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May 18
1978 - Concert scene for "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" filmed at Magic Mountain [story]

William S. Hart Union High School District administrators are providing alternative accommodations for students who are concerned about sharing a locker room and restrooms with transgender students.

Controversy erupted earlier this week when a Facebook page emerged in protest of an invasion of privacy on campus.

In a Facebook comment to SCVTV from Tammy Naso, Golden Valley High School parent Eric Guest alleged that a student who was born male but identifies as a female has been using the girl’s restroom and locker rooms.

Guest goes on to say, “As a concerned parent I voiced my opinion and concerns about this issue. I also requested some kind of change. This situation is outrageous and completely inappropriate. In what world do you think it is OK for a ‘boy’ with male reproductive organs to dress or participate in any women’s bathroom privileges? I understand the state of California has passed some ridiculous law allowing this, but at some point the schools should stand up for what’s right, especially when it has to do with the female privacy rights being taken away.”

One student didn’t think the issue was with students feeling uncomfortable, but with parents who do not agree with the situation.

“The girls don’t have the problem, they understand,” said 15-year-old Libby Toledo, who is a student at Golden Valley High School. “I heard (s)he changes in the bathroom, I don’t think it’s the students, it’s more the parents.”

The school district is bound to follow California law which requires that every student be allowed to participate in sex-segregated school programs and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identities, regardless of what is listed on the student’s record.

“While the district cannot address the details regarding any specific student, we can say with fidelity that the district is committed to the safety of all students and we completely respect each and every student’s right to privacy and modesty while using the locker rooms or restrooms on campus,” said Dave Caldwell, public information officer for the William S. Hart Union High School District in a statement Friday. “Any student that is uncomfortable with the use of a public area will have access to a private room for changing or a private restroom.”

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  1. IRene Betsch says:

    Really? What percentage of students are in this “category”? Give them their own bathrooms. Please don’t subject my children & grandchildren to confusion about their sexual identity. If you are born with a penis, you are male. If you are born with a vagina, you are female. If you feel that you were born with the wrong sexual apparatus, you need medical/psychiatric/spiritual help. I have no problem with efforts to help people going through a sexual identity crisis. I have a big problem with forcing my granddaughters to undress & take a shower, or go to the bathroom with boys who “feel” like they were meant to be girls. What a heyday for young boys who fantasize about getting naked and showering with young girls.

  2. Serious? Displace all other students for the comfort of 1 or 2?? How does that make sense??

  3. That’s so sad… This is just something kids should not gro through. Incredibly for both kids and their mental health.

  4. This is ridiculous. Put the transgenders in a different room. Ohhh….wait!! that would be discrimination; never mind! Spoiled kids looking for attention.

  5. JAKE says:

    Yes!! I just asked my jr high Hart student and she said that it would be completely uncomfortable. They barely feel comfortable enough to change in front of one another let along a boy. Please make a safe place for transgenders to change and use the restroom.

  6. Susan Faux says:

    In what world is it ok to put a boy in a girls locker room allowing him to “strut his stuff” in front of teenage girls? Give the “boy/girl” a private bathroom to change and keep him OUT of the girls locker room. What a great opportunity for all boys to suddenly decide they are gender confused so they need to switch over to the girls locker room. That is WRONG on every level.

  7. Dude why are trans kids a concern? Seriously? History will make this non-issue out to be segregation.

  8. So I actually read the article now and it sounds like parents are more concerned about “privacy issues” than the actual students involved. All the bigots are going to come out to play, but it’s whatever, I guess. Your prejudiced views are going the way of the dinosaurs.

    • Susan Faux says:

      Christina Monterrosa… would you be okay having a 15 year old girl in a locker room with a boy showering and changing right by her? Is that okay in your world?

  9. Just make a restroom for transgender!! Why sharing!?
    This is dumb

  10. Well I have to agree with this, if some students felt uncomfortable and felt discriminated and for that reason changes were made, it is only fair that if other students who feel uncomfortable and discriminated for the changes get a fair response to their needs!!!!!

    • Same mentality as, “if accommodations were made so black kids could go to school with white kids, accommodations should be made for the white kids who don’t want to be around them!” This is a joke.

    • So you are saying it’s okay to care how some people feel and not the others ???!!! And we are not talking about color about about something more intimate and potentially can lead to violence and sexual abuse… But to put it a more simple way so people who think this is about been forward thinking is just like my son not wanting to used the restroom because he feel it would be very disrespectful to pull out his penis to pee in front of a girl in the same bathroom! I did try really hard to raise my son to be polite and a gentleman

  11. Where in that whole article does it show the students concerned?? Please someone direct me to where it was students are concerned? Its parents that are makin a fuss old school old mentality some parents have and they making it seem like its the kids that are uncomfortable. I am a gay man and my openly gay little brother that currently attends this school also told me its parents not students.

    • “Old school”? How are a parent’s personal feelings regarding the privacy & rights of their child “old school”?

    • The children are not bothered by it. Its parents that dont agree to it. And i mean “old school” in sense that things are different now we are not in 1980 so mentalities have to change

    • Ok u obviously don’t have kids. BTW were u alive in 1980? Also it’s not about accepting someone’s identity it’s about protecting your own child’s right to their identity & privacy. Or does that matter at all? And I’m not speaking to other “comments” of the article, I’m speaking to you right now. I’m a parent with 2 young boys & I would not want them to feel uncomfortable using the restroom in public (public is “public” and everyone’s rights matter). This isn’t a Utopian society. Get off your perpetual high-horse. This issue is bigger than YOU. Have a nice day…I’m out.

    • Im not on a high horse, and i care for my little brother im his guardian, and its irrelevant if what year i was born lady stay on topic please. And im not excluding your sons rights or privacy ask your son how he feels! And LIKE I SAID. If u stop selectively reading that they should have private bathrooms. Let me elaborate what i mean since your not understanding. Its a PUBLIC RESTROOM!!! BUT DOESNT HAVE STALLS FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE TO ENTER JUST YOUR SON ALL ALONE. So no one is in there but him. Get it? So he has all privacy in the world Good ??

    • Your coddled baby son is not the one who needs to be “accomodated” away from trans people, he needs to learn how to treat other human beings like human beings. Further alienating trans students when they already face an incredible amount of oppression because your son is “afraid” of a trans boy is a joke. How exactly is your son threatened by somebody transitioning from female to male? He is not the one who is likely to be beat up, ridiculed, and bullied. Move your son to the close-minded south if you want to keep him safe from LGBTQ students

    • Exactly !! Olivia Altieri

  12. We should not shun the transgender kids. We have have concerns for all kids for their safety. Kids and parents can be very cruel. Each person. Aka human being has a right to feel safe especially in a school environment.

  13. He made all the hateful status updates private, I guess they were nothing to be proud of, huh?

  14. Devin Kinge says:

    Christina Monterrosa or he could just want to keep his family life private ? Maybe you should’nt be stalking his page, you troll. Do you have anything better to do with your time? Shame.

  15. Rick Rupe says:

    They have trannys in high school?????

  16. Sean Cohen says:

    Hey! Im transgender can i go into the girls locker room too? You cant say no cuz i FEEL like im a girl too. Unless you went through the operation, boys with boys and girls with girls.

  17. Ckay Walker says:

    Seems like the parents are the problem. The students understand. Thanks for the compassion SCV. Not! PS. If you can’t handle reality can homeschool or choose an alternative. Public schools are for everyone.

  18. Lance stover says:

    Why should the ones that feel uncomfortable be removed or asked to use a sperate changing facility or restroom area. Last time I checked you remove the problem not move everything else around the problem but, this is more of that backwards thinking that the schools are trying to “teach” our children and it needs to stop.

  19. Rufus T. Firefly says:

    Ok so it’s California state law that transgendered people be allowed to use the appropriate facilites of the gender they believe they belong to. My question is what happens when some horny high school boy who is straight and wants to hang out in the girls locker room because he is a horny teenage boy…..,claims he “feels” he is a girl and ends up raping someone? Will all the over the top, politically correct liberals check in on that subject please?

  20. Transphobia/cissexism rears its ugly head yet again…

  21. OMG! Get over it people! Its a fact of life. There is already enough discrimination going on in this country.we don’t need any more!

  22. Get over it. Either way they are safer in the girls restroom.

  23. Savannah K. says:

    My little sister who shares a locker room with this boy, came home the other day with 2 of her friends who are also in their p.e class, and all 3 of them stated they are uncomfortable having to change in front of somebody who has male genitals still. I know of them talking to a few other peers asking them how they would feel if they shared a locker room and some said they would rather not change and FAIL. If I was still in high school,I’D BE UNCOMFORTABLE TOO. Again, making the majority uncomfortable to APPEASE the minority. This is INTERRUPTING STUDENTS HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. NEWS FLASH: IF YOU DON’T PASS P.E YOU DON’T GRADUATE. Fix the problem, don’t go a round

  24. Savannah K. says:

    Also, people think that just because they asked ONE person (who isn’t even in their p.e class) what she thinks, should not be on behalf of all the girls and students. My sister said he CHANGES in the locker room, next to other girls. It’s half and half. He should in my opinion, get his own designated changing area. It would make EVERYONE comfortable. PROBLEM SOLVED. WOW.

  25. Oh I’m sorry, do you have boys only and girls only rest rooms in your house?? Have a few boy or girl private restrooms available like they have at the mall… Family restrooms anyone may use…

  26. I hope its the students who are concerned are the ones who have to get the alternate bathroom and locker room. I hope it is a small area and very far from the PE field. Maybe make them changr in the nurses office

  27. Only thing worse is if they ran out of toilet paper…..

  28. Jim Sherman says:

    Bathrooms should be left as they are BOYS – GIRLS/MEN – WOMEN, if you’re confused which one is for you, have your DNA checked….

  29. Matthew O Romine says:

    This trans situation is a mental illness it won’t end till trumps back in office

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