavidez sustained moderate injuries from the collision and was transported to Henry Mayo Hospital.

Any info or witnesses the public may have, we encourage them to call the CHP Newhall Area office at 661-294-5540.

Video courtesy Octavio Fernandez.

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  1. Charley Price looks like they are looking for the guy ??

  2. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    I will venture a guess that the guy in the Nissan was being a jerk and trying to block the guy on the motorcycle from lane splitting.

  3. Roy Carter Roy Carter says:

    The motorcyclist should have stopped and beat the crap out of the guy in the Nissan

  4. Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

    Maybe he should have stopped but he did not cause this accident. If anything, the Nissan tried to assault him with a deadly weapon.

    • I don’t think that’s true Mary. Rather the motorcyclist was attempting to pass him on the left and was in his blind spot. He kicked his fender and the car driver was startled and swerved is how it looked to me. Question? Or Was the motorcyclist riding on the left fender or did the car speed up past the cyclist who then kicked his fender??hummm

    • Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

      The car crossed over the double yellow lines, which is illegal. And swerving your vehicle into a bike is much more harmful than kicking a cars fender. The truth is we don’t know what led to this situation but based on the small clip, the car appears to be the cause IMHO

    • Silvia RH Silvia RH says:

      I don’t think we know what really happened. The road rage started before they started recording

    • Ahhh, Mary I’ll look again. If the car entered over the yellow line, that is illegal but to squeeze a cyclist so close he can kick your car, seems like the fault is with the aggressor then. If true then the cyclist should be contacting the police.

    • Kelli Garner Kelli Garner says:

      Shirley E Vercelli that’s what I saw too.

    • Aren’t bikes suppose to pass on the right and not the left of the carpool lane?! Guy should have stopped regardless!!! Hope he gets caught!

    • Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

      Michelle Chaney not when a car unexpectedly crosses illegally over double yellow lines…..at that point you do what you can to avoid crashing.

    • and why was he in the carpool lane as a single occupant in the vehicle!!! I ride a motorcycle, and one is never provoked to kick a car unless the car refused to share the road and attempts to block them from passing. And he passed on the left because the car wouldn’t let him on the right. Too many speculations of what coulda shoulda woulda have happened. Just glad everyone is going to be ok! But the motorcyclist should have stoped!

    • Motorcycles are allowed in the carpool lane.

    • Mike Rowe Mike Rowe says:

      Always thought it was illegal to split lanes at the speed.

    • When he kicked the car, he was in the wrong No more, no less.

    • Kimmie Marie Kimmie Marie says:

      Yes they are allowed in the carpool however the Nissan that tried to block and hurt the motorcyclist one more then one occasion within the video and before the video had started was driving solo and shouldn’t have been in the carpool lane to begin with. The person in that car should without a doubt is the one at fault. Should the motorcyclist should have stopped yes but didn’t the police didn’t state why they were looking for him but they are considering this persons life was at threat as well they probably just want to get information on what happened through his side of the story to figure out the events that led to the accident. You all don’t know what happened outside of the video footage unless you were part of the accident or one of the few that witnessed and stopped to help. Who knows how long this altercation lasted prior to the video starting and that’s what needs to be explained.

      • Tockita says:

        The witness said the car accidentally cut off the motorcycle (he shouldn’t be splitting lane while traffic was moving that fast) they exchanged words. Biker was kicking passenger side of car (so witness started to record) Biker moved to drivers side, sped up next to car and kicked it again.
        Driver moved to the left, maybe thinking the kick was on the passenger side again? Apppears startled and over corrected when they realized biker was on the left.
        Any way you look at it the biker was wrong.
        So he got cut off, it happens to everyone. You are supposed to slow down and rebuild your buffer zone, not drive up on them and kick their car repeatedly.
        This is clearly an aggressive person in the bike, who damaged 3 cars and sent an innocent guy to the hospital!
        He’s up for some charges over this. Hopefully they can enhance the video to get a license # for the bike.

    • It’s still against the law to not stop if you are involved. ..the motorcycle did not try to avoid the situation…he even kicked the car ..so he is at some fault..and by leaving the scene it makes him more at fault

    • Neva Escarze Neva Escarze says:

      Mary Cain what video were you watching??????

    • How everyone can know who’s fault and what really went down based on the video that is out there, is delusional. You have no clue what went down, who was in what lane, what happened possibly a mile or more before the video began. The second you are positive you know what happened based on the video that is out there, you know you are a sucker.

    • The car did not enter. It looked like the car was making plenty of room for the bike to pass and the bike didn’t instead it kicked the car and car swerved and crashed. That’s how I saw it.

    • Chris Rider Chris Rider says:

      Kelli There was a reason that someone started filming the ordeal, I would bet that the driver of the car had done something that would have put the life of the motorcyclist in jeopardy

    • Bill Markel Bill Markel says:

      Kimmie Marie It is only a carpool lane 3 hours a day.

    • Kelli Garner Kelli Garner says:

      Chris Rider that’s true.

    • You don’t know that! You were not there!
      If the motorcycle didn’t cause this, why did he take off like a coward?

  5. Is the guy in the Nissan going to be charged with attempted murder?

  6. Byron Castro Byron Castro says:

    Lol at the amount of people defending the biker yesterday under the OG video. He also played a part.

  7. Go Le Go Le says:

    The guy in the Nissan got exactly what he deserved!!!

  8. Omg the truck driver! :( thank God he/she is okay

  9. Chris Butler Chris Butler says:

    Dustin, Steven, Frank, Scott, Ernest, Aaron, Told you he split.

  10. CBr says:

    They are both to blame, it seemed the guy in the motorcycle kicked the car and the guy retaliated like a dumb ass. The sad thing is that innocent drivers, that had nothing to do with the road rage got hurt. Motorcyclists are careless, while driving on Valencia, a police van almost hit a motorcyclist while changing lanes, because he came out of nowhere.

  11. Abigail says:

    Anyone directly witness this from before the filming? What if the Nissan accidentally cut the motorcycle off and did not know it was there – think about it? There is no footage prior to that. What if the motorcycle person kicking the Nissan freaked that person out causing the entire accident. I would not be so quick to place blame on the Nissan and the motorcycle person was far from a good citizen at all and that is proven on the film. Often motorcycles act like they have pedestrian rights and are pushy. They are not always seen and should be more careful. Hope they catch that person as I do suspect that person is a lot more at fault than people are realizing. Just a feeling. It would freak me out if all of a sudden my car was hit by something while driving along. I would be startled and potentially lose control. A lot of judging here behind the safety of keyboards….

  12. Hope they find him. Granted you don’t see the whole thing but it’s wrong all the way around and certainly not worth what happened.

  13. Nissan assault with weapon. Motorcyclist wasn’t riding safely but Nissan tried to hit him!

  14. Kurt Buck Kurt Buck says:

    They should have included a bit more of what led up to this. The guy in the Nissan is a jerk and got what he deserved!

  15. Gee Miguel Gee Miguel says:

    Guy in the Nissan needs to be brought on charges, could of killed him…

  16. TJ Smitty TJ Smitty says:

    I’ve seen a lot of violent motor cyclist on the freeway lately I even have a video of one guy tossing his body and motorcycle into the front end of a vehicle inciting a situation. Who knows what really happened but he shouldn’t have kicked the car

  17. Eguest42 says:

    There is video of this crash floating around online too. Im sure they will find him.

  18. The accident wasn’t caused by the motorcycle. Obviously something transpired before that point when you guys started videotaping. That car is the one that swerved into the bike weather the biker kick the car or not and he’s The one that lost control of the car and Caused the accident! Maybe the guy in the car was being a douche bag. I feel bad for the guy in the Escalade. I’m a rider myself and most likely the car did something to the motorcycle rider first like swerving into him. Or not letting him go by because some people are jealous of the fact that we can split lanes whatever the reason. I give respect to the writer for the fact that he was able to maintain control of his bike through all that and come out and scratched or alive. Leave the biker alone and charge the guy in the silver car with all the crimes.

    • You don’t know if prior, the motorcycle was the one provoking the car the whole time. You are assuming the car did something prior.

      Regardless, you shouldn’t kick a car on the freeway. Honk your horn and cuss them out. But physical violence going 60mph isn’t smart.

      I know you ride so whatever people argue, you’re gonna side with the motorcycle, but he did have a role in the accident.

    • Why would a motorcycle provoke a car. I ride the only time I would provoke a card if they cut me off or did something. And the guy in the car could’ve just got a license plate from the motorcycle and reported to the police. But he chose to swerve into the bike which could’ve killed a man and cause an accident after he lost control. I called instant karma.

    • Were you following the interaction on the Freeway personally?

    • The car crossed the double yellow and cut the bike off. The bike was trying to pass (he legally can lane split) and the Nissan wouldn’t let him. Then he kicked the car and the car tried to swerve at him and you see what happened. There’s no way a kick to the quarter panel from the guy on the bike would cause the car to crash…

  19. Angela Gable Angela Gable says:

    I’d really like to hear law enforcements opinion on this matter. So many opinions here and no one knows what happened. However the motorcyclist should have stopped. He played a part in what could’ve ended very tragically. Someone knows who this guy is from the video.

    • Teresa Ann Teresa Ann says:

      Totally agree! I’d rather hear the opinion of Law Enforcement than those who are bias to the situation. Either way, the motorcyclist should have stopped. It was the right thing to do.

  20. The news said the bike is burnt orange in color.

  21. Jayne Saporito says:

    Didn’t this happen June 21 not April??

  22. Ryan Michaud Ryan Michaud says:

    Everyone be on the lookout for a black Harley ?

  23. The biker slammed his right foot into the side of the Nissan first. The driver reacted, lost control. The biker left the scene, knowing full well that the Cadillac was rolling over and people were hurt. I think the biker committed a felony no matter what happened before the video. Just an opinion. I wasn’t there.

  24. MM no longer stuck in LA says:

    Would have loved to see what transpired before the video was taken of this incident. It would greatly clarify what happened here.
    My personal opinion is that the car was acting in an aggressive manner towards the biker to begin with. Biker should not have made contact with the car with his foot though, but still no reason to have some jackwagon in a cage try to take you out because of road rage(which is commonplace in Smell-A).
    Sad that others were injured because of this.

  25. In a previous post it was stated that the car had crossed over the double yellow line and into the bike prior to the videos start. Both drivers reacted horribly and the innocent paid the price.

  26. Any good driver would know that the motorcycle wasn’t at fault it was the Nissan.

  27. Bart Joseph Bart Joseph says:

    Too bad he left the scene. Id bet he was distraught and given the opportunity would like to be heard without fear from running away, then he would come forward.

  28. Mike Ingold Mike Ingold says:

    Gonzales, after illegally crossing over double yellow into the path of the motorcycle, then tried to kill the motorcyclist. Motorcyclists see this idiotic behavior on a daily basis. It’s pathetic.

  29. It’s very strange how so many have a different opinion of what “really happened”. It would be pretty awesome if the videographer would clear the whole thing up. I look and see the biker come up to the side of the car and kick it, then I see the car swerve. Regardless of who started this childish nonsense, the biker is in a crap ton of trouble for leaving the scene of an accident that he was clearly involved in. Grown men acting like 2 year olds could have caused the gentleman in the Escalade to die. Shameful.

    • After multiple views, I see that the Nissan crossed over the double yellow first, then the kick. These two children engaged in stupidity, but are equally at fault. The Nissan clearly attempted to squeeze the biker, thus the kick. These two both need to be taken off the streets for a bit.

    • Todd McHenry Todd McHenry says:

      Nissan illegally crossed into HOV lane, cutting off the bike. Then you see what happened. I’ve seen a video that shows a little more.

    • Todd McHenry I completely agree. The start of the video is tricky if you blink, but it clearly shows that. They were both obviously acting like children, but the Nissan took it to the ultimate in danger.

  30. Abigail says:

    Assuming is wrong. No idea if that person tried to hit that motorcycle rider. Fact, motorcycle rider did kick the Nissan and the Nissan reacted and no one knows if it was out of shock or on purpose. To me it looks like it was NOT on purpose and simply lost control, but I was not there. Where were you in that car to know what that driver was doing? The biker was wrong by leaving the scene and biker was wrong to physically attack the Nissan – both are facts clearly shown in the film and the rest is speculation. Cadillac got screwed.

  31. Makes sense…him on the gas and shifting to a higher gear after he was already past the rolling truck told me he was bailing.

  32. I will narrow the search its not a female, probably commuter from Palmdale. It shouldn’t be to hard to find a guy who rides a burnt orange motorcycle. That said the driver of the car should be arrested for attempted murder. Leave earlier people and you won’t feel the need to ram cars on the road.

    • Attempted murder? His car got kicked and got startled. We don’t know if he swerved trying to avoid something that hit his car. If he wanted to hit the biker, he wouldn’t swerve into the median. He would brake and let the biker hit his back

    • Good point. Looked to me like he swerved at him & with a car going 65 and a car at that speed is considered a deadly weapon. The kick was insane but leg and car are two different things.

  33. Jann Perkins Jann Perkins says:

    We see cars trying to block bikes all the time.
    I just wish the biker would have stopped. That’s the only think that I saw he did wrong..

    • And kicking the car. Also all
      The stuff prior to the video to prompt the people to start filming we didn’t see.

    • Jann Perkins Jann Perkins says:

      Nicole. I heard that it started with the car coming into the bike then words were exchanged.
      Wish we could have seen it all.
      We don’t ride bikes, & I see a lot of games being played by both 4 wheelers & bikes.
      I’m surprised that no one was killed or more injuries.

    • So scary and people need anger management apparently. I’m glad the innocent person involved will be ok. Be safe & funny it’s never women

  34. Robert Sanders says:

    The motorcyclist fled the scene. Enough said. Doesn’t matter the justification. Doesn’t matter what the other card did or did not do. He fled. He didn’t stop to check on the condition of the flipped car. He fled. That automatically makes the motorcyclist a scumbag.

  35. Linda Callas Linda Callas says:

    April 21st. Uh. Yesterday.

  36. David Tawney David Tawney says:

    I’m from the Expert Facebook Post Analysis Team. It’s come to our conclusion that the motorcycle got away, unscathed.

  37. Kj Allen Kj Allen says:

    Turn yourself in COWARD!

  38. The motorcyclist flees the scene. Enough said. Scumbag. I don’t care how “awesome” his riding skills are or how “justified” everyone thinks he is… he didn’t care enough to make sure the people in the flipped truck were ok. Also, only someone who knows they’re partially guilty flees. Scumbag.

  39. The driver in the Nissan car needs to be arrested. He did not lose control when he swerved over towards the motorcycle. He deliberately swerved towards the motorcycle after the guy kicked his door. When someone does that to a motorcycle rider, especially on the freeway, they’re trying to kill them. The guy on the motorcycle was very lucky, but yes he should’ve stopped after the crash happened.

  40. Tony Follett Tony Follett says:

    To give him a medal

  41. Go Le Go Le says:

    I just hope the bike is ok ?

  42. Ruth Rassool Ruth Rassool says:

    Might want to fix the report date to June, not April

  43. Right on he did not go down.

  44. Robert Reyes everyone has an opinion. The people that discuss the dangers of the Nissan’s actions are people who have experienced the dangers of riding a motorcycle being if that is yourself a motorcyclist or maybe a family member or friend. Either way some drivers do not safely change lanes. That being said the Nissan clearly changes lanes illegally by crossing over the double yellow lines. Also if he was a single driver he shouldn’t have been making the change into the carpool lane. Sometimes the kicking of a vehicle is to notify the driver they are there because either obviously you didn’t see them when changing lanes or you did and just didn’t care for their life.

  45. Dan says:

    I’m not so sure the guy in the car was trying to retaliate. Nobody could be so dumb as to drive the car into the center wall in hopes of gaining some satisfaction. In any case, it appears the biker’s kick on the car’s door caused things to fly. The biker was very lucky he wasn’t killed…I don’t know how he avoiding hitting the car. And if anyone in the cars involved would have been killed, the biker would be facing manslaughter charges, likely giving up a good part of his life by going to prison. I’m not sure what transpired before the camera started rolling, but the biker is one dumb idiot who is lucky to be alive.

  46. Plain Jane says:

    Why is the Nissan – with a single occupant- in the HOV line during restricted time? He was also pinching the bike into the wall. If he didn’t kick the car would it have pressed him into ground round?!?!?! The bike doesn’t appear to be passing on the left to me ( speculation and many years of riding too) that was one hell-of-a-rider to maneuver through that whole situation. Leave the guy alone and focus on the Nissan drive for inflicting injuries to the trucks occupants!

  47. Ross Stucker Ross Stucker says:

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. We have video but don’t know what happened prior to filming. The investigation isn’t complete. We need statements from parties and witnesses. What about scientific evidence? A good investigator gathers all, I repeat all evidence, views it objectively and then forms an opinion.

  48. Motorcyclist have a right to be on the road and too many people feel that they don’t. This is the second incident that I saw where motorist was caught on camera trying to run , not one, but several motorcyclists off the road.

  49. Some guy hit my parked car and totalled it and it took me two weeks to get a police report, the news gets it in a day and a half….

  50. Cathy Kochanski says:

    The person that video taped OR had a dash cam likely witnessed the entire fiasco.

  51. Jayme Aliano Jayme Aliano says:

    They were both at fault. No pity for road ragers. I just feel sorry for the guy in the truck. Very happy that he’s ok

  52. Laura Baca Laura Baca says:

    Anyone ever wonder what a motorcycle was doing in the carpool lane in the first place? And the dude in the truck? In case of an accident you’re suppose to slow down not speed up, anyone with a driver’s license should remember that from taking the damn written exam!

  53. Denise says:

    This was on the news last night with witnesses and victims telling the story. Those behind on freeway, possibly ones filming, said the motorcycle was antagonizing other cars as well down the freeway well before it happened. Father of Nissan driver says son saw a knife pulled by motorcyclist before losing control. Cadillac driver said 19-year-old Nissan driver came right over to offer him help and water as motorcyclist continued on his way knowing he contributed to this horrible accident. Reminds me of our local Michelle Littlefield freeway racing tragedy last year with multiple deaths that ruined many lives as the second car drove away. Just passing on the witnesses’ accounts of the incident.

  54. Lol maybe if the Nissan didn’t cross the double yellow and cut off the bike, then proceed to not allow the bike to pass (when he has the right to)?which then leads to what we see in the video, this wouldn’t have happened. I blame the Nissan.

  55. Dom VP says:

    Look at all the investigators here in the comments. Why is there so much violence when people who weren’t at the scene have all the scenarios and answers LOL. This was instant karma to the Sentra driver. No matter if the motorcycle kicked, hit, smashed a window, you still do not try to run a motorcyclist OFF of his vehicle.

  56. Turd burglar says:

    Oh trust me, they’re gonna catch this guy soon. He ain’t gonna get away with it in this day and age with the tech we have

  57. Rhonda says:

    I think the gray car is at fault. It looks like they hopped a double-double yellow line to get in the HOV lane. Probably hopped right in front of the biker and could’ve killed him. It doesn’t even look like there’s more than one person in that gray car, so he shouldn’t have been in the HOV lane.

  58. Ron Manning says:

    As a motorcycle rider… The biker shouldn’t have kicked him- that alone can result in a loss of balance causing him to fall or minor, MINOR, vehicle damage. The gray car should be fully at fault for the accident though as he clearly tried to side swipe the bike. This will likely cause an accident, and possibly death. As it turns out the biker made it out 100% fine and the sentra destroyed their car, destroyed another car, and potentially killed any passengers in both vehicles. It’s like you’re walking on a crowded sidewalk and shooting a gun at someone who flicked your ear.

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