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The Real Side | Commentary by Joe Messina
| Monday, May 16, 2016

joemessinamugThe dictator is at it again. Mr. Obama really has a mental health issue. After nearly eight years, he still hasn’t figured out that he is not a “dictator,” he is not a “king,” he is not our “supreme leader” nor “grand imperial poohbah.” Nope, he is just the president of the republic known as the United States.

Either this “constitutional professor” doesn’t understand it or doesn’t think it applies to him. You see, he can’t just whip out his pen every time he feels like issuing an edict and expect everyone will fall in line like good little Borg drones.

He has been doing this since he arrived on the scene – with the Department of Education, Homeland Security and the EPA, just to name a few. He has single-handedly put thousands out of work in the coal industry and created more part-time, underpaid jobs than any other president.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Obama decided (sure he did, not like it was planned, it just happened all of a sudden) that he was going to make it plain and order all public schools to open up all bathrooms to transgenders.

With all that is going on in the world and across this country, this is the thing at the top of the list?

Less than 1 percent of the population identifies as transgender. We are losing hundreds of veterans every year because they can’t get in to see a doctor, and he signs a transgender order? Why doesn’t he make it for private schools, private colleges – heck, make it for all government restrooms in every state? Why? Because it’s a political move, you know, like Benghazi.

He figures there are enough Americans on his side on this one, and that any opposition from Republicans will kill them in their respective races.

As usual, Mr. Oblamo, you are wrong again, sir. With every one of these lame moves of yours, you awaken the sleeping giant in this country. The right-wing or moderate religious person who was willing to “live and let live” is now seeing that you and your kind are not willing to let them live. You want them to come in line with you or face the consequences.

Even liberal Democrats are doing a double-take on this one. Many are writing and asking what they can do to stop it. Vote Republican. Period. Stop the insanity, vote Republican.

This wonderful country of ours was founded on laws, founded on the Constitution, not every whim of the president. This president, especially, has decided that the Founding Fathers were all wrong, whereas he hasn’t had a wrong idea his whole life.

Last May, the Obama administration threatened to withdraw special funding to pay for hospitals and doctors for impoverished citizens if the states in question do not comply. It was Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Kansas. The departments that handle Medicare and Medicaid also sent a message mandating they expand Medicaid or lose federal funding for uncompensated medical services. In other words, money for uninsured people, mostly illegals.

The states sued and won. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could not force states to comply with the ACA by holding back or threatening to hold back funds. Period.

So what does Mr. Oblamo do? He does it again. He issues an edict to allow all transgender children to use the bathroom of their choice in all public schools across the country. Over the weekend, an estimated 19 states (so far) will join in a lawsuit against the government. This is a state rights issue, again.

And why didn’t Mr. Obama include private schools? Because his kids go to a private school. And don’t give me that “it’s a private business, so he can’t force them.” He tried to force private institutions to give birth control against their beliefs, now didn’t he?

Mr. Obama’s defenders and even Attorney General Loretta Lynch says it’s a Title IX issue. Really? Pull her ticket. Nowhere does it infer or state that “transgender” is a protected class. I’m simply saying, the top law enforcer doesn’t know the law.

He continues to bypass Congress, bypass the Constitution, and ignore the Supreme Court. That can only mean one thing. He sees himself as all-knowing, all-seeing and perfect. Here’s your tip for the day: Get out of the way before that lightning bolt hits.


Joe Messina is host of The Real Side (TheRealSide.com), a nationally syndicated talk show that runs on AM-1220 KHTS radio and SCVTV [here]. He is also an elected member of the Hart School Board. His commentary publishes Mondays.

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  1. dennis says:

    Theres no righttor left there all in bed together.Its just like pro wrestling at the end of the show they all go out to eat together and have barbecues.This president has committed high treason.He is destroying this country by design.And congress are just as guilty because they haven’t stoped him these criminals have fleeced this country and violated there oaths of office.The dont give a crap about the American people.They only care about there own self preservation.Law enforcement has stole more money from the AMERCAN people then the criminals and 90 %of the time they dont file charges because there arent any they just want your money and do you know were that money goes there monetary fund thats rite it pays there paycheck its a conflict of interest!!Now there thugs with guns and a badge the gangs behind the badge.Im sick of the corruption starting at the top all the way down to the bottom in this country.America land of the slave and not brave at all.Im do being a slave done now its my job to exspose these criminals.Justice must be served you break your oath you go to jail its a felony!!

  2. Jeanne Marten says:

    Bruce (aka Katlin) Jenner is a man, who thinks he is a woman, but still wants to sleep with woman. And we woman are supposed to be ok with sharing the bathroom with him?

  3. I’m sorry but I guess I need to be the one to stir the pot. Regardless of your opinions or political affiliation, I don’t think a community page is the right place to post it. People of varying view points and opinions look at this page and this is not the place for this… IMO

  4. After all this page is supposed to be for “news as it happens”. One person’s opinion is not news.

  5. Emily Chase says:

    I expect news from a NEWS page. This is very tasteless to say the least.

  6. Nearly all news outlets have op-eds. If you don’t want to read them, simply keep scrolling and don’t click on them.

    • Well then put this on the I Hate Obama page, not the Santa Clarita BREAKING NEWS page. This is not breaking news!

    • Yes, it’s a local news source delivering breaking news. So is The Signal and op-eds make up an entire section of their site and their newspaper. If you don’t like what he has to say, either rebut it, ignore it or unlike the page.

    • Well since a lot of people are unfollowing, I will too. Yes, news sources have an opinion section however, this is the first need source to run such a hate fueled rant! That’s not news, it’s hate! I can tell what kind of person you are (Trump supporter) so I’m going to do the intelligent thing and not even try to explain why this is inappropriate. You just won’t get it!

    • News source, sorry…autocorrect

    • Trump supporter… Hahahahahha! Heck no. I wouldn’t support Trump with a gun to my head. And I’m not saying I agree with Joe. We often have differences, either in opinion or in the way we choose to deliver our message. However, I believe he has the right to say what he says and you have the right to disagree or choose not to read it.

    • That’s right Christine, everyone that can’t stand HILLARY , should be able to say Stump for Trump and keep that lyin old bag out of the Whitehouse. Myself tho, I’m not in favor of political views on this site, so I won’t even go there.?

    • Zita Norte says:

      Jennifer Ryan bye Felicia

  7. Jeremy Cohen says:

    This post made me unfollow/unlike this page.

  8. Joe Messina, how do I follow you

  9. You know Joe. If you didn’t say things in a way that makes you look like an a**hole people might take you more seriously. On the other hand, nah!

  10. What the heck is this? Didn’t realize that I was following an extreme right wing page? Never realized SCVTV had that extremist POV. Unfollowing…what’s next pro Trump posts?! No thanks!

  11. Joe is at it again! Racist pig, or should I say sloth?! This individual represents our children on the William S. Hart Union High School District board. Joe, you are the poorest example to our young people of this community. You are the saddest example of what a true Christian is and the saddest part about that is you don’t even know it. I feel sad for you that you live in such a small little awesome town world. You’re just a vile person.

    • Julie, you have no idea how stupid you sound with your liberal rant! I’m not a Joe fan per si, but I’ll tell you he’s right about Obama! As a judgmental Christian, you certainly have no idea what liberal trash our kids are being fed in school. Can they pray? Can they say Merry Christmas, can they say God bless America? Either your not a Christian or you’re not a good American or both. Next presidential election, try and think of your children’s future and vote for a non liberal socialist!god bless.?

    • Well thanks for the judgement Miss Shirley! If you want your kids to pray in school, send them to the school of your faith. What your type of people fail to realize is there are many, many faiths represented in our public schools. Do you want other faiths forced down your childrens throat? Thats why it is best to keep religion out of school. But again, thank you for calling me stupid and following up with God bless, you seem a lot like Joe!

    • I don’t think Julie’s “rant” contained any liberal implications. It’s quite clear that this article is tactless and extremely biased and its doesn’t belong on here.

    • Shirley, you couldn’t be more wrong. You could try, but you would not succeed.

    • Krystal Voshell exactly!!

    • Zita Norte says:

      Krystal Voshell she called him a racist, only liberal argument…so you are saying an opposing opinion shouldn’t be on here, you sound like a fascist!

    • Zita Norte cause he is!

    • Here’s the thing Zita. What Joe does is very dangerous. He spreads misinformation and encourages xenophobia and homophobia. That’s not a difference of opinion. That’s manipulation.

    • I never said anything about opposing opinions. And really, you can make me out to be whatever you want me to be when you put words in my mouth. ?

    • Emily Chase says:

      By the name I think I know who you are talking about, I have Zita blocked because in another post she continuously called people (including myself) really nasty names. Accusing people of having affairs, being gay, being wh**rs, being swingers, living of the government and her taxes ( all these direct accusations to people she didn’t know) And while we may all disagree there has to be limits and boundaries that should not be crossed.

    • Emily Chase Think Ill do the same! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Lauri Bell Fitzsimmons Ive written a letter to his fellow board members and to the superintendent. this is way out of line!

    • I urge everyone else to write to the William S. Hart Union High School District and let them know what he is doing is wrong!!!

    • And exactly why is this news worthy for Santa Clarita? I agree with your view Julie Keim Hannant

    • Beth Blok says:

      I want to be friends with you, Julie. ?

    • Julie, this country was formed on Christian beliefs. That’s why the pilgrims left England! Learn your history. If foreigners have a problem with saying Merry Christmas, or happy Easter than they can go back to their country of origin and pray to their God! In God we trust!

    • Shirley Vercelli you’re so blind, it’s really sad.

    • Shirley, this country was specifically NOT formed on Christian beliefs. The Constitution allows for freedom of religion, which means that ALL religions are to be respected. I suggest you might want to brush up on YOUR history. I am a Christian, and I have no problem with saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukah, or Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Holidays. The reason for the season is to show love to all. Lest you tell me to go back to the country of origin, I will tell you in advance that I am Native American, Kootenai tribe in Montana. My decendants also trace back to the people who arrived on Mayflower. You really don’t get much more pure American than me. So I suggest that rather than telling people to leave this country, that you re-educate yourself on the true intents of the Founding Fathers and not rely on poorly educated people like Joe Messina to provide you with false history lessons.

    • Lauri Bell Fitzsimmons Amen sister…preach it!

    • Shirley Vercelli our country was not found on faith. Our founding fathers were not religious men they wanted religion out of politics and we came over here partly so that they can have the religious freedom and but mostly because of the rich land that was here. In other word for economically reason.

    • Oooooh, such nonsense deform these liberal women who should be getting their liberal head out of the sand. Yes all religions should be respected, but our forefathers, before there was a constitution,,came to America to be free from the Church of England! Now go take care of you families and vote smartly this time and maybe your kids can use the correct bathroom at school based on their birth gender! Joe, is right and all this other nonsense is because you have too much time on your hands!

    • Shirley Vercelli God bless you honey!

    • Uhhmmm, I don’t believe I’m deformed. But even if I or any of my fellow citizens were, I wouldn’t denigrate them for it. And how did the “correct bathroom” become a “thing”? People go in to pee. There have been zero incidents of Transgender people committing sexual crimes in restrooms. But Republican men trolling for other men….tons of those! Methinks Shirley has too much time on her hands. She ain’t got no time for reality!

    • Lauri Bell Fitzsimmons I was thinking the exact same thing!

    • The mental health issue is obviously with this Joe character. A strong example of the limitations of a 5th grade education. Nothing about President Obama’s policies and actions suggest that he has ever “over-reached” his authority to a dictator level. What he has done is something our nation was lacking for a long time, and that is lead. After all, that is what a real leader does. All of our lives are the better for it, but only the intelligent, moderately educated or wise can see it. The poor disillusioned Fox News, Trump following simpletons cannot and never will get it – Joe included.

  12. I don’t think it’s appropriate to crudely joke that the president has a mental health issue. And it’s certainly not appropriate to do so on a community page.

  13. Bye page. Disappointed in your choice to post this hate rant. Can’t take this page seriously anymore.

  14. Funny, all the liberals are whining but I’ll bet if Joe applauded Obama and was a liberal sheep, you all would be joining the flock.lol

    • Jose Franco says:

      Haha, you got them good, Shirley!

    • Actually, if Joe was applauding Obama, I think locusts would fall from the sky. In order for him to applaud Obama he would have to accept him for what he has actually accomplished in spite of tremendous obstruction, so yes, Obama does deserve applause, and yes we would accept it as well deserved. The reasons that Joe has spouted about hating Obama are based on lies, and so his hatred of Obama is false.

    • Hahahaha, Lauri,he will undoubtedly go down in history as the absolutely worse president in our history. You can applaud that if you like. It is a first! Worst economy., he’s been at war the longest, biggest debt, highest number on welfare, more homeless, most divided , and on and on!he’s a socialist and likely a muslim at heart.

    • Worse or worst President? Bless your heart. ❤️

    • Worst. Glad you understand. He is the worst. Thanks for the blessing too. ?

    • I understand how to use those words correctly, yes. But I believe a man named George Bush will go down as the worst president of all times. By the way, you seem to have an awful amount of free time on your hands as well.

    • Shirley, I’m sorry to say that you have been the victim of misinformation. Just as someone who has been ripped off by identity theft, you should be angry that your intellect has been robbed by those seeking to keep you misinformed. I’d be really pissed off if I were you.

    • That’s the purpose of the GOP, keep them afraid and dumbed down. I mean look at their candidate, need I say more?

    • Time on my hands, yes. Rich, retired, republican that will Stump for Trump! Life is good.?the democratic symbol is an Ass. Need I say more. Have a nice day ladies.

  15. Flock like sheeple! Demos are real good at that…I guess the truth hurts.

  16. Kris Kelso says:

    For all the unfollowers remember this is an editorial written by Joe & submitted for publishing. SCVTV takes submissions from all sides of the aisle and posts them. Like any newspaper & news organization. Lay blame at Joes feet not the news organization. I would also say protest with your vote and get rid of Messina.

  17. Jose Franco says:

    Poor Joe. It’s sad what desperation for attention and thirst for a fraction of the Infowars audience can do to a man.

  18. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech…no matter how wrong or right it may be.

  19. Jose Franco says:

    I really like that Joe’s opinion diarrhea this week is called “Potty Break.”

  20. Is he up for election this year?

  21. Mike Curtis says:

    Messina, the 1950’s called, they want their hate and fear of others back.

  22. Psychiatrist Joe Blow labeling mental illness. Seriously, first sentence is all I needed to read, to head right to the comments.

  23. Let’s not forget where we live….Awesometown?

  24. As a republican I find it incredibly appalling that this garbage is allowed to be on a site that represents the views and beliefs of Santa Clarita residents! Certainly we republicans don’t agree with how Obama is handling things at the White House. But the majority of us republicans aren’t going to spew such hatred on a community page! To speak so poorly about our commander and chief and to make fun of people that have mental illness is beyond crossing the line. GROW UP!!!!!

  25. Derik Hixon says:

    He serves on the Board but does he know that at almost every Jr. High in our District there are children who identify as Transgender and have started presenting themselves as the opposite sex. They share locker rooms already. There are Federal Laws on the books Joe that make it illegal to discriminate based on sex.
    Once again Transgender issues have nothing to do with sex or being sexual, it is a psychological sex identification issue.


  26. Paul Mahone says:

    I always love reading the comments when they post articles by this guy. If you want to get a great example of what’s truly wrong with this country just take a look at how people “talk” to each other in these comments.

  27. Lol. This is always funny. Hey Obama haters. Enjoy Trump. That one will be awesome to watch.

  28. Bahahahaha all of these comments are just too funny!????

  29. Thank you finally someone that stands up to him

  30. Shame to be a transgender or otherwise gender-nonconforming youth in this town, apparently, with this guy on the school board and some of the folks (sadly, probably parents and other community leaders) here commenting with equal vitriol towards the suggestion of ameliorating some of the challenges faced by these students. Glad to see those here who are speaking up against this total garbage post. If any knuckle dragger can write such an immature slew of unfounded and un-cited drivel (and be published every Monday, apparently), then I think it is up to us to contribute and show the actual facts and not just this pile of nonsense that is an unfortunate amalgamation of hasty narrow-minded wikipedia stat-pulls and hyper-conservative echo chamber tripe. The students of the school district deserve better of their board members and the readers of this paper deserve content that isn’t just some eyebrow’s antiquated diary entry.

  31. What do potty breaks have to do with Benghazi? Have we moved on from that, Mr. Messina?

  32. Regardless of your opinion of Joe, your political or religious leanings…there really is proper way to get laws passed put in place by our forefathers so that one person can’t just implement something in the middle of the night. Let’s get back to basics with a little help from our friend “Bill”! http://youtu.be/FFroMQlKiag

  33. He is not what I would want representing anything. Big mouthed bigot.

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